2600HP Turbo Viper UNDEFEATED ON THE STREET! 9L Stroker + Sequential (2000lb-ft OF TORQUE!) 

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On this episode we feature Ryan's 2600WHP Sequential Twin Turbo Dodge Viper! This is without a doubt one of the most insane street cars we've ever seen, Calvo Motorsports knocked it out of the park with this build featuring a built 9L Stroker engine, twin 8685 turbos, PPG sequential transmission, motec engine management tuned by Collin aka ninjaneering. Producing 2000lb-ft of torque the sheer acceleration is enough to suck your eye balls to the back of your head! (Certified by Charles the passenger in the video lol!). Enjoy!
thumbnail photo by : Ben Cooper Photography

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Mar 14, 2021




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ando p
ando p 3 hours ago
This car has basically ruined every other car vid on US-first. 1300hp supra takes on... Yeah whatever man.😪
Right Side77
Right Side77 4 hours ago
So I take it the owner's not broke.
Loading NY
Loading NY 5 hours ago
If someone from 1320video says it’s the fastest car he’s been in , it’s fucking fast
Ramazan Balın
Ramazan Balın 5 hours ago
Abraham Garcia
Abraham Garcia 5 hours ago
I bet that thing takes all the air out of your lungs on the 2600 hp setting lol
Christian Biker
Christian Biker 6 hours ago
Come to Dallas and show that thing off! Supper amazing viper!!
MrChainvapor 11 hours ago
" How far will a tank of gas get you? "...................To the next gas station........in a couple seconds! LOL Awesome Car!!
SuperJet / SX-R Fan
SuperJet / SX-R Fan 12 hours ago
The paint on that thing is unbelievable.
Moiz 14 hours ago
Civic with laptop joined the chat
Sagan Worshipper
Sagan Worshipper 16 hours ago
Race the Hoonicorn!
Jeffrey Fochs
Jeffrey Fochs 16 hours ago
My dream car
dios robinson
Damn this really puts those UGR builds in perspective if they beating these
HuffStang 5.0
Love it...just truly insane.
Richard Tipton
This is insane! Possibly the fastest most devilish looking car I've ever seen. I Love it ❤
Nacho Man Randy Sandwich
Who else would like to see this race the Hoonicorn?
Nicolas Bourget
Why 75% of the cars seen on this channel are undefeated on the street ? Just race all those undefeated cars against each others . Yhea its gonna take 6mounth to race aaalllll of them but at least you'll be fix and dont post 44 cars a week that claim to be undefeated
D. Scott Bessinger
Shredder! I love it.
Ace Ventura
Ace Ventura Day ago
Tesla Fanboy: bUt WhAt’S iTs 0-60
Shane Farmer
Shane Farmer Day ago
That car is so sick, something that nightmares are made out of
Jose Maldonado
david reid
david reid 2 days ago
I wanna see Ken block loose to this on this vs that.
david reid
david reid 2 days ago
Brodie 2 days ago
Fucking insane
DaddyBigMad 3 days ago
yeah, thats the sound of horse power you lil tesla fan boys will NEVER understand. you will never get that feeling driving electric.
Hamish Southwell
Hamish Southwell 3 days ago
surely u race the stradman. just for the memes. u will for sure beat him
Jesus Gutierrez
Jesus Gutierrez 3 days ago
884 dislike are the people the guy beat in a race.
Jesus Gutierrez
Jesus Gutierrez 3 days ago
Cops see it pass by. They turn sound and go home.😂😂
Gholam Tamaki
Gholam Tamaki 4 days ago
When is it gonna race the Red r35 gtr from Texas!!!!!!!!!
Edgar Agapay
Edgar Agapay 4 days ago
that car is a monster, but it looks freakin beautiful.
#RideLife 4 days ago
This thing should race against 650ib’s H2 👍🏼 or a turbo busa or zx14 lol
Christian Campbell
Let's see against red GTR that kills all
Keith Reynolds
Keith Reynolds 4 days ago
Just frickin awesome.
Andrew 4 days ago
@13:05 thought it was about to fly off lmfao
gaerbsch 4 days ago
2600 hp and you can drive up to 75 mph in Amerika, well done my friend. Come to Germany...
Dhruv Verma
Dhruv Verma 4 days ago
At 2600 HP. Who the hell thinks about weight reduction 😂.
Ronald Adams
Ronald Adams 4 days ago
This is one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen. Car can lose 1000 hp and still smoke a liter bike. Holy shit
Omar Rodriguez
Omar Rodriguez 5 days ago
Bruh.... You know a car is savage AF if it pulls u away from pornhub!!! 🤣Rubbed one out to this racing footage instead
KI MASTER 5 days ago
See this is my "dream." Build cars like this. Own cars like this, work on them, etc
Freddy Hung
Freddy Hung 5 days ago
How much fuel does it consumes?: "35 Prius per second"
Chuy Duran
Chuy Duran 5 days ago
aaron dostou
aaron dostou 6 days ago
I’d love to see it against alpha queen
thatone guy
thatone guy 6 days ago
as a guy who appreciates sinister looking vehicles, this is just about the top of the list.
Zenuule Flamesinger
Too bad you listen to crap music. The engine makes anything sound good though.
OmniClipz 6 days ago
you wanna race you're DADDYS VIPER?
Murdaklez 6 days ago
Vipers are such gorgeous cars.
shermdeazy 6 days ago
Damn thats like having 2 insane motors
G - Wolf
G - Wolf 6 days ago
This is a beautiful piece of work! The only issue I have with this is that it really isn't a street car anymore. You will never reach the max capability of that car on a highway. Well you could but at serious risk of killing yourself and other people on the highway. Take that thing somewhere like a Formula 1 track or a drag strip so we can see what she can really do. I'd pay to watch that. Still "it's an amazing machine."
Samuel Glansk
Samuel Glansk 7 days ago
whats ryans instagram
Russ Smith
Russ Smith 7 days ago
Absolute utter ridiculousness speechless that’s the best damn thing I’ve ever seen!!!! And got bump to boot!! Nice touch.
Jordi Barragan
Jordi Barragan 8 days ago
texas_killer_r35 next please
come hick
come hick 8 days ago
The viper was already my fav. car.... !
Dan newmen
Dan newmen 8 days ago
would like to see farm truck eat sheet trying to catch this car.
Chase 8 days ago
Besides having an insane amount of horsepower and torque. This car is absolutely gorgeous!! Very exotic very mean looking car. Wow I’m blown away.
who is the owner
Mr. A
Mr. A 8 days ago
Robert Pena
Robert Pena 8 days ago
Freaking awesome 👑💯🔥
Juzzy Man
Juzzy Man 8 days ago
Mamamia OMG unbeliveble, thats a fucking plane without wings not a car, respect
Big Skippy
Big Skippy 8 days ago
Freaking awesome video.
Grant Davidson
Grant Davidson 8 days ago
Corvette junk says will stick to racing fords thank you
Grant Davidson
Grant Davidson 8 days ago
Mighty mopar of course you can't beat it's not a chevy
7ufsa 9 days ago
how many whp?
Kevin Adams
Kevin Adams 9 days ago
My favorite is the sequential shifter, I've been asking myself for years why doesn't anyone have that in a street car! Just like having a sport bike with a throttle blip module. You can shift as fast as the new dct's and pdk's but your still in control and having a blast!! Awesome car!!!! Also love the beadlocks on the rear!! Sick!!
cumshot247 9 days ago
How much cash put into this?
Lucky Brown
Lucky Brown 9 days ago
hoonicorn race?
Juan Santos
Juan Santos 9 days ago
Damn at 13:05 it sounds like a jet warming up
R R M 9 days ago
turn da cam around so we can see out the fkn windshield not what you ate earlier
R R M 9 days ago
trust funds are the best
Kannes Kaumglauben
Sickest car ive seen yet. Kinda like to have that thing....
Fun Film
Fun Film 9 days ago
You'd think with this many subscribers and the type of cars you showcase, you would get a better mic set up. :)
Honchho jack
Honchho jack 9 days ago
What song at 11:20?
Rob Ashton
Rob Ashton 9 days ago
What a weapon!
Desmond rush
Desmond rush 9 days ago
How did you start this build. How much money did you put into it
det300zx 9 days ago
Luv'n your car Ryan, happy for ya!!
Matt Taylor
Matt Taylor 9 days ago
"drag" is to racing like "missionary" is to sex
steven karan
steven karan 10 days ago
would anyone know what it would get 1/4 ?
Urban Outdoorsman
Urban Outdoorsman 10 days ago
Less in car video, more outside shots!!
Mike C
Mike C 10 days ago
I also always win every race when I race cars with much less HP than mine.
Lucas Weaver
Lucas Weaver 10 days ago
Sickest freekin viper I've ever seen, beyond insane! 👍
honey badger
honey badger 10 days ago
i want to see something give this viper a challenge. this is INSANE
M M 10 days ago
Absolute monster 😯
Rick O
Rick O 10 days ago
Go to Colorado, I think you'll find several Corvettes that will kick his ass!
Rick O
Rick O 9 days ago
@_ I'm sure it is the fastest viper, but it's not the fastest on the street.
_ 9 days ago
@Rick O I'm pretty sure this is the fastest viper on the street rn
Rick O
Rick O 9 days ago
@_ Obviously you don't know anything about Colorado and go fast corvettes!
_ 9 days ago
I sincerely doubt that
- Popcycle -
- Popcycle - 11 days ago
Still won't beat a bike but nice
_ 8 days ago
@- Popcycle - lmao what the fuck are you pulling out of your ass
- Popcycle -
- Popcycle - 8 days ago
and this car isn't stock . Get a 380HP H2 or even a turbo 600HP hayabusa will say bye bye to this car
- Popcycle -
- Popcycle - 8 days ago
No you are wrong
Baran Goran
Baran Goran 8 days ago
Lol no stock bike can hang with this thing
_ 9 days ago
Bro what
Clay Clifton
Clay Clifton 11 days ago
Guards in the rear and usually got a top in gear and get 308
Jefferson Zapata
Jefferson Zapata 11 days ago
Fuck I don’t think there’s enough land for that in Hawaii 😂 shit will end up in the ocean
Reese Chisholm
Reese Chisholm 11 days ago
I need to see this vs Texas Killr R35
Heaths XRP Ledger
Heaths XRP Ledger 11 days ago
Buy XRP Crypto! Next bitcoin!🚨🚀
TheT F
TheT F 11 days ago
My god
Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller 11 days ago
eichler721 11 days ago
That's FML fast
Steve S Steve
Steve S Steve 11 days ago
Z-Force Petterssenna
How much downforce? This things a BEAST!
D Logic
D Logic 11 days ago
They should give out ear pro for people watching this video.
krazie Mike 4208
krazie Mike 4208 11 days ago
Wheres the the Fuckin Hoonicorn Mustang!
Gerardo Urbina
Gerardo Urbina 11 days ago
This would destroy the Hoonicorn and Ken Block.
Michael 12 days ago
price 1 mil+ ? bank i hope u have enough money cuz i am not coming back
Nick Millhollin
Nick Millhollin 12 days ago
Not only does it look sick. It’s bad ass as well !
L one
L one 12 days ago
Can the gtr's beat these kinds of vipers? Just curious 🤔 , considering money not a issue? Viper or gtr? Which one be better to buy and build ? In the process.....don't know which one ? Thank you in advance for any advice
Eddie Gonzalez
Eddie Gonzalez 12 days ago
How a street build should be done
Travis Guy
Travis Guy 12 days ago
Iam jealous lol wow
Finley James-Hammond
5:47 seems accurate😂😂😂😂