2HYPE Hide And Seek In A Hollywood Movie Set 

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Today we headed out to some real Hollywood movie sets for hide and seek, make sure to like and subscribe!
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Feb 20, 2021




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Comments 100   
Niel Anthony Macahusay
im really sorry but the yelloe looking camera isn't a vibe it makes a sleepy vibe i recommend a good camera not a yellow looking one
Lanz Paqueo
Lanz Paqueo 5 hours ago
This is the 1st time that zack is the first one to be found hehehhee
Faceless Man
Faceless Man 7 hours ago
Say say to this day cash still stuck in the elevator
Lucas Almonte
Lucas Almonte 7 hours ago
Cash is cap 🧢 he high af
Azyris Richmond
Azyris Richmond 8 hours ago
Ain’t no one talking about the skeleton in the beginning of the video
Just_Nodh 12 hours ago
Damn no hate but their views got down huh
Emig Allen
Emig Allen 12 hours ago
how misses when their content was good
Aidan Reed
Aidan Reed 13 hours ago
0:43 it a platinum school threat wanna be flight
Giana Fabic
Giana Fabic 13 hours ago
That should do a video with flight when who can stay the longest in the jail sellls that would be awesome
Giana Fabic
Giana Fabic 13 hours ago
Kris shave your mustache
Zapdite 14 hours ago
really glad cash was in this video for the four seconds at the start of each round when he filmed himself. didnt even bother to film himself while he was hiding, just had it pointed at his feet and went on his phone
Danny Rodriguez
Danny Rodriguez 14 hours ago
They should’ve played among us instead of hide and seek
Yo_ Tv
Yo_ Tv 15 hours ago
Is it more does ever one in the hype house has a beard and mustache
Zion Wortham
Zion Wortham 15 hours ago
Cash got drip
King J
King J 16 hours ago
twigx44 16 hours ago
Cash u got shot or u got a shot
AGRO Vxltures
AGRO Vxltures 17 hours ago
they sound like pussy scared of spiders but i still love them
Peyton DeLeon
Peyton DeLeon 17 hours ago
They should do 2hype goes to court and just make funny reasons why they are there
Adnan Ahmed
Adnan Ahmed 17 hours ago
Jadon Burke
Jadon Burke 17 hours ago
You guys should keep putting third rounds
Carter B.
Carter B. 17 hours ago
Ceo_Fitz 19 hours ago
jaucobie johnson
jaucobie johnson 20 hours ago
Cash: you can get a peek at them j’s Me: Recognizing they’re scuffed in the front badly
Russ 21 hour ago
Why does Kris look like that one uncle that swore he could have went pro
Chris Crosley
Chris Crosley 21 hour ago
Can we ecknowledge that the cameraman gave away cash spot second round
sannio komi
sannio komi 21 hour ago
Everyone tryna hide Cash: Bro this stain rlly throwing off my swag
Marlon Mosomi
please follow me on instagram name is lildj7595
Jahlani Brown
2hype should do a hide and seek video with 100 thieves in a minecraft server🥵🥶
bilisha coli
bilisha coli Day ago
zack: I have to be quiet so now one will hear me also zack: kicks open a door
LawLaw Eh
LawLaw Eh Day ago
Jess “ I’m not going to reveal my god spot “ 2 minutes later * Jess “ You know how close you were near me ? Remember when you had a call? “
sannio komi
sannio komi 21 hour ago
Who saw Zack snyder justice league trailer...
Onur Er Bayraktar
LSK looking wierd
BlameStrxp Day ago
5:02 nah like I Fr know that exact smell
bilisha coli
bilisha coli Day ago
Dominic Dreyer
Did anyone else clock that they said jesser on james footage at almost 49 mins
The Neighborhood Plug
29:19 We All know who could fit in that cabinet NOT GONNA SAY ANY NAMES THO...
Alyssa Arroyo
Moocie is the funniest in 2hype
huttio srreu
huttio srreu Day ago
I like how cash is just watching on his phone in the elevator
KCW Animations
Yo, who shot flight?!?!
Ezra Dunham
Ezra Dunham Day ago
Wooahhh did Cash give u the pass Jesse. Before I post I edit: it’s a joke chill 17:06
LGT Swift
LGT Swift Day ago
Logan Escobedo
31:00 a try hard in his natural habitat
huttio srreu
huttio srreu Day ago
Can yall do a hide and seek where no one can hide, they have to continuously move and you have to tag them
Mu'Jaheed Adams
hide n seek in movie theaters
Kevin Cheng
Kevin Cheng Day ago
Do the amazing race 3 !!
Zach Marshall
this a p**n set
little dude from across the street
Who saw Zack snyder justice league trailer...
little dude from across the street
Here from Jamari
Nosa Erin
Nosa Erin Day ago
Georgia Kollia
Georgia Kollia
Jairo Diaz
Jairo Diaz Day ago
that school part is where benny blanco and juice wrld did their graduation video
Jairo Diaz
Jairo Diaz Day ago
do a among us vid in that Hollywood movie set irl and to make it interesting u should have the lights off
Dylan Weatheread
yo what’s up with them and spiders😭
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy Day ago
“Becoming one with the demon roaches” -Jesser 2021
FSU Fan Day ago
What’s the beat at the start of the 2nd round
Seville Weathington
Can yall do a hide and seek where no one can hide, they have to continuously move and you have to tag them
2hype turned into a more of a business then a channel. Sad. Unsubbed. Your content has just been hot garbage lately no one wants a new hide and seek video
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy Day ago
Everyone tryna hide Cash: Bro this stain rlly throwing off my swag
Gab Galang
Gab Galang Day ago
James get out of 2hype please
Lubna Farhan
Lubna Farhan Day ago
2hype you guys should bring back the Amazing Race!
Aiden Garcia
Aiden Garcia Day ago
James: Ima just follow Zach, nah that's too goated." *game starts* first 2 to be found: Zach and James
Cj Daoggoat
Cj Daoggoat Day ago
Cars wasnt filmed im weak its an animated movie😂
GetSu_ 27
GetSu_ 27 2 days ago
Y did Jesser say Cash while checking in the jail cell
KJ Santos
KJ Santos 2 days ago
do a hide and seek in a haunted house :)
Glizzy Gladiator
Glizzy Gladiator 2 days ago
lsk loook lik a perv
John Noah Otieco
John Noah Otieco 2 days ago
Can you play valorant please
cloud 2 days ago
bruh they sold cashes spot bruh thats wack
Bræzy 03
Bræzy 03 2 days ago
hell nahh ngl kris looks different 😂😂 like wtf!! aha i just gotta get used to seeing him with a beard and mustache 😂😂😂
Tyler Lingefelt
Tyler Lingefelt 2 days ago
Need another skool video that was funny asf "he can't teach but he got that peach"
iselluhlot 2 days ago
Damn, they views falling off on this channel
ツOrb 2 days ago
the camera mans lowkey were selling and giving out spots
Alondra Cortez
Alondra Cortez 2 days ago
Hi I am new to your channel
Gabe Noni
Gabe Noni 2 days ago
Everyone tryna hide Cash: Bro this stain rlly throwing off my swag
The Duck on Quack
The fact this channel is still relevant:(
The Duck on Quack
God damn James is awkward asf
wyatt kriss
wyatt kriss 2 days ago
8:05, very ironic as he enters
naruto fan
naruto fan 2 days ago
Im i the only one that thinks kirs face hair is ugly no cap
sniperguy 1790
sniperguy 1790 2 days ago
Bruh y’all are so scared the cockroach is dead it’s fine and the spider won’t hurt u and u can probably just kill it I swear u is weak
Miriam Cooper
Miriam Cooper 2 days ago
Bring back Mafia
brac savage
brac savage 2 days ago
Nobody: Cash while hiding:
Youtube Bros
Youtube Bros 2 days ago
Why are they so scared of spiders tho
Mxrcel 2 days ago
Dang bruh what use to be my fav group went from 2.4mil subs to 1.4mil 😕
isnagzFG 2 days ago
Jesser need to put sum chapstick on
Kian Taylor
Kian Taylor 2 days ago
Tell kris to shave that stash
RJ The late night king
I forgive and forget
John Doe223
John Doe223 2 days ago
Yo Kris shave that off
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu 2 days ago
Do another 2Hype goes back to school with Kris or someone else as the teacher, that was really funny
Connor Pitts
Connor Pitts 2 days ago
Rip opi
bellz and kalez
bellz and kalez 2 days ago
Let’s gooo I’ve been waiting for this one
Jesus Juarez
Jesus Juarez 2 days ago
Zack reminds me of a emoji
Jesus Juarez
Jesus Juarez 2 days ago
Cash was vibing
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu 2 days ago
Lol." I'm in here watching a 2hype video.
Frankee Allen
Frankee Allen 2 days ago
2 hype should make another movie video
Jaiden Sanders
Jaiden Sanders 2 days ago
The camera man gave away cash in the second round
Manntrell Ligans
Manntrell Ligans 2 days ago
Bro Kris wit da stash
ryn tyreek
ryn tyreek 2 days ago
The camera man literally sold cash mans recorded the elevator the whole time James was right there
TAYELD 71 2 days ago
It really does suck when you get something on shirt tho
Christian Douglass
Kris needs to shave
Kris laugh 0:42🤣🤣🤣
Owen Roulo
Owen Roulo 2 days ago
Elijah Horn
Elijah Horn 2 days ago
Rip Zac.
David Lima
David Lima 2 days ago
cameraman be sellin
Zach Marshall
Zach Marshall 2 days ago
cash is baked
Seahawks Squad
Seahawks Squad 2 days ago