2021 Steelers Draft (KDKA): Analyzing the Pittsburgh Steelers draft picks 

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Charlie Batch, Matt Williamson and Rich Walsh break down the Pittsburgh Steelers 2021 NFL Draft. The Steelers selected RB Najee Harris, TE Pat Freiermuth, C Kendrick Green, OT Dan Moore Jr., LB Buddy Johnson, DE Isaiah Loudermilk, LB Quincy Roche, S Tre Lockwood, & P Pressley Harvin III.
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Published on


May 1, 2021




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Comments 71   
A. Rosas
A. Rosas 13 hours ago
There's nothing sweeter than becoming a Pittsburgh Steeler 👍👊💪
timothy campbell
Worst draft in the NFL!
SweetDIva 2 days ago
Wish he had come to Cleveland and ran with Nick Chubb. He would enjoy the dog pound.😜
Joy Vanlue
Joy Vanlue 2 days ago
Man just big plays this yr. Excited for my brother but I’m a Panther
Brad Kendall
Brad Kendall 2 days ago
It's NajEH not NajEE idiots
Manny Amato
Manny Amato 2 days ago
We were all Focused on Najee Harris !! May have been best player In the draft
Guildnam Style
Guildnam Style 2 days ago
"Former steeler qb" Never heard of her
This Person
This Person 3 days ago
"He's gonna need two solid tight ends to seal the edges." Okay, where's the other one?
JD 3 days ago
As long as tomlin is there Steelers will never see the super bowl unless you get big bill there build a team then tomlin might win it Rooney experiment is a flop
Michael Jefferson
That TE is going to be DEADLY in the RED ZONE, hence the reason for drafting him so high. The red zone was the other Achilles heel behind the poor running game. Btw, he's a better blocker than Eric Ebron as well.
vegastjg 3 days ago
It was hard to believe we were so bad on 3rd & 1
Vinny Vlogs
Vinny Vlogs 3 days ago
I really love Kendrick green pick he kinda look like Patrick mahomes crazy big ass cousin but he got that rabid dog look In him he look a lil shot out wouldn’t wanna be on the other side of him I hope all that translates
terpmaniac 3 days ago
Cleveland and Baltimore got better. Pittsburgh did not.
duganred 3 days ago
The ravens got rid of their best lineman and Lamar still isn’t anymore accurate. Cleveland has their own issues. The glaring one I see is OBJs return. He is a virus and the team played so much better without him. Pittsburgh got the best running back in the draft. They drafted a replacement at center, O line depth, a replacement tight end for Vance, and some promising young defensive players. The only questions I have are about he TE selection and how Haskins will be as a backup.
steeler781 3 days ago
Tomlin wasted the best prime years of big ben, any other coach with all that talent would have won at least 3 superbowls not just 1.
steeler781 3 days ago
It doesnt matter if they all all future hall of famers, with Mike Tomlin as coach the steelers will never win another superbowl, they lost against the browns bench and without their coach at home, thats says it all.
Matsuwd-Emeth Da'ath
All the picks are 👍😁👍!!!
Omar I. Sanchez
Omar I. Sanchez 4 days ago
Steelers nation... after getting Tre Norwood he will develop and become a starter at CB...Then after Ben wins or goes out trying to get number 7 we will tank with Mason and Norwood gonna tell Spencer Rattler the Burgh is waiting for their next franchise QB 🙃.
Russ Obenstine
Russ Obenstine 4 days ago
I am giving them an A for sure some creativity loved Kendrick pick and Both zzzDan More and Bufdy Johnson both May win starting jobs along with Kendrick being the for sure starter at center and new leader of oline he’s like a pumcey clone they filled every need and loved the punter he’s got a super leg let’s hope he can hold good for the Boz that’s a must to win job if he wins job we got slot of very strong guys for special teams that’s huge plus with improved running game and oline both with two very good new coaches we shouldn’t be so predictable and sustain some long offensive drives and not force defense back on field with only four plays in and out on offense it’s all coming together
Nick Schaeffer
Nick Schaeffer 4 days ago
Easily the worst draft ive witnessed. Clearly out drafted by every other team in the division. Seems like tomlin is playing just so he can retire without a losing season. 9-7 is what tomlin loves so the draft prob went well in his eyes.
Nick Schaeffer
Nick Schaeffer 4 days ago
@Russ Obenstine P.S. i love matt canada and want tomlin fired years ago. Mike munchak leaving hurt this team really bad i hope the new guy is as good as you say.
Nick Schaeffer
Nick Schaeffer 4 days ago
@Russ Obenstine im in my mid 20s and im an insane, diehard fan aswell. i love najee harris's character, its undeniably incredible. I think his talent is also really elite. But lets be honest that najee harris had one of the best offensive lines ive ever seen in college. The whole bama line was basically drafted. I am of the belief that we threw a lot of passes cause the run game didnt work but the run game didnt work SOLELY based on the fact that our run blocking was ranked 31st. The reason all the passes came out in 2.5 secs or less is again the offensive line didnt give ben time and ben isnt mobile anymore. Everyones job is harder when you have a bad o-line and it showed last year. I think snell has problems holding onto the ball but last yr we were constantly getting stopped on 3rd & 1 or 4th & inches which is PROOF of bad run blocking. Any back in the league is able to run forward 3 feet, its all about if the line can move the defenders 3 feet backward. If you want to make the case that we need a premier back i would disagree but its not the end of the world when you get a player like najee. The REAL problem is the TE pick at 55. That pick was a giant slap in the face of every fan who has been complaining about the line for almost 2 yrs now. To spend that high of a pick on a TE was absolutely foolish and is just down right irresponsible after taking a RB rd 1. The kept saying how deep offensive line was this draft but we waited too long. Even tho it was deep, other positions were not as deep as usual so there was a run on lineman and we let them slip. We dont have any room for lineman to go down this year, we have no room for corners to go down. We STARTED cassius marsh in the playoff game. Terrell edmunds doesnt belong on the field. And im not sure if najee will be able to overcome the line problems. We are not in a better position to win a superbowl and im just really disappointed in this draft.
Russ Obenstine
Russ Obenstine 4 days ago
Also James pierre is gonna suprise people he is gonna be very good corner and kid we got from Oklahoma could be another Minkah Glny serrino did story on Matt Canada which made me feel good about him as the OC and my brother-in-law’s best friend works in media relations for Steelers so he gives him inside info and he told him Ben and Canada have been clicking real good together and working a lot also all the receivers have been working out in Tampa browns woke these guys up at end of last year I also think the brotherhood this team has Smd not being able to get together off field last year and no fans really had there moral so low this team is gonna be totally different this year and when they are the underdogs they come together just like 2005 and 2008 I think they are gonna have great offense which should create great ddfrnse
Russ Obenstine
Russ Obenstine 4 days ago
NIck I could go on and on but go listen to Nahjee lifestory on utube and I think you will say ok this kid was worth pick and will be great running back and maybe u have already but if you haven’t get to know Adrian Klemm by listening to his interviews and would love to hear your opinion about him cause I think we are gonna have a totally different line that is gonna be run blocking like hell and knocking people on their asses and if so were gonna have best running game like older days
Russ Obenstine
Russ Obenstine 4 days ago
Ok Nick gee weeks ago I may of agreed with you but after getting to know both Canada and Klemm as new coaches they are gonna make an impact and slot of changes especially Klemm I have listened to his interviews and he is very focused on having oline being a physical mean and nasty line He worked with Dotson last year and we saw results we drafted rb in last four drafts in later rounds with none of them becoming premiere runners and yes oline sucked I normally don’t go for drafting a Rb in first round but after watching a 3 part series on utube on Nahjee Harris I was sold on him he is a remarkable kid that went through so much to get where he is and is unlike any other 33 ur old hrs not about normal stuff like video games has been mentored by Marshawn Lynch and Adrian Peterson for years spends his off field time giving back to needy people at homeless shelters. He lived one for quite awhile had his draft party at shelter to let them know he’s not gonna forget them and give back With all this kid has gone through he’s just kept fighting to create a better life for himself and his mom is wonderful lady the second series had me in tears I have been Steelers fan for 60 years and never seen a player like him in all those years I have followed and studied so much on Steelers cause for having 24 back and neck surgeries with every level in entire spine and neck caged and fused I walk five hours night to take mind of my pain and to keep muscles from detoristed and keep them strong I’m telling you this just to show that I’m that time I listened to all things Steelers five hours a night cause I am huge fan. Last year with no running game offense was in and out in four plays defense got no rest Ben had to throw 50 times a game and took its toll on him had to get rid of ball in 3 sec so we were so predictable He’s rushing passes receivers rushing to catch balls then boom we had all those drops . Then receivers could never run full route patterns which takes five seconds so that’s why they could never get into rhythm and that’s how after 11 wins it all fell apart we were so predictable teams knew on defense push your guy towards Ben as fast as u can count to three jump with hands up boom here comes all tips oline getting pushed back five yards in their own territory cause they were not physical and were frustrated as whole team was we need a running back that can keep offense on the field for a dozen plays and possess ball for 8 to 10 min to let defense get rest. I think this draft addresses running game got good center who can be mean and physical along with Dan more plus banner back dome uffr
Shawn Leonard
Shawn Leonard 4 days ago
All they need to do is not let Ben ruin the offense.
robert romanski
robert romanski 3 days ago
Shawn Leonard
Shawn Leonard 4 days ago
That white helmet behind Charlie Batch is badass. They should wear that as an alternate away game jersey combo.
Robert B McNeill
Robert B McNeill 4 days ago
HA! The Steelers offence doesn't use PA because BEN doesn't want to. Jim Brown In the backfield wouldn't help with play-action
John Bruce
John Bruce 4 days ago
I have to give the draft a solid A.
Joy Smith
Joy Smith 4 days ago
The best draft I've ever seen 👏
Lil Dog
Lil Dog 4 days ago
We coming back boys😝
DennisDragon78 4 days ago
Has anyone noticed everyone drafted on the Offense, has a NASTY streak?
DennisDragon78 3 days ago
@Robert Westover I think it will be contagious, just watch 2021 will be the start of something great.
Robert Westover
Robert Westover 3 days ago
Thank God !! We needed it desperately! Nasty is innate, not coached! Hopefully it is contagious!
Derrek Jimerson
Derrek Jimerson 4 days ago
TE was a good pick this kid is a beast . And being a Penn State fan seen him play a lot he want drop the ball.
RayManzarekRocks 4 days ago
This draft checks all my boxes: 1. SEC player in round one and/or round two 2. At least one cornerback 2a. At least one edge rusher
Mahad 4 days ago
Not the mention the two CBs we got as UDFAs that were projected third and fourth rounders
RayManzarekRocks 4 days ago
Harris = L. Bell without the 'tude. #WellDone
RayManzarekRocks 3 days ago
@Mahad Harris is under contract for four years with an option for a fifth. Plus, he has an SEC pedigree, which means he's not a prima donna like a lot of Big Ten guys who are generally softer and less talented.
R M 4 days ago
@Mahad right, he didn't. He just overvalued himself and the free agent market proved that point. Had he taken any of the Steelers deals he would have made more money and been in a better position offensively for his skillset. Even his own mom tried to tell him to take the deal the Steelers offered. Where is Bell now?
Mahad 4 days ago
Lev’eon Bell didn’t always have the ‘tude either to be fair. Let’s see how he is in 3-4 years when he wants a new contract
R M 4 days ago
Real facts
Jon Scears
Jon Scears 4 days ago
Great job Matt! Charlie it goes without saying bro man
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 4 days ago
B-. Some good picks but also some baffling stupid decisions as well. The best was the offensive line picks were the best part of the draft which made their round 1 RB worth it. The one they got in round 4 himself was a day 2 prospect. I also like that they took the run game seriously and realize they can't rely on the short pass again However, waiting until round 7 to draft a CB when they lost two of their top 3 corners was stupid. Passing up the best C in the draft for a TE was stupid. Trading into the 5th round to get a R7/UDFA was stupid, and you don't draft punters either. I await hate comments from the people who can't take any criticism of the team or any grades below an A
William Cecil
William Cecil 4 days ago
@Fred straight up cockrell golston artie all those trash corners
Fred 4 days ago
@William Cecil I’m terrified of going back to those days especially after Hilton left
William Cecil
William Cecil 4 days ago
@Fred yea I hope it’s not like 13-16 cb play
Fred 4 days ago
I’m guessing the team decided that we’ll let cb be a potential weakness to the team since our pass rush is so good. I really wish we could’ve kept at least one of hilton or nelson i would be much more confident in the secondary then. Maybe next draft we start to go for cb help provided someone doesnt pop up out of nowhere.
William Cecil
William Cecil 4 days ago
Yea I got it at a B i got mixed feelings about the te pick but aye let’s see if he’s the next heathh
chris lown
chris lown 4 days ago
Missi Matthews is beautiful,but man she blinks a lot
James Xiong
James Xiong 4 days ago
Diamond 4 days ago
We want to see practice with ROLLTIDE
Jason Deppenbrook
Got another Harris in the backfield and he looks like he can definitely live up to the hype let's hope he's another Franco Harris
Verdations 4 days ago
All Sports All The Time
Absolutely love every pick, even the last 7th round pick and getting an absolute weapon for a punter/4th string QB
Chris ThaBadGuy
Chris ThaBadGuy 4 days ago
....hurt in college, hurt in the pros
Russell Frederick
Way to go!! Awesome job by the staff ..scouts ..coach tom.. colbert and ofcorse Mr.Rooney. The last two years have been very good drafts.
Michael Driscoll
Michael Driscoll 5 days ago
Maybe 1974 again?
Pro Sports Outlook
The Steelers made good draft picks throughout this weekend. They found good value at each draft spot and filled their needs. Tomlin and company got the job done.
Jeff Kadlec
Jeff Kadlec 5 days ago
Nothing matters. They lost a playoff game to the Browns. The Steelers' future is terrible.
Mike Laney
Mike Laney 5 days ago
Don't let him come in talking about BLM and ruin our locker room 😑
Lonnie Knight
Lonnie Knight 4 days ago
@Mike Laney I watched
Mike Laney
Mike Laney 5 days ago
@Lonnie Knightwatch the video he mentioned it 😂😂🤔 let's not jump to assuming things because the color of people skin
Lonnie Knight
Lonnie Knight 5 days ago
@Mike Laney sad that because he black you automatically think he's going to come in talking about BLM. This is about football don't turn it into something else
Mike Laney
Mike Laney 5 days ago
@Lonnie Knight sad you think that way 😂
Lonnie Knight
Lonnie Knight 5 days ago
@Mike Laney 😂 U thought wrong and if you open your eyes you could see
Je vous remercie
Je vous remercie 5 days ago
The draft is about getting starters in positions of need. Drafting for OL at pick 24 would have been a reach for Pittsburgh
Covenant138 5 days ago
Stop saying "we" like you're part of the process. Its just another distraction. Enjoy it for entertainment and let it go.
Walter Paddick
Walter Paddick 5 days ago
I'm fine with our picks. Best draft in a while. Let's go Steelers! #steelpride
ok 5 days ago
This a Steeler kinda draft baby! Bunch of nasty trench hittin players! Bruising back, bruising TE, scrapping o-lineman and of course some LBs. Go Steelers!
K1NG ANT 5 days ago
He meant A+ Good Job Tomlin !!
Cliff Niiranen
Cliff Niiranen 4 days ago
DennisDragon78 5 days ago
I like the picks from the Running back to the Big Punter.
d0nKsTaH 5 days ago
Also... he was undrafted... but Shakur Brown (CB) looks to be a gooood pickup! :D
BIG WOPP 24KTV 5 days ago
#2021 This is Pittsburgh Steelers Year No Capp We Set and Stocked up Good i love all the drafts picks for this year New QB please 💯💯💪🏿💪🏿 #STEELERSNATIO N I BLEED BLACK AND YELLOW
vegastjg 3 days ago
black and gold
d0nKsTaH 5 days ago
It didn't dawn on me until 5:30 that his last name was "Harris" (same as Franco... Harris)... Another Harris !
Bonnie Charnock
Bonnie Charnock 3 days ago
Yes, the last Harris picked in the 1st round turned out pretty damned good too!
Leonard Ekiek
Leonard Ekiek 5 days ago
has it dawned on you we got a Green too? (Mean Joe ...) 😃 #WhoRideWeRide #HereWeGo
Bryan Barnhart
Bryan Barnhart 5 days ago
Hey Charlie
The Terrible Towel
Let’s get FA Jamie Newman...
Greg Knepp
Greg Knepp 5 days ago
Loved all our picks, Steelers did an amazing job in this year's draft! Might be my favorite overall in years. Offense is looking pretty stout!
Tim Prall
Tim Prall 4 days ago
@Ronald kinzanza Hell Yeah! Wasn't to keen on some of the picks till I did more research but this draft is a bunch of BAMF's! We so need this put back in the system of just raw Steeler's aggression and we need more penalties to prove it! I'm not saying dirty plays but we if are now playing the game above what the pansy rules require! That's when you know you are aggressive! That's when you get respect from every team that comes your way! As we said back in the day, SMASH MOUTH FOOTBALL! Lol, those penalties hurt but sometimes I believe it's necessary to display dominance and win the physicality war early!
Ronald kinzanza
Ronald kinzanza 4 days ago
@Tim Prall You are absolutely right. The Steelers have depth, younger talent, and a very good defense. I like the draft. Best draft in 5 years.
Tim Prall
Tim Prall 4 days ago
@ Greg Knepp, Man I'm kind of excited! The depth and talent we have acquired In signings and the draft is such an improvement how could anyone dismiss this? I still believe that Ben has what it takes as long as he isn't the only factor of offense that we rely on. A lot of people lost faith in him without realizing he was the only one that could produce any offense and blamed him for trying to make something happen. KC says they lost the SB bc of two offensive linemen and Ben dealt with a complete failure of the OL at least 3/4 of the season and he is to blame? Not to mention the worst run game in the NFL!
hockeycub19 5 days ago
People don’t understand if you look at our depth chart it hasn’t changed at all. Starting offense QB Big Ben RB Harris WR johnson WR juju WR claypool TE Ebron OL- Moore-decastro-green-Dotson-banner DL heyward alualu tuitt LB highsmith bush Williams watt CB Haden Sutton pierre Fitzpatrick Edmunds. See our team is basically intact besides our OL which is overhauled.
Michael Morgan
Michael Morgan 4 days ago
I think they’ll probably have oklrafor start and have Moore for backup as depth
Luis D
Luis D 5 days ago
@Lamar Clausell You could be right about him not starting atleast this upcoming season but to say he probably won't make the team now you're talking nonsense.
xCSICK 5 days ago
@Lamar Clausell stop getting on here saying stupid shit u dont use a 4th round pick on somebody thats not gone make the team
xCSICK 5 days ago
@Lamar Clausell wat 4th round picks u know didnt make the team
Lamar Clausell
Lamar Clausell 5 days ago
Moore won’t start on the oline. He probably won’t even make the team.
Jacobz456 5 days ago
Did she say...Clemson tide ???
J Nim
J Nim 5 days ago
Omar leyva
Omar leyva 5 days ago
Such a great draft, we covered all of our needs with great players
J Hannah
J Hannah 5 days ago
Congrats Najee! Steelers Nation California (Bay Area) sees you! Let’s go!!
319 Sports
319 Sports 5 days ago
Very solid draft. Thank you Colbert and Tomlin.
FoevaLazy 5 days ago
Keeping it simple like Tomlin would. "We came to win, and I feel like we got the JOB done this weekend."
Yuno Pepper
Yuno Pepper 4 days ago
@Amp Da DoN no because I have good internet
King Bharp
King Bharp 4 days ago
Yezzziiirrr, couldn’t have said it any better
Amp Da DoN
Amp Da DoN 5 days ago
Does the buffering comes up every 2mins
Carl Yehuda
Carl Yehuda 5 days ago
@Adrian Adam definitely, have been using Flixzone for months myself =)
Adrian Adam
Adrian Adam 5 days ago
pro trick: watch movies on flixzone. Been using it for watching all kinds of movies recently.
Diverse Conscious
Great job Steelers
Steelers World 1
Steelers World 1 5 days ago
Batch, you know we needed a TE!
Ronald kinzanza
Ronald kinzanza 4 days ago
@Morgan Weazy , i guarantee you if he drops balls this season like last season he will not be on the roster.
Marcus Young
Marcus Young 4 days ago
I agree with Batch, I know Ebron is in the latter end of his career. I also kind of scratched my head with our TE pick in the second round. I like his demeanor and willingness, hope he excels.
Morgan Weazy
Morgan Weazy 5 days ago
omg ebron was droppin so many passes last year
Darion Allen
Darion Allen 5 days ago
Browns fan here to say YALL IN FOR ANOTHER 48-37
SweetDIva 2 days ago
@Duce The dog pound is where it is. Sorry you guys are old and weak. Your qb had his day. Nothing like our Baker.💯😜😜
SweetDIva 2 days ago
@alan fagan we got it like that. We are💯💯 the dog pound.
Darion Allen
Darion Allen 3 days ago
@punk rock *browns fan
punk rock
punk rock 4 days ago
@Duce dude, follow the thread, i'm a steelers fan replying to this clown fan
Darion Allen
Darion Allen 4 days ago
@Ronald kinzanza of course I'm a Cleveland fan, and you are too
Matthew Mielke
Matthew Mielke 5 days ago
I give the draft a B+. Love some picks, other picks I kinda indifferent to. I heard mixed things about that Tackle from Texas A&M. Some people saying that he could be a starter in the NFL. And others saying that he shouldn't have been drafted at all. I pray he can be a capable starter. And am 100% willing to give him a shot.
xCSICK 5 days ago
@hockeycub19 if u dont trust them how the hell u gone trust a rookie yall mfs make no sense
hockeycub19 5 days ago
Hopefully he can slot into the blindside, I don’t trust banner or okorafor
Nolan D
Nolan D 5 days ago
For the Tackle? Espn had him on their big board at 120. We took him at 128. He went where he was suppose to go tbh Could he be a starter? Uh maybe.. I think he is backup level right now. Lets hope he develops into a starter.
Kenneth Beamer
Kenneth Beamer 5 days ago
This was a great draft!!!!
Ryanator Ryanson
Ryanator Ryanson 5 days ago
Best draft we’ve had in years. We got the number one RB in the draft and the number two TE, in the first two rounds. We filled multiple holes AND added depth.
Tim Prall
Tim Prall Day ago
@Robert Westover And sorry we already have a wanna be receiver TE and when they can't seem to catch the ball it makes them, completely useless! I'm still waiting for my enlightenment?
Tim Prall
Tim Prall 3 days ago
@Robert Westover I've watched numerous takes on both so please enlighten me on your take?
Robert Westover
Robert Westover 3 days ago
@Tim Prall watch some tape 😂🤣
Nick Schaeffer
Nick Schaeffer 3 days ago
@Ryanator Ryanson Well thanks for the discussion. If any team talking shit remind them we lost our best player on a tragic play. Lets go Steelers
Ryanator Ryanson
Ryanator Ryanson 3 days ago
@Nick Schaeffer We had starters out which contributed to the problem, then had a guy retire in the off season. We brought on two new guys on OL and a TE to block. All of which are very solid run blockers, which will help get the running game back on track. Having a run game will A: keep Ben from throwing 45 times a game, and B: keep the defense off the field more. We also get Bush & Spillane back, and got Roche in the draft for development & rotation. Having depth is a good thing. I agree with you about Ben.
Jack Sullivan
Jack Sullivan 5 days ago
Actually this is one of my favorite videos from the Steelers
adair 5 days ago
98671 X
98671 X 5 days ago
Najee Najee Najee Najee Najee
Bsmiles84 5 days ago
I am very happy with the picks and the untracked player's we've obtained.
Darion Allen
Darion Allen 5 days ago
The steelers don't have a o line
x Gold Boy
x Gold Boy 9 hours ago
@Steven Ahmad Muhammad B alright bet
Steven Ahmad Muhammad B
@x Gold Boy You a lie we definitely ain't scared your find out soon then later
Darion Allen
Darion Allen 3 days ago
@Krishtopher Columbus who do you think I like ? Cleveland browns
Krishtopher Columbus
@Atheos B. Sapien Yeah this dude doesn't know anything fr fr
Krishtopher Columbus
@Darion Allen Mf who do you even like, I'm assuming Browns, yall really don't know how to act after winning one playoff game in over 2 and a half decades
xCrxzy 5 days ago
Great draft
HNL Control Room
HNL Control Room