2022 Toyota Tundra: FIRST LOOK (Everything You Need To Know) 

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The 2022 Toyota Tundra has been fully revealed in new leaks.
Sources are saying it will dominate the full-size truck market.
In this video, I discuss Toyota's latest pickup and also give my thoughts and opinions on it.
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Feb 19, 2021




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Comments 100   
bmwmsport11 3 hours ago
I hope it’s not a half ass “redesign” like the new IS. Toyota loves to make old platforms with refreshed body panels. I think it’s about time they redo the tundra. Fully boxed frame and a more efficient V8 engine.
René Adalid
René Adalid 5 hours ago
No V8 no more tundra , just simply 🥺🤮
Yammii Habibi
Yammii Habibi 7 hours ago
God I love trucks that have an army green color to it 🔥👌🏼
Kyle Winslow
Kyle Winslow 21 hour ago
Since twenty oh two! Since twenty oh six! Lol bro say two thousand and ...... never heard it said that way
7wnb 21 hour ago
1st impression.... not impressed. The front end looks horrible & those tires look like peach cutters 🤷‍♂️
Phillip Alv
Phillip Alv Day ago
I’m not falling for this , Toyota isn’t going to take the only thing Americans have left of the automobile business. I don’t care if they hire an American to try to convince people to buy a Toyota truck.
Dennis Andrew Cuomo
I hope Toyota puts GM and Ford under. Nothing would be more satisfying then seeing a couple of the biggest racist American corporations FAIL.
Gumhoptop Day ago
It looks like the Silverado's ugly cousin...
PPDX Day ago
I don’t care what it looks like. The entire reason I bought a 2021, was to be sure I got a V8. Car companies need to stop neutering these types of vehicles.
Jango Fett
Jango Fett Day ago
That is one ugly front end! Wow it’s almost as ugly as the Nissan Titan.
Thamac15 Day ago
Let’s be real folks, the Tundra will have to literally pull off a miracle to beat out the top 3. Perhaps the last 15 years of tiny updates, Toyota was working with alien technology which is why it took so long. Not gonna happen people, the tundra won’t out perform Ford or even get close.
It just might beat GM on ugliness. They've always had some whacked out tonka toy front ends, but this new one is off the charts.
GTH Auto Detail
Why do they still make the tundra when you got trucks like the raptor and the TRX out. SMDH
Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas Day ago
No turbocharger v6 in a large 1/2...nope
Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas Day ago
"Doesn't look like anything else on the market"...Ford raises eyebrow.
Sam Phounleuth
Sam Phounleuth 21 hour ago
🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Ford with Toyota emblem
Edward Norton
Edward Norton 2 days ago
They need to get rid of that pig snout front end. Hire some designers away from Mazda or Nissan or employ some Germans or Italians.
Telo Sico
Telo Sico 2 days ago
anyone else waiting for this Truck to be released to get the 2021 previous gen with a reliable V8 hopefully at a discount? V6 belongs in a hilux and tacoma. NOT A TUNDRA.
riggs s
riggs s 2 days ago
Hopefully the add diesel as an option literally only reason I’d trade it in for my tacoma
Jonathan Derise
Jonathan Derise 19 hours ago
They won’t lol we all say that
Eric L
Eric L 2 days ago
For longevity the bigger engine usually wins. I want mine to last. I HATE car payments and it's satisfying to know I have something that's not going to burn out engine wise as fast.
Eric L
Eric L 2 days ago
Think it's a misstep for Toyota not to ( I think) offer a V8. Right or wrong full size truck buyers want their V8's. Probably the average corporate fuel mileage driving this one.
David Montgomery
David Montgomery 2 days ago
It will never dominate the market without dealers in the rural areas where most trucks are sold. Ford and Chevy are in most smaller towns, but Toyota (and Nissan) are not. Thus, they are missing out on a big segment of truck buyers.
slapjack2000 2 days ago
Oh yea dropping down from v8 to v6 that's brilliant. Really gona put Ford on its ass with that... Why the hell would they do that? So towing is gona suck I'm sure. I'll stick with older v8. But hey its got really cool lights... I mean those lights...dude
Sammy Madden
Sammy Madden 2 days ago
Imma be honest I don’t like it and getting rid of the V8😞
I'm a tree
I'm a tree 2 days ago
They need to make a tundra with a crew cab and long bed with tow mirrors and I’ll buy
bmwmsport11 3 hours ago
Long bed crew cab is a waste for a half ton. What’s point of all that space if you reach payload when only half the bed is used. They need to make a heavy duty tundra.
Rey Fuentes
Rey Fuentes Day ago
Idk about those gay tow mirrors...if they look modern and sleep yes but not that mr krab eyes hanging off the sides then extended like 3 feet while just daily driving
Richard Warfield
Richard Warfield 2 days ago
I love Toyotas- but it looks like the ugly stick made an appearance
D S 3 days ago
It's ugly...as...fuck!!
Michael P
Michael P 3 days ago
“Sources are saying it will dominate the full sized truck market”. Bahahahahahahahahahahahaha! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Southern Nevada offroading and back country
Dominating soon....... lol. We will see..
Southern Nevada offroading and back country
@Toyota Brony Lol....the tundra has never dominated
Toyota Brony
Toyota Brony Day ago
It’s gonna dominate real quick
Rahfael A
Rahfael A 3 days ago
Looks like the hilux rocco
Nic Restrepo
Nic Restrepo 3 days ago
Looks like a Tacoma style “redesign” where they took the same truck and overhauled the interior and exterior on top of the same old chassis .
Nic Restrepo
Nic Restrepo Day ago
@Kevin Huff I remember when everyone got all huffy puffy when I said the same about the 2016 “new” Tacoma that ended up being the same 2005 truck w Highlander drivetrain, new panels and refreshed interior. On this tundra pictures I’m looking at the roof line, the windows and windshield , things they can’t change with just a panel refresh. To me They look the same, but of course I could be wrong. for a brand new chassis it seems silly they went with IDENTICAL cab.
Kevin Huff
Kevin Huff Day ago
It is not even close to the "same old chassis", completely redesigned.
Big Rich
Big Rich 3 days ago
I don't like the looks of the tacoma so I won't like the new tundra much. We are getting another Tundra this year for my wife. We will get the 5.7 before it's gone. I believe toyota has been duped into having to make a new truck. All the body styles are not the same either. Their are variations on swells and lights and interior etc etc etc. Yeah give me really low bumpers too so I can rip them off. My daily is a 2007 Tundra long bed crew cab on 35" tires, 5.7 Headers, Exhaust, 4:30 gears. 80,000 original miles. I drag race every truck that wants to run..I have had one turbo diesel pull with me...that's it..should a twin turbo f150 beat me? I think so...did it? Wow by top of second gear it looked like their truck broke..someone who has no idea how to launch? A brand new 6.7 hemi with regular tires, paper plates and unloaded ( I was set up for winter and have a full-size spare a big steel lock box full of gear: cooking gear, food, axes,saw, hi lift, shovels, wood, propane,clothes, tarp, snow shoes boots, extra gear for my son, first aid, ammo etc) gave me the best run and that guy got out of it around 80 .from a dig to 80..my cab to his bed. I have pulled most 5.7 hemis on the big end from about 70 on. It pulls easy to the speed limiter..so. The old tundra is just fine. Incredible 1/2 ton truck. I have done a idler puller and serpentine belt once and changed all the ball joints in the front last year. A few light bulbs and that's all the truck has cost me in 12 years? I have put more transmissions in ford's than tires on my tundra.
Rockcreek Rockcreek
2022 toyota tundra now made in Mexico. No for real. Sad.
Doug G
Doug G 4 days ago
Just ordered my 2021 . Don't want the new stuff. Just give me tried and true
Pech Michael & Christina
Daniel frain
Daniel frain 4 days ago
V6? Lame
Toyota Brony
Toyota Brony 2 days ago
Not really. There gonna offer a twin turbo V6 hybrid.
Last Spartan
Last Spartan 4 days ago
They’re not going to be dominating anything with the looks of that tundra and with the TRX being out there Chevy Trailboss and all the trucks You can get with a V8 I think they need to go back to the drawing board and come up with something more appealing!
Simply Jones
Simply Jones 4 days ago
V6?? Nah I'll pass..
Morlyn2 4 days ago
It’s rumored to have a push button start
David Fedock
David Fedock 4 days ago
Scrappy ChildHood
What manufacturer makes a v6 engine that can go 200 mph is it Toyota Honda Lexus Acura Ford Lincoln
Ben D0ver
Ben D0ver 4 days ago
V8 tundra will be worth more if they discontinue them :)
Jose Rojas
Jose Rojas 4 days ago
You got to be out of your mind to buy a full size truck with a v6
Dadecounty Mike
Dadecounty Mike 4 days ago
Now it looks like a 4Runner. Bet next gen 4Runner is going to look like last gen tundra.
lawnmowerdude 4 days ago
That’s wishful thinking. Toyota has A LOT of ground to cover if they want to overtake Ford.
Edward Estrada
Edward Estrada 5 days ago
I hope they upgrade that engine to a 6.2 🙌🏼 6.7 🙌🏼🙌🏼
925-Hustle! 5 days ago
Robby Jr
Robby Jr 5 days ago
I personally have not even looked in the direction of a Toyota truck in years. Who ever has Designed the rear bumper of the latest tundra's should be fired permanently. When comparing the rear bumper to the rest of the automobile market. Toyoda tundra has the worst oversized rear bumper .Which serves no purpose whatsoever. The only way they have disguised that rear bumper is by painting it to match the rest of the body.😆 As for the Tacoma regardless of its fantastic sales they continue to keep the driver and passenger seats entirely too low to the floor. If I wanted to feel like I was driving a car I would simply buy a car. I'm more than positive with a little creativity they could drop the floor easily by 4 to 6". Also if they wish to crush the American automobile truck market.They need to come back with the two door Tacoma that only cost $25000 for a 4x4. Instead monkey see monkey do their listening to the American manufacturers who have them believing they need to Create full 4 door pickup trucks that cost over $40000. It's funny if someone tells you otherwise that the 2 doors were not great sellers their full of shit you could never find one in the dealer parking lot and if 1 did show up it was immediately sold. This is where toyoda dropped the Ball, 90% of hard working Americans just need a regular truck to get us to work and home, for a price that we can afford. The story is we need all that extra seating,4 full doors. Well I thought 🤔 every truck I see must have at least 5hard working people inside. The reality is 7 out of 10 people I see driving a truck are alone yes alone. When families have some free time they tend to take the family SUV🤷 Well just another opinion Take care.
Dan H
Dan H 5 days ago
I’m personally very excited for the hybrid Tundra , can’t wait to see all the specs and feature comes out 😄
Patrick Daniel
Patrick Daniel 5 days ago
I’ll still take the F150, but it is nice.
V8Supercar1 6 days ago
Nah. There is no way this truck is gonna dominate and outsell the F150. With the F150 you can get a turbo v6, a V8, a diesel or a hybrid. What are the engine choices in the new Tundra again???
Ivan Moody
Ivan Moody 6 days ago
Its ugly
J K 97338
J K 97338 6 days ago
If they’re trying for the ugliest truck on the market they have succeeded.
Hilberto Delacruz
No v8 :(
It grew a mustache!
Chad Wilson,
Chad Wilson, 6 days ago
Looks better than Chevy and RAM, IMHO. The new platform is going to fully boxed, everything is going to be improved. Don’t knock the TT6. Ford has been doing it for years. They come out with something that edges out the 3.5 ecoboost, hey. Bad thing is when you lay on it, the gas gets sucked down.
Skip Gumphrey
Skip Gumphrey 6 days ago
Toyota tried the quasi full size truck market before without a V8. You’d think they’d PAINFULLY remember the fiasco that was T-100 !!!
Brett Hall
Brett Hall 6 days ago
This is not the new Tundra. It’s a photoshop of what it *might* look like.
Bio Hazard
Bio Hazard 7 days ago
Man this truck looks hideous, front end looks like cells second form from dbz
Jake Estrada
Jake Estrada 7 days ago
Keeping my 5.7 haha
maverick 7 days ago
Why not put a 4banger in it and hope for the best.?
TheAviator 7 days ago
Dominating soon...when Hydrogen will be the primary fuel source of the consumer.
J Mich
J Mich 7 days ago
U Are BAD 👎!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kik808 7 days ago
those new features are copy pasted over a regular tundra, pretty crappily too lol
Karreil2525 7 days ago
It's Ugly 📉
Karreil2525 7 days ago
I knew Toyota would succumb to the Turbo phase everyone is having... Camry next I bet 💯
Andres Fernandez
Andres Fernandez 6 days ago
It adds a bit of complexity but it's overall better for performance and fuel economy. One day we won't have v8s 😥
andrew martin
andrew martin 7 days ago
I love my 2008 Tundra and have had since new. I have waited for the next generation Tundra but very disappointed that I keep hearing no more V8 engine. No V8 or Diesel available then I will have to look at other brands. Most of the time I'm pulling something and V6 turbos just don't do very well pulling
Jacob Neal
Jacob Neal 2 days ago
You may think that a twin turbo v6 doesn't tow well but my dad had a 2018 F150 with the 3.5 V6 ecoboost and he towed an 8000 pound camper with it. It towed it no problem. It actually towed better than the previous 5.0 my dad had. It also makes most of it torque low down. I will miss the V8 in the Tundra. They really should keep it as an option. It will probably be the most reliable turbo charged V6 on the market and that could take sales away from ford.
Splash God
Splash God 7 days ago
that design nasty
Toyota Brony
Toyota Brony 2 days ago
In a sexy way
george v
george v 7 days ago
Ford is safe. But Chevy and ram... look out kids... big toy coming your way.
Random Canadian
Random Canadian 7 days ago
What are the chances they're gonna use the same turbo 6-cyl as in the Supra? Will it be a BMW powered pickup truck?
Ben Carbone
Ben Carbone 7 days ago
I won’t buy another tundra unless they offer a longer wheelbase with crew cab and 6.5’ bed. Double cab is useless as a family vehicle, crew cab is useless for working. Read this comment mike sweers dammit
brontoab1 7 days ago
Without a V8, the domestic manufacturers have nothing to worry about.
Adam Just
Adam Just 7 days ago
How-so? Look at what Ford did with their Raptor... With Biden doubling down on emissions, this is going to be the new norm.
Levi Magnusson
Levi Magnusson 7 days ago
I’m most excited for the new Sequoia. I assume it’ll be the same platform as the new tundra.
Jake Shirokikh
Jake Shirokikh 6 days ago
Yeah Sequoia needs a refresh as well. More than any other Toyota
ossie spencer
ossie spencer 7 days ago
Cosmos Daniel
Cosmos Daniel 7 days ago
Toyota manufactures has a definitely seriously destructions problem, for too long period of time Toyota vehicles hasn't have enough horsepowers and torques, and much greater improvement in fuel efficiency in both gasoline engines and diesel engines, even if Toyota downsized the engine from v8 engines to v6 its dealerships services in the entire global markets place is very selfish and attitudes towards consumers and customers is very unfriendly when customers report a faulty situations about their products.
PoolRunner 7 days ago
That is the kind of front end only a mother could love. The current styling is much more restrained and handsome. The power plant sounds impressive, but I cannot stand the sound of a V6 full sized.
Cleo 1991
Cleo 1991 7 days ago
Looks like a sucker fish 😂
Brian Stephenson
Brian Stephenson 7 days ago
tt engines are no good, v8 is the answer
LAGUERRE Gilbert 7 days ago
Mike Autry
Mike Autry 8 days ago
Looks like rav ...ugly...
Audilife 8 days ago
Looks like a bull dog
patrick blair
patrick blair 8 days ago
So glad I bought the 2021!!
Vern Orrell
Vern Orrell 8 days ago
Like the new design, hate the engine choice.
Tundradude48 8 days ago
No doubt it will be a nice truck with upgrades Current Tundra owners aren’t used to..but this no V8 option isn’t going to sit well for most regardless of power or fuel economy.You absolute can’t get any sound out of a V6 engine except something that sounds like a supercharged Briggs and Stratton mower engine.Exhaust systems may as well be a thing of the past for that matter.
JP 89
JP 89 8 days ago
Can you reach the headlight bulbs on the 2022 pooping the hood? PITA to remove the entire front end & remove the entire headlight assembly just to get to the bulb on my 2014.
Jonathan Hoedemaker
20 06?? Just say two thousand six
jacob wyatt
jacob wyatt 8 days ago
Idk how I feel about the looks yet but I definitely like how they are doin something similar to Ford with their ecoboost. However I don’t like that it’s a hybrid. Just take the batteries out and keep an option of the v6 turbo charged and the 5.7. In the future I plan on buying the v6 twin turbo charged one. Ima damn sure miss the rumble of a v8 but the power and torque from it ima love. I’ll still have my 04 Denali for a nice v8 rumble. By the time I’m ready to afford one all the flaws will be worked out. I’m thankful to be in a good career as an apprentice electrician and with a great company . Just gotta keep working my way up and I’ll be there.
02HREBlue 8 days ago
sure is ugly
yote yeet
yote yeet 8 days ago
I pray isn’t 2022 Tundra it look hideous please go back to the drawing board to all Toyota designers especially you Mike Sweey chief executive for Toyota.
Michael Rodriguez
Twenty Oh Two.......
Elliot Prokop
Elliot Prokop 8 days ago
Now ram and ford have the only good looking trucks...
Vincent Does Stuff
R.I.P Reginald
Vincent Does Stuff
Look out for the Truck
jorge l
jorge l 8 days ago
Every time Toyota starts messing with the engine they f..up...look what happen to the tacos when they came down from a 4.0 to a 3.5
MJ 9 days ago
Good luck selling this truck..V6 Turbo is NOT going to convince people! We need and want a V8 Turbo or V8 turbo Diesel.
David Cox
David Cox 7 days ago
High mpg might sell it! People are tired of low mpg in tundras. I am undecided will have to see it first. And will it have aux trans cooling for serious towing.
Zachary Owens
Zachary Owens 9 days ago
Why are there so many people complaining about the v6. The v6 tundra is probably gonna be better than most v8s anyway. Even if they are gonna make v6 tundras they’re probably also gonna keep making v8s
Casey Nunley
Casey Nunley 9 days ago
Lost me at V-6
Toyota Brony
Toyota Brony 2 days ago
I’m not
Cesar Meza
Cesar Meza 9 days ago
I'm just hoping it'll actually be an original redesign. So far I'm seeing Silverado headlights, ford engine, Tacoma body & wheels & and who knows if it'll be a Ram interior type of thing. Idk...
BC_Hunter 9 days ago
No diesel??? Ugh....
stokerography 9 days ago
And still a 4ft bed?
Philip Glassrules
Dominate the full size truck market? LMAO