#2 Vanderbilt vs #5 Tennessee Highlights (Leiter vs Heflin, AMAZING GAME!) | 2021 College Baseball 

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Vanderbilt and Tennessee played the second game of their 3 game top 5 series in the 2021 College Baseball Season. 2021 College Baseball Highlights.
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Apr 17, 2021




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Bobby Stevenish
Bobby Stevenish 22 hours ago
Vols first baseman look bout 45 years old
Brady Simmons
This was a homerun derby
andrew soldner
andrew soldner 5 days ago
Have a day 6!
Smell 7 days ago
2:31 what did he s a y y y y y
Joey.B 2001
Joey.B 2001 6 days ago
lol i think he said "boy that is raked" but i know exactly what you mean, had to listen to it a couple times.
Ross Knows
Ross Knows 7 days ago
catchers not wearing knee savers, mad respect...or do people not wear them anymore?
Mike Covet
Mike Covet 8 days ago
Russell killed it with 3 HR's with 1 being a Grand Salami. 😆
Owen Fogle
Owen Fogle 9 days ago
as somebody living in tennessee loving both teams. i literally didn’t care who won
Liam Mcdonnell
Liam Mcdonnell 11 days ago
It’s like a home game for the vols
Asomugha24xPro 12 days ago
Lol finally saw that hat Tennessee puts on after a homer says "Daddy"
Frosty_Claps 12 days ago
My 2 favorite teams to watch
Colton Hopp
Colton Hopp 13 days ago
2:33 sounds a lot like he said "r@ped"
Dayne Weaver
Dayne Weaver 14 days ago
What bat was Tennessee using when they hit those back to back homers?
Bryson Toner
Bryson Toner 14 days ago
5:06 poor guy got rejected lmao
Luke Gordon
Luke Gordon 15 days ago
Imagine taking leiter yard
Nicholos Williams
Nicholos Williams 15 days ago
luke gordon
luke gordon 6 days ago
same ahah
Joshua Cropper
Joshua Cropper 15 days ago
They should have took their starter out after he gave up that 3 run Homerun. He’s a college pitcher he ain’t meant to throw 100 pitches a game .
Dasol Han
Dasol Han 16 days ago
#2 win
Chrome _03
Chrome _03 16 days ago
Me a 17 year old about to go play college ball:
Tony Salvatelli
Tony Salvatelli 16 days ago
John 3:16-21
Lucas Gabay
Lucas Gabay 16 days ago
2:31- "Man that is raped"
Legible_ Latex5
Legible_ Latex5 16 days ago
After watching this it seems pretty obvious that Vandy’s team is just not built for facing left handed pitching. Teams are going to keep throwing lefties against them until they prove they can hit lefties
Legible_ Latex5
Legible_ Latex5 16 days ago
That lefty starting pitcher for Tennessee was mowing them down until that third basemen gave Vandy a free pass and then he started getting tired. But Vandy looked really bad against him for about 5 straight innings
Legible_ Latex5
Legible_ Latex5 16 days ago
Russell absolutely rakes. Wow lol
Legible_ Latex5
Legible_ Latex5 16 days ago
I like that second baseman for Tennessee. He is going to be extremely good someday whenever he grows into his grown man body
Jacob Bachman
Jacob Bachman 17 days ago
Awesome game
John Iezzi
John Iezzi 17 days ago
I’m sorry but all I can pay attention to is the Brian Dawkins jersey in the student section what a legend.
J Ewert
J Ewert 17 days ago
I counted about 1000 "Let's Goooo"s ". Love the passion from the Tennessee fans
kriteq 17 days ago
Im waiting for vandy vs michigan
Clapz冬 17 days ago
I think that announcers favorite word was snared lol
Logan Baxter (CCHS 2024)
4:34 the velocity meter caught the catcher's throw as well, watch it change
Jesse Garner the Opinionated
Haha two hrs off of Leiter and the commentator says home run fest haha. Shows you how good leiter is
Dominic Hecker
Dominic Hecker 18 days ago
if Vandys pitching struggles its a guaranteed loss there hitting is awful
Ian Gengler
Ian Gengler 18 days ago
Chris Starr
Chris Starr 18 days ago
Love your work, just wish you did the Big 12 and Pac 14
jibbo123 18 days ago
Lol pac 14
Kaleb Goodell
Kaleb Goodell 18 days ago
This is why the SEC is the best conference
Zayne S
Zayne S 18 days ago
Should’ve left the starter in. Could’ve kept it closer. Maybe not allowed for those guys to even get on base.
Brendan Lynn
Brendan Lynn 18 days ago
Leiter shouldn't be in the game for that long. Corbin needs to do better with him and Kumar with their pitch counts.
Charles Thomas
Charles Thomas 18 days ago
Nic Alvarez
Nic Alvarez 18 days ago
0:09 What did he say? lol
Robert Tarkij
Robert Tarkij 18 days ago
Tennessee deserves to be in the number 2 spot. They should've ranked higher than ol'miss, texas or the mississippi state.
Alex Burgett
Alex Burgett 18 days ago
What a bad take
It’s-DG 18 days ago
anyone else hear that? 2:32
Randall Aufrecht
Randall Aufrecht 18 days ago
Evan Russell is a major league hitter
Javonte Edmond
Javonte Edmond 18 days ago
That #6 for the vols is a dawg 🔥🔥
slammed by snx
slammed by snx 18 days ago
13:04 that’s a foul ball whether it him him or the knob of that bat
Ryan Boyle
Ryan Boyle 18 days ago
leiter looks like that one guy from faze
ßootz 18 days ago
The annoying thing is every homer by Russell all the pitches were in and middle or elevated like that cant happen
Jacob D_10
Jacob D_10 18 days ago
Enjoy it because this is all these two schools are good at 😭
Backhand Smoochie
Backhand Smoochie 18 days ago
am I trippin or did he say that ball is raped at 2:33
Legible_ Latex5
Legible_ Latex5 16 days ago
I think he said rapped. Rapped means beaten or slugged or hit . Look it up
Stephen Dye
Stephen Dye 18 days ago
Kimberly Moxley
Kimberly Moxley 18 days ago
I love it and you vods
Bill Rhoads
Bill Rhoads 19 days ago
Vandy is unbelievable such a good ball club
Arkansas Reaper
Arkansas Reaper 19 days ago
Leiter is “getable”.
Brendan McEntyre
Brendan McEntyre 19 days ago
this is why you need fans back
R McElhaney
R McElhaney 18 days ago
Tell this to all the colleges up north, like Michigan, Minnesota, Toledo, and Bowling Green, that only let in relatives of the players and coaches to see their games.
Jacob Socia
Jacob Socia 19 days ago
Yeah after watching this, hawgs are by far the best team in the country and SEC
Stephen Dye
Stephen Dye 18 days ago
We'll see in 4 weeks. Arkansas has only played 3 ranked conference teams so far, whereas Tennessee has 4.
matthew harms
matthew harms 19 days ago
Anyone hear the “get the fuck out of here” after the first out?
Nelopee 19 days ago
:09 “fuck outta here” 😂😂
Faaa Y
Faaa Y 19 days ago
Tenn got lucky lol check number 6 bat
harold Denton
harold Denton 19 days ago
At the 3:50 mark that was a stupid base running mistaje by the vols. Runner on 2 nd nase and the idiot takes off towards 3 rd base on a ball basically hit right ar the ss. Not good fundamental base running on that hit grounder in the infield. They are not teaching good fundamentals these days in damn travel ball circuit.
Phine Applepen
Phine Applepen 19 days ago
I love the crowd haha this feels like a world series.
Branden Beaver
Branden Beaver 19 days ago
lol if someone is consistently hitting bombs you stop throwing it over the plate not leave hanging breaking balls 😂
Chris Mansfield
Chris Mansfield 19 days ago
GBO!!! 🍊⚾️💯
Baseball Prospect Analysis
Vandy fan here, holy cow, that game, instant favorite. Two great teams, both made small errors that cost them big, but the hero of the game ends it with one swing. Awesome stuff. This is why I love college baseball
Baseball Prospect Analysis
@Max Oxley totally agree, wish it got more coverage. I got ESPN+ with Hulu sports and I still don’t get to see all the games I want.
Max Oxley
Max Oxley 18 days ago
college baseball needs more respect, coming from a tennessee fan we haven't ever been this good, great game by both teams
Austin Arnold
Austin Arnold 19 days ago
Even Russell will sound pretty common coming soon..😏
Timeless Knight
Timeless Knight 19 days ago
2:31 what did the commentator say? lol
kian vorster
kian vorster 19 days ago
When Evan russel carry’s Tennessee
Sean Barnes
Sean Barnes 19 days ago
Can't lie i thought the Vols were cooked til that grand salami
TEJIDOTCOM 19 days ago
Gotta love baseball
Ultimate Roryor
Ultimate Roryor 19 days ago
Evan Russell Draft Stock 🚀 ⬆️
prsnls 19 days ago
Still no TEXAS games, they play tech and tcu coming up so there’s some good games for you. Top 15 matchups
Doozydoesgfx 19 days ago
such an evenly matched series, So happy to see tennessee win
ImCrackdAF 19 days ago
anyone hear the announcer say "wow, that one was raped" at 2:35??
Willio 19 days ago
@Haas idk I’m genuinely convinced I listened multiple times
Haas 19 days ago
TyropicaL 19 days ago
Christian Skelton
Christian Skelton 19 days ago
R McElhaney
R McElhaney 19 days ago
Tennessee fans were enjoying themselves at this game. They almost certainly are general public members who don't know a player or coach on Tennessee or Vanderbilt. Meanwhile up north, schools like Minnesota, Michigan, Toledo, and Bowling Green aren't admitting the general public in to view their baseball and softball games.
Chase Marshall
Chase Marshall 19 days ago
9:02 that one looked like 🔥 sucks the gun didn’t pick it uo
R McElhaney
R McElhaney 19 days ago
Tennessee's Evan Russell played a great game, the game of a lifetime! His MLB Draft stock just went way, way up!
Caleb Putnam
Caleb Putnam 18 days ago
The ridiculous thing is that Evan Russell isn’t even on scholarship. He is still just a walk on player.
Antoinette Tuttoilmondo
It’s OK not to be perfect at every game as long as you try your best !
Oskar Gil
Oskar Gil 19 days ago
What a game. VandyBoys are coming back tomorrow for that series.
Wes Wingo
Wes Wingo 13 days ago
@Robert Tarkij just like you said... 🙄
Alex Burgett
Alex Burgett 18 days ago
@Doozydoesgfx 🤔
Robert Tarkij
Robert Tarkij 18 days ago
Just like I said vandy boys been playing bunch of little league college baseball teams. Let's see how they go up against a top 5 rank big boys tennessee team. Prove everyone that vandy deserves to be the number 1 team in the country
Arkansas Reaper
Arkansas Reaper 19 days ago
Vandy is human on Sundays.
Dean Longmire
Dean Longmire 19 days ago
@Dylan W Tennessee got the advantage but so did Vandy on Saturday so we’ll see
Christopher Dockins
This had me tooooo hype for Tenn 😂😂😂
BizziFN 19 days ago
I was there my row and seat was 18:row 32:seat
BizziFN 19 days ago
@R McElhaney Thanks Man God bless you
R McElhaney
R McElhaney 19 days ago
I'm happy for you. Schools like Tennessee and Nebraska just say ticket holders assume the risks of Covid and don't hold themselves personally responsible for any Covid sicknesses and fatalities that might result from one attending their games. Nebraska had over 3000 fans attending each of their games last weekend. Meanwhile, schools like Michigan, Minnesota, Toledo, and Bowling Green aren't selling any tickets at all to the general public.
Pamela Davis
Pamela Davis 19 days ago
That’s what happens when you have metal bats
SSTWELVE 19 days ago
Bbcor bats don't give you nearly as much as the old bats did
Mission: Sports
Mission: Sports 19 days ago
Lfgggggggg GBO
FootballJunkie 19 days ago
Evan... f-ing... Russell
Gio Borges
Gio Borges 19 days ago
Hunter Volcan
Hunter Volcan 19 days ago
That has been the best game all year
Caleb Seal
Caleb Seal 19 days ago
What a game VOLS!!!! Come on!!!!
Bonnie Holmes
Bonnie Holmes 19 days ago
I mean at least UT is good at one sport 😂🤣
Ayden Talbott
Ayden Talbott 19 days ago
This is probably coming from a vandy fan
Alunski Jacky
Alunski Jacky 19 days ago
Love the crowd
R McElhaney
R McElhaney 19 days ago
Folks in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, and Minnesota can only dream of these crowds at their home baseball games. The general public isn't allowed in stadiums to watch college baseball games in those states. If I was a hot shot prep baseball player that could choose any school in the country, I certainly wouldn't go to a school where they are only letting in tens of fans to view their games.
Hunter Moseley
Hunter Moseley 19 days ago
This was like watching a World Series game
Hobert Saunas
Hobert Saunas 5 days ago
@Hudson Joey definitely, I have been using Flixzone for years myself =)
Hudson Joey
Hudson Joey 5 days ago
Pro trick: you can watch movies on Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching lots of of movies during the lockdown.
R.P McPhearson
R.P McPhearson 16 days ago
You think this was good go watch Mississippi state and ole miss games
Hayden Kelley
Hayden Kelley 18 days ago
Hunter Mosley yes it was. I was at this game and it was wild
Greg 19 days ago
WOW! What a comeback win. That grand slam was freaking epic!
CallaterolP 3 days ago
Y did u spoil it
Collin Edwards
Collin Edwards 19 days ago
Go birds 💪🏻
bluefalcon3ID 19 days ago
Wheels is a beast
Nicholas Alexander
Nicholas Alexander 19 days ago
Lol lefty pitcher for vandy #32 wants to be Randy Johnson so bad 😂. And Jesus Christ Russel! 3 homers in one game? What a stud. What a great game. Idk why I enjoy watching vandy lose lol. They are stacked, but love seeing them be put in their place
Vondeebs 19 days ago
Go Vols! Let’s win the rubber match tomorrow!
Max Payne
Max Payne 19 days ago
Goku Black
Goku Black 19 days ago
Good game
strawdog *80*
strawdog *80* 19 days ago
I guess it was way to early for Vandy to anoint themselves champs. They were national champs a 10 days ago. LOL!
Lost Soul
Lost Soul 17 days ago
@Wolfy Films thank you for proving my point
Arkansas Reaper
Arkansas Reaper 19 days ago
@Wolfy Films probably. Such an unsure word.
Wolfy Films
Wolfy Films 19 days ago
1 game doesn’t change the fact that they are probably the best team still
Wolfy Films
Wolfy Films 19 days ago
@Lost Soul because they probably will lol
Lost Soul
Lost Soul 19 days ago
@Henry Burnham it’s because half of the fans think they are going to win it all
tanner cooper
tanner cooper 19 days ago
If even comes up it’s a walk for me chief
LT_Northwest 19 days ago
Leiter really reminds me a young Washington era Linsecum. Small frame, with big power.
James Rick
James Rick 17 days ago
@JC3 Productions not really he's got a pretty good sized frame. small frame is like Ichiro or Lincecum or Betts
JC3 Productions
JC3 Productions 17 days ago
@James Rick smallish. Average MLB player is about 6’3 and 210 pounds
James Rick
James Rick 17 days ago
leiter is 6'1'' 200. he doesn't haven't a small frame
Da Bears
Da Bears 19 days ago
He’s Sonny Gray’s clone lol
Fat Pizza
Fat Pizza 19 days ago
Evan Russell is a beast 😬
Brody Keneston
Brody Keneston 17 days ago
He outed vandy w that second hr and the stomp
Brendan Lynn
Brendan Lynn 18 days ago
@R McElhaney Definitely not he is batting like .200 and college players usually have inflated batting averages.
harold Denton
harold Denton 19 days ago
@Zeus Deuce he has had about 3 games where he has hit 2 to 3 home runs in the 3 games.
Zeus Deuce
Zeus Deuce 19 days ago
@Evan Walker it seems like most of his hits have come in 2-3 games lol he has made them count tho
R McElhaney
R McElhaney 19 days ago
He may be an early round MLB Draft pick. I think he's drafted by the 5th round.
Lucas Sharp
Lucas Sharp 19 days ago
Preston Satterfield
They need to make a ncaa the show
#5 19 days ago
That used to be a game. It was dope!
TennesseeCurtiss 19 days ago
make it alongside NCAAF and make an NCAAB game too
T T 19 days ago
7:48 what the hell is wrong with the left fielder? Not a good look at all I’d be pissed if I were the pitcher.
Jordan Young
Jordan Young 19 days ago
that probably has nothing to do with the pitcher, could be the fact he's frustrated because they shoulda been out of the inning.
Matthew Mancino
Matthew Mancino 19 days ago
that left fielder his 3 homers including a go ahead grand slam. I think the pitcher isn't too mad at him