#2 Vanderbilt v #14 Florida Highlights (Leiter v Mace, Crazy Game) | 2021 College Baseball Highlight 

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Florida and Vanderbilt played the second game of their 3 game series in the 2021 College Baseball Season.
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May 1, 2021




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Comments 95   
Jacob Pishko
Jacob Pishko 12 hours ago
How can i get the full game?
Bucko :]
Bucko :] 2 days ago
Cant be looking on the last strike of the ball game com on vandy
Vaughn Lucyk
Vaughn Lucyk 2 days ago
Bradfield is insane
Leshawn Branch(ST)
7:44 This guy definitely has murder on his mind lol
Gabo 4516
Gabo 4516 2 days ago
I knew it was a matter of time for the batters to hit Leiter
Isaiah Jones
Isaiah Jones 2 days ago
Sasuke Rules27
Sasuke Rules27 2 days ago
0:24 that slide was clean 🧼 🧼 🧼
Chance Olson
Chance Olson 3 days ago
Where’s the Jack Leiter haters?? He’s looking inhuman with that rising fastball filthy
Kye Comincioli
Kye Comincioli 3 days ago
Leiter is super predictable. Probably why he's getting hit recently.
Chris C.
Chris C. 3 days ago
Is Leiter healthy? His velocity is down and his off speed pitches look flat.
Sam Hoskins #17
Sam Hoskins #17 4 days ago
People thinking twice about leiter being better than rocker
Wiz Eve
Wiz Eve 4 days ago
Both teams plate stomp so good it make me sour
raphi hall
raphi hall 4 days ago
wow, bruh every time Vandy loses no one ever gives credit to the other team. It's not like the 11 runs just appeared there.
DanGurgo 4 days ago
3 errors for Tate Kolwyck in this game and they still started him in the Sunday game. He's only hitting 0.260, why in the world is he in the lineup. Leiter needs to focus on hitting his spots again. He left WAY too many over the plate and hung so many breaking balls and Florida made him pay for it. Not gunna get away with that.
Galarian Victory
Galarian Victory 4 days ago
Letter has been off lately
Noah Gonzalez
Noah Gonzalez 4 days ago
got to sit that 2nd baseman after that 2nd error, too many talented players on the bench to continue having the same guy throw up on himself for the rest of the game
FlexNextUp 4 days ago
12:14 Ayo😳
The RealWetLemon
The RealWetLemon 4 days ago
Letter really gotta develop that off speed. He won’t be better than an alright relief pitcher if he can’t. He is obviously super young so he can develop but it is surprising he still doesn’t have a great one at this level
Stärke 4 days ago
Bradfield Jr is my favorite to watch... kid is enhancing his draft stock soooo much!
x MPM 4 days ago
RAYS FAN 4 days ago
Go Gators
Ryan Boyle
Ryan Boyle 4 days ago
Tennessee has to be going crazy too…
Ryan Boyle
Ryan Boyle 4 days ago
So thats Georgia and Florida taking series from Vandy right??
Ray Ray
Ray Ray 4 days ago
Going to be a good game today!
Hunter Volcan
Hunter Volcan 4 days ago
The Gators look cheesy stomping on home plate after hitting a home run thinking they are cool. Like come up with your own celebration, dont copy other teams
Hunter Volcan
Hunter Volcan 3 days ago
@Essess Nine You can't tell me one major leaguer who does it consistently
Essess Nine
Essess Nine 4 days ago
who exactly do you think invented stomping home plate? baseball players have been doing it for over a century
Perry Tilton
Perry Tilton 4 days ago
Leiter's arm must be getting wiped. FB not moving, nor near as fast. Breaking balls are mediocre this game, at best, and control was not good. How do you miss low on a FB that is supposed to be above the letters? Bradfield was fun to watch. The first play should have been routine, but he made that pitcher and first baseman look like little t-ballers with that pressure he put on them. He has some speed on him. Vandy second baseman just flat struggled. Tried rushing the transfers all game.
Pandehs 4 days ago
7:07 he grabbed that mans whole right cheek lmao
keyron Ross
keyron Ross 4 days ago
Where is Cj Rodriguez ?
Josh O'Brien
Josh O'Brien 4 days ago
Who is that Vandy second baseman? What he have 3-4-5 errors? O.m.g.
TripleC 4 days ago
Modsquad31 4 days ago
leiter's body looks tired, falling forward and not driving as much as he used to and arm is dragging
Perry Tilton
Perry Tilton 4 days ago
He's definitely dragging that arm.
Alex Moyers
Alex Moyers 4 days ago
I’ve grown to really dislike Vanderbilt baseball recently. The stomping on home plate every time they hit a homer, the fact that they never have anyone show up to watch their home games, and the “vandy boys” thing is lame as hell. They just seem so pretentious.
Essess Nine
Essess Nine 4 days ago
I don't mind the plate stomping. I like to see the energy and passion.
x Monsie23
x Monsie23 4 days ago
The man at 2:30ish... "OH LOOK AT THAT!" 🤣🤣
TEJIDOTCOM 4 days ago
Devin Garvey
Devin Garvey 4 days ago
you can see how much the commentators are against vandy lmaooo
mickey 4 days ago
You do understand that was a local station with Mick Hubert the voice of the Gators right? Lmao!!
kian vorster
kian vorster 4 days ago
Litter is so overrated, and the second baseman is dog balls
Tanner_10 4 days ago
Leiter has been out pitched in back to back weekends now
Nick Mitchell
Nick Mitchell 4 days ago
Oh how i wish Arkansas and Vandy played each other this year
Michael Pasko
Michael Pasko 4 days ago
tough day for the Vandy 2nd baseman
xaap gz
xaap gz 4 days ago
number 6 lost the game on his own hahaha
Jorge Gil
Jorge Gil 4 days ago
I’m sorry but that cole wick kid absolutely sold
T V 4 days ago
location > velo
Perry Tilton
Perry Tilton 4 days ago
And he lacked both.
Whitey Bulger
Whitey Bulger 4 days ago
He knew what he was doing tryna keep them pitches inside😭😂😂soon as he put it over the plate he took that bitch out
Ronnie2k Nephew
Ronnie2k Nephew 4 days ago
His unique short arm delivery is what makes his pitches move and seem so deceptive, but he didn’t look like he was using it for some reason.
Josiah_w7 4 days ago
7:08 ayo??
Denzel Malcolm
Denzel Malcolm 5 days ago
They should have taken Jack out a lot sooner. After the back to back homers. They were clearly hitting him hard. It was a bad outing but he is still a top pitcher.. This is on the coach if he mad ethe change sooner they could have won.
Brandon McFarland
Second basemen blew that game
Adam GB
Adam GB 5 days ago
The 4-seam and cement mixer combo for Leiter isn't good. That FB needs a secondary pitch and he aint got one.
Perry Tilton
Perry Tilton 4 days ago
If his fastball is cooking, he generally has above average spin-rate, which is why more swings and misses occurred earlier in the year from both FB and SL. I was never a fan of his locating ability. He can locate if he wants, but that's a lot of his energy being moved from velocity to locating.
James Mckay
James Mckay 5 days ago
Listen they sure in the hell did put on a hitting clinic I mean good night that's why some of these guys are the next generation MLB players
Corn Pop
Corn Pop 5 days ago
Boy Vandy fans in the comments acting like their boys couldn't be touched 😂. This is what happens when you play good teams...you win some you lose some🤷🏾‍♂️. You're not going to dominate everybody...it's okay lol
Evan Spencer
Evan Spencer 4 days ago
It’s the only sport they can look forward to all year. Cut ‘em some slack
kaberle71 5 days ago
Bunch of wild pitches on a night where Vandy doesn't put allstar catcher CJ Rodriguez behind the plate.
Steve Winter
Steve Winter 5 days ago
Thos guys dont need to be stomping on home plate after the homeruns..its juvenile and disrespectful. Whoever's teaching these kids now a days..no class.also..shortstop needs to come in and cut that ball off...laying back to take that lazy grounder ..runners will beat that all day... 6:53
Steve Winter
Steve Winter 4 days ago
@Cody Seidel traditional or not.i think its disrespectful to the game..we didnt pull shit like that Back in the 90s and I'm out of Florida. Umps wouldnt allow it..or the coaches
Cody Seidel
Cody Seidel 4 days ago
@Steve Winter idk if it is for Florida or not but the Vandy stomp has been a thing for well over a decade now
Steve Winter
Steve Winter 4 days ago
@Cody Seidel was it also a florida tradition because they did it as well..its stupid.
Cody Seidel
Cody Seidel 4 days ago
It’s literally a Vandy tradition lol
i s a e L
i s a e L 5 days ago
its called having FUN bozo, u should try it sometimes
Austin Clausheide
Tough night for Vandy second baseman
bluefalcon3ID 5 days ago
Leiter's motion looks different than it has before this point. Odd
Peds Card Collection
noticed the same thing..wasnt sure if it was the camera angle or not but something about his arm action looked different
Jack Raithel
Jack Raithel 5 days ago
what a sloppy game from two of the best teams in the country
pollutedmouth 5 days ago
Anyone think vandys hitting lacks quite a bit against decent to good pitching?
Papi Chullo
Papi Chullo 4 days ago
Well they've been getting to UF but a lot of that is sloppy defense and walks
Road To Williamsport
Leiter needed this adversity. He will be fine he still has plus stuff
Tanner_10 4 days ago
@mcmg Jahfari sonny gray is currently one of the top 25 starters in the league...scouts rave about Leiter’s stuff, he just isn’t locating it right now. He’ll be fine
mcmg Jahfari
mcmg Jahfari 4 days ago
Your eyes work bro .. ? His stuff isn't plus at all .. his Comp is a lesser Sonny gray
Hahauravirgin 5 days ago
Such good baseball here. These guys play the game so we’ll both teams
Voidlessツ 5 days ago
Is it just me or are the announcers just a little bit one sided towards Florida 😂 he voiced cracked so hard at one point because Florida got out at home lol
Nathan Ward
Nathan Ward 4 days ago
So SECN+ has announcers for the home team. If you want something more unbiased, the National broadcast is for you
David Ding
David Ding 5 days ago
That's the Florida radio announcer, so obviously, yeah.
Papayaplayer Joe24
That's the Gator home broadcaster, you outta hear him do Gator football. 100% certified homer.
Faaa Y
Faaa Y 5 days ago
Gators overrated lol vandy just had a bad game
Papi Chullo
Papi Chullo 4 days ago
Don’t you mean 2 bad games? In a row? Or did UF just outplay you start to finish...
Chad 13
Chad 13 4 days ago
Yeah hold that series L
Papi Chullo
Papi Chullo 4 days ago
Predictor Bibulous
Thanks Wheels
Hollywood11Vlogs 5 days ago
Leiter bout to be drafted because of him last name 😂
Hollywood11Vlogs 4 days ago
@Leland Allen Top arms don't give daily home runs.
Leland Allen
Leland Allen 5 days ago
Yeah that’s why.... definitely not because this year and next year he will continue to be one of the top arms in the country..... totally right....
Brady Dougan
Brady Dougan 5 days ago
Arkansas fan here, if vandy takes care of 3 errors at 2nd and catches that fly ball in left they win the game. Both teams are pretty good though
Mike Murphy
Mike Murphy 5 days ago
Bradfield is the SEC Jarod Dyson.
Mike Murphy
Mike Murphy 5 days ago
Probably the most innings Leiter has thrown in one season in his life and fatigue is showing. He needs a slider that goes away from righties as opposed to 12/6 amd most of all he needs to develop his changeup if he’s gonna succeed at the next level. Literally everybody in the show throws 96 with a slider but the best ones have one dominant pitch that they rely on. He will get stronger and throw harder though he just needs a bit more time. Still a great pitcher and I’d take him if I was Shitsburgh...sorry, Pittsburgh. (Then trade him to Tampa for Mike Zunnino)
Greg 5 days ago
That Vandy second baseman had a tough night. Couldn’t even glove a dribbler
Chalec Mouse
Chalec Mouse Day ago
Must have had a girl in the stands
Major McIlvain
Major McIlvain 3 days ago
it just shows how crazy it is that mlb guys are so automatic on defense
Greg 3 days ago
@Ryan Boyle seems like the ball was bouncing off his glove every other inning.
Ryan Boyle
Ryan Boyle 4 days ago
Vandy is looking very beatable all of a sudden… Arkansas’s mouth has to watering…
Ryan Boyle
Ryan Boyle 4 days ago
Wow what a game he had… sheeeesh
Mike Murphy
Mike Murphy 5 days ago
I love Jack Lieter and would draft him first overall and have him pitch for my Jays like his old man did. To me he looks a little tired in this part of the season, and also when he gets to the show he will have to learn/develop a changeup. Looks like hitters in the SEC are sitting slider. He needs a good third pitch
Richie Bitchie
Richie Bitchie 4 days ago
@jack smith he was known for his curveball in high school and for the little time he played his freshman year. Not sure where it went
jack smith
jack smith 5 days ago
they aren’t necessarily sitting slider but are sitting anything flat from him. every slider he threw in this game was either flat or right over the heart. if he wants to pitch at the big league level he needs to develop something other than his fastball and changeup. even though his changeup is his best secondary he still needs something else. the changeup is only something you can rely on for so long as we’re seeing with luis castillo of the reds. most teams are piecing him up by the 2nd time thru the lineup. this is happening to jack more because of how often teams are watching jack pitch. dude is special for sure but he certainly has to have something other than his changeup to fool batters
Mike Bills
Mike Bills 5 days ago
Leiter hasnt changed, just the level of hitters. Vandy has had an easy schedule up until recently
mcmg Jahfari
mcmg Jahfari 4 days ago
That boi just isn't that nice
Richie Bitchie
Richie Bitchie 4 days ago
@John Dessenberger probably a little fatigue. in high school he played for the best team in the state all four years, no one would touch his stuff and faced 0 adversity. this is really his first time in his career he’s constantly facing some of the best players in the country, so he’s having to make a lot more high stress pitches. that’s what happens when you miss your freshman season
John Dessenberger
its his fastball velo low 90s is not good for his primary pitch, mid to high 90s was where he was sitting a month or so ago. Obviously something is affecting him
Mike Bills
Mike Bills 5 days ago
@Comp Noble I know Im not saying hes not a dominate pitcher but its not surprising hes gotten hit around from teams like Florida and Tennessee. He has the potential to no hit any team any day but these top hitting teams also have the potential to light him up too
Comp Noble
Comp Noble 5 days ago
he no hit south carolina... they're pretty good
Dustin Williams
Dustin Williams 5 days ago
3-2 down the plate and it’s a fastball and your not swinging? He was looking for a walk at the end😂
KB13 5 days ago
Anyone get the feeling Leiter is tipping his pitches?
jack smith
jack smith 5 days ago
jack smith
jack smith 5 days ago
nah yes just throwing underdeveloped pitches
Mark Fernandez
Mark Fernandez 5 days ago
Commentator everytim Vandy scored:😐 Florida scored:😃
mickey 4 days ago
That was Mick Hubert. The voice of the Gators for at least the last 30 years.
Papi Chullo
Papi Chullo 4 days ago
Same way for every team... stay mad
Brent Zieska
Brent Zieska 5 days ago
I could be wrong but I believe they take the home teams commentators for these videos. I feel like Vandy at home always has higher energy commentators
Jacob Brown
Jacob Brown 5 days ago
1 Corinthians 15 1-4 Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; 2 By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. 3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; 4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:
C Bennett
C Bennett 5 days ago
Kumar and Leiter do not look the same
Leland Allen
Leland Allen 5 days ago
And that extra 5-6 inches really does make a difference
Leland Allen
Leland Allen 5 days ago
Regardless of the fact that rocker has arguably the best breaking ball in any recent college baseball years, rocker is also 6’5-6’6. Leiter is only 6’
jack smith
jack smith 5 days ago
rockers slider is on another level from anything leiter throws other than his fastball. rockers mid 90s fastball and slider combo is really high level compared to anything we’ve seen out of vandy recently. if leiter can master a breaking ball by next season he will be just as good if not better than rocker because of the difference in size and the ability to spin. i would be willing to bet that leiters fastball has a higher spin rate than rocker just because of how many swing and misses he has had this season. but his lack of a superior breaking ball is what’s holding him back
linkzyy fn
linkzyy fn 5 days ago
Bradfield is really special
Caleb Shrgesburywgy
@Adam GB casual
linkzyy fn
linkzyy fn 3 days ago
@Gregory Forte they both are 🙌🏽
Gregory Forte
Gregory Forte 3 days ago
Jud Fabian is really special.
Mike W
Mike W 3 days ago
@Adam GB go and try and run as fast as he can and then come back and talk
Carlos Kemp Jr
Carlos Kemp Jr 4 days ago
@Adam GB somebody didn’t make the all star team as a kid lol
Elite Plug
Elite Plug 5 days ago
auburn vs georgia series?
Elite Plug
Elite Plug 5 days ago
@Mike Murphy i care. so shut up
Mike Murphy
Mike Murphy 5 days ago
No one cares, they both suck
Spoofy wuv u
Spoofy wuv u 5 days ago
Auburn vs Georgia?
mc robinson
mc robinson 5 days ago
Jack Leiter Lost his stuff
m t g
m t g 5 days ago
Leiter doesn't seem to have the same velocity. I thought this may happen. all year it looks as if he's been over throwing, spinning around after finishing he delivery. he used to be a 90 to 94 but then he's hitting 100 early in the year. suspect. Before he didn't have to worry about location, but now that his velocity is down and he's facing SEC hitters, he looks average. his slider isn't sliding, its just hanging. I hope he doesn't have a dead arm, but it could be the case, and tommy john surgery could be around the corner. I'm shocked his dad never caught on to this
Mason Adams
Mason Adams 5 days ago
6:46 96 mph
jack smith
jack smith 5 days ago
it’s not his dad. al was a dominate pitcher throughout hit career and knows what and how to pitch. it’s the vandy coaching staff. these guys are supposed to have the best pitching coaches in the nations but are trying too hard on this guy. jack had all the potential to be the next degrom but they have to let him be him. if he’s not pitching the way he knows how then he shouldn’t. him throwing sliders on the counts he’s throwing isn’t helping him or his era in these abs. he’s a primary fastball pitcher and needs to stick to it to get thru this tough sec schedule. it’s been dominant the whole season and as soon as they start changing him up it’s been getting hit. as soon as they realize that his breaking balls aren’t going to work then he’s gonna be back to his old form. also him overthrowing is a major problem. he’s good in the low to mid 90s since he has way more run on his fastball than a lot of other pitchers in the majors. if you watch every out of his no hitter this year there was a lot of fastball usage in 2 strike counts. actually it was almost every 2 strike count. it’s almost unhittable in those counts. i believe one more year at vandy will make him the no 1 pick since they do have the development to help him but now is just not the time to develop. wins are what’s important not him developing a no 2 strikeout pitch in the slider
Troyzfn 5 days ago
99% of comments are either about the errors at 2nd or about Leiter struggling his last few starts
Jose Morales
Jose Morales 5 days ago
Can i just say that as a Gator fan I just appreciate the passion shown by both teams especially the stomps on home plate. Just to change it up if it were me, I would do a 360 spin and then jump on the plate.
David Melton
David Melton 5 days ago
ItsKuyaa 5 days ago
Leiter ain’t the same when his fastball is sitting lower 90s. We need mid to upper 90s back
RushmanAndTucker 5 days ago
That dude for the Dores with the dirty pants, got rockets on his feet.
Willy Boy Media
Willy Boy Media 5 days ago
Leiter struggling with rhythm and timing of his release. Adjusting his leg kick to try and get his arm and release point on time and in sync.
irrelevant 5 days ago
2nd baseman having a rough game, it happens
Bagelman 5 days ago
It just really sucks to see Leiter struggle. I love to watch good baseball and ultimately vandy's games are my go-to but seeing Leiter struggle worse than Rocker did and the beginning of the season just really sucks.
Aaron 4 days ago
He'll do okay, we'll see him in the future just needs to stop leaving the ball up. Guaranteed he has to coaching to fix that problem lol
Beisbolboy2 5 days ago
Leiter just keeps letting up bombs
noah 5 days ago
Leiter just hasn't been the same lately
Owen Schilling
Owen Schilling 8 hours ago
except the first one
Owen Schilling
Owen Schilling 8 hours ago
noah all the homers were on off speed pitches tho?
Drew Fleming
Drew Fleming 8 hours ago
@noah his curveball is incredible
Dallas Yates
Dallas Yates 4 days ago
Y’all gotta think about it Rocker in game 1 is a lot harder to touch than Leiter in game 2 that’s why teams have been barreling him
noah 4 days ago
@Matthew Herrera lmao
Tony Salvatelli
Tony Salvatelli 5 days ago
John 3:16-21
Jacob Brown
Jacob Brown 5 days ago
1 Corinthians 15 1-4 Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; 2 By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. 3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; 4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:
The Lee Boys
The Lee Boys 5 days ago
7:41 he’s an angry elf 😂
Carson A
Carson A 4 days ago
@Stärke u should see him he is always pissed. I went to a game and he closed the inning with no hits and he came off muttering every swear word u could think of
Stärke 4 days ago
Dude was so pissed I couldn’t stop laughing, that home plate stomp is lethal to the feelings 😭😭😭😭
Sam Wing
Sam Wing 5 days ago
Andrew Murphy
Andrew Murphy 5 days ago
Y’all are acting like his second baseman didn’t commit 3 key errors
jack smith
jack smith 5 days ago
all of those were on flat or hanging sliders tho. almost every hit was on a slider that didn’t hit its spot. i truly don’t mean to be hard on the kid since he’s got way more talent than any of us have but the breaking ball has to develop above anything else. the last great pitcher in the show that really dominated off of fastball and changeup was pedro and yet he was hit late since his velo wasn’t where it was and lacked a dominant breaking pitch
sports gang
sports gang 5 days ago
i counted 4 idk but hopefully he can bounce back God bless
BMiller2 5 days ago
Leiter has been showing us that he's actually human recently...
Alex 3 days ago
@Seek GOD first amen
Jesus Alicea
Jesus Alicea 4 days ago
@Ryan Boyle 94 isn’t playing anymore. he was up to 98, wonder why his velo dipped so much
Ryan Boyle
Ryan Boyle 4 days ago
Florida is a team YOU DO NOT want to see… im glad as a Gamecock we got them early… good god
Ryan Boyle
Ryan Boyle 4 days ago
A straight fastball gets TATTOOEDDDDD. And that what he throws.. straight. Thats why Rocker is so good, doesnt throw 95 but throws 92-93 with crazy movement
Stran English
Stran English 4 days ago
@Seek GOD first amen God bless you
BMG50CAL 5 days ago
Come on leiter
Esther *
Esther * 5 days ago
Wheels you’re the goat no question 💯💯
Brendan Lynn
Brendan Lynn 5 days ago
Fabian top 3 pick
Troy Wilson
Troy Wilson 5 days ago
Probably will not be top 3 but he is certainly a first rounder. At the moment, MLB Prospect Pipeline ranks him in the 46th
Evan Pierce
Evan Pierce 5 days ago
Leiter really struggling :(
Jesus Alicea
Jesus Alicea 4 days ago
@Mason Adams he was sitting 96-97 up to 99. now he seems to be sitting 93-95. so yea, probably fatigue
Mason Adams
Mason Adams 5 days ago
@m t g he has dead arm? Weird how he’s still throwing 94..
m t g
m t g 5 days ago
He's been over throwing all year. He spins around at the end of his delivery. Its obvious. now he has a dead arm. He needs to learn how to pitch not just throw hard
The Lee Boys
The Lee Boys 5 days ago
Looks like he changed his delivery and isn’t comfortable with it yet but uses it in game anyways
TJ Bowman
TJ Bowman 5 days ago
first viewer
The Turdinator
The Turdinator 5 days ago
What are you, 6? Grow up
William Nicholson
No one cares