2HYPE Heat vs Lakers NBA Finals Challenges 

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Oct 3, 2020




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Comments 100   
Tj Yang
Tj Yang Day ago
was 31:54 not the cleanest play from mitchell you ever seen? if they won off that though. sheesh
Cool gamer- Roblox
Nice shots man
Azyris Richmond
Azyris Richmond 4 days ago
I was like “MITCHELLLLL”
Zyro 6 days ago
Mitchel had the coldest play than zack missed
Brennen Tyler
Brennen Tyler 6 days ago
They don’t call you cash for nothin cash!!!! Show em you wet like wasaattttaaaaa!!!!!
Brennen Tyler
Brennen Tyler 6 days ago
Moochie noooooooooo💀💀💀💀💀
T- Agony
T- Agony 7 days ago
In real life we all know Lakers would win against Miami
Dunk 3.0
Dunk 3.0 7 days ago
Spoiler Lakers win
Deo Emmanuelle Alvarez
29:13 ohhh
Lyndon Brown
Lyndon Brown 9 days ago
THESE BOYS ARE AMAZING. They r rly talented
Edsisters4 10 days ago
lets go lakers rip kobe
Liam Brown
Liam Brown 10 days ago
World Meditation
World Meditation 10 days ago
Editors and camera men vs 2hyp in a game of basketball
Sam Asfaw
Sam Asfaw 11 days ago
Mopi's arms are hairy like big foot
VBZ Firex
VBZ Firex 11 days ago
Cash on fire
Ben Henderson68
Ben Henderson68 11 days ago
Jesus is king
pope dd
pope dd 11 days ago
dam cash was on fire
Reezy IsThaName
Reezy IsThaName 12 days ago
top of the key is a easy 3 point shot if you know how to aim right
PrestonBlaen YT
PrestonBlaen YT 12 days ago
Cash is Wet Like Water
David Gutierrez
David Gutierrez 13 days ago
Wasn’t even paying attn to cash but when his “boy” is up gets all into it LOL okay
FlyAcorn 13 days ago
Since when is jiedel a Lakers fan?
Justin ryder
Justin ryder 13 days ago
Mitchel is stupid I hate him he act like he cool cuz he hit a half court but missed so much he act like he so cool and he a white boy with pink hair
Sean McGilvery
Sean McGilvery 13 days ago
awesome I haven't watched it yet but I have gotta see this
Jacob Thueson
Jacob Thueson 14 days ago
My way of watching this vid I’m the 3v3 part kris sold not playing defense. And cash is usually ass at basketball but today he got lucky
Maxwell Kroeger
Maxwell Kroeger 14 days ago
The free throw comp the score was wrong jeeser missed one and the score never went down
Kellie Farrow
Kellie Farrow 15 days ago
i love 2hype
Tony Aoun
Tony Aoun 16 days ago
Wtf chris is an nba player
ReflectedFlash 16 days ago
Why does someone shoot over there head it gets anoying shoot from your forehead
Andrew Fong
Andrew Fong 17 days ago
He said 1:45 when it was 1:54
Israel Peterson
Israel Peterson 17 days ago
Shut up to me 19 took a 19 1815 1617 1819
Matthew 999
Matthew 999 17 days ago
can someone confirm Kris and Zach wearing KD Trey 5 viii ? I’m not sure
Cole Clarke
Cole Clarke 18 days ago
23:26 are we gonna ignore that Mitchell took like 4 steps
Nashhtty 18 days ago
jessew is gets so serious in the 3v3's
niall al-hilali
niall al-hilali 15 days ago
Raxx 18 days ago
Low key kris was jimmy butler in the 3v3.
Carter Kelley
Carter Kelley 19 days ago
I’ve never seen cash hit so many threes
Bram Thickett
Bram Thickett 19 days ago
Honestly Jesse looks like he wouldn’t be any fun at all to play with
Jim Smith
Jim Smith 21 day ago
The kindly aunt possibly knit because freon scully provide except a messy oatmeal. protective, small toast
HoriZon MaTzo
HoriZon MaTzo 21 day ago
Jayden Is lil bro
Jayden Is lil bro 22 days ago
2hype are goats no cap
Frank Carr
Frank Carr 22 days ago
the lakers are going to win
Mburu Gamer
Mburu Gamer 23 days ago
Cash looking like Lebron James with that chase down on zack omg cash goat
Silas Ellis
Silas Ellis 24 days ago
Jesser Has One Of The Most Cleaned Jumpers Ever🏀🏀
J T 24 days ago
NGC REC 24 days ago
In the intro it sounded like Mitchell was rapping cuz the music
Vito Dioquino
Vito Dioquino 24 days ago
Mitchell playin like curry
rylanator 24 days ago
Lets go lakers
SuperTrunks 22
SuperTrunks 22 24 days ago
Watching this 4 months later and now realizing Zack cheesed the fuck out of Cash, Jidel and Jesse this man Zack air balled and nobody noticed 😂
Anthony Pugliese
Anthony Pugliese 25 days ago
Cash: is like Kobe Jesse:shack These 2 are amazing this game
Παναγιώτης Γεώργαρης
Cash carried faxx
cquick 3
cquick 3 26 days ago
Jesus Saves Love God
iTrxlyGreenz 26 days ago
Jesus we need to see more Lebrun jersey cash
Ivan Rakocevic
Ivan Rakocevic 27 days ago
Mateo Hecimovic
Mateo Hecimovic 28 days ago
12:40 Kris tried to high five Mitchell but hit the back of zacks hand 😂
GL - 03SH 868037 Northwood PS
Cash with 3.0 seconds to play he passes gets it back for the WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES CASHNASTY WINS IT AT THE BUZZER
Simone Pitts
Simone Pitts 28 days ago
Cash got better because he knew he sucked and all of 2hype new that two
Justin Dong
Justin Dong 29 days ago
The simple bacon fundamentally complete because raven opportunely protect within a hapless package. abortive, uneven children
Demon Daz
Demon Daz 29 days ago
Go to he double hockey sticks
connor claps
connor claps Month ago
what shoes does kris have on someone pls tell me ik it’s 2 different pairs but they are fire with that fit
Christian Gamer
Christian Gamer Month ago
be a disciple of JESUS today if you're not one right now read your bible every day talk to god every day try not to sin JESUS did die on the cross for us and GOD gave us this life JESUS might come back soon and only GOD knows when love JESUS and GOD more than anything try to learn everything that you can about being a disciple........ JESUS was born so to take the focus off of you and put it on JESUS.... and JESUS loves you and GOD does too...
Liam O'Keeffe
Liam O'Keeffe Month ago
Jeremy Bradley
Jeremy Bradley Month ago
Next video can you do a Hide n seek
Da Real Dee 1
Da Real Dee 1 Month ago
Mitchell fucking sold the whole game
Jeremymartinous Month ago
Play a game to
Brandon Raynor
Brandon Raynor Month ago
Cash look like james harden
Jude Derby-Johnson
Cash is overrating himself too much he ain’t a hooper hooper nearly a hooper
SpiritGuideLxft Month ago
Miami shouldve started with five cause zack got first which is 3 points and khris got 2nd which is 2.
Cam Abrama
Cam Abrama Month ago
Moochy sold
Seth Curry
Seth Curry Month ago
Who else is here when 2hype is in there problem
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith Month ago
How come........ Mitchell missed like 6 shots in a row....... and then starts flexing after his half court shot........ you should be embarrassed
Alexander Maranowicz
No defense
KrazyKlamps Month ago
Hey I just made a NBA “Crafty” moments video! Please check it out guys 🙏. I would really appreciate it!!!
Ebou Jobe
Ebou Jobe Month ago
Jah’Sire Adams
Who think cash nasty look like James harden
JHU -_-
JHU -_- Month ago
By far worst commentator
Allan Junior Mana
I was expecting more from Chris cause he's the tallest in 2hupe and has the potential to become an actual NBA player.
Allan Junior Mana
Lakers for life, RIP kobe. 🙏
Collin Mully
Collin Mully Month ago
tyylers commentating is so garbage lmao
Julie Butler
Julie Butler Month ago
chris is the best but i hate the ather team
Royalejackbruh Month ago
Cash got a stroke sometimes lmao
Chase Willis
Chase Willis Month ago
Zachs hair looks like ramen
Mac H.m
Mac H.m Month ago
He said 1:45 when his phone said 1:54
Sophie MacDougall
2ms J shot
2ms J shot Month ago
Mope shut up
Isaac Cardoso cardso
Lebron james 🦁🏀👑💜💛
hunter wines
hunter wines Month ago
bro why is no one talking about Zack air balling and they don’t switch but when moochie air balls they immediately switch??
hunter wines
hunter wines Month ago
21:41 is what i’m talking about
Anthony Tizzano
Anthony Tizzano Month ago
Top of the key
PaperThread Month ago
Yall fuckin suck u guys should recruit me
Foreign yann
Foreign yann Month ago
Nah I’m good I’ll pass the offer
Rick One
Rick One Month ago
Tanner Wilburn
Tanner Wilburn Month ago
Cash has got a lot better
xavier quinn
xavier quinn Month ago
Chris is the next Steph curry
Brock Ferguson
Brock Ferguson Month ago
zack airballs everyone: tries to put it back mitchell airballs everyone: you airballed
Brock Ferguson
Brock Ferguson Month ago
lakers 9 in a row on 48 (72) for the 3rd player
TacticFizzYT Month ago
Who came back watching this after James said this video
Cavalry Month ago
33:38 they did take off a point but ok
Thomas Srsich
Thomas Srsich Month ago
The white thing effectively signal because freckle biologically flow circa a spicy bumper. telling, dapper cheque
EliTheLegend Month ago
The Heat should have won they should have been at 4 when they missed twice from the free throw line but they stayed on 5! Cmon man
isaiah Reaves
isaiah Reaves Month ago
LSK is gay
Shiven Pathuri
Shiven Pathuri Month ago
BankRoll Cah
BankRoll Cah Month ago
mitchell sold
L̾i̾l̾ Suest
L̾i̾l̾ Suest Month ago
No wonder he needed rehab
L̾i̾l̾ Suest
L̾i̾l̾ Suest Month ago
And he also said 1:45 when it was 1:54
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