2021 Lone Star Classic | RD1 B9 | Gurthie, Barsby, Conrad, Williams | MPO1 | GKPro Disc Golf 

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2021 Lone Star Classic driven by Innova presented by Tito's
2021 PDGA B-Tier
Round 1 - Back 9
Met Center DGC
Austin, Texas

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Bushnell Range FInders through GK Pro
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Commentary Team
Nate Perkin & Bradley Williams
Garrett Gurthie
Gregg Barsby
James Conrad
Bradley Williams
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Apr 3, 2021




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Comments 78   
Hello ! What kind of disc they use ? ( link to buy if it possible ?)
Luke Guggemos
Luke Guggemos 3 days ago
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Rob Crossett
Rob Crossett 5 days ago
I feel like Bradley is one of those super even-keeled dudes that I would really enjoy playing disc with.
Joe Burns
Joe Burns 7 days ago
Little known fact: Conrad proposed to that tree on hole 12 off camera.
Kyle Weir
Kyle Weir 9 days ago
Those shots where you think Gregg is throwing firebird (the greenish one) it's actually a tour series Eagle... They're DUMB overstable for an eagle
RetroToons 9 days ago
Justin Berry
Justin Berry 9 days ago
all these guys are playing off today
Richard Petzoldt
Richard Petzoldt 9 days ago
I have to get me some Tito's Handmade Vodka.
Joseph 9 days ago
I love GK pro, but Nate and Bradley are not the best commentators. Bradley commentating over his own play is frustrating because he tries to justify everything he does wrong, oh and did they mention how windy it is?
Rett Mcclaflin
Rett Mcclaflin 9 days ago
Does it bother anyone else that Bradley keeps saying yardage then gives the feet left to the pin? 🤣🤣
Christian Gallagher
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b good
b good 10 days ago
"crazy wind" but it doesnt appear at all windy until you look at the little marker flags and they are whipping it
James Ehlenz
James Ehlenz 10 days ago
Loved hearing Brad’s commentary! I was so excited when I saw he was going to be on the mic. That said, I’m bugged by the term “yardage.” I have no real reason.
the toaster
the toaster 10 days ago
“400 feet of yardage”
Evan Cameron
Evan Cameron 10 days ago
Bradley Williams on every coverage forever, thank you.
Andre Schnapp
Andre Schnapp 10 days ago
Barsby with the business casual socks... 😂 😂
Javier Rodriguez
Javier Rodriguez 10 days ago
Conner Williams
Conner Williams 10 days ago
Drink every time Bradley says yardage
Garrett Coates
Garrett Coates 10 days ago
So good
Stephan Peirce
Stephan Peirce 10 days ago
Who’s that handsome guy spotting on hole 15?
Fish Vansandt
Fish Vansandt 9 days ago
In fact I think his name is actually, "Handsome"!
jheizer2467 10 days ago
Why no flags on the baskets ?
VIDEOsverigeNU 10 days ago
Dude! The Disc Ghost was way too mischievous in this round.
VIDEOsverigeNU 10 days ago
I can't stress enough how awesome It Feels to see discgolf Without masks Once Again 😊👍
VIDEOsverigeNU 10 days ago
@QeOri 😒
QeOri 10 days ago
Lol the masks definitely change the game a lot, don't they? 😆
Mark Decoto
Mark Decoto 10 days ago
Austin, another city ruined by leftists
Backyard Chickens
Backyard Chickens 10 days ago
Tyler Bruce
Tyler Bruce 10 days ago
24:24 Did Brad say that it was 260-280 yards? That’s far 😉 I think the word is footage
G W 10 days ago
24:55 It's painful watching someone run towards the basket at 33'.
Christian Martin
Christian Martin 10 days ago
Hearing the phrase "club down" in disc golf bothers me to no end. Just say disc down, you're throwing a disc. But I did love Bradley's commentary.
Mike Staub
Mike Staub 11 days ago
Matt Dahlman
Matt Dahlman 11 days ago
This course has a lot of unnecessary OB that’s penalizing them for no reason
Earl Thomas
Earl Thomas 11 days ago
Philo had the best description of Barsby's putt...'Make a wish foundation putt'. 😂 I don't know how it goes in...but it works.
Gordon Davis
Gordon Davis 11 days ago
Thanks for the awesome coverage on these lower tier A weeks. Much appreciated!
YudHeiVuvHei Eloheinu
Missing James with Innova lol That was a joke- erm sort of. Hes a USDGC Champ and will get his new sponsors discs figured out. I'd recommend a reactor for people who enjoy throwing Rocs and Buzzzes
Cody Martin
Cody Martin 11 days ago
James tried out all the MVP putters and in the end was like "Nah, make an Aviar"
fbodyguy46 9 days ago
Because they won't let him throw a pilot 😂
Earl Thomas
Earl Thomas 11 days ago
'In green color, please'
William morris
William morris 11 days ago
i love my tree love disc golf stickers i see here in dallas
Tomas Åsnes
Tomas Åsnes 11 days ago
The amount of par 4’s🤯
Jim Schuka
Jim Schuka 11 days ago
Bradley Williams commentary is torturous. Between this and his last DGPT interview I had to stop watching/listening. Hope he’s not commentary on future drops, I usually like watching and listening to you guys.
Flat Out
Flat Out 10 days ago
Reading the comments, many people really appreciated Bradley's commentary. Maybe you just have strange issues.
G W 10 days ago
His vocal fry is on a Kardashian level too.
katie sue
katie sue 11 days ago
Great commentary 👌 Loved this coverage!
Robert Sagest
Robert Sagest 11 days ago
So many top of the basket hits.
yojimboliferow 11 days ago
I wouldn't be mad at MVP if they let James Conrad throw a few aviars.
marscruz 10 days ago
@QeOri The MVP and Axiom putters break in slowly. It's really good sturdy plastic. I like the opaque Neutron stuff. The over-mold makes them last 4x as long and it grabs the chains.
QeOri 10 days ago
MVP makes the best throwing putters in the game, give him a couple months ;)
marscruz 11 days ago
Brad's commentary is subdued and highly observant. His analysis of the course and shot selections is enlightening. He also can give us his insights into the other players' struggles and strengths. I listened twice to pick up on some of his comments that I didn't fully absorb the first time because I was paying more attention to the visuals. Good choice with Nate and Brad. They work well together.
Earl Thomas
Earl Thomas 11 days ago
Yeah I'm quickly noticing Brad would be up there as far as a coach of the sport...along with Uli and Scott Stokley.
Philip Gretzkowski
Philip Gretzkowski 11 days ago
Yes. I was going to post the very same. He is professional in his commentary and analysis.
seymourglass26 11 days ago
Great play, but all the spraypaint OB is frustrating. It looks super ugly on a natural setting and feels like a shortcut to difficulty and course design.
Kirk White
Kirk White 11 days ago
One of the reasons why these guys are missing putts is because the baskets are higher compared to most targets. It's Austin and apparently everybody and everything is too high.
Austin Bach
Austin Bach 10 days ago
Austin is always high. You'll just have to trust me on this guys.
marscruz 11 days ago
Your comment should be rated higher. I did what I could to help.
Javaman92 11 days ago
And that's why I'd rather watch the FPO play. You very rarely see anger from the ladies.
marscruz 10 days ago
@Javaman92 Yes, she is another woman who can't seem to get her putting game in order. It's her job for Pete's sake. Get a coach and do the work. I think Will Schusterick gave up the game because he couldn't overcome his bad putting form and the yips. Totally cringe to watch.
marscruz 10 days ago
@Steven I may sometimes be stupid but I'm not perpetually stupid. Resting bitch face doesn't need to be called out when it's as plain as day.
Steven 10 days ago
@marscruz fair warning, bud, don't tell the women in your life to smile more
Javaman92 11 days ago
@marscruz for all the skill Catrina has her putting is painful to watch for me too. She's so intense, so high-strung that when she gets out of her zone she falls apart. The guys are so fast I can't see what they're doing. That's another reason I like the ladies, the ones with good form I can see what they're doing better. And I just like how much more friendly they are.
marscruz 11 days ago
Ummm, I can't bear to watch Jennifer Allen putt. An occasional smile from her wouldn't hurt either. Their field is so small and shallow that it's boring. I used to watch them but not any more. I want to watch the guys to see what good habits and lines I can pick up. Great play and some variety every week.
Graham Fox
Graham Fox 11 days ago
Great round - cool par 4 heavy course. Seems very fair. Love to give it a go. Excited for a couple new faces for tomorrow's lead card.
freddie crunk
freddie crunk 11 days ago
What great commentary! It is like listening to myself showing how much I love this sport, except these cats are good/great at the sport and are likable folk.
DG GOD 11 days ago
Bradley is really committed to the hip game in 2021!! 🔥🔥 #itsallinthehips #ripchubbs
Von Hyzerberg
Von Hyzerberg 11 days ago
👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼Thank you for the coverage. Nate Perkins is 🔥🔥🔥 on commentary!
jayrock 11 days ago
Dog Dude Drone
Dog Dude Drone 11 days ago
When they show the top scores does thru F mean final or full round?
Lucas Shea
Lucas Shea 11 days ago
marscruz 11 days ago
Yup. Final.
20 20
20 20 11 days ago
Excited to watch Matty O in Round 2
Chris Gleeson
Chris Gleeson 11 days ago
great commentary duo, really enjoyed the insight you provide
Ryan Betzing
Ryan Betzing 11 days ago
Love watching pros play this course
Disc Blaster
Disc Blaster 11 days ago
Great commentary. Brad teaches us something important every time
Jr 07foto
Jr 07foto 11 days ago
cool coverage nice commentary too!!!
James Evans
James Evans 11 days ago
Robert Schuch
Robert Schuch 11 days ago
It’s not often somebody enjoys commercials. The Titos and Innova commercials were great!
Robert Schuch
Robert Schuch 10 days ago
@pbodys16 How could I!
pbodys16 11 days ago
Dont forget Dougle G Jerky!
Lee Tinsley
Lee Tinsley 11 days ago
good job, everybody.
Molenny Disc Golf
Molenny Disc Golf 11 days ago
Great coverage and commentary. Last tourney and this are my first introduction to Bradley... he is a legend!
PrestoChango23 11 days ago
Not sure if James feels comfortable yet with them new discs
marscruz 11 days ago
He's still getting those putter upshots well inside the circle. The drives aren't quite there yet.
Brian Stokes
Brian Stokes 11 days ago
Thank you so much love watching the pros
Sven Jotil
Sven Jotil 11 days ago
Nice to see that the course designers sobered up after front nine. Back nine looks really nice! Cheers form Tito! :)
Madskillzkid 11 days ago
Yall think GG walks around with lots of jerky in his pockets instead of business cards. Just handing out jerky left and right
Magnus Kronhamn
Magnus Kronhamn 11 days ago
Bradley beating the other three put together! Way to go!
Andreas Stam
Andreas Stam 11 days ago
8:20 Strike
Your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
Can't believe Brad deliberately knocked GG's putter back and made him miss the putt by 2 inches
NoMadDisc 11 days ago
Summer is coming to the north. All the great disc golf medias are pushing great content. Good times! I came up with this account/brand name 2 months ago. I had no idea about the new disc coming from mvp. It is funny how when you have a great idea for a name (or pretty much anything) there is already someone else thinking about it too:)
Rainbowjon 98
Rainbowjon 98 11 days ago
36:01 is final scorecard for this group.
Drew Ellis
Drew Ellis 11 days ago
love hearing Brad and his approach to the game! Great video!
Víctor Hugo R-D
Víctor Hugo R-D 11 days ago
9:49, is not that a foot fault?
RPHelpingHand 10 days ago
@Mashed Potatoes 🤣 yeah I ramble
Mashed Potatoes
Mashed Potatoes 11 days ago
@RPHelpingHand I feel you need to be a bit more in depth ;)
RPHelpingHand 11 days ago
No, it would be a foot fault if he was using the disc on the ground as his marker but if you look closely, on the ground in front of disc is a mini and that’s his marker. 30cm x 20cm behind your marker is the legal shot. Also, in my opinion, it’s such a finicky call, as long as your close (especially in an open field) almost nobody is going to call it. Maybe, in the woods where angles are more important it might get called. I can get effected by the vibes on a card during tournaments (shouldn’t happen but I do). I don’t want to make my environment awkward for no gain (which is why I’m playing), even if ‘it’s the rules’. I do think they should hire a referee for every hole as the sport grows. Self governing is more relaxed by nature because typically we like to get along card mates and players have a biased position they have to be aware of.
Disc Blaster
Disc Blaster 11 days ago
Mashed Potatoes
Mashed Potatoes 11 days ago
Eric Triplett
Eric Triplett 11 days ago
Thanks so much GK Pro for doing the coverage here in my hometown! Excited to see Conor O on lead card.
juuso 11 days ago
Keep your head up gregg 🙌
ATX FIVE-DUECE 11 days ago
Thanks for the coverage. Appreciate all the hard work! Grow the sport! THROW ATX!
ATX FIVE-DUECE 11 days ago
Let’s go Brad Williams!!
GK Pro
GK Pro 11 days ago
Thanks so much for tuning in once again everyone! Help us out by clicking like/subscribe 😃
Matthew 7 days ago
@pbodys16 no, I don't believe in promoting that poison to young ppl.
pbodys16 7 days ago
@Matthew I hope you are kidding.
Matthew 10 days ago
I gave a thumbs down only for advertising vodka. It ruins ppl's lives.
Austin Bach
Austin Bach 10 days ago
Done and done 👍
pbodys16 11 days ago
Doing Gods work once again. Thanks GK Pro for really brightening up my weekends!
Tyler Roberts
Tyler Roberts 11 days ago
Matty O
Golum Official
Golum Official 11 days ago
xAmboSx 11 days ago
Great Work GK Pro TEAM !
Jonne Liukkonen
Jonne Liukkonen 11 days ago
Lets go