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Tim talks Bezos new spaceship plans, ol' Billy Boy's coveted secret recipe, a plus size model receiving death threats after losing weight, and Tim's idea for a future SNL sketch.
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Published on


May 1, 2021




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The Tim Dillon Show
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DCMFB Day ago
He said fiftueen dawas on owah. 15 dawas on owah
Sy Guzman
Sy Guzman 2 days ago
Crunchy Crails
Crunchy Crails 8 days ago
“Whale in a Raincoat” Shoulda been the call Benjamin!
John Doe
John Doe 9 days ago
Im just impressed you knew what an fbody was lol. The car not the fat pigs.
Nino GG
Nino GG 12 days ago
10% off if you can level up the mics
K.C. Kelley
K.C. Kelley 11 hours ago
China is responsible for 30X more plastic pollution and 3X more carbon emissions than the US. China is responsible for more pollution than the US, Canada, Russia and all of Europe combined. Ravaging the earth isn’t at the feet of white people. The truth is, all of the inventions making us more energy efficient and lifting people out of poverty were created by white Westerners. Tired of these false narratives shaming people with light skin.
Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson 15 hours ago
Jeff Bezos is my favorite villain.
Tia Steele
Tia Steele 19 hours ago
Can’t wait for you to tour in CANADAH Tim , we love you 😍💋🇨🇦 come make fun of our terrible leaders
Scott D
Scott D 19 hours ago
Tim Dillon telling people not to get the vaccine just to go viral and promote his social media is peak comedy in 2021
John Franco
John Franco Day ago
Bro I love this conspiracy cutey so much.
Roxanne J
Roxanne J Day ago
I love magic spoon! And I like that Tim was able to eat it when he was little during a robbery. 😂😂
Paul Bickerson
Cannot stop laughing
I N Day ago
6:57 absolutely killed me
James Padilla
James Padilla 2 days ago
Tims.ad reads are legendary
Troll Hidden Cave
Fat activism: when fat people finally decide to be active
Troll Hidden Cave
The secret is the fact that this is designed to kill you and give you cancer LOL die peasants -Bill Gates
Troll Hidden Cave
I can basically boil down all the stupid far-left social issues into one simple phrase " be proud of things you should be ashamed of"
Troll Hidden Cave
No fat chics
01001000 01101001
Every time I see Ben now, I keep thinking of that message where someone called him “that Jeffrey Dahmer looking fuck.”
George Sears
George Sears 2 days ago
They are not oppressed, just full
Will Kelleher
Will Kelleher 3 days ago
eggs benedict arnold
Rita 3 days ago
55:25 "cause they were chewing" LOL
Chuck Fina
Chuck Fina 3 days ago
Activism is for losers, therefore, fat activism is activism for fat losers.
Sarah Wiesner
Sarah Wiesner 3 days ago
LOL Don't ask don't tell
Mac Nicolson
Mac Nicolson 3 days ago
Fu-ck man, they been burning bodies in the street in India for ten thousand fucki-ng years. How much of this is actually real?
Dave A
Dave A 3 days ago
Idk if I'd call gravity a "system of oppression"
Adam Nichols
Adam Nichols 3 days ago
I legit almost died drinking Gatorade when the Bitcoin ad came on.
Tencent Investor
Tencent Investor 3 days ago
Bill Gates own most of the farmland in the US. He wants to get his cattle people vaccinated first.
Michael Cox
Michael Cox 4 days ago
Congrats Ben
Eileen Ponce
Eileen Ponce 4 days ago
“What do I have to say?! Everyone should be a bowling ball!”
Hassan Qayyum
Hassan Qayyum 4 days ago
She gon' be like WATTT 🤣🤣😭😭
jakedizzle 4 days ago
I miss trump
jakedizzle 4 days ago
India would like to invite you too share the vaccine ingredients.
Abhijay Hazarika
Abhijay Hazarika 4 days ago
Waiting for Tim Dillion to tour India. And YES I AGREE with Tim, we are burning wood to get cheap vaccines from Bill Gates. #indianHustle
jdv213 5 days ago
Anytime Tim gets worked up to the point of physically assaulting Ben, you know its going to be a good pod
Keelan Murry
Keelan Murry 5 days ago
I would just like to say you’re looking great Tim keep it up
Daniel Listrom
Daniel Listrom 5 days ago
violent green
violent green 5 days ago
Good grief. Bully Bill doesn’t want the formula out because if the world knew wtf is in them; like the anti fertility agents Kenya found in their tetanus shots from the Gates foundation, he would be indicted. He will be eventually as the death tolls are going to be impossible to obfuscate. In the meantime he’s running. Also the vaccines don’t work for shit and will likely kill you. Tim is wrong about alla this vcine science shit. It’s sad af cause I love him to bits.
Troll Hidden Cave
Strike the shepherd and the Sheep will scatter their ideals covered in blood splatter - #R҉i҉g҉t҉H҉ (Heretic's Wrath)
Kyle Oliva
Kyle Oliva 6 days ago
My wife talks shit about me to her plants.
Alex M
Alex M 6 days ago
SNL sucks ass. This is comedy
Aaron Valdez
Aaron Valdez 6 days ago
This is one of the best episodes I've heard 😂😂😂
margaret-rose donnelly
You make me relive it all.Think of George"s Family??
margaret-rose donnelly
You can't see him digging the knee in deliberateliy further.Duck America.
margaret-rose donnelly
They making the whole murder again.Why?Tears in my eyes always.Take their $ out wit them with Ben by your side.X
margaret-rose donnelly
That juror destroyed America.W T F .Why do Americans sacrifice all for the screen.His( George Floyd) Family so heartbreaking.He no brother so difficult to watch unfold.😇💖
Not Sure
Not Sure 6 days ago
Tim Dillon is the new king of coemdy.
frottery 6 days ago
the system that oppresses fat people is THE LAWS OF PHYSICS
Philip Zeller
Philip Zeller 6 days ago
Personal bookmark comment thread. Don’t mind me.
Philip Zeller
Philip Zeller 4 days ago
1:02:39 “no good for her!”
Philip Zeller
Philip Zeller 4 days ago
1:04:55 Tim asks a question with the premeditated intent to ridicule Ben
Philip Zeller
Philip Zeller 6 days ago
54:15 “you’d do nothing.”
Daniel Zambrano
Daniel Zambrano 6 days ago
Tim needs the timestamp guy to jump on the bandwagon
Mack Nickelson
Mack Nickelson 6 days ago
Please do a fat activism add where its just tim skinny shaming ppl into banging him...
Chris Witz
Chris Witz 6 days ago
Who here would raise there hand and take the place of diabetics. No one? That shows how systemic oppression diabetics in this country have to deal with.
jswett13 6 days ago
They should try a podcast outside on a porch in Texas. Although something tells me neighbors would eventually be involved
Johnathan Martin
Johnathan Martin 6 days ago
So fat activism is anything you do while you are fat?
Robert Aguilera
Robert Aguilera 6 days ago
1:02:35 Come back to this whenever I need a good laugh
Diko Boscato
Diko Boscato 6 days ago
you look great, you dont look fat at all.
Francisco Aguado
Francisco Aguado 6 days ago
The only thing oppressing fat people is...... tight pants ....get rid of the guy with the laptop and his fake laugh...he sucks
MADU 6 days ago
tim the fat skeptic lol
Dr. i4LO
Dr. i4LO 7 days ago
How is this episode still on US-first lmao
Russell Casados II
Tim called me smart :)
Corrie Borns
Corrie Borns 7 days ago
Thank you always for the laughs Tim Dillon! Especially during such a tense time!
conan mcclanahan
conan mcclanahan 7 days ago
I just want to point out the specific way Tim approaches tearing down Bill Gates, even going so far as to replay the reporters question directly. That's a combination of respect, class, and pure savagery that I have never seen before.
A. Puente
A. Puente 7 days ago
Shout out to Tim and Ben for not harassing and guilting their youtube fans into joining their Patreon in a time of great financial stress.
Idk Idk
Idk Idk 7 days ago
This guy is my favorite comedian now . I run on this level of sarcasm everyday
Craig Hamid
Craig Hamid 7 days ago
This is true comedy, we need to make sure that Tim is kept alive, he has a Scottish hearr. Come to Scotland and be a God
Chris C
Chris C 7 days ago
Check out Little Britain Fat Fighters
rock SOLID
rock SOLID 7 days ago
If Tim Dillion is gay, who wants to be straight?
OAM595 7 days ago
R.I.P. Walter Hudson
LasVegas Ginger
LasVegas Ginger 7 days ago
Jay 7 days ago
ben's idea for the dogefather sketch is the funniest thing i've ever heard
Derek Atkins
Derek Atkins 7 days ago
Sean Michael Carroll
People from the East Coast call Mexicans Spanish people out of the weirdest level of white guilt/racism.
Sean Michael Carroll
@LasVegas Ginger Nazi, Sir. Get it right.
LasVegas Ginger
LasVegas Ginger 7 days ago
okay Nazi
trioxin428 8 days ago
I don't know what you're confused about. This Mimi character explains it in plain words at 44:16 "Positivity isn't a political resource". By focusing on those "most affected" and "having the greatest impact", "we expand our political power and our political might" (46:55). It's really about activating the fat lazy slobs politically and bringing them into the Party.
Blake Rackley
Blake Rackley 8 days ago
As a former skinny person who is now fat I think I understand what they are doing. This is the elite class "fatties", who like me weren't always fat, trying to change the rules so people don't discriminate against them for their life choices. They don't want to be accountable for poor dieting so they need to bully others into accepting them however morbidly obese they choose to be.
MALAKOI smith 8 days ago
I wondered how long it was going to take for woke people and their movements to then start segregating themselves within it. it's now not just fat people. it has to be fat women of color and EVERYONE else is within that subsect is subject to the approval of Lizzo apparently. it's nothing more than people desperately trying to out victim one another. You're fat. And i'm still going to be visibly repulsed when you fly by in a grocery scooter meant for the elderly and disabled. that's my truth.
Amrit Nijjar
Amrit Nijjar 8 days ago
I am literally crying in my room listening to this ahahhahaha
margaret-rose donnelly
I prefer when you just flow with Ben cracking up by your side like we all are.Tim what is your opinion on all these shooters,everyone armed up?
cshans07 x
cshans07 x 8 days ago
Hey Ben, can you please get Tim to do another round of the “Fake Business” mercy? Specifically the purple hoodies in Large?
DOPOW9419 8 days ago
Ben's got the ring :)
God's Favorite Blister
Ben is a cereal killer for sure.... Just check Lil Timmy's itinerary vs local murders and the bodys will come to light.
God's Favorite Blister
He destroyed Doug Stanhopes guest toilet and left his underwear and shirt in the trash, then just left. He never even met Doug.... lol 💩👍
God's Favorite Blister
Where are the jokes and comedy....?
Neon Mind
Neon Mind 8 days ago
LOL, Tim Dillon is the funniest man on Earth.
Dakota Kimble
Dakota Kimble 8 days ago
his face at the 1:00:00 mark is hilarious
Erik 8 days ago
Tim "Hates fat people" Dillon lmao
Crunchy Crails
Crunchy Crails 8 days ago
Tim is doxxed from the Institute of Sauce
RC Car Dude 3434
RC Car Dude 3434 8 days ago
There's no such thing as oppression in America. The word means nothing.
A A 8 days ago
Grace Seeley
Grace Seeley 8 days ago
“Because they were chewing”
Rob R
Rob R 8 days ago
You know Tim is amazing when there is so much to talk about from the episode that nobody is talking about the Sheathe underwear read which is the most controversial ad read I had ever heard in my life and I am literally sore from laughing. god this man is funny.
Atlas 9 days ago
I'm not a big Bill Gates fan, but allowing brown people to make vaccines when they can't even build toilets is not a great idea.
Don Grady
Don Grady 9 days ago
Tim, I’m fat, but it’s because I’m different, I’m an outsider. I don’t like being like those skinny bitches, I am who I am and I’m proud! #BodyPositivityForFatAssMf
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker 9 days ago
I read an article just today that said we need to stop equating size with health. Errr no we dont. Being underweight or overweight is a sign of poor health.
SORD Teck 9 days ago
The Indian government spends 60 trillion $ every year but somehow Bezos, with his 200Billion $ net worth, is morally obligated to help India with Covid... I know the PIG is trying hard to keep his liberal hollywood window open but that ''joke'' overloaded my BS virtue-signaling tolerance... Came back today because the PIG is funny for the rest of the show.
Ryan Payne
Ryan Payne 9 days ago
The system that oppresses fat people the circulatory system
Jacqueline Twerd
Jacqueline Twerd 9 days ago
If breathing is a kind of fat activism it’s not something you’ll be doing for long if you’re obese. (Former obese person).
Kryn Benski
Kryn Benski 9 days ago
This is one of most consistently funny episodes in a bit. Maybe especially the fat activism portion. I also do want to throw out that the woman in purple seems like a really pleasant person, which.. isn’t always the case with someone expressing similar ideas. Shouts out to her, in that regard.
HeyoSpeaker 9 days ago
I cannot be at peace until I am no longer judged by anyone for any reason.
Eric Allen
Eric Allen 9 days ago
Love this whole episode from front to back. I’m also ordering some underwear from the gay dishonorably discharged military guy who “thinks about sweaty men’s balls”
juju Bee
juju Bee 9 days ago
Can someone tell me why tim popped up during a documentary about a cult? It seems the air bnb lesbians may be in a cult?
Squiggy G.
Squiggy G. 9 days ago
I might be a thin Supremacist, I think maybe. Do we get a flag or a hand sign or color. One day maybe I could be fat but that would take effort
Jacky Ethiastery
Jacky Ethiastery 9 days ago
the sheath ad was so good it made me consider buying their product, just because.
az03161979 9 days ago
Rogan told a guest on his podcast to "stop it" because she had a negative opinion about vaccines..🤣🤣 the Fauci thing is theater
Samuel Thomson
Samuel Thomson 9 days ago
Tim.. your next skit must be Fauci (Ben) attacking Rogan (you) inside the Texas Colon. Please Tim. Your country needs you.