2HYPE Chopped Summer Cook-Off Challenge 

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Filmed/Edited by Josh:


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Jul 4, 2020




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Comments 100   
Beena Mathai
Beena Mathai 2 hours ago
8:50 is the funniest
Dan Espiritu
Dan Espiritu 7 hours ago
when cash left the pepper with a sticker i laughed so hard
Junior 12 hours ago
Yo why this video so funny
The Hunter
The Hunter Day ago
Joey Corbo
Joey Corbo Day ago
need more vids like this funny asf
Lyrical JD
Lyrical JD Day ago
Jesser wanted his brother to win so bad😂he said “special ingredients are important to me” but couldn’t taste james nutella and cash used and added more ingredients but said his was better than cash’s 😑
I honestly don’t like this vid
CJ2X Day ago
This is why he left 2hype
JayGoCrazy -
JayGoCrazy - 2 days ago
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JayGoCrazy -
JayGoCrazy - 2 days ago
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Mike Acerba
Mike Acerba 2 days ago
For first ingredients I would’ve done a walking taco
Mr Veteran15
Mr Veteran15 2 days ago
kris:USE YOUR LOCKDOWN BADGE ON SOMEONE ELSE YOU FUCKIN......... kris made me laugh so hard lol
Muaz Alshaar
Muaz Alshaar 3 days ago
The British kris accent had me dying🤣🤣🤣🤣
Cole Thegoat
Cole Thegoat 3 days ago
Zack going back to his 1920 at 23 17
Jordan Ivory
Jordan Ivory 3 days ago
i think jesser is gay
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 2 days ago
Uhh daddy chill 🥵🥴
WLG_CLAPZZ 4 days ago
I know this is very very late but they could have made nachos am I wrong
Yeet Megeet
Yeet Megeet 4 days ago
Kris got a treasure!!!! Congratulations
Abhi Naka
Abhi Naka 5 days ago
I’m sorry james but edible means edible and not ur whack ass definitions
Dunk 3.0
Dunk 3.0 5 days ago
Anthony Hewitt
Anthony Hewitt 6 days ago
FaZe Roastbeef
FaZe Roastbeef 7 days ago
I love how the judges tried to so professional
Wojtek Skoczylas
Wojtek Skoczylas 7 days ago
Zack : James is 100% doing a burger James : Its a bloody taco mate
Mlyk Bloomfiel
Mlyk Bloomfiel 8 days ago
Yo 54:20 to 54:40 is a meme
daniel dakin
daniel dakin 8 days ago
lol kris is taking his notes
Cooper Rey
Cooper Rey 9 days ago
58:12 "chef jiedel its not your fucking turn"
DangerousForLife 9 days ago
Kriss broooo🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Angel936 10 days ago
“ Save sum for us u fat fawk “😂😭
Vibin Drakon
Vibin Drakon 10 days ago
Can someone please tell me why Cash got all hyped for the Lousiana hot sauce but didn't use it? 😂😂😂
Kevin Castronovo
Kevin Castronovo 10 days ago
Bruh let's be real nobody likes James
Deandre Plummer
Deandre Plummer 10 days ago
real g's will knw that the shoes zack is wearing he customized
Dimitrije Kostic
Dimitrije Kostic 11 days ago
Kris: I'ma translate it and find out what he fuckin said Me: dying laughing
NICKSZN 11 days ago
Watching this wit m 0 p l in it hits diff
Kemorje Parker
Kemorje Parker 12 days ago
With that wiggle dance kris did I think he had a slight stroke
PriNce LaRay
PriNce LaRay 12 days ago
zLinkz PG3D
zLinkz PG3D 13 days ago
I’m from the uk and that accent was spot on 😂
Matthew Frick
Matthew Frick 14 days ago
36:31 First time in History!
Matthew Frick
Matthew Frick 14 days ago
23:33 You See Me!
Matthew Frick
Matthew Frick 14 days ago
21:42 Nothing but love!
Matthew Frick
Matthew Frick 14 days ago
20:27 Roast of the 2hype century!
Matthew Frick
Matthew Frick 14 days ago
18:35 CHEFS! 23 MINUTES!
Ben Khoder
Ben Khoder 15 days ago
Nobody: Kris: should we swallow
Faze Jadon
Faze Jadon 16 days ago
Kris made me laugh
Tony Tone
Tony Tone 16 days ago
When lsk sneaked and gave cash that pepper I was rolling 😂😂 this too funny
Aqua RB6S
Aqua RB6S 17 days ago
am i the only person who bin watches 2 hype every day
Tyler Geary
Tyler Geary 17 days ago
7:58 note for me
Lucas S.
Lucas S. 17 days ago
when you try your best, to speak in a british accent.......
Sean Saelee
Sean Saelee 19 days ago
59:29 he licked his fingers then put his fingers back on the shark 🤣
cquick 3
cquick 3 20 days ago
JayGoCrazy -
JayGoCrazy - 20 days ago
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Marshall Manning
Marshall Manning 20 days ago
How old are we supposed to be when there’s all this cussing
D and Sheen
D and Sheen 21 day ago
Jesser Says the most random things after eating
AceXDcrazy 24 days ago
Hope you be nicer
Maurice Douek
Maurice Douek 24 days ago
This was the 2nd greatest US-first video to ever be recorded
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer 26 days ago
Why are wearin finger sleeves mate are you gonna cross up someone?
cquick 3
cquick 3 26 days ago
Love God
cquick 3
cquick 3 26 days ago
Jesus Saves
Jackiechan09 29 days ago
Everybody likes London krishtopher
Darian Yan
Darian Yan Month ago
jiedel got robbed no more no less
Hayden Miller
Hayden Miller Month ago
Am I the only one who can’t stand how jesser eats?
C.H.S Milton
C.H.S Milton Month ago
the hidden treasure had me dead 😭
Srq Month ago
Jonthefork- FRK
Jonthefork- FRK Month ago
i can’t believe this was 6 months ago it’s such a fire vid
Olena Hutchinson
Still fill bad
UrbaanKiid Month ago
Nobody gonna talk about how Jesse was so bias towards James? Cash: doesn’t use hot sauce well, and Jesse votes James. James: doesn’t use Nutella well, Jesse STILL votes James
Løner.Wrld Month ago
He said “chum bucket burger”
Crawford Wilson
Crawford Wilson Month ago
Kris was mean that video
Jackeline Velasquez
Bro mopis meal looks good tho
Tyler Geary
Tyler Geary Month ago
40:13 so dead look at background 😂
Tyler Geary
Tyler Geary Month ago
Trevor Nissen
Trevor Nissen Month ago
Kris can't cook at all so funny how much s he talks when the dude microwaves vegetables and acts like a gourmet chef
Trevor Nissen
Trevor Nissen Month ago
Wonder why he left they gk a little far sometimes
Patrick Moats
Patrick Moats Month ago
kris said secondly twice
Syrin Month ago
james is such a sweaty ass nerd
Amazingly Adept
Amazingly Adept 29 days ago
@Syrin someone’s here after all this drama
Syrin Month ago
@Sports Edits CA ikr
Sports Edits CA
Sports Edits CA Month ago
He tries to act sweaty and act like he knows what he is doing but what he makes isn’t actually good he just tries to act cool.
Binyi Lee
Binyi Lee Month ago
Do u guys see how serious jidel tries like no body likes him he’s only known for being jesser brother no one likes him he ruins the vibe
InSightHQ Month ago
Syrin Month ago
thats what im saying
Jaden Ward
Jaden Ward Month ago
“Kris: British accent “LeAvE SoMe FoR uS u FaT FuCK”
GokrxzyVic Month ago
GokrxzyVic Month ago
This is biyus jesser always vote for bis brother
Syrin Month ago
@GokrxzyVic u can edit ur comment u know lmao
GokrxzyVic Month ago
jayfrmdaburg 09
jayfrmdaburg 09 Month ago
LSK accent got me dead🤣
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams Month ago
now i see why he left
Blake Kady
Blake Kady Month ago
Cash is like yeh
Pyg JKC Month ago
This was so funny I’m dead lmao
Isaac Vigil
Isaac Vigil Month ago
Bro at least mopy was creative
Enrique Martinez
“I didn’t use salt”😂 as Cash said “ you can’t finesse the FINESSA!!”😂
Xavier Lake
Xavier Lake Month ago
Those Stickers are edible
Zay Luis
Zay Luis Month ago
cash talk just like kevin hart
Krystal Walker
Krystal Walker Month ago
I hate y’all
Krystal Walker
Krystal Walker Month ago
I was thinking takos
Xavier Harrington
Jidel pissed me off this whole video
King Harold
King Harold Month ago
King Harold
King Harold Month ago
Luis Ramirez
Luis Ramirez Month ago
38:42 😂😂
: O
: O Month ago
Are you gonna dunk?-zackttg😂
BG Noxzy On pc
BG Noxzy On pc Month ago
40:09 what everyone is here to see about zack
matthew john gicana
Little man syndrome Zack-2020
Wesley Frost
Wesley Frost Month ago
Bro I fill sorry for mopy
Hogan K
Hogan K Month ago
They should have their own show on the food network
Gord Tanberg
Gord Tanberg 2 months ago
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Can you do a another surf and turf dunk contest
Javier Moreno
Javier Moreno 2 months ago
Y'all is mean on god
Itsyaboiixd 2 months ago
Look at mopi’s face when he says what is going on here
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