2017 Draft Hit, Miss, or Meh: Every 1st Round Pick! 

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2017 Draft Hit, Miss, or Meh: Every 1st Round Pick!
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Apr 14, 2021




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Comments 100   
The Big Sad.
The Big Sad. Month ago
What do you guys think the most iconic NFL draft of all time is?
Warmupaccount5000 12 hours ago
2004 if you’d talking about QB’s
NFL sports talk
NFL sports talk 2 days ago
83 draft no doubt. 89 and 96 were amazing too
Ian Korapatti
Ian Korapatti 9 days ago
Ryan Ames
Ryan Ames 10 days ago
@Oak onion you mean 2018?
JeffTheJedi 10 days ago
2018 or 2005
Soren Andersen
Soren Andersen 10 hours ago
How is Oj Howard a miss? He is a meh!
Jonki Supreme
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Joel Flores
Joel Flores Day ago
Mahomes - Latimore - Watson, damn what a steal for a 10-11-12
Josh Guo
Josh Guo Day ago
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Next Gen Proxies
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Charles Rupp
Charles Rupp Day ago
You have Adoree Jackson a miss?
M A 2 days ago
it would have been better for the eagles to trade up for patrick mahomes
Doan Kieu Hoa
Doan Kieu Hoa 3 days ago
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Matthew Schneider
I think the best part of the NFL is watching college stars shine. Never been into the NFL that much, but damn do I love a good rookie year!
Yeng Vang
Yeng Vang 4 days ago
Chicago Bears select......(Patrick...Deshaun...) Mitchell Trubisky! WOAAAHH!!😂
gregory sanders
gregory sanders 4 days ago
More hit or miss!!!!
Dustin Smith
Dustin Smith 4 days ago
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ikinci yeni
ikinci yeni 5 days ago
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FunnyDude119 5 days ago
Solomon Thomas is so fucking garbage
MultiBearsfan54 5 days ago
Oh God no.
F N Your Mom
F N Your Mom 6 days ago
You’re high if you think Fournette wasn’t a hit in Jacksonville, the dude left there with the 4th most rushing yards in 3 fucking seasons, and ran for 1000+ yards in 2 of those 3 years. Just because they purposely tanked like crazy and cut him to get Trevor Lawrence doesn’t mean he wasn’t a hit.
northdakotagamer 6 days ago
How will they address Deshaun Watson
Ty Co
Ty Co 6 days ago
Conley over White... wow
PCON36 6 days ago
Thank you for not having Adam Rank do these videos anymore.
Dylan McCambly
Dylan McCambly 7 days ago
“he’s not flashy, he’s not sexy” (said about tre white)
Jeff Redfern
Jeff Redfern 7 days ago
I know right? Somehow a shutdown cover CB who can play all across the field is a frumpy pick.
Henry Lupkes
Henry Lupkes 7 days ago
Fournette is a miss, if you draft a rb that high you need higher production
jordan5221 7 days ago
WFT quietly building a quality roster.
Juanpablo Godinez
Im going to say Mitch Trubisky is a meh instead of miss because he was doing good in 2018-19 season
GTBreezy 9 days ago
It hurts we took taco over watt
TheOneLC7 9 days ago
Lol “look away bears fans” ouch
_ Kujo
_ Kujo 9 days ago
that myles hit😭
Kaleb Hawkeyekj1
Kaleb Hawkeyekj1 10 days ago
How many NVPs do Mahomes and Watson have? 0 NVP MITCH 1
Eric Elsinger
Eric Elsinger 10 days ago
As an Eagles fan, I consider Barnett a hit...just because he’ll always be remembered as the guy who recovered 55’s forced fumble in Super Bowl LII.
Ryan Ames
Ryan Ames 10 days ago
This was a godly draft for the bills
Isaac Jebsen
Isaac Jebsen 10 days ago
Will Morton
Will Morton 10 days ago
OJ Howard is a meh, not a miss. He was injured in his first year with Tom Brady, who knows what he can accomplish in 2021.
zerkzy842 10 days ago
Keep in mind all these teams passed on Dalvin Cook
Doug SwampRat
Doug SwampRat 11 days ago
You have to include Watson's legal dramas in his overall rating. He's a meh for me. Plays great but needs to many massages.
Plasmality 11 days ago
"Traded up 2 spots to select him" What. Your info is bad. Chiefs traded up 17 spots to select mahomes.
MajorHurricane 12 days ago
Tannenbaum is an "analyst" but when he was a GM he chose Charles Harris over TJ Watt and Dolphins fans forever see him like this 🤡
Charles Kallaher
Charles Kallaher 12 days ago
Isn't Adoree really good in coverage. He's not a stat padder but does his Job well. There's a reason he got that contract with the Giants.
Mo Zealous
Mo Zealous 12 days ago
its funny that every miss has been called out at the time of the draft
Luke Hendershot
Luke Hendershot 13 days ago
I disagree with the adoree Jackson miss
Travis-_- 13 days ago
Miss? On the living legend to only bear the name NVP
Vincent Russell
Vincent Russell 13 days ago
I don't care what anyone says mahomes would not be the same QB if chicago would have drafted him he would have been better than mitchell no doubt but he's not throwing 50 TD an 5000 yard an mvp taking the bears to the superbowl 2 years in a row but i guess we'll never no
Trix 13 days ago
Tre Day baby
Christian Lowrie
Christian Lowrie 13 days ago
I'd love to see stats on which front office has best HIT percentage, etc.
Lucas Albuquerque
Lucas Albuquerque 14 days ago
4 years has passed, and I still can't believe that Bears select Trubisky instead Mahomes... lol
Moko Koco
Moko Koco 14 days ago
That’s bears fan wishes they pick PM2
Noah Anish
Noah Anish 14 days ago
Did they say sexy?
Freakin Turbo
Freakin Turbo 15 days ago
How the hell is Fournette a MEH!? He rushed for 1,000 yards twice in 3 season for Jacksonville. How is that considered tumultuous?
Loxchi 15 days ago
Hopefully Justin Fields does good!
C20H42 15 days ago
Chiefs traded up 17 spots to get mahomes, not 2
James Medina
James Medina 15 days ago
Bolles went from miss to meh to hit.
nuvigroovi 16 days ago
Niners blew it twice but got Kittle in the 5th.
Jack Pfau
Jack Pfau 17 days ago
Some of the ratings he gives these guys are really off
ViciousSummoner 18 days ago
17:25 the worst pick ever by the Cowboys since bobby carpenter. I remember this guy getting frustrated(throwing tantrums) vs Zack Martin on he’s first practice as a rookie with the cowboys lol. That was the moment we knew he was a bust.
Sands 18 days ago
Am I the only one who though Leonard Fournette was drafted in like 2013 or something and was old??? Damn, Running Backs don’t last at all lmfao.
Philip Rapp
Philip Rapp 18 days ago
Saints easily one of the best drafting teams and developing the players
TheModer8ter 18 days ago
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BlackSunday 19 days ago
Let’s see: Garrett, Mahomes, Watson, Humphrey, Watt, and a couple of linemen here, are all future hall of famers. Is 2017 the greatest draft class ever? It’s close to 1983.
Conal Donovan
Conal Donovan 19 days ago
why they include the video of myles garrett breaking trevor semiens ankle lmfaooo
Jg Yt
Jg Yt 20 days ago
Why u do Howard like that
Hockey 20 days ago
I think garret also holds the record for the hardest helmet slam
KammaQwazi 20 days ago
I still remember Green Bay trading out of the first round when TJ f%$#ing Watt was still there. Almost threw my phone through a wall.
salva segarra
salva segarra 20 days ago
So psyched for tomorrow's draft
oaklandfan312 20 days ago
A'Doree Jackson isn't a miss at all. 2017-2019 he had 70+ PFF grades each season which is insane consistency for a corner and just got a 40 million dollar contract from the Giants
Cp3jordan95 20 days ago
Pat Mahomes could be one of the best picks in history
MAC P 21 day ago
How many other people watched this and do the guessing right after they announced the player's name? I got one wrong and that was foster I mistaked him for Warner
MAC P 21 day ago
Of course myles Hits! Ask rudolph
Michael Washington
Adore Jackson has played some good football at times..not a total bust...meh
Devin Senter
Devin Senter 21 day ago
Lmao I thougt he said midori jackson at first
Matthew Howard
Matthew Howard 21 day ago
Imagine being Adams and having less interceptions than Vince Wilfork
CalbeXD 22 days ago
Did you guys really just call the unanimous NVP a "miss"???
CTB Dre 22 days ago
“He’s not flashy he’s not sexy but a solid corner” wtf that gotta do wit anything😂
Patrick Myers
Patrick Myers 22 days ago
This is stolen from Urinating Tree
K 22 days ago
The disrespect from the nfl completely disregarding fournettes rookie season taking the Jags to the afc championship...
Derek T
Derek T 22 days ago
Why do I always feel like Fournette has been in the league since like 2014? I swear he was playing when I was in highschool. (Graduated in 2016)
Last Contestant
Last Contestant 23 days ago
Takk McKinley isn’t a “meh” he’s a whole ass bust
Random Person
Random Person 23 days ago
4:42 "Christian McCaffrey, wide reciever" Lmao 😂😂😂
thenobleone 23 days ago
Idea ripped from urinating tree ?
Letho Kazuma
Letho Kazuma 23 days ago
taco fuckin charlton..... Jesus Christ
j06169 23 days ago
I hated when the packers traded down to get kevin king instead of drafting tj watt. King is always injured and when he's not then he's on the field getting burn and blowing coverages. I seen enough since 2019. He's gotta go
Alfred Uhl
Alfred Uhl 24 days ago
ExoSkeleton 19 days ago
He was bad 1st 3 years
Yoboy Odyssey
Yoboy Odyssey 24 days ago
McCaffrey would be WAYYYY better if he was on a decent team like the chargers
Yoboy Odyssey
Yoboy Odyssey 19 days ago
@ExoSkeleton what i dont hate him
ExoSkeleton 19 days ago
@Yoboy Odyssey hater
Yoboy Odyssey
Yoboy Odyssey 24 days ago
@CandG Productions ik but he would be on top of Henry if he was on a decent team
CandG Productions
CandG Productions 24 days ago
He’s already amazing tho
CandG Productions
CandG Productions 24 days ago
I agree
Kxng Corde
Kxng Corde 24 days ago
A few years later:2020 draft hit, miss, or meh
Maverick Musique
Maverick Musique 24 days ago
Charles Harris worst player of Round 1 of that draft. Worst first rounder for the Fins since Dion Jordan.
TGS Drippy_Nolitmit
Bears right now lol🤣
Colbycheese45 24 days ago
Ian Chorne
Ian Chorne 24 days ago
Still cant believe we took Takk over Watt or White
C M 24 days ago
OJ Howard is not a miss. Jesus
Boba Frett
Boba Frett 24 days ago
There’s one thing as a Bears fan that I want to say. If you erase Mahomes-Watson from this draft class, he might still be out QB. In fact, he wouldn’t be getting the bust label as much. After watching him for 4 years, and the passion he had after week 12, I give him a meh.
Josh Wright
Josh Wright 24 days ago
Garrett is just an all around POS💩. Skill aside.
Leo H
Leo H 25 days ago
Seems like these teams dont believe their own scouts
Leo H
Leo H 25 days ago
Patrick mchomie..2 superbowls..1 win..1 league mvp...1 supbowl mvp..yeah he's a hit
Jack Schoen
Jack Schoen 25 days ago
Man this draft sucked
Carlos Aguirre
Carlos Aguirre 25 days ago
I was so mad when the raiders didn't draft TJ Watt 😭😭😭
Aidan Vitticore
Aidan Vitticore 25 days ago
The make a wish recipient was right to be pumped. Humphrey is a beast!!
Aidan Vitticore
Aidan Vitticore 25 days ago
Should have said Grand Slam for Mahomes
_Braden_G_ 25 days ago
Deshaun Watson is now a miss
John 117
John 117 25 days ago
Idk why raiders didn't get tj watt 🙄
GeorgiaOnMyMind _912
Desaun Watson questionable oline???? Are you kidding me, look at that line vs a kc line or a Seahawks line
GeorgiaOnMyMind _912
John Ross a perfect example for teams, if they have injury problems in college, it’ll only get worse in nfl
Jared Taylor
Jared Taylor 25 days ago
Bro you’re off on some of these what the fuck 😂😂😂
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