187 Customs Trip To The Freedom 500: Part 1! Preparing The Car, Strategies, and Qualifying 

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Part 1 of a two part series about our trip to Cleetus McFarland's Freedom 500!
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Apr 4, 2021




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Comments 99   
J. G.
J. G. 2 days ago
Visegrip garage and Murder nova, to of my favorites
Brian LaFollette
Brian LaFollette 6 days ago
Goes to show that Shawn is very popular and personable.
Dave B.
Dave B. 7 days ago
During the drivers meeting, whoever was blasting their subs was making my home theater subs go nuts LOL.
Dave B.
Dave B. 7 days ago
It’s great to see you guys having fun outside of the show! Where’s the big Cubs sticker?!?!
daryl durnil
daryl durnil 7 days ago
The doggo and I just watching videos while ppl want to bitch about getting free videos instead of watching cable that they pay for. 😂🤣
Eric Wackowski
Eric Wackowski 9 days ago
Bro you did way better then heavy d!! You did a great job
Carslave 9 days ago
ears under the cap... nope cant keep w......
Ed ShopRag
Ed ShopRag 10 days ago
I was sad you weren't on cleater vision more... you are a star and a just as good a racer as everyone there
skagit bigz
skagit bigz 10 days ago
Love how murder nova shut right down as soon as independence fired up . He heard those onions and was mind bottled
Scott Clark
Scott Clark 11 days ago
Whistling diesil like a child still. He parents probably did everything for him. Probably why he's a douche. People that haven't walked the full mile in there own shoes, never mind someone else's helmet.
Gene Davis
Gene Davis 11 days ago
REALLY ENJOYED your coverage of the event . Showing the hospitality and all else ;
Gene Davis
Gene Davis 11 days ago
They hate from ignorance!
David Yeary
David Yeary 11 days ago
Who is the other guy like wistlindiesel that buys nice shit and destroys it?
H.I. Mcdunnough
H.I. Mcdunnough 12 days ago
Travis is in Maryland
Jake Speed
Jake Speed 13 days ago
Would be cool to see Cleetus & Jackstand Jimmy on Street Outlaws if they are committed.
flipnotrab 13 days ago
Darran Lee
Darran Lee 13 days ago
Turning left is kinda weird 😂
1078davidk 13 days ago
So you and whistlindiesel or buds lol
Richard Harvey
Richard Harvey 13 days ago
You can’t plan for the idiots around you. Great job Shawn.
ERIC SWANN 13 days ago
Shawn makes a pass in ruby or we riot.
Jonathan Strauss
Jonathan Strauss 13 days ago
Next time use turo
OF brotherhood
OF brotherhood 13 days ago
Whistling Dave 😂😂😂
Jess Chambers
Jess Chambers 13 days ago
Like a true racer, if you gotta piss, just piss your pants lol
Matthew Reed
Matthew Reed 14 days ago
YALL STILL KICKED ASS MURDA!! You still my boy and I’m yell at my tv every time when you run a goood lick on the street. Be safe keep the racing door to door but win em all!🤘🔥🤘🔥🤘
D. T.
D. T. 14 days ago
Yall should have Cleetus, Jimmy, and Coop race at a daily driver event in the 405! That would be dope!!!
Michael Yockey
Michael Yockey 14 days ago
Man homie even if you are getting free stuff who cares.. that just means youve made it.. your hard work has paid off.. get that free or discounted shit man
David Cyrus
David Cyrus 14 days ago
Y’all should have put the decals on the quarters. Real nascar car style..🤣🤣 can I get one of those 187 custom decals
Pablo !
Pablo ! 14 days ago
The guy he was talking about who Aiden knew of was Danny Duncan.
Andrew Billups
Andrew Billups 14 days ago
Hell yeah man looking forward to part2
Jeremy Loyd
Jeremy Loyd 14 days ago
Someone got some over spray on there shit! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Roger Carlin
Roger Carlin 14 days ago
People should be lucky that there are guys like you putting videos out there for us to enjoy and watch I personally appreciate every second of your time that you use to make these videos keep up the great work guys
Escuela Vieja Garage
I bet being a participant in the Freedom 500 is more of a popularity contest than a race.
187 Customs
187 Customs 14 days ago
@Escuela Vieja Garage you tell your story and I’ll tell mine
Escuela Vieja Garage
We both know the Freedom 500 ain't about the race........ LOL!
187 Customs
187 Customs 14 days ago
Looked like they were racing to me
s gan
s gan 14 days ago
Haha man you wore right.. straight into the first wall 🤣
Its a Hobby
Its a Hobby 14 days ago
You really need to get back out there to the Freedom Factory. It's a car persons playground.
Denny Clark
Denny Clark 14 days ago
thats a cool track....I flipped hard there in a 3/4 midget
Lsxdash 14 days ago
Whats with your new mexico tattoo on your side
kyle martin
kyle martin 14 days ago
Right next to the sxsblog guys in the driver's meeting.
Dmilla da killa
Dmilla da killa 14 days ago
In the beginning I’m 100% sure he’s talking about Danny Duncan
l8tapex 15 days ago
2 channels I subscribed to.. gets me right.
Ben Quayle
Ben Quayle 15 days ago
the guy ur talking about is danny duncan
luvsracin87 15 days ago
Awesome that you guys where able to hook up. It was fun to see you drive even though it's not your cup of tea.
Gonefishin813 15 days ago
I can't wait to see you on turn 4 on the first lap 🤣
Censored 1
Censored 1 15 days ago
Great job guys!!!! This race is about pleasing the crowd and you all ROCKED THAT SHIT!!!!
Drew Fausett
Drew Fausett 15 days ago
Shawn gawking at Vice Grip's Independence Chevelle is my favorite part of this video.
Winn Collins
Winn Collins 15 days ago
Be cool to have a signed murder Nova helmet to race dirt track in Georgia with
Jason Popovich
Jason Popovich 15 days ago
So crazy n awesome to actually see you guys and James together and talking along with cleetus do damn cool man!!!
George Cook
George Cook 15 days ago
helmet giveaway!!!
Mike Hagen
Mike Hagen 15 days ago
115,000 miles, but idled for 3 years straight... lol...
J R 15 days ago
1:03:30 I told my professor the same thing during my final exam when she wouldn't let me go to the bathroom. I pissed myself right in front of her and finished the test, still failed the class but my point was made.
GOTA-C 15 days ago
Time to carry 3 sets of new coils with you!
KBAKER it's all about nobody.
It's funny to me how many people think that the racers life is High rolling with champagne caviar and mansions. I'm also a lefty from Oklahoma.
David 32gtr
David 32gtr 15 days ago
ch3no2killz 15 days ago
All about staying out of trouble (good luck there) and Saving the Right Front tire!
dman1049 15 days ago
Does anyone know who he was talking about in the beginning... Who Aiden named and Shawn had no idea about?
Jason Mann
Jason Mann 15 days ago
Your a joke sean
187 Customs
187 Customs 15 days ago
Jason Mann
Jason Mann 15 days ago
I just unsubscribed.
187 Customs
187 Customs 15 days ago
Duner250R 15 days ago
Props to cleet for not getting mad at you guys. If that were school the teacher would have paused and said "ill wait for you guys to finish talking " 🤣
fin screenname
fin screenname 15 days ago
The people that could or do get free stuff that don't help others as they could, kind of gets to me. Like the difference between Garrett and Dale Jr is the perfect example. Garrett buys an abandon racetrack and puts it all on the line to put it back together. Ya he gets a crap load of content from it and a lot of favors are granted but the guys that put the turf down got paid even if Scotts donated the turf itself to be on the channel. Just like most of the other people that worked there. Maybe a company donated a job but for most of the contractor / workers it was just another day at work. The whole thing is becoming an asset to the area. Dale Jr on the other hand talks about someone should save North Wilkesboro every chance he can and even organized a bunch of people to go there to clean the debris off the track....so....... it could be scanned into a video game so "the track won't be lost" when it would take nothing for him to do what Garrett did and with his name it wouldent cost him a dime. Put a little Dale Jr museum on the grounds and you wouldn't even have to have car races there to support the place but he won't do it. Just talk talk talk.
Jarod Morgan
Jarod Morgan 15 days ago
Keep up the great work y’all are doing love the video
C Christenbury
C Christenbury 15 days ago
U know that ford will out last all ur Chevy
J Bettis
J Bettis 15 days ago
Even a company does give a a free product, it means they see something in you as a driver and want you to test their product. That's how I see it. I just find it hard to believe that Texas Speed (or ANY performance company for that matter) would give just anyone a "free" $20K race motor or other performance parts. That's just bad business on their part....
Joey Pooschke
Joey Pooschke 15 days ago
Love it!! I bet that was so fun I wanna win that helmet.. I live y’all’s Channel..
jefferino 15 days ago
So cool to see someone like you participating and branching out. Thanks for being so real!
FillHerGuts 15 days ago
Please come back to The Freedom Factory and bring Daddy Dave and Reaper lmao jk maybe Big Chief
emplugee22 15 days ago
Watching part 2 of this deal first was the way to go.
Kenneth Hauck
Kenneth Hauck 16 days ago
Travis pastrana is from Maryland
The Dutchman
The Dutchman 16 days ago
Why is it so painful to watch someone paint with their left hand lol...
SinisterSwami 1
SinisterSwami 1 16 days ago
Don't hate the player hate the game my brother!!
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 16 days ago
The best race car driver in the world gives you tips. And you seem like you didn't take him serious,
chadalac 77
chadalac 77 16 days ago
Hey man you made the show 😂😂First time drivin that turd man and circle track racing . You did great man YOU were there !
Michael Garcia
Michael Garcia 16 days ago
Can't wait to watch the race.
Bill Erwin
Bill Erwin 16 days ago
John force once said if u can turn left u ain't going fast enough.
TEAMERICA 14 days ago
I'm sure someone out there has said, "If you can't turn, you aren't driving". I love ALL motor sport disciplines but there is one sure absolute - Money buys speed! This is ENTERTAINMENT!
HarZoiD 16 days ago
41:09 1000% haha!
roy hicks
roy hicks 16 days ago
You did great for your fist time out there hope to see ya in many more
charles vane
charles vane 16 days ago
Lol we dont have no f- game plan lololololo
charles vane
charles vane 16 days ago
Hell yeah i was glade to see you boys got her figured out.. We were just trying to help..
Troy Akemann
Troy Akemann 16 days ago
It would be awesome to see you both race the le mullets!
Matthew Mcclintock
Matthew Mcclintock 16 days ago
In circle track racing you'd want to use the nos early when the tires are good enough to take the extra speed and maybe a spray or two for the end just incase lol
Mike Eagle
Mike Eagle 16 days ago
“Shoot a gap”. Every boys mission in life 😂😂😂😂
YoungFlexerz 16 days ago
Yahhh buddy
Joseph Cummings
Joseph Cummings 16 days ago
Blake is one cool ass dude
Shane Mackay
Shane Mackay 16 days ago
Ive got to ask did you see the Australian war bird if so what did you think of it
John Drinnon
John Drinnon 16 days ago
Are you talking about Bruce wilting
Nick Carnes
Nick Carnes 16 days ago
Watching this I can’t help but think, I’m glad you got Phantom when you and Chief split the dishes. Without him, I feel like there wouldn’t be these videos. And his laughing in the back ground always makes shit funnier
Music 13 days ago
I think Phantom is related to Shawn so Chief was never in picture. I do think Phantom was the person behind all the non Discovery Media on the internet and is a key person in getting the story and brand out to the non TV crowd. He does a great job in making these videos and they are more entertaining than watching the Discovery Show.
Ricky Garceau
Ricky Garceau 16 days ago
Great video
David VonKrusze
David VonKrusze 16 days ago
Have fun murder nova, forget the haters, your team is awesome,
Big kahuna
Big kahuna 16 days ago
You have watched Ricky Bobby and days of thunder. Enough said
DME EMD 16 days ago
😂 LOVE IT! Glad you were out they're having a good time! Besides most people can't say they got to race with Travis and Randy Pobst, etc. etc. I know I'm leaving out things but that's okay, you get the idea. lol. See you at the track!
Joshua Sprowles
Joshua Sprowles 16 days ago
Sure would love that Helmet for my boy! I was in the crowd at the fence yelling 405! I got a shot of Shawn giving the rock n roll hands. My son Dean was with me and really wanted to get autographs but they didn't really have a "meet the Drivers" set up. It was bad ass seeing you guys there. I heard your teeth click from the stands when you slapped the wall coming out of turn 4!!
Barbie Street
Barbie Street 16 days ago
I think, when you spray painted the Ford emblems, that you should have made a bow tie out of them!
Trav Rice
Trav Rice 16 days ago
Omg I’d suck my dad off for a carbon fibre’ helmet
Itsallonyuh 16 days ago
Where is part 2 morons !!!
Trav Rice
Trav Rice 16 days ago
I’m a fan and the nicest guys I’ve ever met is Travis Pastrana Never met Shawn but I bet he is grounded
Lars Robertsson
Lars Robertsson 16 days ago
haters, really do not understand these people who send hate komm. Look at something else if you do not approve, or is it the classic jealousy???
T1000AX 16 days ago
love the long in depth sort of video like this. can't wait for part 2.
Scooby Doo
Scooby Doo 16 days ago
mat conley
mat conley 16 days ago
No gameplan is a gameplan
landofodin 16 days ago
Derek from Vice Grip is the Best, dude is so cool. Awesome channel too.
Jerry Wilcox
Jerry Wilcox 16 days ago
Just have fun that's what it's all about