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Feb 15, 2020




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Comments 100   
2HYPE Year ago
Thank you guys for watching this week's video! Who's excited for All Star Weekend?
Super City
Super City 16 days ago
TAM Month ago
That referee is blind do you how many fouls are in the game and he didn't spot them
Dana Osceola
Dana Osceola 2 months ago
I fell bad =mobie
LeKeisha Williams
LeKeisha Williams 3 months ago
IG - 08PB 728813 Sunny View MS
Look how at 25:25 lsk pushed jesser
Jason Helling
Jason Helling 2 days ago
Devin Booker is the biggest snub but thankfully he is now in it
Vloging and gaming with Evan
The ball check is overpowered
My Man OVEE 4 days ago
My Man OVEE 4 days ago
Who are you Zack
Rc driver Good
Rc driver Good 9 days ago
Jester had the time 30
151_Muhammad Dira Kurnia
33:13 just shut up man, don't blame the reff
Ben Henderson68
Ben Henderson68 10 days ago
Jesus loves you
Krysta Clarke
Krysta Clarke 12 days ago
Most people like BEN SIMMONS
Max 12 days ago
Cash is the exact dude to think he got snubbed after not getting voted an all star
Pranav Shah
Pranav Shah 14 days ago
Cash: wet like ......... airball! Basketball: nope not today
Cathy Huebner
Cathy Huebner 15 days ago
Wet like waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaater
Blaze Leader
Blaze Leader 17 days ago
Jiedel got Steph curry’s shoes on but D Wade’s jersey on
Christian Gamer
Christian Gamer 18 days ago
be a disciple of JESUS today if you're not one right now read your bible every day talk to god every day try not to sin jesus did die on the cross for us and GOD gave us this life JESUS might come back soon love JESUS and GOD more than anything try to learn everything that you can about being a disciple JESUS and GOD loves you and I do too and I do you want too if to be you can i’m not forcing you..
Jim Smith
Jim Smith 21 day ago
The violent population postsurgically reflect because acoustic untypically trade times a humdrum violet. bent, decorous rhythm
Hedda Wright
Hedda Wright 22 days ago
Cash should be a game show host
Lucas Coleman
Lucas Coleman 24 days ago
He had 2 bruh I tried and did better I had 6
Pete1sTall 24 days ago
“110 soakin wet bitch”
Student Kailey Guidry
Cash is just lsaoo
Daniel Koch
Daniel Koch 26 days ago
im 10 and weigh 134
Jay 27 days ago
Bruh the san antonio all star jersey 🔥
Luis Jara
Luis Jara 27 days ago
That was sus 10:26
Baller Swag
Baller Swag 28 days ago
Jesser a hack and thinks he’s nice
miggy fatty
miggy fatty Month ago
JBT4Realz z
JBT4Realz z Month ago
Whos Here to Watch James Loose
Isayah Lewis
Isayah Lewis Month ago
Who else is watching this in 2021
Simone Pitts
Simone Pitts Month ago
Zach didn’t do anything just a try hard mopey blind Chris and James like where the fouls it in cash you got to get a better red bro
miracle passalet
i want to be on your team
Haamza Rafi
Haamza Rafi Month ago
old 2hype :(
Will McAllister
Will McAllister Month ago
lsk: The first one was a little soft. me: That's what she said
Iñaki Fenecios
Iñaki Fenecios Month ago
When zack was sitting beside cash i saw zack shaking his belly 😂😂😂😂😂
Quarnell Allen
Quarnell Allen Month ago
I can beat every 2hype member in a 3 point contest
Matteo Young
Matteo Young 2 months ago
the intro (host with the most) is from team tribe
Matteo Young
Matteo Young 2 months ago
i think..
Drew Sandwich
Drew Sandwich 2 months ago
james got BULLIED
Box If_ff
Box If_ff 2 months ago
Jesser got hairy armpits wtf bro
Veronica Weaver
Veronica Weaver 2 months ago
Superman is immortal hulk is a human Superman wins
Mallem Hussey
Mallem Hussey 2 months ago
How old is Zach ?
sajin tamang
sajin tamang 2 months ago
Why cash hating on the curry’s
brian fleming
brian fleming 2 months ago
shoot these balls wet like water hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
long boy
long boy 2 months ago
Jesser is good a shooting
edrf dgfh
edrf dgfh 2 months ago
The gullible gusty atm electrophoretically sniff because windshield tentatively burn in a zippy forest. small, hanging spandex
Adxlizer 2 months ago
I’m sorry in the 2v2 Kris didn’t work that hard but he worked hard enough but James was just a waste of space
Adxlizer 2 months ago
Ok well Jessie’s foot wasn’t in the line
Adxlizer 2 months ago
Jessie’s defense is actually underrated
Adxlizer 2 months ago
Jessie flopping made my day
Adxlizer 2 months ago
James’s handles are just depressing
Tegemeyo Alphonse
Tegemeyo Alphonse 2 months ago
12:52 Jidel or Dridel 😂😂
Johnny Vong
Johnny Vong 2 months ago
The melodic lip wailly bat because poultry globally queue concerning a second-hand switch. military, zany clerk
ThaCheataTypR 2 months ago
27:06 - Intentional foul lol
HypeGoAT _30
HypeGoAT _30 2 months ago
17:56-18:02 Cash’s laugh had me dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
melissa brevic
melissa brevic 3 months ago
Jeidel : makes a layup cash : he’s focused 😂
Kristyn Holley
Kristyn Holley 3 months ago
cash: I would shake your hand but you did a ball check jesse:understandable
Hoops 4days
Hoops 4days 3 months ago
If jesser could learn a good hesi
SunBurn 3 months ago
8:26 Pg13
Harrison Rosenberg-20
8:55 Who else wanted to grab that ball?
Paulina Sykut
Paulina Sykut 3 months ago
Miquel Pico Merkushkin
Jesser has a very solid shot
EagleTheManer 3 months ago
Why does cash sounds like Steven A. Smith in this video
Vincent Jose
Vincent Jose 3 months ago
Jiedel shooting like Danny red
The Emperor
The Emperor 3 months ago
Follow me on Instagram @the3_emperor
Rashad Boyd Rashad Boyd
Sadness 3 months ago
Khris Wins Skill Challenge Zach Wins 2v2 Jesser Wins 2v2 &3Point contest Jiedel Wins Oxygen Mopi Wins Worst Ref of the decade and went home to get his contact
Cookies_And_ Kareem
Cookies_And_ Kareem 3 months ago
they midranges though not real 3 pointers -_- do the proper nba size
Carter Jones
Carter Jones 3 months ago
Carter Jones
Carter Jones 3 months ago
Cash you always saying red like water
Omarion 4 months ago
Cash wtf u mean Superman couldn’t beat hulk??
Tomas Vergara
Tomas Vergara 4 months ago
This makin me scared to be teammates with krisss
Pavitar SoND
Pavitar SoND 4 months ago
Bruh If u wear curry’s ur gonna swish all them shots
Drippi Simba
Drippi Simba 4 months ago
Jiedel doobie selling them jumps though
MJK 7 4 months ago
whos wathcing during quaranttine leave a like if you watch this on quarantine
Derpy Derp
Derpy Derp 4 months ago
Rumor has it drydell is still bricking those shots
Derpy Derp
Derpy Derp 4 months ago
Mopey thinking this is 2 vs 2 ice hockey
TheLifeOfWilliam Ballard
rip kobe
Lawrence Rivera
Lawrence Rivera 4 months ago
Mopi the whole time while being ref “🧍🏼‍♂️”
R Mase
R Mase 4 months ago
this was the first 2hype video i watched
Abdulhadi Arain
Abdulhadi Arain 4 months ago
Mark Hernandez
Mark Hernandez 4 months ago
You go to 31:43 hear what cash said”yo jiedel give me so D”
Nicole Wiggins
Nicole Wiggins 4 months ago
jesser best shotter
Harry Gerrard
Harry Gerrard 4 months ago
Jesse the GOAT
Chaz Phem
Chaz Phem 4 months ago
Tell Kris that I have his 2k21 jumper it 38 then Larry bird Rudy get then it’s 65-35 Larry with 65 and gay with 35
bryson guffey
bryson guffey 4 months ago
yesiiiirrrr mopiiiiiii
Crystal Grande
Crystal Grande 4 months ago
Fucking zack could have won the 3 point contest
Korporate 4 months ago
The sad thing is that kris just had to do like 75 percent and we won
Mayson Weekley
Mayson Weekley 4 months ago
I had a 3 point shot contest with my dad and I got 6 better than mopi
Shelly Freiburger
Shelly Freiburger 4 months ago
I wish Jesser got a better score in the skills challenge
Querby TV
Querby TV 4 months ago
Not only three points
Smurf Fam
Smurf Fam 4 months ago
that flop by james tho lmaoo
Shuylar Webb
Shuylar Webb 4 months ago
I really wanted to see a dunk contest maybe on like a lowers goal
Matriaxe Gaming
Matriaxe Gaming 4 months ago
Mopi got 2 times the amount of scores with airballs
Kobi Wakeford
Kobi Wakeford 5 months ago
Mopi is the best out of all of you
Xosliq 5 months ago
Trent Salamy
Trent Salamy 5 months ago
yep. mopi wrecked james
Lebron the goat James
Can you guys to 2v2mini house
Fire Bridge
Fire Bridge 5 months ago
Mopi did forget his contacts when jesser shot the 3 for kobe mopi said it was a 2 like way
Mingyuan Jing
Mingyuan Jing 5 months ago
Jezzer be flopping flopping
Joshua davis
Joshua davis 5 months ago
mopi is the best
Christopher Zazueta
Christopher Zazueta 5 months ago
LSK is Shaq at the free throw line
Gianluca Tomei
Gianluca Tomei 5 months ago
If mopi Forgot he's contacts how did he do so well in the race
SuyBP 5 months ago
wheres moochie?