2021 NFL Mock Draft v3.1 

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Shoutout to the 49ers for setting us up for a wild month of mock drafts!
Here’s my 3rd 2021 NFL Mock Draft... Let me know what you think!
0:33 1 JAGUARS
0:49 2 JETS
1:57 3 49ERS
5:51 4 FALCONS
7:19 5 BENGALS
9:40 7 LIONS
11:57 8 PANTHERS
14:13 9 BRONCOS
15:17 10 COWBOYS
16:41 11 GIANTS
17:23 12 EAGLES
18:15 13 CHARGERS
18:59 14 VIKINGS
20:05 15 PATRIOTS
21:27 16 CARDINALS
22:46 17 RAIDERS
24:12 18 DOLPHINS
27:03 20 BEARS
27:35 21 COLTS
28:36 22 TITANS
29:33 23 JETS
31:00 24 STEELERS
31:24 25 JAGUARS
32:15 26 BROWNS
32:58 27 RAVENS
34:29 28 SAINTS
35:30 29 PACKERS
36:25 30 BILLS
37:28 31 CHIEFS
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Apr 2, 2021




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NFLRT Month ago
Thanks for watching! TIMESTAMPS: 0:33 1 JAGUARS 0:49 2 JETS 1:57 3 49ERS 5:51 4 FALCONS 7:19 5 BENGALS 8:30 6 DOLPHINS 9:40 7 LIONS 11:57 8 PANTHERS 14:13 9 BRONCOS 15:17 10 COWBOYS 16:41 11 GIANTS 17:23 12 EAGLES 18:15 13 CHARGERS 18:59 14 VIKINGS 20:05 15 PATRIOTS 21:27 16 CARDINALS 22:46 17 RAIDERS 24:12 18 DOLPHINS 25:49 19 WASHINGTON 27:03 20 BEARS 27:35 21 COLTS 28:36 22 TITANS 29:33 23 JETS 31:00 24 STEELERS 31:24 25 JAGUARS 32:15 26 BROWNS 32:58 27 RAVENS 34:29 28 SAINTS 35:30 29 PACKERS 36:25 30 BILLS 37:28 31 CHIEFS 38:11 32 BUCCANEERS
Jeremy Daiches
Jeremy Daiches Month ago
I disagree with your #4 pick. Yes the Falcons reworked Matt Ryan’s contract but I’d take trey lance if I was the GM. Look what happened to the Pats when the G.O.A.T left they didn’t even make the playoffs cause they had no heir apparent( stidem or whatever wasn’t the answer) Cam was a bust last season. I’m only using the pats as my example cause it’s the most recent one. Oh and what did Tom do in Tampa last season oh just win another ring and finally get Bruce a ring he so deserved. My point is if you have an older QB and have a chance to draft his heir apparent do it. Or trade to get him back cough cough pats cough Jimmy G
Jeremy Daiches
Jeremy Daiches Month ago
I’m a Jets fan so skipping about 10 seconds wouldn’t be worth skipping. Even if the Jets had a lower pick still wouldn’t have skipped. I love mock draft the time it’s takes to do the research then make and edit the video I find it would be rude to skip any part of a video
Minami Creamer
Minami Creamer Month ago
You stole this line from Raider Films and Carl Cockerham.
Shareef Collins
Shareef Collins Month ago
@Vinny Lazzari so there's a bigger gap between wrs in the 1st than cbs in the first?
Vinny Lazzari
Vinny Lazzari Month ago
@Shareef Collins sure they might not have had the same production as they did with the teams they’re on now, but they sure as hell would’ve been better than Arcega Whiteside and Reagor. If any of the top 3 WRs are there, they should 100% be the pick
cptmiller132 Month ago
oooff... that number 4 pick... lol my buddy is really hoping that pitts makes it to pick number 8... like enough to start screaming in discord about it lol
Enzo87 Month ago
Great content
Enzo87 Month ago
I’m gonna be pissseddd if the 49ers gave up all those pic to get Mac Jones only cause I feel like they could’ve gotten him at a later pick.
GameWinner31 Month ago
No Najee Harris in the first round?
Get Money
Get Money Month ago
What do you mean bro ?? Miami Dolphins started FITZ and our defense bounced around between 6th best to 1st best and back to 6th best in the league to finish ..
NFLRT Month ago
And he wasn’t as effective/productive
Devon Perry
Devon Perry Month ago
HOT TAKE: Mac Jones is the second best qb in the draft he’s the most ready nfl qb and a very smart player
X X Month ago
Hell no fields is better than jones and lance
Daniel Willis
Daniel Willis Month ago
The oldest 27 year old in nfl history? What
CK fromCA
CK fromCA Month ago
Still confused on how this guy only has 47k, you honestly have one of the best formats and breakdowns I watch!
Eric Spicer
Eric Spicer Month ago
You had me until you said Baker Mayfield is already as good as he's going to be. Stopped listening there.
kyle pooyak
kyle pooyak Month ago
Can’t wait for all these bias analysts to eat their words about Fields. It’s gonna be the same scenario as Mahomes.
Howdy Yall
Howdy Yall Month ago
12:49 Imma have to respectfully disagree with you there chief. Lets look at a run down of Baker's coaches, hue Jackson, who went 1-31 through 2 years of his time in Cleveland. Who was the next big brain coach the browns decided to hire, Greg Williams who called possibly the worst play of all-time that barred him from ever getting an NFL coaching job again. Ok now lets look at the next guy Freddie kitchens who decided it would be a smart move to have baker throw verticals more often then not in 2019. When at the end of 2018 what was mainly working was play actions and rpos. Now you enter 2020 and they finally gave him a coach in Kevin stefanski, and yes while the year started off a little shaky with baker throwing 9 tds to 6 ints through the first 6 games. He ended the year with 20 tds to 2 ints with the 3rd best qbr in all of football. So to sum up my point, did baker play like a top 10 qb in 2020? No, but is it crazy to say he already hit his roof with one year under his belt of a new system without a preseason? yes. I respect your opinion tho.
Minami Creamer
Minami Creamer Month ago
As far as the Raiders are concerned, you would not be further off. This is your video channel so you get to say what you want, but at least provide a disclosure up front that watching your video is more of a fantasy ride than one based on reality. Assuming you have not already deleted my comment, I will let you know that the Silver and Black will draft a defensive player first round. I do agree that the Raiders wrecked an amazing offensive line, but Tom Cable is an even more amazing offensive line coach, so I expect their O-line to hold their own.
Gee Mac72
Gee Mac72 Month ago
Mike Shanahan did not move up in the draft to grab John Elway. He was the OC at Florida when Elway was drafted (1983) and didn't have that kind of authority with the Broncos until 1999.
Kevin P
Kevin P Month ago
The Vikings don’t want DE’s that are so small. 6’5” or bigger.
Xander Christy
Xander Christy Month ago
By far, the best mock draft. Accurate picks, giving reasons and evidence to each pick, making more lilely than not trades, giving ratings for each player, and fantastic editing.
Naptown317 Month ago
How does the nfl not take y'all down ? It's one thing making videos about the nfl it's another thing having their brand and logo as your Logo idk maybe I'm wrong best of luck to you and your future doings.
krackshot322 Month ago
Trey to pats is bad...
TTV_Smush99 -
TTV_Smush99 - Month ago
If the niners don’t get fields I’m gonna be so mad
Ryan Ames
Ryan Ames Month ago
Bills are 100% not going a receiver in the first. We already got Gabe Davis whos a stud, if anything we go CB or DT
Odjango Smith
Odjango Smith Month ago
Watched 49ers pick to the bengals... great content
Richard Lelli
Richard Lelli Month ago
Once again -- I get low IQ respondents not commenting on my prospects -- Jalen Camp 6.2 226lb, 4.43 40 yd dash, 39.5 vertical, 34 inch arms, 9 5/8 inch hands - 30 bench reps - a WR record!
Naturalhighz Month ago
you mention Mayock just cutting guys a lot. Afaik we managed to trade pretty much everyone.
Junior Boyd
Junior Boyd Month ago
Cincy will take Chase if still on board. Fins take slim reaper or Pitts but should take creed Humphrey. Future HOF center that can play C or either guard spot. Lincoln Riley said Humphrey was the best player on the team that had mutant Kyler Murray on it. So yeah he is that good.
Christopher Crane
Bro you’re video editing is next level
Aldon Dekock
Aldon Dekock Month ago
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Steven Grant
Steven Grant Month ago
mAc JoNeS gOiNg NuMbEr OnE tO jAx
Charlie Evans
Charlie Evans Month ago
Sad that what was such a greatly edited video had a complete idiot for a narrator. Your little comment of Deshaun Watson shows that you just take in whatever the media spoon feeds you like a mindless sheep. Really puts the other stupid shit you said in perspective.
Giovanni Miranda
We didn’t just release our three o lineman, we did traded them for picks
Chase Hollman
Chase Hollman Month ago
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Chase Richardson
Why is Sammy Watkins such a solid move for the Ravens? this coming from a chiefs fan, hes an outstanding WR but he CANNOT stay healthy, ill give him a whole 8 games this season with the Ravens and all that blocking he'll be doing. hes just not a reliable player, AT ALL
mayhemlolz Month ago
So basically what I’m hearing is I’m not wasting money by buying a Fields jersey b4 the draft.
Quincy Roman
Quincy Roman Month ago
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Casey Mehrman
Casey Mehrman Month ago
Why would you believe that the Jets will pass up a CB with the second first round pick? I mean seriously man there secondary is shot when it comes to CBs. Taking edge in round one when they could get someone like Rashad Weaver who is just as good in round 3 and they signed Edge in FA.. It's not a need like CB or OL! But absolutely no way do they take Edge that early unless someone falls to them that they can't pass up. Sorry man but it's just crazy!
William Purvis
William Purvis Month ago
Pitts should be the falcons pick. And if Matt Ryan still can’t get the offensive to at least top 3, we need to consider a replacement. We honestly could get Trask or Mond in the early second so they sit for a year behind Ryan. I hope within everything this happens with my Falcons.
Richard Lelli
Richard Lelli Month ago
Jalen Camp 6.2 226lb, 4.43 40 yd dash, 39.5 vertical, 34 inch arms, 9 5/8 inch hands - 30 bench reps - a WR record!
Richard Lelli
Richard Lelli Month ago
30 reps will face plant most, if not all of the NFL Linebackers !!!
Michael Otten
Michael Otten Month ago
Pats give up those picks..yeah they can pick 7th...
michael wood
michael wood Month ago
Loved your Giants pick!!!!
Pues Bien
Pues Bien Month ago
Good content man! Keep going!
pablo rios
pablo rios Month ago
packers passing on mayfield and philips hurt my feeling
thawk4life Month ago
My team is the 49ers so I don't have to skip up too my team 😁😁😁
TonyV_06 Month ago
I really like the way you did this. Earned a Sub🙌
TonyV_06 Month ago
Finally someone with a brain doing a mock and taking Fields at 3
UwU 9 hours ago
Caleb Berrong
Caleb Berrong Month ago
Sergio Perez
Sergio Perez Month ago
You are wrong about chase it's going to be DeVonta Smith! to the Dolphins !!!
Ron G
Ron G Month ago
Chase or Pitts, most likely.
James Witty
James Witty Month ago
There’s zero reason for smoke screens since the first two are set. Do I think it should be Mac Jones? No. Do I think it will be Mac Jones? Yes.
Mark Lawrence
Mark Lawrence Month ago
If it is not Mac jones...I hope for 49's fans it is Trey Lance. Because if its Justin Fields go and watch that Indiana game. His performance in that game will give you serious pause. PS Indina Safety Jamar Johnson is going to be a steal for some team.
Renoclaf P
Renoclaf P Month ago
Good one
LOFT Tm Month ago
Hey man, props for the Sean Taylor shoutout. Timely too. He would have been 38 on the 1st
Nick Garren
Nick Garren Month ago
The Bears were 6-1 at one point last year. Made the playoffs 2 out of the last 3 years under Pace and Nagy. So do you actually watch Bears football??? Or you just hating like the rest of the DItkaphiles who think it is 1985 still??
Nick Garren
Nick Garren Month ago
Bears immediately restructured Nick Foles contract.
Cursed Memed
Cursed Memed Month ago
Steelers need to get teven jenkins
Raymond Solis Jr.
Something tells me that Philadelphia is not done moving in the draft
D K Month ago
I sure hope the Dolphins don't do that:(
Arto Mkhitaryan
Arto Mkhitaryan Month ago
The graphics and effort is amazing man
Tony Thompson
Tony Thompson Month ago
This is low-key the best mocks I’ve seen
cameron zwicke
cameron zwicke Month ago
I'm thinking that fields is the 49ers pick, but I'd rather they took Pitts and have two great TEs to keep defenses honest against the run opening up the whole offense.
Trucker RollinThick
🤣🤣🤣 Jon Robinson and Mike who? If you can’t even get coaches names right?
dylan gomez
dylan gomez Month ago
Dude I hope your right about the niners 😓
dylan gomez
dylan gomez Month ago
Tired of seeing stuff about Mac Jones🤦🏽‍♂️
Michael Dean
Michael Dean Month ago
This is the first time I've agreed with every pick and trade in a mock draft
Emridge Jones
Emridge Jones Month ago
Sorry Dude but the Bears couldn't have signed Andy Dalton. He wasn't released until after the draft. If he were released during the beginning of free agency im sure the bears wouldve signed him instead of Foles.
Justin B
Justin B Month ago
Watched this entire mock draft just to be disappointed with Jenkins. Orlando will not be traded... the value of OT in this draft is so deep that no team will give us appropriate value for a guy they'll have to pay soon than a guy they can just grab in the 2nd and wait 4 years before resigning...
Isaac Cabello
Isaac Cabello Month ago
Thank you Fields at 3 he’s better than all other qbs in durability and accuracy on the run
Gordon Painter
Gordon Painter Month ago
That darnold trade wrecked this mock
seek100 Month ago
Dan Reeves was the Broncos coach when they got Elway.
Joshua Lake
Joshua Lake Month ago
I’m in the middle of whether or not Greg Newsome is a 1st round prospect. He has the potential but he’s going to need a lot of development
B B Month ago
Wait, did you say that Shanahan refuted being close to Simms? Because that's a blatant lie.
B B Month ago
@Justin Demma I know that, but the way he worded it made it seem as if Kyle denied being close friends with Simms. Out of respect for the both of their professions and friendship, they're in agreement on Kyle not telling Simms anything pertaining draft choices and anything with the team. Simms has reiterated that on his podcast multiple times.
Justin Demma
Justin Demma Month ago
Shanahan didn’t refute being close with Simms, in the post trade press conference Shanahan stated he doesn’t give Simms inside info on who the 49ers are picking.
Adam Swinney
Adam Swinney Month ago
As a Lions fan I would be ecstatic for that trade return and player pick!
Nate Johnson
Nate Johnson Month ago
If I'm going 2 keep watching u than ima need u 2 stop hating on my Bengals
Mikey Dicosola
Mikey Dicosola Month ago
The raiders O-line was below average at best last year
Raider Nation
Raider Nation Month ago
Raider Nation
Raider Nation Month ago
Fuck all raider haters
EP1CC G4M3R Month ago
Please do a 2nd round mock draft so many good players remain and these takes were great
EP1CC G4M3R Month ago
I think the Bucks go ETN or the qb from Stanford he’s really underrated and to let him develop a year or 2 under the goat would make him really good or corner
EP1CC G4M3R Month ago
POV: *Someone actually makes a quality mock draft* Only things I disagree with is Cosmi over Tevin J he’s a perfect scheme fit also maybe Najee Harris cause they need rb bad and if he falls that low that’s a steal as well as the Rashod Bateman pick I think Ravens get Cosmi or Betemon
Christopher Woodard
You did an excellent job you understand the business side you need to be on ESPN. You know not to allow your personal feelings guide you in making business decisions
ANaea Month ago
Makes no sense to predict the Vikings going Dline.
FaTHoMnL Month ago
Can Bengals draft sewell, chase and pitts? 🤔😭. I want all three. Lol
Ailton Ceaser
Ailton Ceaser Month ago
Steelers 7 RD mock draft ?!? 👀
B Fish
B Fish Month ago
Bengals fan here. Penei Sewell is the guy I want. I think he makes the run game elite and we're seen how he can blow up DB's in space. I'd rather mixon run for 1700 and give Burrow time and space that way.
D P Month ago
If they take Jones over Fields theyre dumb. Well the Jets did move Darnold. Jags taking Moehrig @ 25 if hes still there, then we take Etienne at 33 to pair w Lawrence giving him someone he is comfortable with helping James Robinson in the backfield.
Eric Ortegon
Eric Ortegon Month ago
That’s quality content on QB Collective
Marcos Lechuga
Marcos Lechuga Month ago
Eagles taking Jaycee horn if waddle isn’t available
Kellen Kunesh
Kellen Kunesh Month ago
Wish you would’ve added the browns team needs. You blew right past em. Good video though
Jo mic
Jo mic Month ago
yeah this and, going down to gorkey Park
McFlurryTube Month ago
Fuck you for calling the bengals the bungles.
Fuck you Comunnist
Bro I swear, I’ve never seen a better and well explained mock draft than yours. This analysts sucks, but you’re the goat man 🐐.
Guner295 Month ago
I love this, u don’t see many mocks with the pats trading up to 7, great mock man!
Sam Crossland
Sam Crossland Month ago
Bro the quality of this video is through the roof, you deserve more subscribers
champstar9669 Month ago
Liked+subscribed...then un-did both when you intimated that you are a fan of the Covid vaccine. Bill Gates is on record publicly stating it's his goal to *REDUCE* the world's population via vaccines. A law was recently passed that makes vaccine companies "immune" from lawsuits if their products cause harm/death. Whether you are aware or not, you are literally a promoter of mass murder on a genocidal scale. If you do some research and change your stance, I'll be happy to pledge my support. Someone with over 46,000+ subs/followers has a moral duty to be more aware of the things they say and promote. You are an amazing content creator. I hope one day you'll use those skills not just for "sports entertainment," but also to share key facts & information that affect literally EVERYONE. Who else is up to the task? Can't trust the media. The BBC talked about a WTC building collapsing that was still visible in the background. The world needs an investigative researcher capable of digging up facts & info that aren't obvious to everyone else. You did it for this video -- clearly. Those that have the ability to make a difference have the *RESPONSIBILITY* to do so.
Russ Obenstine
Russ Obenstine Month ago
Pitts is great pick here at 4
WGE Records
WGE Records Month ago
smith is a better WR than chase, zero questions about it. can't believe the first wideout to win a heisman in 20 years is being slept on like this
Iván A. Navarrete
12:44 I fucking died. I fucking died 1000 times seeing that. Darnold a Panther, then seen this. Fucking deceased. But yeah, I don't think the recent moves change your logic about my Panthers. They could go CB or trade back. I'd prefer Sewel but Slater is a very good pick. We will see what happens in a month.
Morese Deloatch
Morese Deloatch Month ago
Sorry, but to kissed the Shanahan on John Elway, I see that you wasn't around. That was Dan Reeves!!! In Washington; the owner force the trade because of the QB play of John Beck. Matter of fact; the Shanahan's drafted Cousins for the 4th round pick!!!
Daniel Ventura
Daniel Ventura Month ago
Sanders is an insurance policy for Gab Davis.Moore is the wr they would take in round one. They need to get the DT from Alabama,CB two opposite Tre white and maybe a linebacker so we can move on from AJ Klein,also a pass rusher
Benjamin Biondi
Benjamin Biondi Month ago
Aaron Evans
Aaron Evans Month ago
Raiders traded jackson, hudson and brown... they didn't just cut them