2Hype Hide N' Sneak! Find The Sneaker You Get To Keep It! 

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Jul 16, 2020




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Comments 100   
Wavey ALG
Wavey ALG 19 days ago
I lost it when he started digging 😂😂😂
Pedro Villalobos
Pedro Villalobos 20 days ago
Says sandy and looks at the sand
Snxggy gxeenz
Snxggy gxeenz Month ago
Cash said GOD DAMMIT🤣🤣🤣15:49
Jordin Pittman
Jordin Pittman Month ago
Jesus and God Love you and died for u and rose on the 3 day
Jordin Pittman
Jordin Pittman Month ago
Jesus and God love you and died for u and rose on the 3 day
Jordin Pittman
Jordin Pittman Month ago
Jesus and God loves you and died for u and rose on the 3 day
Omari Merriweather
I like the part when zack said F no baby
Anthony Estrada
Anthony Estrada Month ago
We need another vid like this
Asher Kalauli
Asher Kalauli Month ago
What up cash that is your by Asher kalauli
RBU Pluto
RBU Pluto Month ago
Go to 9:32
nigel.wallace Month ago
bro cash and kenny is like chris tucker and jackie chan fam perfect duo
Sal Groe
Sal Groe Month ago
James runs like a girl
Daytrax 2 months ago
@1:12 why does it sound like he said niggas?
jay pierre
jay pierre 2 months ago
You cool cash you take a bad shoes
Marcus Johnson’s Biggest Fan
netflix: are you still watching? somebody’s daughter: 17:22 - 17:40
Joshua Xiong
Joshua Xiong 2 months ago
Felt like Kenny cheated and wanted buddy to Zack to win
1kClipz 2 months ago
Unknown Mannion
Unknown Mannion 2 months ago
BEST US-firstR🔥🔥‼️
Sexy Girl
Sexy Girl 2 months ago
The dangerous kitty indisputably polish because latency parallely notice modulo a troubled bandana. elfin, wiry knight
Anderson Lopez
Anderson Lopez 2 months ago
How many times did cash say heat
Clips _fnx
Clips _fnx 2 months ago
phoenix ferris
phoenix ferris 2 months ago
i would eat 10 of those hot chillies just for a pair of those shoes besides the muddy steel cap boots
Neo Smolders
Neo Smolders 2 months ago
lowkey funny!!! 8:54 hahahahaha
Fco De La Riva
Fco De La Riva 2 months ago
Congratulations to zack
Miles 2 months ago
Dem boots is fire 🥵🥵🥶🥶
Marcus Curry
Marcus Curry 2 months ago
Zach is literally the goat of all cash’s challenges.
DMJ 2026
DMJ 2026 2 months ago
KingBrie 2 months ago
Hold up is Zack color blind ⁉️
Tre Jackson
Tre Jackson 2 months ago
I ate a slice of habenairo and i drank a whole hal carton of milk😪
jack Philion
jack Philion 2 months ago
Was he not worried ab all that sand going in the box
Buckets2408 2 months ago
8:54 got me dead 💀
Joaquin Rivera
Joaquin Rivera 2 months ago
“That’s heat” as he puts it in the microwave not the oven
F B I 3 months ago
15:43 God dem it cash was hoping nobody ain't finding that 😂😂
JujuKing978 3 months ago
Are we gonna talk abt the baby at 15:12 under the couch
Ralfs S
Ralfs S 3 months ago
Poor Mopi and Kris
Hayden Sun
Hayden Sun 3 months ago
can 2hype say less cust words
Hayden Sun
Hayden Sun 3 months ago
this is epic
Ax Bergie
Ax Bergie 3 months ago
Right nows a good time to talk to God
Joshua Devillers
Joshua Devillers 3 months ago
SpongeBob friend is Patrick
Dat1 Eddie
Dat1 Eddie 3 months ago
Why this was *IT* do more of these bro 🤣🤩
Will Venton
Will Venton 3 months ago
U got the what are those 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀
kaleb robinson
kaleb robinson 3 months ago
2hype is sus FR
heddu you
heddu you 3 months ago
That house!!!!!!! Etc!
Melanie Campbell
Melanie Campbell 3 months ago
All of saying colersr me a omgs us
maurice mtk
maurice mtk 3 months ago
The cameraman cheated he kept telling them where to go
Jay Rock
Jay Rock 3 months ago
Braylon Knox
Braylon Knox 3 months ago
Here before the beard
Gibson G
Gibson G 3 months ago
Hi cash
Connor Macias
Connor Macias 4 months ago
U only had 2 good sneakers
C Buckets
C Buckets 4 months ago
8:55 got me dead 😂
Money ManTV
Money ManTV 4 months ago
Man ole boy was cheating he cnt tell them where to go.
LINDA ARRIAGA 5 months ago
Your cameraman is no good at being a hot or cold meter he did not listen to cash at all
Zion Hero
Zion Hero 5 months ago
8:54 had me dead laughing
Josh Kung
Josh Kung 5 months ago
Cash: I'm gonna hide it in plain sight Also cash: buries it underground
AG Prxdigy
AG Prxdigy 5 months ago
Anyone else get mad when he just threqw the sand on top of the box instead of putting it in something first
Braxten Baxter
Braxten Baxter 5 months ago
I thought sponge bobs best friend wad Patrick
TwoQuiet 5 months ago
Play Chris Staples 1v1!!
Cameron Parker
Cameron Parker 5 months ago
Dude really said its upstairs in no rooms like what
David Caal
David Caal 6 months ago
Cali Cash
Milo Baltzersen
Milo Baltzersen 6 months ago
8:54 got me 😂
Dorjee Lama
Dorjee Lama 6 months ago
Cash can you beat LeBron in a 1v1
Teddy portney
Teddy portney 6 months ago
What was James doing with his hands at 4:43
AshTTV 6 months ago
Let’s go Zack
Yung Walker
Yung Walker 6 months ago
I was here b4 he started the cooking vids 4 example (finding crawfish and cooking them vid)
Nathan Campbell
Nathan Campbell 6 months ago
Look outside back
Romeo Rivera
Romeo Rivera 6 months ago
8:55 🤣🤣🤣
Tom Laverty
Tom Laverty 6 months ago
your stupid noises
Schokooo 6 months ago
this hot and cold shit just ruins everything
Poofeee 6 months ago
Lowkey thought they were gonna go around sneaking each other 😂
StinoGoCrazy 6 months ago
8:53 RIP headphone users
Charity Lang
Charity Lang 6 months ago
SpongeBobs friend is Patrick
SkyzRise 6 months ago
cheating bruh telling them to go upstairs
Daniel 2.0
Daniel 2.0 6 months ago
Pnut Cain
Pnut Cain 7 months ago
“Sandy sandy sandy sandy sandy”😂 zach is hilarious
Jhazzair Whyte
Jhazzair Whyte 7 months ago
The greatest youtuber ever
B C 7 months ago
Little sus that Zach started digging right where the shoes were in the sand
Ethan Stratton
Ethan Stratton 7 months ago
The fact that the curry shoes were in a Nike box is funny
gamingboyjoey lol
gamingboyjoey lol 7 months ago
Cash: I’m not a hider hider I’m just a hider
Jimwel Garcia
Jimwel Garcia 7 months ago
Where's mopi turn?
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 7 months ago
My boi Zack
Conrad Brasgalla
Conrad Brasgalla 7 months ago
I am now officially boycotting wearing headphones when watching a CashNasty video😂 I think I have permanent ear damage. Besides that great vid.
Carter Lowis
Carter Lowis 7 months ago
@CashNasty you dropping bangers keep it up
ChampChamp 7 months ago
Cash is inspirational
King XN
King XN 7 months ago
Who was here when Zack used to dominate hide and seek challenges👌👌👌🥺🥺🥺 the good times I miss old 2hype
Alminati 7 months ago
Camera man gave it all away mans said “go upstairs,” “no not that way” wtf where is the fun in that
Meme Machine
Meme Machine 7 months ago
"Tie your shoe before you fall" "Nope" "ookay"
Mr. James
Mr. James 7 months ago
im in a real good mood today and this video made it 10× better ✌🤪😅😆
Big Ounce
Big Ounce 7 months ago
The grandpa is fast
Jthepro Gamer
Jthepro Gamer 7 months ago
Wait what off whites do kris have?
Lik's World
Lik's World 7 months ago
This camera man is telling them where the boxes are literally
Charles Rohrbaugh
Charles Rohrbaugh 7 months ago
When cash finds out Patrick is he’s best friend
Xzavier Parker
Xzavier Parker 7 months ago
find the sneaker
Yonny Fonje
Yonny Fonje 7 months ago
Every time he said sneakers I thought he was saying the N word
Shadows 7 months ago
Who else got mad when they put sand on the off whites and noticed the holes on the box
John Marrero
John Marrero 7 months ago
Cash: who got heat🔥🔥🔥🔥 Mopi:😔😔😭😭😞
Eli.da.P 032
Eli.da.P 032 7 months ago
He cheated
Shaun Dolph
Shaun Dolph 7 months ago
Kenny really ruined the whole video bruh
Amar Harris
Amar Harris 7 months ago
James try hard
Brett Peterson
Brett Peterson 7 months ago
i like how cash showed where he hid them at the biggining of the video.
ThePerfect 29
ThePerfect 29 7 months ago
Next video have to be like every box got to have a shoe in it