2021 Tesla Model 3 Review 

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Reviewing my brand new 2021 Tesla Model 3, going over the good and bad, and what to expect if you want to buy one.
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Apr 4, 2021




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Stephanie Sheridan
Hi Ryan!! I’ve been following you for some time now and rely on your videos for all things I need to know about buying, driving, and living with a Tesla!! I’ll be ordering the Model 3 long range This week on my birthday!! I can’t wait!!!! 🤍⚡️🤍⚡️🤍⚡️🤍⚡️🤍⚡️
Pacman Day ago
Great video. I am thinking of buying a Model 3. Is the standard good enough for long trips or is it worth it upgrading to the long range for 10K?
Happy Puppy
Happy Puppy 2 days ago
Great video, Ryan. Thank you! Dollar for dollar, is your Model 3 a better value than your Model Y?
Edwin Talavera
Edwin Talavera 2 days ago
Hopefully i will get a model 3 one day!
Arron D
Arron D 2 days ago
Really wish it had a typical speedometer infront of the steering wheel. Not a big fan of everything being on the touch screen
Fr3ddeh 2 days ago
I love Tesla and I hope to get one as my next car, but saying issues are OK because "it's part of the Tesla experience" doesn't sit well with me. You get a lot in a Tesla, but if you spend the same amount on a conventional car that runs on fossil fuel, you also get a lot of features. The selfdriving and software is probably amazing, yes. But it is not an excuse for poor quality in a vehicle with this price tag. I am looking forward to seeing Tesla iteratively improve on these things. 👌
Chris Martinez
Chris Martinez 3 days ago
Great review, covered everything really well!
royland walker
royland walker 3 days ago
tippersteffi1 3 days ago
Great video
Michael Connally
Michael Connally 3 days ago
Great video. Thanks
M. A. Mobile
M. A. Mobile 4 days ago
I'm thinking of buying one, how much do you pay for insurance? And how much does your electric bill go up when u charge it?
StivenReacts 3 days ago
Yess!! Good questions car insurance 👌
Kevin Hellums
Kevin Hellums 4 days ago
Great job!! Thanks, hoping to take delivery in June !!
Sinkdolphin 4 days ago
Doge gonna buy me this car!
StivenReacts 3 days ago
Yep!! Same
Brandon Wertz
Brandon Wertz 4 days ago
Great review.
RavvaOf_Light 5 days ago
So would you recommend the model 3(with full self driving,and long range)over something like a Toyota Corolla I’m only really worried about it’s cost and it’s charging time so would you think it’s worth it?
RavvaOf_Light 4 days ago
@T. and also no idk who that is
RavvaOf_Light 4 days ago
@T. I mean you can get open pilot witch is pretty much the same as autopilot there’s a video on it if you wanna watch it and the Tesla I was looking at was like 60k compared to the 20k of the Toyota Corolla
T. 4 days ago
Corolla not even in the same league as Model 3. Watching Scotty Kilmer huh ?
hi im hopeee
hi im hopeee 5 days ago
@RavvaOf_Light as long as you have the car for a while, it will be a better investment as it’s cheaper to use and maintain
hi im hopeee
hi im hopeee 5 days ago
@RavvaOf_Light honestly I think the Tesla is the better option, as I mentioned, the price of gas if a lot more expensive than the price of electricity. Another factor is getting auto repairs, you don’t need to get oil repairs for the model 3.
rose415 6 days ago
great review. comprehensive but not too wordy
alimony812 6 days ago
Will this car last 15 years like a Honda or Toyota
T. 4 days ago
Why is everyone having this "revelation" of Honda and Toyota lately ? Those brands been reliable since some of these Millennials were born. Watching Scotty Kilmer huh ?
hi im hopeee
hi im hopeee 5 days ago
Yeah this car lasts very long, I highly recommend getting it. Let me know if you have any other questions. I own a Tesla Model 3 SR+ 2021.
ismannyb 6 days ago
Tesla should use ai to detect this quality issues a camera can easily inspect the flaws before delivery I'm surprised it hasn't been done yet
J Mtz
J Mtz 6 days ago
Can the self driving be added later?
hi im hopeee
hi im hopeee 5 days ago
@J Mtz it's definitely a cool feature, but not mandatory to get. With the basic autopilot, you get cruise control and auto-steering. Let me know if you have any other questions. I own a Tesla Model 3 SR+ 2021.
J Mtz
J Mtz 6 days ago
@Ryan Shaw 🤦🏻‍♂️Bro!! It basically comes with it then just gets unlocked for 10k. I thought it some type of physical install.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 6 days ago
Yep! Just a Software update (for $10k 😂)
Christian Lozano
Christian Lozano 6 days ago
Hey Ryan Shaw I'm curious to know why you bought this now with the pending EV credit possibly coming and also the fact you waited for the Y when the 3 was out the whole time.
Sebastian Voinov
Sebastian Voinov 6 days ago
FSD doesn't increase resale value?
ytmndan 7 days ago
How do the new wireless chargers compare to the ones in your Model Y’s OG center console? I know the older one had issues charging phones with cases on, but could be easily replaced with a 3rd party charger. Doesn’t look so easy to swap out the new one, which is why I’m concerned.
mrjhend1 7 days ago
My 2020 M3 SR Plus is EPA rated at 250mi, but it never charged beyond 242 mi of range at 100% when it was new. After 1 year of ownership and ~14,000 miles it only charges to about 222 mi at 100%. Have used a supercharger only once. I normally charge with my Tesla charger in my own garage and charge to 100% around once a month. When I complained to Tesla they said this was normal and my battery was actually performing better than average. Anyone else finding your Tesla doesn't even charge anywhere close to the stated EPA range?
Alex 8 days ago
If only the frunk was climate controlled like a fridge to keep things like meat and drinks cold
Wayne G
Wayne G 8 days ago
Needs a HUD!
Sir Finthenet
Sir Finthenet 8 days ago
Great review! The only thing that I did not see was replacement battery cost or life estimates.
Ratnesh Kumar
Ratnesh Kumar 9 days ago
I bought my M3 SR+ about 3 weeks ago and this video was really helpful. Thanks a ton!
vjhicks 9 days ago
Hmmm. Those odd folds at 10:10 or so seem pretty unacceptable to me for a 40,000 grand car still. Tesla still needs to fix that stuff seems kind of basic. I don’t think we should be “forgiving” of that or they won’t focus on fixing it.
Brandon 9 days ago
How do you still have the old UI?
Nghi La
Nghi La 10 days ago
One of the best Tesla videos I've seen. Thanks
David Scofield
David Scofield 10 days ago
Curious why u didn’t buy the full self drive option? It seems like buying a drink at Starbucks and having the option to refill for a $0.25 every day and getting cheaper every 6 months. just curious? Ps. I enjoy your videos and thanks 🙏
Jack Hansen
Jack Hansen 10 days ago
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Ernest Z
Ernest Z 10 days ago
Terrific video! Very informative with minimal hyperbole... well done! I took delivery (at home) of my SR+ on March 26, just two weeks after I placed my order at the nearby Tesla store. My first EV, and I must confess this car is a blast to drive. I found the buying experience to be the least painful one I’ve ever had. I did check my car over carefully and found some paint issues (I opted for the red). I used the app to schedule a service appointment, uploaded some photos, and, in the end, the service tech buffed out the six areas in about 45 minutes. I agree - for the price, there should be a thorough PDI on these cars. I was told my paint finish issue was a common one that happens during assembly - all the more reason Tesla should fix it before delivery. But it’s all water under the bridge. I’m waiting for my electrician to install my Wall Charger, and using my 110 volt option for now, and Super Chargers on my road trips. It works. I look forward to more of your videos!
taison03252000 11 days ago
If you can only have one, which one would you pick, Model 3 or the Y?
Stan_Lee_Cup 11 days ago
Great vid man! I’m highly interested in purchasing one,any idea on how much I can get one for out the door? I stay in California. And what a monthly payment will look like? Thx.
hi im hopeee
hi im hopeee 5 days ago
Yeah this car is definitely worth it in my opinion. In terms of how cheap it is to charge, as well as how fast it charges, I’d prefer this car over any gas car. The auto pilot is also a very cool feature. Let me know if you have any other questions. I own a Tesla Model 3 SR+ 2021.
Ishmeet Tuteja
Ishmeet Tuteja 12 days ago
Is it possible to get the base model 3 and pay for the update of the speakers through the app? similar to the heated seats? If so can you tell me the cost?
Isaiah Thomas
Isaiah Thomas 12 days ago
Best color to get?
Ron Armfield
Ron Armfield 12 days ago
Great review !!!
Joe Daly
Joe Daly 12 days ago
Great video. Great job.
Lizi Karenashvili
Lizi Karenashvili 12 days ago
Center console is way better in older models
nicky6ino 12 days ago
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M New
M New 12 days ago
I like my Tesla and the software updates. 1 thing to keep in mind about the software update, sometime the update was not fully tested before the roll out. It will cause some minor issues to the car, and these issues will be resolved in the future updates......
Neru 12 days ago
So can you connect your phone via Bluetooth and play music in the car? Because I wouldn't assume you can connect it via aux cord or anything like that (NEVERMIND I JUST NEEDED TO WATCH 30 SECONDS MORE LMAO)
petermartens5150 12 days ago
Hey Ryan - thanks for the great videos! I picked up my M3 SR+ about 2 weeks ago. I noticed last night the aero wheels are creaking a little. I know this was a knows “issue”. Have you experienced this?
brent weaver
brent weaver 12 days ago
I dig the imperfections. Gives my MY character. I would never get a BMW or Mercedes. This car is gong to be used a lot. I wouldnt want to be afraid to put lumber or construction material in the back. I wish there was a manual roll down window option.
Ole Andreas Bull
Ole Andreas Bull 12 days ago
Great review👍. But why trade in your Model Y? Isn’t Y a much more practical car for you and feels pretty much the same as a model 3?
Bob Hawley
Bob Hawley 13 days ago
Great choice Ryan - Love your channel. Quick question... I'm stuck deciding between the LR and Perf. Back in 2019 my local Tesla contact gave me a link which took me to an order page for a "sleeper" Model 3. This version was not visible to the public and was basically a LR car but with the Perf specs from 0-60. This let me to believe the cars were mechanically identical and that the only change was the software programming which allowed more juice to go to the motors. In the Model S I know that the rear motor in the Perf is different (bigger) than in the LR version. In fact the Tesla website at one time showed the physical difference between the rear motors of each. But I'm very curious if the rear motors are different between the LR and Perf in the Model 3. I believe it is only a software difference between the two. Anyone know for sure?
Bob Hawley
Bob Hawley 12 days ago
@Ryan Shaw Thanks Ryan. That "sleeper" that was offered to me through the special link was a LR with the Perf specs from 0-60. It had standard brakes, the LR 19' wheels, was not lowered, no special petals and no spoiler. There were only 3 available (so stated on the link I was provided) and was listed at $51,900. Kinda kicking myself for not pulling the trigger.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 12 days ago
That sleeper performance was actually the performance model with different wheels. They do have a different motor setup
John Brown
John Brown 13 days ago
The Tesla Model 3 is a "pug"...it is ultra ugly! And for 40,000, the quality sucks. Only a member of the "Greta Club" will accept this level of poor construction...like the guy in this video....just say'n.
Kehinde O
Kehinde O 13 days ago
i also got the 2021 model 3 so glad I waited. I like the center console much more and the power lift gate is crucial.
Joshua L
Joshua L 13 days ago
Nice review! But why it's recommended to only charged 80%?
Ruchit Patel
Ruchit Patel 13 days ago
its a car review, don't show clips from other videos and pictures from other model 3s(ie rims), do some work with your camera and actually go and talk while going around the car, go look at doug or marques just for an example. love your inputs on tesla but not so great of a car review.
Private 13 days ago
With Ryan showing his snare we need him to open the next video with a drum roll!
G S 13 days ago
Model 3's design is starting to look a bit long in the tooth. Looks like a 2010's design, not a 2020's design.
nevadaxtube 13 days ago
Thanks for a very informative video. The quality issues you showed still bug the heck out of me and have kept me from purchasing a Tesla. What is going on? Does anybody inspect these cars prior to delivery? Spending $40,000 or more should promise delivery with top quality fit and finish. I don't think it's too much to ask since other manufacturers manage to produce quality at almost half the price in some cases.
NicholeMattera 13 days ago
I just got my Model 3 Performance 2 weeks ago in NC. (And have already put over 1000 miles on it.) I have yet to get the latest software update, they may be holding back the new UI for new cars due to the feedback about the new UI. (And I finally got the latest software update. Guess it just takes a bit.)
Tres Hughes
Tres Hughes 13 days ago
You mentioned auto dimming side mirrors. I don’t see that on the specs on Tesla’s website. Do you have this feature or did you misspeak?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 13 days ago
It is! They randomly added this feature back in the middle of last year. My 2020 Model Y does not have them, but this 2021 Model 3 does
Tres Hughes
Tres Hughes 13 days ago
@Ryan Shaw Thank you for your reply. Is that true for the Model Y as well?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 13 days ago
They have this feature. One of a few things that oddly isn’t mentioned on their website
Brad Chin
Brad Chin 13 days ago
I'm surprised Ryan said the back seats felt spacious. I've been in the back seats of my friends' Model S, X, and Y and they all feel cramp and uncomfortable, especially with 1 car seat. BTW, I'm 5'11.
Brett Davis
Brett Davis 13 days ago
What's interesting is that I have that weird alien whirring backup sound on my Model Y as well, but it's the same same version Model Y you have, but a 2021 model without upgrades.
I love you
I love you 13 days ago
Why the down grade ?
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 13 days ago
Not a downgrade! Keeping the Y :)
Tom Marks
Tom Marks 13 days ago
Has the trunk water spilling into the trunk space issue been resolved in the revision you have?
G S 13 days ago
Model 3 is looking dated
Jason De Muro
Jason De Muro 13 days ago
@RyanShaw can you do a video about your actual delivery. You have mentioned in a few videos how you found a few issues during delivery. Can you recreate something like that. I know it's at least a year off but I am on the wait list for a cybertruck. I would be interested in seeing what you were looking for on your delivery and how you went about looking for it.
JnTmarie 13 days ago
Just ordered a 3. I want to support all in EV company Tesla. My city garage has a charging station. I worry about being in the northeast cold climate. Wish it was cheaper.... but I feel good as a vegan owning EV. Elon Musk deserves the support
Larry Richmond
Larry Richmond 13 days ago
The heat pump is a big deal for colder climates.
Reddylion 13 days ago
Thomas L
Thomas L 13 days ago
What a coincidence, I started following your channel about a year ago and was certain that I was going to get a Model Y sometime this year. But I live in Europe and we now have to wait until Giga Berlin is completed before the first MY deliveries start in Europe, and no one knows how long you have to wait for an MY if you order one today. So my colleague and I ordered two Model 3:s in early March and got them delivered on the 30th of March. Mine is Midnight Silver, just like yours. Btw we used your referral code when we ordered! ;-)
MR.C&A Video911Game
Thanks for the video :)
Bankole Ogundero
Bankole Ogundero 13 days ago
Arrgh!!! TESLA please improve on your finishing. 2021, we shouldn't still be hearing about panel gaps, scratches, dirt and dents. 🤦‍♂️
Christian Heaps
Christian Heaps 13 days ago
Great video! Thanks a lot, man!
edarion01 13 days ago
Does yours have the full self driving package?
islandsnow 13 days ago
In one pedal driving every time you lift off the gas does the brake lights go on since you are technically braking if not pressing gas? Wow quality issues are HORRIBLE!
laran rock
laran rock 14 days ago
tesla model 3 fit and finish 👎🏼🥴
laran rock
laran rock 14 days ago
tesla model 3 wind noise!!!!!!!!!!
Jeeban Gurung
Jeeban Gurung 14 days ago
Tesla mode 3 is similar design of hyundai verna.quality may be good but design is not so impressive.this is so expensive luxury ev only for billionaires.
M Green
M Green 14 days ago
Hi Ryan. Thanks for this great updates. I placed my order for Tesla model S refresh LR late January 2021. My delivery date was March. As of today my new delivery date is July. Reside in Calif. what is going on??
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 13 days ago
My apologies. There was an impersonator account commenting...so frustrating. The Model S seems to all be moving to July. Not sure what's going on but definitely wish Tesla would let people know.
M Green
M Green 14 days ago
@Trey's Trade Is that good? I wonder why the date was moved from March to July.
DigikidForever 14 days ago
When quoting prices please also state the currency as well. Not everyone knows where you live.
ThaSecondBallsOut 14 days ago
Do you need to pay to access US-first and stuff?
Tom H
Tom H 14 days ago
Just took delivery of M3LR and noticed that I had to format that flash drive in the glove box. There’s a button for that in the security screen. Dothan and sentry mode works. Cameras are very sensitive. Lights flashed when my dog walked past car :).
Scott Breseke
Scott Breseke 14 days ago
I didn't have to format the flash drive on my new M3. It was already done. Better let your dog know he shouldn't act like a suspicious character.
Pretty Neat Stuff
Pretty Neat Stuff 14 days ago
Is Tesla still is business? It's going to be a very very long time till Tesla catches Ford .... if they every do! The Mach E is eating Tesla breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
Pretty Neat Stuff
Pretty Neat Stuff 14 days ago
@Ryan Shaw Would you like to see the Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner menu. Tesla is dead stock now.
kevin williams
kevin williams 14 days ago
Once that made in china has no issues👊👌🇳🇱🇹🇹🇯🇲🔥💯
txtabby 14 days ago
Good review. However, the “auto-pilot” really isn’t that much at all, at least not now. I have a 2020 Model 3 with the then $8000 upgrade for future city streets full autonomous driving, whatever that means according to your review, where you did not get it and seem to be doing everything I can do. But, I have keep my hands on the wheel At All Times, and the nav autopilot still needs a lot of work. And yes i’ve experienced sudden breaking for no reason, I think it just freaked out over its surroundings and didn’t know what to do. Freeways here in central Texas are pretty crowded and fast, unlike So. Cal. where there’s 5+ lanes and everyone is pretty well evenly spaced out. I trust things will get better later this year when Tesla says full autonomous driving will be rolled out. I don’t know if you have to enter each trip into the nav system to take advantage of this, probably so.
Rabizmo 14 days ago
What brand is that front plate clip? Dont see it in the description
B Tang
B Tang 14 days ago
We just got our 2021 model y 7 seater lrawd - I would say the ride quality is more cushier in the MY compared to our existing 2019 lrawd model 3. We got FSD on the model 3 (was 6K then) but opted not to get it in the MY. While the FSD is much more convenient on the highway with automatic lane change and taking exits, $10K is a lot to pay.... may reconsider and upgrade if they ever release city driving.
PystolPeet 14 days ago
Do you think there's a difference between models for the American market and those for Europe? Our 2021 model seems to be very stiff suspensionwise.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 13 days ago
Sorry, that comment wasn't me. Impersonator account... ugh. There could be a difference. I know some made in china model 3's were delivered in europe
PystolPeet 13 days ago
@Trey's Trade you mean I should call Tesla USA for my bumpy suspension in Austria?
CanadianDronePilot 14 days ago
“As part of the package when getting a Tesla”.. Yikes 😳 I have to disagree ! I love Tesla and hope to purchase a Model Y this year.. however in Canada the long range version adds up to over 60K $$ and for that price - I would hope that after all this time - Tesla should be addressing the quirky quality control issues.. that would not be present on lower priced ICE cars... sorry I just don’t buy that excuse and complacency.. regardless of the manufacturer.. cheers
Scott Breseke
Scott Breseke 14 days ago
I have received my 2nd Model 3 now. Both Model 3s arrived in perfect condition. No defects. You know how the news media likes those "man bites dog" stories.
Bob Cruise
Bob Cruise 14 days ago
I thought you made a mistake Ryan, when you said Apple car play wasn’t possible on the model 3, but checked and discovered you are right....so I then canceled my order......how could a highly tech car that is not cheap, NOT have Apple Car Play....Elon what are you thinking? Then discovered it isn’t on any model.
Bob Cruise
Bob Cruise 13 days ago
@Scott Breseke I found on Google that there is a work around......my sales guy says the same, so it is possible, just not directly. I am waiting for my sales guy to show me, so maybe I will get it after all.....ha.
Scott Breseke
Scott Breseke 14 days ago
If Tesla Model 3s were not selling so darned well and if they weren't at the top of the Consumer Reports customer satisfaction surveys, they might get disappointed at your cancellation.
Keith A.
Keith A. 14 days ago
Man, I wish Tesla would have heads-up display to show critical info (speed, turn signals, charge level) which puts basic info in the middle of your normal field of view.....
Scott Breseke
Scott Breseke 14 days ago
It will take you at least two days to get used to the new way. The new minimalistic layout is futuristic and awesome.
meravideos 14 days ago
looks like you don't have the new headlights?
Benjamin D
Benjamin D 14 days ago
Be warned that although the frunk is sealed and great for keeping odors contained, it is not heated, and so if you're traveling any distance you'll find the hot food will be cold food when you arrive. Enjoy!
Hypercar Crush
Hypercar Crush 14 days ago
I think you will notice that phantom braking happens whenever you go below bridges. I think those shadows of the overhanging structures have something to do for the random braking. Maybe the cameras are picking them up. What do you think?
G S 14 days ago
Looks out of date compared to the Ionic 5
Paul G
Paul G 14 days ago
1-pedal driving is great. I got used to it (and was able to successfully apply just the right amount of regen braking) by the end of a 15-minute test drive.
Eliran Naggar
Eliran Naggar 14 days ago
Hi. Great review. I hold the largest social network fan club for Tesla in Israel, in which Tesla has recently just managed to release a couple of hundreds of its Tesla Model 3's to lucky customers, among those who placed their orders back when Tesla launched the Israeli website on Feb' the 2nd. I would love to add Hebrew subtitles to your review. is there a way in which you'd give me rights to do so? Thank you. Eliran B.t.w., we hold more than 12,700 members on FB, some 600+ on Instagram, and should soon open our own YT channel, mostly for the Hebrew speakers, but focused mainly on things related to Tesla in Israel.
Ronnie M
Ronnie M 14 days ago
So Apple CarPlay is not included you stated, does that mean you are able to purchase it for a download onto the system?
Scott Breseke
Scott Breseke 14 days ago
Apple software sometimes has security issues and you need to install a software update right away. The Tesla's media system works quite well. You can still have the Tesla media system play the songs which are in your phone's library.
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 14 days ago
No, you only have Tesla’s built in systems. Long term I think it’ll stay this way as well
Tristan Bjerre Theilgaard
The model 3 is the most boring car on sell today. Cmm
Philip Dobson
Philip Dobson 14 days ago
Here in the UK we got the Chinese version of the Model 3 and mine, the LR, was delivered with zero faults so far.
Scott Breseke
Scott Breseke 14 days ago
Here in Northern California USA I received my 2nd Model 3. Both Model 3s I've received I got with zero defects.
Chuck Norris' Left Nut
Hey can you put a link for the front removable plate bracket? my state requires a front plate and im looking into options instead of that sticky one the tesla dealership gives u
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 14 days ago
Yep! Here it is: bit.ly/3fFZpOJ
Dorothy Eberle
Dorothy Eberle 14 days ago
Did you sell your model y?
ZAYN Farooq
ZAYN Farooq 14 days ago
Great review , I am so excited to get mine tomorrow after waiting almost 3 weeks finally wait is over
Da Boonies
Da Boonies 14 days ago
i wish they were more affordable.
Da Boonies
Da Boonies 13 days ago
@Scott Breseke almost 40 grand for a used one. i think i'll be waiting for a long time lol thanks though
Scott Breseke
Scott Breseke 14 days ago
The used ones are more affordable. On the Tesla website, look at the ones that are in stock. In addition to that, it won't be too long before Tesla announces their new less-than-$25,000 car, which might be called the Model 2.
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