23 Minecraft Things You Should Use More Often 

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23 Minecraft Things You Should Use More Often! As Minecraft continues to expand with each and every update, some cool things are bound to get lost in the shuffle. So, while plenty of other videos will talk about the big features, tips and tricks to look out for, today, let's cover some of the lesser used tactics and tools that you should use everyday in Minecraft. Who knows? They might even help you out when you really need it. These are 23 simple things you should use more often and in every day minecraft gameplay in this Skip the Tutorial list video!
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Research, footage, and map by Frankie Mundo
Texture Pack: Vanilla Tweaks vanillatweaks.net/picker/resource-packs/
Some music used in this video is courtesy of Mewmore. Make sure to follow their tracks at us-first.info
Portions of this video are copyrighted and owned by Nintendo, and their use is allowed by the Nintendo Game Content Guidelines for Online Video & Image Sharing Platforms (www.nintendo.co.jp/networkservice_guideline/en/index.html?n). All other original content, unless expressly noted otherwise, is ©2021, by the Skip the Tutorial creator, all rights reserved.
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Apr 26, 2021




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Skip the Tutorial
Skip the Tutorial 18 days ago
Subscribe, or I delete your minecraft account
Maruati Ruati
Maruati Ruati 14 hours ago
But i dont have a account
YOSHI 11 days ago
hahah and i have a code
FREDGamez 123
FREDGamez 123 11 days ago
Remix adventures Crew
demon hunter
demon hunter 12 days ago
@Cute46 me who never stared I am four parallel universe behind you
TrAuMa Hour ago
You can sub with kneecaps its easy
Terence ZHAO
Terence ZHAO 3 hours ago
Have you ever heard of putting carpets on fences so that you can jump over it but the mobs can't? It saves supplies and it's not annoying :))
Sawyer Cascone
Sawyer Cascone 3 hours ago
The eight freckle inversely remain because test fundamentally hope from a agonizing goat. gigantic, godly need
Natalie Allen
Natalie Allen 4 hours ago
I don’t have a Minecraft account
Olivia Schmal
Olivia Schmal 6 hours ago
I just want you to know that I subscribed using my kneecap.
Ömer Gürsel
Ömer Gürsel 9 hours ago
Does the number 10 work in Minecraft Bedrock ? Thanks
YODUCK YODUCK 9 hours ago
Did with kneecap lol
George carr
George carr 9 hours ago
The fox mule, a shulker box with enderchest inside full of shulker boxes
Ivan Paul
Ivan Paul 9 hours ago
"did you actually sub with your kneecaps?" noooo....
OeyMcOman 10 hours ago
But I subbed with my kneecap...
DraconicDusk 13 hours ago
5:28 might wanna show that with mobgriefing set to True lol. It works, but anyone can tell mobgriefing is set to False here :P
Deidre Araceli
Deidre Araceli 13 hours ago
The psychedelic tachometer sequentially fetch because february reciprocally please athwart a kaput ferry. fantastic, false familiar famous estimate
Sleepybeans _31
Sleepybeans _31 14 hours ago
Did you know: if you place flint and steel on a block and then brake the block then stand where the block was you will take the damage is if the fire was still there and if you put the same block back the flint and steel will reappear
jursamaj 16 hours ago
9:40 Instead of slime or honey blocks, sand and gravel are cheap.
jursamaj 16 hours ago
4:18 What is this parchment stuff on the brewing stand GUI? I've never seen that before.
Discord Moderator
Discord Moderator 16 hours ago
Aight but where da *water chest*
Skip the Tutorial
Skip the Tutorial 16 hours ago
It’s the waterlogged chest. That’s what’s in the thumbnail. If you put a water bucket on a chest, it doesn’t explode
Kary The Lobster
Kary The Lobster 17 hours ago
I've put my buttons behind banners since I got minecraft, just seemed like common sense to me.
Oliver D
Oliver D 17 hours ago
what kind of minecraft does he use
Bru tux
Bru tux 22 hours ago
I like the idea of a waterlogged slab house. Will definitely "blow it up" with TNT to impress friends. Can you waterlog the walls too? Perhaps with stairs facing away?
YeetedNoob 23 hours ago
Why did the wooden planks didn't explode 5:27
Alej Vedado
Alej Vedado Day ago
ı'ᵐ ˢᵘᵇᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˡᶦᵏᵉ'ˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵘᵇˢ ME
Alej Vedado
Alej Vedado Day ago
ı'ᵐ ˢᵘᵇᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˡᶦᵏᵉ'ˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵘᵇˢ ME
I just subscribed with my kneecap
Constantly Soap
Playbro 6000
Playbro 6000 Day ago
If you get instant harming 2 arrows with a 3 shot crossbow if you hit at least to shots it's an instant kill
gabe fimbres
gabe fimbres Day ago
Instead of using the brightness to find troubled areas i turn off smooth lighting you could also combine this with the brightness setting for even better results.
Colten Campbell
19s good and all... until the fox gets off the lead and runs off with your shulker box
Corey Day ago
much easier way to fill water is build a diagonal of ice and break them. 2 source creates another source and its a chain reaction. You can also place blocks and use buckets then break the blocks.
NightWolfYT Day ago
I’d love to use my kneecaps to subscribe, but I took an arrow in the knee many years ago
Ferret God
Ferret God Day ago
*thrusts kneecap on computer moniter*
Chippy the mudkip
I subbed with my kneecaps
ushnisha das
ushnisha das Day ago
subscribed with my kneecaps
lucateil 1
lucateil 1 Day ago
Hey if you put carpet over a fence you can jump on it
Hexagon Magic
Omg I just hit subscribe with my kneecaps bro
You can also just put a carpet on top of a fence. That allows you to jump on top while the mobs won't.
Roman Pospelov
pls do a mobile version
Lord Connor
Lord Connor Day ago
Wow that was disappointing how easily I did it with my knee caps 🤣
11:33 EFFICIENCY 5....
Ryusho Yosei
Ryusho Yosei Day ago
The brightness one...I was expecting you to mention "YOu can hit F7, and it will show red X's on every square that is not bright ennough to prevent monster spawns, or yellow X's if they will be okay durring sunlight, but dangerous at night."
Allison Dinelle
i really like this video keep up the good work
Cbot Day ago
I thought the looting 3 trick was fixed recently? Unless I'm misremembering I think they patched it
megaclone conrads
next he goning to try to sub while using you middle toe backwards on the floor with a PC
Resolex Day ago
Most of it is useless
Leia Murdock
Leia Murdock Day ago
That hidden water one could be used for a working water tap
Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi Day ago
About the fence thing... Why don't you just put carpet on top of it? It cost just 2 wool and mobs can't jump over.
Hirsch _LP
Hirsch _LP Day ago
8:00 put the fortune tool in your offhand and use a cheap tool to harvest the crops
Cofffee 2 days ago
offhand......offhand............OFFHAND.........well at least I still have something java players don't, the ability to put lava in cauldrons...........wait...........
Kedir. 2 days ago
Dream out here taking notes on the pig one
TheModer8ter 2 days ago
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Crowley Eusford
Crowley Eusford 2 days ago
Subcribes with kneecap
king wolf
king wolf 2 days ago
If u explode a stray with a charged creeper u get the wither skull
Dayne Khloe's Vlog
I don’t have a Minecraft account you know
xX1234 GamerXx
xX1234 GamerXx 2 days ago
I don't have one
q 2 days ago
Pasu Plays
Pasu Plays 2 days ago
knee caps!? im on pc :-:
Chelsea hunt
Chelsea hunt 2 days ago
I can’t do most of these because I’m on bedrock adittion
Christopher Morton
10:52 Shid, I've been putting buttons behind banners since 2015.
MagicHaxGames 2 days ago
My knee is literally in a immobilizer ill come back and sub after the surgery ❤
Ian Brown
Ian Brown 2 days ago
I done it with my knee cap
Dio 2 days ago
The elytra pig trick actually made me laugh out loud
PAX-12 2 days ago
yo i saw somebody steal your video wanna link?
Sem 2 days ago
I even turned on notifications with my kneecap :D
BenGAMING 2 days ago
I did it I subbed with my knee caps
yea yea i dont bealive you
D Cunningham
D Cunningham 2 days ago
What is that sick jungle seed
youguddud ig
youguddud ig 2 days ago
use the pig for a clutch if ur elytra breaks
Me who actually subscribed with my kneecap: 😳
Dreyarde 2 days ago
Your save from damaging your loved weapon Have you heard of Mending? ✌️
Michael Jardin
Michael Jardin 3 days ago
Bruh u do know that when u ride a pig and fall high place u will take damage as well so that means u die... why do they lie /:
Blue Saber Ninja
Blue Saber Ninja 18 hours ago
not if you jump off at the last second
Miltrion Ignitrious
About 17, you could just use a carpet and place it above the fence, the animals won't get over it but you can
Eyeless Ash
Eyeless Ash 3 days ago
Instead of pigs, depending on the version of course, you can use a boat for the same effect
Tier 7 Gaming
Tier 7 Gaming 3 days ago
Back when I used to play minecraft factions like 5-6 years ago I used to do the banner trick
Idk Oof
Idk Oof 3 days ago
when dream is watching: yeeeeeeeee imma use for my next manhunt video there gonna be so shocked hehe >:>
Canadian Goose
Canadian Goose 3 days ago
U can use wool carpet on fences
Tomato 3 days ago
Ok I’m definitely gonna try the last one
Tomato 12 hours ago
Blue Saber Ninja
Blue Saber Ninja 18 hours ago
sadly it doesnt work with fireworks
Easy origami
Easy origami 3 days ago
I was laughing when the creeper blast and the chicken moment at the creeper 5:01
Malwre 3 days ago
8:53 or just place a carpet
Trey Gracen
Trey Gracen 3 days ago
Trapdoor fence toppers work great for trapping mobs too.
[NOVA] HazX 3 days ago
Fun Fact: In the nether, you can actually mlg with twisting vines!
Aaron Holmes
Aaron Holmes 3 days ago
I used my knee kap
Tristan does the weirdest dares
I did the challenge but am now unsubbing
Hello Darling
Hello Darling 3 days ago
Can someone explain 18, the honey and slime block in an ocean monument one, a bit more? Like is it just touching a honey block removes the effect? Placing one? You just say 'clear out the area with honey blocks', but how does that help?
Merica Man
Merica Man 3 days ago
You don't need a piece of charcoal to make a campfire, you can use coal instead.
Grapy 3 days ago
Is this the secret of dream this channel
Jason Wood
Jason Wood 3 days ago
The Looting sword needs to be in your main hand, it doesn't work in off-hand, so that's where you need to put your bow etc. You do this correctly in the video's action shots, but say the opposite and show putting the sword in off hand.
Kaskar42 3 days ago
The looting sword in off hand bug doesn't work anymore, since ages man...
Flaitmon Star
Flaitmon Star 3 days ago
What is the texture pack?
ramesh8640 3 days ago
Bedrock: Killing a stray with a charged creeper gives wither skeleton skull
Ryou Nin
Ryou Nin 3 days ago
Now I get why the "when pigs fly" achievement was added at all, I just thought the creators hated pigs or something
Johan Florin
Johan Florin 16 hours ago
The reason for the achievement being called that is most likely because in Sweden, "When pigs fly" is a saying which is used like "I'll believe that when pigs fly", which basically means you don't believe something until you start seeing miracles. I believe the saying might be present in English aswell, but not sure, but in that case it would work with both languages.
DӨDDI 3 days ago
9:15 a better solution: just place a carpet above one of the fences, and you can hop in and out, but nothing else can.
Rishi The Yoshi
Rishi The Yoshi 3 days ago
number 23 tho xD
Who tried to subscribe with your kneecaps
Chxracxtr 3 days ago
I did the kneecap thing Are you proud of me?
Cookie /
Cookie / 3 days ago
Dismounting the pig before touching the ground? Ark players : I saw this one before!
ZSTRODE. 3 days ago
I just became curious about minecraft like a week ago. Just to see what the deal was lol this video just blows my mind!
KaydaneQ 3 days ago
0:14 so many tommyinnit shirts @tommyinnit
vwhitaker100 3 days ago
Bedrock players for 60% of these: *Guess I'll just die*
isa mainor
isa mainor 3 days ago
I can't believe I unsubbed so I could sub with my knees