2002 Pontiac Firebird WS6 - Jay Leno's Garage 

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Jay accepted this car as payment and he found that this high-performance variant was one of the best Firebirds ever made!
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Hosted by legendary comedian and “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno, the series explores our obsession with all things automotive. From classic cars to supercars and everything in-between, Jay is hitting the road to discover the most exciting, weird and wonderful vehicles ever made and meet the passionate people behind their wheels. Each one-hour themed episode features a mix of stunts, challenges, reviews, and celebrity interviews that showcases the colorful history of the automobile. Whether he’s exploring the story of an iconic brand, road-testing the newest super car, or investigating the latest automotive innovations, there is no wheel Jay won’t get behind to tell the story of our love affair with the car.
About Jay Leno: Acclaimed TV late night show host, admired stand-up comedian, best-selling children’s book author, much-in-demand corporate speaker, lovable TV and movie voice-over artist, pioneering car builder and mechanic, and philanthropist…it’s no wonder that Jay Leno is widely characterized as “the hardest working man in show business.”
2002 Pontiac Firebird WS6 - Jay Leno's Garage
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Feb 15, 2021




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8888 2 hours ago
I had a buddy in high school who had that same year, model, trim, and color. Was in love with it and heart broken when he traded it for a fox body
GroundZero 6 hours ago
I loved owning this car when they came out. Mine was red and just loved it!
Chan Stone
Chan Stone 6 hours ago
Those cars are capable of amazing speeds for being a Pontiac
KJ Lemken
KJ Lemken 6 hours ago
Grandma has a 2001 Firebird NON-TA, all stock not a v8, and it’s got 38k miles on it
Daniel K
Daniel K 6 hours ago
Seen this car at a town festival when I was in High School. Pontiac was showing some of their new inventory, such a classy sports car would love to own one of these today or a GTO.
MBM460 Ns
MBM460 Ns 7 hours ago
Jay is missing a lug nut cover
Bigfoot270 10 hours ago
One of my favorite cars. Love the lines.
Vinnie Chenzo
Vinnie Chenzo 10 hours ago
Jay thank you for showing this car. It's a very special car to many of us.
Aaron B
Aaron B 13 hours ago
Pretty sure he honked at the mustang but the camera cut.
Zachary Peery
Zachary Peery 16 hours ago
Right on Jay, another sweet ride. That dark blue color is smoothe too
Jeffrey Salazar
Jeffrey Salazar 16 hours ago
Surprise he doesn’t have a Firehawk. With the ducktail wing. Uff. But very satisfying to see him appreciate a not so rare ws6.
Skidz1818 17 hours ago
Sold my 02 Ws6 about 3 years ago. It was bone stock, pewter in color and had 79k miles on it when she left my life. Very fun car, i miss it!
TheFlyingPLiner 17 hours ago
Those t tops had more leaks than the us government after Edward Snowden left the country.
Derrick Woods
Derrick Woods 18 hours ago
Jay looks like he's not feeling well
Scott Ohlms
Scott Ohlms 18 hours ago
WS6 was the RPO code for the upgrade over the standard Trans Am. Pontiac used quite a few W-based codes.
Marc Cabana
Marc Cabana 19 hours ago
I have the Camaro SS rag in the same colour 2 years older.I have had the car for 17 years and have only replaced the battery. I have 2 Camaro’s but this generation I agree with Jay it’s the best handling and fun car for the money ever! Cheers Jay ! Keep making these fun videos .
Edwin Aponte
Edwin Aponte 20 hours ago
You have a lot of money give me to me lol.
Joshman Vegasman
Joshman Vegasman 22 hours ago
Jay !! I'm not afraid of Covid , can i come work in your garage ? Plenty of experience with cars , foreign and domestic .
Tanner Wharton
The ws6 is a legend
Jesse McLaughlin
You sick m'fr
Jesse McLaughlin
You look kind of depressed and getting old without your adrenochrome there Leno,think of all the children you're saving though
Edward Prete
Edward Prete Day ago
Jay, you were right.... Wide Suspension 6 pieces. ls1tech.com/forums/pontiac-firebird-1967-2002/277935-what-does-ws6-stand.html
Edward Prete
Edward Prete Day ago
I'm love my Mustangs, but if I was to ever get a GM, THIS is at the top of the list.
Chris Perry
Chris Perry Day ago
Pretty awesome seeing Jay Leno being a big F body fan ki da wish I could go cruising with him lol
Charles Blizz
At the end did he he's getting covid cause he needs to be protected he is a national treasure
Shawn Huff
Shawn Huff Day ago
My uncle has one
CoachEgg Day ago
If he's the one that keeps his cars clean, Bob's your auntie
King RocketX4
😍🔥🔥🦅 I have a 2001 ws6 my favorite car of all time. Thanks for the video jay leno
Jet Gardner
Jet Gardner Day ago
Thank you Jay. I don't think I'll ever forgive GM for discontinuing Pontiac. It's an EAGLE Jay... an EAGLE. Like it or not the EAGLE on the hood is what sets is apart. It's not a chicken it's an EAGLE.
Hyerrr Vawesome
Love these!
WS6 is a RPO code, And it translates to (WS6 Performance Package - Formula/Trans Am) Something tells me that this is literally the first maybe second time he was under that vehicle!
E K Day ago
Miss my 2002 4th gen F-Body Camaro SS. Should have never let it go. Can’t beat the sound of that LS-1 V8 and excellent body styling. Sad that GM stopped making the F-bodies. The 5th and 6th gen Camaros can’t compare in my opinion.
I had that exact car except mine was black. A 89 Buick decided to pull out in front of me one day. 60mph to a dead stop. I just a had a sore neck, but this video hurts way more.
SNMIKE1 Day ago
Had this exact car in black, had custom polished wheels, much wider tires on all four corners for that muscular look. WS6 is simply the order code for "Trans Am".
Josh Uritis
Josh Uritis Day ago
For real, thanks for showing us your Ws6 J:) such a beaut. The F body is such a good looking car....
Fidel Molina
Fidel Molina Day ago
I used to have one but I got in a accident about 19 years ago and to the day I still want another. Hopefully one day, it's still my favorite car.
Brandon Heist
I had a 2001 ws6. Exact same color and everything. Everybody and their brother would want to race me. I think it was the big obnoxious spoiler and hood. I loved it.
Dan W
Dan W Day ago
My favorite car by far. Love everything about them.
Hellwithpots Day ago
We’re is the ground effects?
Derek Dreke
Derek Dreke Day ago
Man i love these and this car is a timeless classic 🤙👌🤙 keep it up Jay
I have a 1999 pontiac firebird trans am ls1 6 spd
Francois Martinez
Jay called the bird on the hood a "Big Chicken" lol. I thought it was a hawk hence the name "Firehawk". You really gotta love Jay's Humor.
SuzukiKid400 Day ago
It’s common to call the bird a “fire chicken” as car guy slang.
Tony Cutaia
Tony Cutaia Day ago
One of my dream cars! GM made a huge mistake by dropping Pontiac
Zack_93 Day ago
I used to have one of these in perfect shape black hurst 6speed with about 130k but the motor blew up on me and at the time I was working at a fast food place and just couldn't afford to fix it I sold it and it really broke my heart getting rid of it such a great car .
Stop slamming these hoods, Jay.... WTH... It's painful.... Jesus.....
Mike Zelesnik
I like how he allows us to enjoy his passion. It’s our passion as well, he knows it, and shares in this way. I’m a 2nd gen guy, but I certainly appreciate the love..
Clay Boswell
Clay Boswell Day ago
WS-6 was just an RPO code (like Z28) for the Performance and Handling package option. Actually, if the option was chosen the Trans Am was shipped to SLP and they added the performance and handling upgrades. The covers that were in the trunk are actually covers for the t-tops. They inserted right against the glass on the inside to act as a shade. The ram air was functional but really made no difference until you hit around 70 mph.
Maffuw123 mst
Still have my 02 WS6. I’ll probably never get rid of it.
Quinton Graham
I wonder will Pontiac ever come back. I had a 2000 Grand Prix and it was my favorite car ever
Delta X156
Delta X156 Day ago
It’s funny how the mustang guy races by jay with not a clue in the world but unbeknownst to that guy jay leno is driving that firebird lol
Tone Capone
Tone Capone 2 days ago
Yes the Fake Pandemic - which is not really a Pandemic is going on - The Real Pandemic is the LIES and the Direction the World is heading, and the only disease that people really should worry about, is the Disease of FEAR - which is controlling people right now
A R 2 days ago
What's to like about these turds? They are laughably ugly, Embarrassingly slow, built by idiots, and owned by losers. Just like everything gm has ever made or ever will make.
SuzukiKid400 Day ago
I disagree with most of your points (especially the part about them being slow) but to each their own. Do you have a favourite car from the late 90s or early 2000s that compares favour ably with the firebird?
Cordell walker
Cordell walker 2 days ago
Good stuff J, fastest top speed I've ever ridden was in a f body . Good times
codeine 2 days ago
beautiful car, beautiful man, even more beautiful chin!
Hillclimbfan1990 2 days ago
This car isn't very pretty (from the front especially), it looks pretty dated for an '02 car. Yet still Jay's passion for this car makes this a great video.
SuzukiKid400 Day ago
@Hillclimbfan1990 I respect your opinion. I guess that’s why GM also made the Camaro as it was a little more simple in terms of design and more understated. Cheers.
@SuzukiKid400 It definitely has a sinister look, and I can understand the appeal. It just isn't for me, it's a bit too much.
SuzukiKid400 Day ago
I absolutely LOVE the front end. It’s one of the main reasons why I bought one. When it comes up behind you in your mirror it looks mean, sinister like it’s going to bite you. Amazing.
Andrew 2 days ago
Would have loved to see you pass that mustang
TailsTheCat 2 days ago
Guy needs to give it a rest. Here's some metal. Here's a thing. Tap tap tap.
Jason B****Y
Jason B****Y 2 days ago
Glad to see someone like Jay enjoy this car I’d love to have it. Own a 93 z28. Need to fix it and enjoy it again. 👍
Gerrit Todd
Gerrit Todd 2 days ago
Anthony Foltz
Anthony Foltz 2 days ago
I like that you actually drive it and that you enjoy it.
Ayamalach 2 days ago
Knight Rider 2021 edition!
David C.
David C. 2 days ago
The F-Body is fun to drive. I had a brand new white 2002 Camaro V6. It had a small red lettered 35th Anniversary badge on the dash. The car to have back then was the black Pontiac TransAm WS6, like in the TV commercial 😎
Mr. Cheezle
Mr. Cheezle 2 days ago
Loved / still love this car. Thank you Jay!
WoWDontu 2 days ago
I loved the trans am, but the firehawk package was my favorite.
Ron Bernard
Ron Bernard 2 days ago
No burn out ?
Ron Bernard
Ron Bernard 2 days ago
Probably the nicest 1 out there
Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown 2 days ago
Its rare to see one in great shape.
Joshua Charles
Joshua Charles 2 days ago
It is perfect underneath sir. I'd sell you my soul and my Trans Am for this beauty
Jason Hirtle
Jason Hirtle 3 days ago
I need a car
Miadous 3 days ago
This was my dream car in high school. I got as close as I could at the time with an older 95 v6 camaro that our neighbor sold for $2k lol.
MM 126
MM 126 2 days ago
Same here. I settled for a black 87 trans am, 5 speed with hard roof, no t-tops. Awesome times
SchwayZ_ 3 days ago
The undercarriage is cleaner than if it had just sat around for 18 years! Amazing! 🤩
Cowboys432 WTX
Cowboys432 WTX 3 days ago
Modern day classic.
Steve 3 days ago
What a POS !!!!!!
GargeFloyd 3 days ago
ive got a 190k ss camaro that is clean as the firebird. Flowmaster exhaist and remobing the intake baffles really wakes them up.
Clear Water
Clear Water 3 days ago
If you don't have the flu , you don't have Covid, because Covid is just the flu rebranded. The ventilators will kill you.
roadrailn 3 days ago
Very good job Jay 👍. Best humbling presentation of a car I’ve seen from you. Was easy to watch and a very nice car you have
Joe Smith at Ride Corp
Well done Jay, the swan song 🎵 of the firebird was well said. It takes me back
Danny J. Rumbles
Danny J. Rumbles 3 days ago
The last Trans Am’s are a fantastic car. Jay, yours still looks like new! I always wanted NBC to make another Knight Rider tv show and use these cars. They would have made a beautiful K.I.T.T.
Sammy Messino
Sammy Messino 3 days ago
What about the firehawk? Same thing different badging?
SuzukiKid400 3 days ago
I used to have a ‘99 WS6 with the LS1 and it was such a fun car and I miss it. Listening to you start yours and hearing the exhaust and the chime from the door being open made me so happy. Thanks Jay.
David Large
David Large 3 days ago
I had a 2002 Firebird six-cylinder and I loved it I wish I didn’t have to sell it🥲
I have always loved the Trans Am versions especially F bodies are sweet. But I believe Jay is incorrect here I believe the best firebird they ever made was the 2002 Firebird firehawk, had all the handling and 345 hp to go with it. It was definitely the pinnacle of the production line.
Matt Glass
Matt Glass 3 days ago
Im lucky enough to have a 2000 WS6, and a 2002 SS Camaro. Love them both.
Trollol Police
Trollol Police 3 days ago
I’ve always wanted a WS-6
Dennis McMunn
Dennis McMunn 3 days ago
I miss my 85 T/A 😥
Steven Arseneault
Ha. @ 16:10.... I saw what you did there with your hand on the horn Jay.....the next few seconds was edited out. No wonder that mustang bolted forward. ;) Jay, I own a 99 Trans am. Just bought it, I like setting up my seat lifted in the front and down in the back. Feels like riding a low rider motorcycle. So far I like this car a lot. Quite the diffrence going from JDM to this machine. Biggest diffrences.... turn radius longer, solid rear axle makes it feel more like a truck, handling is not as sharp, that rumble......I'm definitly going to apreciate that. T-tops, 4 seater, LS1, beautiful shape except maybe the wing seems bigger than it should be. I love the fact that I bought a part of a Canadian heritage since all gen 4 firebirds and camaros plus SLP mods were all assembled in Quebec. I think I'll keep it. No chickens or giant nostrils on mine. Althought I do like the look of the Firehawk hoods.
Alfonso Mendoza
Alfonso Mendoza 3 days ago
I think Forza used this car for the video game.
no name
no name 3 days ago
this car is absolutely beautiful
FaSS Blac
FaSS Blac 3 days ago
I can't leave well enough alone. I modify everything I get. I HAVE a '00 Camaro SS. It has a built 4L80E, a Ford 9" with 3.70's and a locker. Engine is pretty stock, doesn't even have headers. Gonna build an LS stroker for it this year hopefully. It drives really good. I'll have it until I upgrade to a C7, or a Red Eye Challenger.
Dewayne Neeley
Dewayne Neeley 3 days ago
One of my all time favorite cars.
capn233 3 days ago
Sometimes I wish I had kept my '01 mostly stock. But the one thing that is non-negotiable is aftermarket shocks (Bilstein or Koni). They make these cars so much better.
B Manning
B Manning 3 days ago
I've been driving this car 20 year's and nothing breaks lol I guess not when you're only putting 50 miles a year on it with a full service garage in your backyard
Angie Cendejas-Gonzalez
My husband has a 1997 and his brother has a 2002. Im not exactly sure anything else but let me tell you, ive driven them both and I LOVE the feeling of driving them both! 🥰🥰
James dudebud
James dudebud 4 days ago
*leno's last sentence tells you that he knows that there's a SCAM demic.... you can also tell by his lower decibel level*
DanDaMan 4 days ago
Love it then and would be blessed to have one now especially in that condition and all Original 🙌🙌😍 thanks Jay
Lamar Ward
Lamar Ward 4 days ago
Hey Jay...I bought my son an 02 firebird from a guy at work for my sins first car... it is a 6 cylinder... it has over 200k on it and it is a lil rough mechanically but he loves it and I just want to get it made to be dependable for him... I've done a few things but it needs quiet a bit more... any info on where to begin
16 Bit Kev
16 Bit Kev 4 days ago
Those covers in the trunk he still had in the plastic, slide in between the T-Top and the roof of the car so it looks like a hard top on the inside instead of the open glass. Really cool, had them in an 02 z28
TriPyramid Pictures
TriPyramid Pictures
I enjoy your show! I plan on doing my own. Thanks!
TriPyramid Pictures
The same cluster as the trucks, and a lot of other cars
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