2019 NFL Draft - First Round 

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Apr 26, 2019




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Jason Skindell
Jason Skindell 16 hours ago
These guys never knew this would be the last normal football season. Masks are coming...
Jack Gower
Jack Gower 2 days ago
How can you be #9 overall pick in baseball, and #1 overall in football. I don’t think that’s been mentioned enough. That’s unreal 😂😂🤣🤣
Gang time
Gang time 7 days ago
Marcus of the titens ?
I Know You Are Right But
Just came to watch Pre-Covid footage.....ahh the good old days!!
gaspa yanga
gaspa yanga 14 days ago
I never understood why they boo the commissioner? Can someone fill me in
Michael Husted
Michael Husted 19 days ago
I love looking at this years later 😂 2019 was different.
derpy derpy
derpy derpy 19 days ago
I shit my pants while watching this 2 years ago.... Just wanted to let you know
Damon Dorn
Damon Dorn 20 days ago
Matt G
Matt G 20 days ago
Oh those Dwayne Haskins takes.....
JFiniti Productions
One more day until 2021 NFL Draft starts! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!
Coulter Gaske
Coulter Gaske 20 days ago
I wonder why 14 teams passed on Haskins...
LEGENDARY ZAY 20 days ago
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Tony Smith
Tony Smith 23 days ago
The league done messed up 🤣. They sure did sir. Dumbass
Tony Smith
Tony Smith 23 days ago
Felt bad for josh Rosen man. Dude got screwed big time
Yaseen Abuali
Yaseen Abuali Month ago
The last time we had a real draft
KLplaya Month ago
I was enjoying this until I remembered how dirty ESPN did Jeff Simmons it what was supposed to be one of the best moments of his life. They dont even talk about his skillset.
andrew seed
andrew seed Month ago
Looking back Denver and GB wanted Daniel Jones. WSH wanted him too but you never know with Dan Snyder. GB the next year takes a QB in Love to back up Rodgers. GB had 2 first rounders in 2019 so I think they had Jones on their Radar. Also , why would Jones get an invite since he was not ranked high on the QB list and why would he even show up if these experts had him late 1st , or 2nd round? So he can become a meme sitting waiting for a call? Jones stock went up big time. Someone had to take the risk and Gettleman did. Right or wrong,a strong feeling for a qb trumps the other positions.
NFL DNA Month ago
Who ever says Daniel Jones at 6 was bad, say that years after he wins it all
Darius A
Darius A Month ago
This video shows me packer fans don’t know shit🤣 both picks, blank faces like uhhhhhh *idk who this is but imma cheer anyway* 🤣
John Clinton
John Clinton Month ago
This is the least memorable draft ever
Devin Austin
Devin Austin Month ago
Nicholas De'Frias
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Frank Masselli
Frank Masselli Month ago
I miss people 😢
Johnathan Leonardo
N Keal Harry=Bust. And the other scouts wanted a different reciever but Bill ignored them
Chan Lee
Chan Lee Month ago
44:26 Is Derrick Brooks not a real person?
Von Roy
Von Roy Month ago
R they booing?
ZTH Month ago
" The NFC East is gonna be fun"
J D 19 days ago
@M two years and no way
Spicy Garlic
Spicy Garlic 22 days ago
@Victor david Solano ✍️
Victor david Solano
@M giants bout to kick some ass bruh
M Month ago
you’re basing that logic on just one season? the east might be stacked next season
dabet warner
dabet warner Month ago
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Luisa Merriman
Luisa Merriman Month ago
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Celph Z Month ago
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Ellis Ohagan
Ellis Ohagan Month ago
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mel is an clown.
JD Pro
JD Pro Month ago
That hair line
IC4c3s Gaming
IC4c3s Gaming Month ago
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Matthew Essex
Matthew Essex Month ago
“If you’re a visual guy” you’d realize that Washington’s practice facility is not in West Virginia...
Ligma Month ago
37:33 They tried to act being happy Lmao
Lakers fan
Lakers fan Month ago
Fuck ads
George Tapia
George Tapia Month ago
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Noah Fernandes
Noah Fernandes Month ago
LOL Clelin ferrel over josh Allen was definitely a mistake. Should of went with the obvious pick.
Daniel Gershonzon
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Ice Tray
Ice Tray Month ago
Clelin Ferrell gotta be the worst top 5 pick defensive wise
谢伦琛 2 months ago
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Sneak Attack
Sneak Attack 2 months ago
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D A N N Y 3 months ago
I watch Haskins pick once and a while just to see how we wasted a pick and how much potential he had
Matthew Essex
Matthew Essex Month ago
There is so much screwyness with that segment. They botch where Washington’s practice facility is (on the map they have it in West Virginia), they say he’s the best quarterback in the draft, etc. It’s just so messed up on so many levels. What’s really funny is right before he’s drafted, they showed Mel’s Best Available and it was Haskins at No. 1, but underneath him was...Montez Sweat. We got em both, only Haskins didn’t pan out, luckily Sweat has.
Dmeads 56
Dmeads 56 3 months ago
Man, it sucks that Devin Bush got hurt this year.
julian fortaleza
julian fortaleza 3 months ago
Wild that Don Robbie already has Arsenal season pass and now has NFL season tickets for 100 years
Jordan Patras
Jordan Patras 3 months ago
It's crazy now to think that Dwayne Haskins could actually get traded to the Steelers from Washington (two years after this draft). Imagine if Dwayne Haskins were to succeed. People would be calling this one of the greatest career turnarounds in NFL history. And if not, he just has not found his home yet.
Jordan Patras
Jordan Patras 3 months ago
@Dmeads 56 You're right now that I think about it.
Dmeads 56
Dmeads 56 3 months ago
He didn’t get traded, he was released and was later signed by the Steelers. But I get what you’re saying, could be one of the biggest career turn arounds in NFL history.
Josh 3 months ago
Why do so many people go there? They all look confused af obviously they’re all casuals and don’t know anyone on defense or anyone who isn’t a big name lmao what’s the point
Clippers Fan
Clippers Fan 3 months ago
22:05 to 22:18 Nick Bosa looking coked up lmao
Bair 3 months ago
“Daniel Jones was rated a 0 star recruit out of high school” I can see why
aiden arredondo
aiden arredondo 3 months ago
@Clippers Fan hes not a number 6 pick
Clippers Fan
Clippers Fan 3 months ago
So far Danny Dimes isn't bad by any means
Bair 3 months ago
I really wish the raiders took josh Allen, I just don’t know about clelin ferrel
Clippers Fan
Clippers Fan 3 months ago
Gruden should not be picking or recruiting players. It's never worked
StFidjnr 4 months ago
14:53 the cards pick is in
rbrucerye 4 months ago
Well, I think it's safe to say Hawkins didn't work out.
Scott Covino
Scott Covino 4 months ago
Reminder: Louis Reddick is being interviewed for GM positions and Haskins was “his guy.” Let that settle in
B A Month ago
@K R You gonna act like nfl GM know what they doing ? How many bust you see them drafting almost every season
K R Month ago
@Lucas Clayton Then he didn't do his research... These guys should have just as much connections to get those kinds of stories. Louis Reddick is a joke evaluator and this is one of MANY examples.
Lucas Clayton
Lucas Clayton 2 months ago
To be fair he most likely didn’t have the information of the stories of immaturity
The Vanilla Gorilla
The Vanilla Gorilla 4 months ago
Who’s watching after Haskins got booted from Washington today
Bulbozo 4 months ago
Dwayne Trashkins at 15. Thanks dan Snyder
Kameron Stine
Kameron Stine 4 months ago
2:21:00 37:20 2:40:00
Alford Shannon
Alford Shannon 4 months ago
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Andrew Falla
Andrew Falla 5 months ago
goofell ruined the 5th pick
Ethan Lane
Ethan Lane 5 months ago
Hopefully the 2021 draft is in person again
Zendaya Rose
Zendaya Rose 5 months ago
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h y p n o s
h y p n o s 3 months ago
Is that a spell 🦹
Phoenix Rison
Phoenix Rison 5 months ago
Mel Kiper looks a lot like Peter Griffin's father...On Family Guy!!!
Scruff D0g
Scruff D0g 5 months ago
I really miss the NFL Draft atmosphere, hopefully in 2022 or maybe 2021 we can get back to this.
Kasino 303
Kasino 303 19 days ago
@DaRealConMan wait frr
DaRealConMan 23 days ago
We're having a draft with in-person attendance in 2021, but the atmosphere won't be nearly as massive because we're still dealing with COVID-19
Kingo Lingo
Kingo Lingo 25 days ago
Maybe not gonna be the same atmosphere next week but hey it’s something!
Lanban Gaming
Lanban Gaming 5 months ago
16:20-Murray gets drafted 22:37-Bosa gets drafted 28:49-Williams gets drafted 37:23-Clelin Ferrell gets drafted 42:55- Devin White gets drafted 47:58-Daniel Jones gets drafted 54:00-Josh Allen gets drafted 57:13-TJ Hockenson gets drafted 1:03:10-Ed Oliver gets drafted 1:08:49-Broncos Trade Draft Pick 1:11:12-"Mean" Joe Greene announces Devin Bush as the draft pick 1:16:24-Jonah Williams gets drafted 1:19:45-Rashan Gary gets drafted 1:23:05-Christian Wilkins gets drafted 1:28:25-Chris Lindstrom gets drafted 1:31:55-Dwayne Haskins gets drafted 1:37:13-Brian Burns gets drafted 1:42:35-Dexter Lawrence gets drafted 1:47:02-Garrett Bradbury gets drafted 1:53:45-Jeffrey Simmons gets drafted 2:00:58-Noah Fant gets drafted 2:04:20-Seahawks trade draft pick to the Packers 2:05:42-Darnell Savage gets drafted 2:06:42-Ravens trade draft pick to Eagles 2:11:02-Andre Dillard gets drafted 2:16:55-Tytus Howard gets drafted 2:21:06-Josh Jacobs gets drafted (My pick for ROTY) 2:28:49-"Hollywood" Brown gets drafted (GO RAVENS!) 2:31:26-Colts trade pick to the Redskins 2:34:50-Montez Sweat gets drafted 2:40:00-Jonathan Abrams gets drafted 2:44:42-Jerry Tillery gets drafted 2:53:58-LJ Collier gets drafted 2:55:32-Deandre Baker gets drafted 2:59:31-Rams trade draft pick to Falcons 2:59:37-Kaleb Mcgary gets drafted 3:06:20-N'keal Harry is the last pick Credit to ya boi Kenneth Jara, and he spent his time doing dis
Hyun Geum
Hyun Geum 5 months ago
There’s more people at the draft then the bengals home games in 2019-20
pamela angela
pamela angela 5 months ago
I'll admit. I was so bummed and pissed when the Giants passed on Josh Allen. I was so giddy when he fell to them, but after Daniel Jones played well, I'm happy they didn't take the risk of missing out on him. I still miss Allen though, but I'm happy with Daniel.
Kristi Mo
Kristi Mo 6 months ago
I hate that kid died it's so sad
Jewish Circumcircle
Jewish Circumcircle 6 months ago
Does Trey Wingo have a contract incentive to say "and oh by the way" as many times as possible?
Jakob Braunjames
Jakob Braunjames 6 months ago
Guys we all know number 30 was the best pick
The Monkey Jokey
The Monkey Jokey 6 months ago
1:57:36 I think the Team which had him #1 on their board had been either the Titans or the Eagles.
Caleb’s Hour
Caleb’s Hour 6 months ago
6’4 1/4 249 yet runs a 4.5 40
Caleb’s Hour
Caleb’s Hour 6 months ago
Denver fans couldn’t of been more confused when Fant got drafted but he turned out as a good pick
Caleb’s Hour
Caleb’s Hour 3 months ago
@Dmeads 56 what
Dmeads 56
Dmeads 56 3 months ago
That trade worked out great for both teams.
esteban collazo
esteban collazo 6 months ago
Kyler Murray: "I couldn't even tell you what they said on that phone call, I kinda blacked out" Also Kyler Murray:"it's a moment I'll never forget"
Seth Bland
Seth Bland 6 months ago
1:08:33 is what you're here for
rskasik 6 months ago
Chris H.
Chris H. 6 months ago
I think the Bengals wanted Devin Bush, and the Steelers knew that, which is obviously why Pittsburgh moved up ahead of Cincinnati to nab Bush.
TJ vlogs bonny
TJ vlogs bonny 6 months ago
Go cardinals!
Rexzo x King
Rexzo x King 7 months ago
@47:51 somebody come get they kid man
BULLETCLUB 72 7 months ago
Trace McSorley😈 Throw it on a dime✅ Like I ain’t even tryin🥱 Just a kid from Bryerwood🤠 to wearin number 9🥶 Met Coach Franklin down at Vandy😼 Flipped to Happy Valley⚡️ Now I’m coming back and got the natty on my mind🤩 They can’t touch my deep ball💪🏼 Every game I’m scorin🏈
Truth and Consequences
Uh huh.. SMH
Gavin Erdmann
Gavin Erdmann 7 months ago
Imagine being that ass hole saying boo to the make a wish kid
Tyler Southard
Tyler Southard 7 months ago
Nashville, ya beautiful
Kozmic _
Kozmic _ 7 months ago
That one lady in the front when they drafted was like *Who the fuck is that* "Whooooooo"
Martellus Bennett
Martellus Bennett 7 months ago
Glitter 8 months ago
Remember when the black racists and beta male whiteys said the Giants were racist for drafting Jones the white quarterback instead of Haskins the black quarterback?
ItsAiden 2Cool
ItsAiden 2Cool 8 months ago
So we just gonna ignore the fact that Josh Allen was carrying a baby with him
redpepperdave 9 months ago
I came back just to see Daniel Jones get drafted again.
mskellyn07 9 months ago
Murray is gonna win a Superbowl one day, I know it
Lucas Borja
Lucas Borja 9 months ago
2:11:10 bruh they were so confused
Jydn 9 months ago
Let’s gooo Steelers devin bush😃
Gower SUP
Gower SUP 10 months ago
Why did Mel use Mahomes when talking about Kyler? Literally NOTHING in common besides being light skinned.
andrew lehr
andrew lehr 10 months ago
#NFL100 #KeepPounding
Waterlilly 1
Waterlilly 1 10 months ago
Coming here after watching „draft day“ with Kevin Costner 😊
Ghost Kid111
Ghost Kid111 10 months ago
Some people really thought we should have taken Quinnen🥴 Bosa would have been my 2nd choice without a doubt😤
Brow Master
Brow Master 10 months ago
1. Kyler Murray: Doing Very Well, Great piece for the Cardinals to build around. YEAR 2: Had a much improved season but was slightly inconsistent, expect an even better season from Kyler next year. 2. Nick Bosa: Has the potential to be the best edge in the league, already super dominant. YEAR 2: Torn ACL 2nd year in Week 2 but expect him to have a monster comeback season. 3. Quinnen Williams: Had Glimpses, but just couldn’t really get it going in his rookie season. YEAR 2: Started off slow but got really really good as the season went on and finished as one of the best interior defensive lineman in the NFL, should continue to get better. 4. Clelin Ferrell: Actually doing well, gritty player who is a good run stopper. YEAR 2: More of the same but there still isn’t much improvement honestly. 5. Devin White: Doing very well, needs to stay healthy YEAR 2: Had an incredible season and was one of the main reasons why the Buccaneers won the super bowl, future DPOY candidate. 6. Daniel Jones: Doing Decent, Needs to cutback on fumbles. YEAR 2: Had a slight sophomore slump but that was mainly due to poor O Line play and his receivers dropping passes. Must have a great Year 3 or else his job is in jeopardy. 7. Josh Allen: Doing Very Well, Could be a future top five edge rusher. YEAR 2: Had a really bad sophomore slump but I expect him to have a better season next year. 8. TJ Hockenson Great start to his career, but he needs to stay healthy and become more consistent. YEAR 2: Was one of the best TE in the league this year and he had a really underrated season for the Lions, much improved. 9. Ed Oliver: Doing Very Well, has tremendous upside. YEAR 2: More of the same from Oliver and he should continue to get better. 10. Devin Bush: Absolute Stud, Will anchor the Steelers linebacking core for at least 10 years. YEAR 2: Was having a pretty good season but tore his ACL, should bounce back though sometime next season. 11. Jonah Williams: Tough Call, didn’t play at all, but I think he’s going to be good. YEAR 2; Had a decent rookie season but he needs to stay healthy, so far the best player on the Bengals O Line. 12. Rashan Gary: Too many people are doubting him, needs more development, should move to 3-4 DE. YEAR 2: Much improved and showed flashes of terrific play, Packers might cut Preston Smith which could allow Gary to shine. 13. Christian Wilkins- Needs more development, will improve. YEAR 2: Had a pretty decent season but he could have an even better one next year. 14. Chris Lidstrom- Has injury problems, but so far he’s doing well. YEAR 2: Had another solid season and should be a very consistent guard for years to come. 15. Dwayne Haskins- Had some good and bad moments, but he doesn’t have much around him. YEAR 2: What happened? Showed incredible inconsistency, bragged about his stats in the locker room after a loss, partied during a pandemic, got benched and cut midseason. Hopefully he does better on the Steelers. 16. Brian Burns- Doing very well, should be an anchor for the Panthers defense. YEAR 2: Had an elite season and was incredibly under the radar last year, should continue to be an anchor on a very good Panthers D-Line. 17. Dexter Lawerence: One of the most underrated players in the class, is doing pretty good. YEAR 2: One of the better interior defensive lineman in the NFL, great run stuffer and will be successful in the league for years to come. 18. Garrett Bradbury: Doing Solid for the Vikings. YEAR 2: Had a solid season on a pretty poor Vikings O Line Unit. 19. Jeffrey Simmons: Has tremendous upside for the Titans, will improve. YEAR 2: Had a great season like I predicted but he will get better. 20. Noah Fant: Had a pretty good rookie season, has great upside. YEAR 2: Had an improved season and will continue to get better. 21. Darnell Savage: Did Very Well for GB, should be a force for them defensively. YEAR 2: Had another good year and should continue to improve. 22. Andre Dillard: Solid T, will help the future of the Eagles. YEAR 2: Out for the entire season, can’t evaluate. 23. Tytus Howard: Doing better than people expected, needs some more development. YEAR 2: He played OK but the Texans line still isn’t good. 24. Josh Jacobs: Could be a top five RB, great pick for the Raiders. YEAR 2: Had another very good season, will continue to improve on a competitive Raiders team. 25. Marquise Brown: Absolute Stud, Flourishes in the Ravens offense. YEAR 2: Had some up and down moments but it seems he’ll be a very good #2 receiver. 26. Montez Sweat: Doing Very Well, helps aid a much improved Redskins defense. YEAR 2: Had another great season and a Washington D Line that wrecked havoc. 27. Johnathan Abram: Doing Well Enough but needs some improvement. YEAR 2: Had a pretty good season, excited to see what he can do. 28. Jerry Tillery: Needs to improve, but time will tell. YEAR 2: Still not looking like a great pick, but he could get better. 29. LJ Collier: So far a total flop, but can improve. YEAR 2: He was slightly better but maybe he could be a late bloomer? 30. DeAndre Baker: OK Corner, but got arrested. YEAR 2: Got injured pretty bad in Kansas City but he’ll have a bounce back season next year. 31. Kaleb McGary: Doing OK but can improve. YEAR 2: Had another decent season with Atlanta. 32. N’Keal Harry: Should improve hopefully, needs to work. YEAR 2: Didn’t show much improvement and I’m starting to get a little worried.
Andy Gonzalez
Andy Gonzalez 2 months ago
update time
Autumn Becker2.0
Autumn Becker2.0 9 months ago
Brow Master ew q6ooyyoyoyyyy
Caleb Carroll
Caleb Carroll 10 months ago
Hmm who went to Davidson that played basketball, I can't think of anybody,.
Caleb Carroll
Caleb Carroll 9 months ago
@Ahmad D Who? did you make him up?
Ahmad D
Ahmad D 9 months ago
I think this dude named ceph sturry or something I think he’s out of the nba now he sucked
Caleb Carroll
Caleb Carroll 10 months ago
DBA_ Luke
DBA_ Luke 7 days ago
Michigan State #1
Michigan State #1 10 months ago
Man a crowd 😞 miss that
Strictly Casual
Strictly Casual 10 months ago
29.25 I wonder how long it took for his accounts to be hacked thanks to that bit of knowledge by the commentator, what a tit for saying that!
bruce lau
bruce lau 11 months ago
Man miss when we had this last year , a different time
Frank T
Frank T Year ago
Prudent Student
This is way better than a virtual draft.
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