22 vs Human Head 

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Apr 6, 2021




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Garand Thumb
Garand Thumb 14 days ago
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Jarvis H.
Jarvis H. Day ago
Rounds gain velocity the farther they travel. Always check the effective range of yo ur weapon and song with the performance of the rounds being used
J S 2 days ago
The rifle went thru at a farther distance because the bullet had enough time to reach terminal velocity.
EddieC91 3 days ago
Awesome video! Are those Pit Viper Carnivores?
Stop the Philosophical Zombies
11:11 Now that is what I call some positive crankcase ventilation.
Yoda 7 days ago
Instant subscribe
Vandal lolwut
Vandal lolwut 21 minute ago
God damn the camera guy.. holy shit... get on it you need to live though the viewfinder
Hemp meds
Hemp meds 21 minute ago
you firearms handling is sloppy.
MiamiBomber 29 minutes ago
True story, my grandfather fled to Nicaragua after killing a police sergeant proceeding an argument at a bar in Honduras. He pulled a .22 out of his pocket and placed it on his forehead. He eventually got caught, went to jail and all, but he was around to tell me the story.
Vandal lolwut
Vandal lolwut 32 minutes ago
Camera man.. please be a Camera man.
TysonGoesOutside 46 minutes ago
I'm not shocked. My friend's dad killed a black bear with a 10/22... it wasn't the plan, but it happened. He was out checking fences and turned around to see a bear was following very close, emptied 10 into its face region, and hi-tailed to the truck. came back the next day and sure enough, dead bear on the ground...
SGTango 2 hours ago
I hate to be that guy, it's lucky he wasn't shooting a bigger pistol because holding a pistolnlike that will get you your fingers ripped off
lee roy
lee roy 2 hours ago
who would you recommend for training in the San Diego CA area? Thanks
trevor yarbrough
trevor yarbrough 2 hours ago
my god that 10/22 just fucking JFKed that skull ...to soon
Traum 3 hours ago
Dont stop at one with a .22lr just do a mag dump to be safe and less recoil so maybe land more shots on target? Based on your experience.
Gary D Gaither
Gary D Gaither 4 hours ago
9mm for the win ! You enjoyed those head shots waaay too much. Class dismissed.
idprism 4 hours ago
"we have here these ballistic heads for shooting with bullets" *eats ballistic head* stay classy lol
Joseph Hutton
Joseph Hutton 5 hours ago
Ronnie Baughman
Ronnie Baughman 5 hours ago
I'd use the 40 grain high velocity more penetration with the heavier bullets lite weight hollow points are good for rabbits and squirrels I have shot through a two by four and 3/4 plywood with 40 grain 22 in a four inch barrel Ruger bearcat.
LMGunslinger 5 hours ago
People who try to kill themselves with a .22 typical dont die until around 2 weeks after they shot themselves. Something about it taking that long for the inflammation to cause the brain swelling to push the spinal column out the base of the skull.
damian riendeau
damian riendeau 6 hours ago
You know ammo is scarce when garand thumb makes 22 videos
Peter Logan
Peter Logan 7 hours ago
And no....science can NEVER go too far as far as testing ballistic effects of a round on targets
Peter Logan
Peter Logan 7 hours ago
Wondering what grain you are firing.
Adam Brown
Adam Brown 8 hours ago
Garand thumb surprisingly proving fudd lore is one of the funniest things I’ll ever watch.
harry henderson
harry henderson 8 hours ago
& my red ryder bb gun in the eyeball Will work also"
harry henderson
harry henderson 8 hours ago
That's the how & way to use .22 if in Self Defense mode"
Johns Town
Johns Town 10 hours ago
lionprodigy 10 hours ago
I watched this video because when I was 12 years old I was shot in my right eye with a Ruger 10/22 with Remington Thunderbolt ammo and it ricocheted and lodged in my jaw so seeing this is really interesting
Stupid the Fish
Stupid the Fish 10 hours ago
19:27 for bass boosted skull slapping
Andy B
Andy B 12 hours ago
For your entertainment please play 15:43 to 15:46 @ .25 playback speed (using the gear icon), good laughs.
david hoback
david hoback 12 hours ago
You should call yourself,” Black Thumbnail” instead!!
John Wolf
John Wolf 12 hours ago
22 is a cheap round.. YOU GET WHAT U PAY FOR!
DeadNoob 12 hours ago
Gun Channels: The .22 is a great caliber for your first gun or for recreational plinking. Also gun Channels: Also, love the intro.
John Wolf
John Wolf 12 hours ago
Knew someone who tried to off himself.. put a 22 to the roof of his mouth... bullet did loop d loops around tge skull.. let him live...
Truthasivebeen Shown
All the things most of us have known our entire life’s this military guru finally finds out !
Tony Kushfido
Tony Kushfido 13 hours ago
“That does make me a doctor in New Jersey” 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
shatner99 13 hours ago
16:55 Claw Shaw was Clay Bertrand.
shatner99 13 hours ago
Those heads have good QQ?
Brandon Thompson
Brandon Thompson 13 hours ago
Fudd lore fact or fiction.
Dylan Aneca
Dylan Aneca 14 hours ago
I knew this was a very serious video when the word “smol” didn’t show up on screen when he said the 22 is a small bullet
Alex Parrish
Alex Parrish 14 hours ago
My best friends grandpa got too old to carry a bigger rifle, so he'd use a silenced .22 and as long as he shot the deer in the eye/head/ear it went down everytime.
Bill 15 hours ago
Next up, Bud Dwyer with .357 magnum vs. human head.
Jan Pldstiak
Jan Pldstiak 15 hours ago
22. penetrate head, 9mm destroy tank
Dorian Payne
Dorian Payne 15 hours ago
Why people think a .22 couldn't kill you or enter your skull is beyond me... people think you can just get lit up by a .22 and keep trucking. Let me tell you as someone who has been shot with a .22 it does damage and if I shot you with one you'd stop doing what I wanted you to stop. Is it as good as 9mm or .45? No. But stop acting like its worthless. Lol
друг 15 hours ago
Video starts at 4:54
Ashley Sanford
Ashley Sanford 16 hours ago
Confirmed. He's not a cannibal!
Burgh Bear
Burgh Bear 16 hours ago
RIP left thumb
Jerry Obura
Jerry Obura 19 hours ago
What is it with Americans and gun control, people make it sound like if guns are taken out of most peoples Hans people will stop dying. In my country it is that hard to own a gun but people still get shot. Mostly by people that are connected to some security outfits or just government. Okay, maybe gun control can be a good thing in that the state now reserves and more freely exercise the right to shoot people. People! It's community building that slows down crime and violence.
Jerry Obura
Jerry Obura 19 hours ago
Ye, yes, Dr. Thumb, more test, I so love "penetration".
Dave mingle
Dave mingle 20 hours ago
44 mag auto liquid cooled pistol. do it! Lol
Dave mingle
Dave mingle 20 hours ago
Your not thinking about the cavitation and action of the slug after it penetrates the first layer bone. In this case it's mostly the kinetic energy and spalling of both the target and slug. The 22 was indeed a hitmans choice in crowded public areas. Often because easy to cover up the sound very hard to recover enough of the slug for ballistic testing as most the time due to said bullet spall increased effect using hollow point or custom rounds. The weapons are cheap and easy to acquire most places around the globe 🌍 etc it was effective as you can see from your experiment. All said reasons to why the .22 is the most popular of small game and varmint guns in North America. From personal experience small game and bird kills are easy even at 65 or 75 meters away with my Cooey Lakefield 10 shot semi. And this is a gun you need high quality ammo that with experience I fully agree on. More then a few times I have had to deliver a finish shot due to crap ammo and anything less then a clean kill is not acceptable as it is a very unpleasant experience.
Jesus Ortega
Jesus Ortega 20 hours ago
If only the biork stalker could have seen this before choosing a 22 to make art lol
Night Fall
Night Fall 18 hours ago
I thought he used a .38
Astronaut_ Beavis
Astronaut_ Beavis 21 hour ago
What is a better way to stop mass shootings rather than taking guns away? Legit question. Is it mental health services? More guns? I would argue we already tried more guns. So if you agree we need to stop the epidemic of gun violence, well, how do we do that and still protect our constitution? Gun control is the common answer because it is a clear answer that demonstrably works. That is the problem.
Dafuq 22 hours ago
Why are so many people under the impression that .22 rifles aren’t deadly? ITS A FUCKING BULLET
TheDakrax 22 hours ago
Dad is starting to scare me...
ReyAleja 22 hours ago
Long and uninteresting!
Randy Landry
Randy Landry 23 hours ago
22 is such an unpredictable round. I've had one cut a 2 litre bottle of water in half before by making a complete circle though the bottle. Almost coming back out at the same point of entry.
David Switzer
The video was solid, just like all the others. Laughed my ass off throughout 🙌🏻
Remy Solar X
Remy Solar X Day ago
If I have to use my .22 in self defense, I will shoot all 11 rounds very quickly and very very accurately. The reason I like my .22 is because its actually quite hard to miss.
Truth Faction
My plinkers just went top shelf.
Truth Faction
We can't shoot and use, because there is no availability... Why buy that 300 blackout if I can't find seeds?
kyle wolfe
kyle wolfe Day ago
5.56 is still a .22 diameter pill.
ShelliesMan Day ago
For the .22 Long Rifle Tests, it would have been so much more meaningful, if you would have cut the Skulls in half, so you could verify the fragmentation of the rounds, and if they were so badly fragmented, that meaningful Ballistics matching, would have been impossible, because of the fragmentation and deformation of the remaining fragments, as I have heard by many other sources, Forensic Files among them. I am not saying that all .22 Bullets would render themselves non-Testable, as there are an endless amount of conditions and scenarios, and I can imagine that an almost spent, non-Hollow Point Bullet, having gone through a thin section of Skull, like the Orbital Eye Socket, or the Temple, from a long distance, would be one example of a potentially Comparative Testing capable .22 Bullets that have been shot through a Skull. It would have been better if the Manufacturers just put red Ballistic Gel inside the Skulls, instead of trying to make it more dramatic by putting mostly liquid inside it. Then if you would have been more Scientific about it, and cut the Skulls in have after the .22 Tests, we could hav really seen what was going on inside the Brain Matter, how many pieces it fragmented into, the paths the Bullets/Fragments travelled, etc., instead of having to just guess what was going on. How about another .22 Test, with Solid Bullets VS. Hollow Point, and ask the Skull Manufacturer to put Ballistic Gel inside the Skull? In fact, make it clear Ballistic Gel, so we can easily see the Fragmentation, and travel of the Bullets/Fragments.
Turner9090 Day ago
You know what you should try is a red Ryder BB gun and ask yourself if that’s realistic.
Zach Camp
Zach Camp Day ago
ASMR is getting really strange these days...
stoner27th Day ago
Dang.. you could literally decapitate a guy with a shotgun... lol
Turner9090 Day ago
You know what that skull is missing....muscle, and eyeballs....be better...and after the 5.56 brains....BE BETTER!
Turner9090 Day ago
Sooooo...don’t get shot in the head with any firearm.....won’t be fun. You’ll be blind, brain dead, or dead pretty much guaranteed
handsome crusader
Turner9090 Day ago
That first shot would definitely kill someone
I'll bet the Gun Nuts and Liberal Gun grabbers are NOT gonna like this Video, IMO! Me? The Video shows what a . 22 round can do, in various weapons, to the simulated Head of a Human being. People, always Safety First with All Weapons, All the time,. And, follow your local laws, Always!
stoner27th Day ago
The intro is golden... just sayin'
Zjouh Yin
Zjouh Yin Day ago
You should do this with other calibers!
pocketsand Day ago
I will just sick to my 10mm lol
ive shot piles of cow crap with .22 shot rounds with a 20 year old semi auto cricket rifle thing
Squirrel Day ago
put sensors in the brain attached to a pc via bluetooth and see what really happens. you could measure concussion, brain damage, all kinds of things
Squirrel Day ago
you didnt expect a small round at 1200 fps at 15 or so yards to do what it did.... common man
GCND Day ago
Bro anytime I penetrate I hit vital organs
Randall Franklin
I wanna see what a 50 bmg do this now 😆
Day ago
Cci stingers are the fastest of the 22 rounds at 1645 fps that's right under a 22 mag which is at 1845
bryan buzzard
.22 lr was the round of choice for deer poachers when i was growing up.
Domi Szepessy
PLEASE do more slo mo ballistic heads, thats INSANE
Randy Badass
Randy Badass Day ago
Stingers arent good for going clean through, use an fmj preferrably ina velocitor if you want to go all the way through. We use the hp velocitors and fmj stingers for hog hunting in Georgia and its fairly rare I have to shoot twice
Shah Of Iran
Shah Of Iran Day ago
It will KEEL
Shah Of Iran
Shah Of Iran Day ago
Hahah great video brother !
Needa redux with a .45-70, Brah.. :thumbsup:
Fox D
Fox D Day ago
When the boss says heads are gonna roll, heads are gonna ROLL.
Aaron Koch
Aaron Koch Day ago
At shorter range rounds have a higher velocity and are more likely to be in the range of expansion. From a greater distance the velocity can fall below that threshold and thus result in deeper penetration.
Jeremy Voland
Behind the eye is also thin go to the bottom of the eye socket and it makes the bullet ricochet up and bounce even more but the 22 is deadly because of the accuracy
Z.D MOODY Day ago
I love you you just leave your pistol on the table as you shoot the head.
SocksOnFeet Day ago
" 'BARELY' went in to the skull" .....that's like saying he "ONLY" went to the morgue . For being such a gunfile how did you not know the 22 is deadly, a bullet doesn't have to explode arms off to be deadly lol...If you unload a full magazine at someone a few are bound to go in, nobody shots just 1 bullet and call it good lmao.
Niel Rossouw
Niel Rossouw Day ago
I was waiting for Doug Marcaida to pop up and say: "It wil keeeel". I shot a lot of Springbuck with a 22Lr rifle when I was younger, if you popped them in the ear they dropped right where they stood.
kz11377 Day ago
Countless assassins, both crime and state sanctioned, can't be wrong... But first, a small lesson on human physiology. The forehead is the thickest part of the human skull, its just the way we, as humans, are engineered to be protected from environmental dangers. That's why boxers wear gloves; in the early days of the sport, which was bear- knuckles, some knew that fact, so when an opponent threw a punch, they would lower their head, and the fist would strike the hard area, breaking the fingers. If you try the temple which is significantly thinner in bone, you will get better results. Besides that, the most preferred method of taking a target down with a .22, is repeated shots in the back of the head, or on the side, not full frontal.That's what assassins used anyway.
A G Day ago
We appreciate you too Dad. 🤙
zilvinas82 Day ago
It was fun and interesting video 😁👍
This is the best video I've ever seen.
aN Day ago
Love this version of grand thumb
Oh Phyraz
Oh Phyraz Day ago
there wasn't enough velocity for the bullet to exit so its either fragging inside or skimming the inside of the skull
wnc817 Day ago
Would like to see this with CCI segmented subsonic
Purenrgy Day ago
Stephen McGregor
from various doco's etc I hear they are "effective" as used a lot in car jackings gone bad type things and sometimes can be forensically be hard to track to the gun they are fired from being smaller rounds breaking apart easier inside the head
Mert Yavuz Indie development
Can you do this with 50cal
Bulletpoints Skybuilder
south south east africa, cape town, north east prefix. maybe idk cdc
Svern Warunos
Shitty camera work.
wtchoutna Day ago
22 is good for plinking, practice and more of an "offensive " pick, when picking one up with certain intentions.
Black Hawk Down M14