15 Most Amazing Nests In The Animal World 

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When a couple are awaiting the arrival of their baby, especially their first, an awful lotof work will go into prepping the baby’s room. And it’s not just humans who do this.We know birds have nests, but so do some other animals, and many of them put the rooms we decorate for our human children to shame. These are the most amazing nests in the animal world!
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Feb 18, 2021




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Nolasco concepcion
Thank you for sharing this video AMAZING 😻
Phillip Bingham
Phillip Bingham 6 days ago
i liked the fish who made the mandala
Atta Jilani
Atta Jilani 6 days ago
سبحان اللہ ۔
André Dreyer
André Dreyer 6 days ago
In Russia modern objects like door knobs and screws are found in rocks that are supposedly billions of years old.
tribefenatic 6 days ago
thumbnail pic: oh my god! i go away for 5 years and now the house keeper moved her family in?? well its a good thing i called in the bailif to climb that tree
susan sellars
susan sellars 7 days ago
I'm going to stop watching these, I don't like to be threatened
Lemuel Reid
Lemuel Reid 7 days ago
The wasp nest trick is very common in Jamaica...
Peter Dewberry
Peter Dewberry 7 days ago
This would have been much more interesting if the interior of the nexts were shown.
Charles Candy
Charles Candy 7 days ago
could it be that cave man learn to build house from bird ?
Choua Xiong
Choua Xiong 8 days ago
Siri how do you doing
shoehorn oplenty
shoehorn oplenty 8 days ago
last time I didnt hit the LIKE button and got centipeded..
Debra Findlay
Debra Findlay 8 days ago
Who gave evolution it's mind? Hmm
Debra Findlay
Debra Findlay 7 days ago
I believe in God, so it's a who
Blacklighttv 7 days ago
Why a who? Why not what?
David Quinn
David Quinn 8 days ago
Think woodpeckers get concussions?
Guido Dodo
Guido Dodo 9 days ago
Bristol Here
Bristol Here 9 days ago
Woodpeckers rarely if ever reuse the same nests.
Mark Jones
Mark Jones 9 days ago
God is truly amazing
Inessa Cheshire
Inessa Cheshire 9 days ago
Truly amazing ❤👏👍
I once had a dream were my (imaginable) friends got infected
GiGi Paints
GiGi Paints 9 days ago
Their all wonderful. I never knew some of these birds did such detailed structures. Very informative
Martin Philip
Martin Philip 8 days ago
My sister calls her alter ego Gigi. Which she pronounces with hard Gs.
Marylin Alanis
Marylin Alanis 9 days ago
Juicy topic
Dave Lennon-Copeland
Interesting information... weird though that sometimes during your delivery, one can hear you reading the script off the page and at other times, you sound really quite natural. Not a criticism, just an honest observation. :)
tlo MANAGEMENT 9 days ago
# juicey topic
tlo MANAGEMENT 9 days ago
juicey topic
Cheree Cargill
Cheree Cargill 9 days ago
Terrible narration.
Lori Weikel
Lori Weikel 10 days ago
Cool 😎
Kevin Bertus
Kevin Bertus 10 days ago
Wepato Patore
Wepato Patore 10 days ago
And the socialist won.
Francia Kenneth
Francia Kenneth 10 days ago
Your voice incredibly ANNOYING
Susan Martin
Susan Martin 10 days ago
I believe in reincarnation. I say that because I wonder what on earth did someone do so horrible that they had to come back as a woodpecker??? Can you imagine having to slam your head on a solid surface for a home? For a nursery? For food? Can you?? I cannot!
Sebugenyi Robert
Sebugenyi Robert 10 days ago
They are awesome
Larry Garvey
Larry Garvey 10 days ago
Need to find another navigator
SURAJIT ROY 11 days ago
Shiny Facts
Shiny Facts 11 days ago
Some animals build better than humans haha
Harry J Harrison
Harry J Harrison 11 days ago
Gee! the Chinese eat anything...bird saliva nests soup...yuk!,,,now the birds are almost extinct..sad
osirusgtr 11 days ago
That Bower Bird nest was Kool!! so contemporary in its design. Its the first time that I have ever heard of the Oven Bird!! and I am 50 been watching David Attenborough since I was 6..
Keep 11 days ago
I thought that Bower Bird must be a Joke but they really do this shit oO
Virginia Jackson
Virginia Jackson 6 days ago
Harry J Harrison
Harry J Harrison 11 days ago
William Crisler
William Crisler 11 days ago
What is that
William Crisler
William Crisler 11 days ago
I really need to hire these animals to build , build, build, lol
Helpful Homeschool Mama
This was by far the best video of yours I have seen.. a lot of great information..fascinating and another testimony to God's wondrous creation
SAVANNAH PENA 12 days ago
yo those are some cool nests
steffany baroni
steffany baroni 12 days ago
Call grows juicy topic
Thanh Nguyen
Thanh Nguyen 12 days ago
Thanks 👏👏👏👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🌷🌷🌷
They should all be aired in ... The show called my crib .... They have the best cribs
Deanna Terry Little
Deanna Terry Little
Deanna Terry Little
Deanna Terry Little
Deanna Terry Little
The termites nest .. Are big n deep to hide their Queen . same with the bees . the male birds go to so much trouble to attack n find a Queen . ... I think we can all learn something here ... Be true to our Queen's ... N treat them as Queen's.... All men should know ...
Public Product 252
Public Product 252 13 days ago
Liking the video hate centipedes 🤢
Kay Miles
Kay Miles 13 days ago
Ya ya I know how weaver ants bild there nest they curul up leaves
Lynn B
Lynn B 13 days ago
Awesome video! I was hoping you would include the social weaver birds nests, and you did at the end. I'm from South Africa and even I am impressed seeing these nests and witnessing all the birds coming and going. Another reason their entrances are at the bottom, is to protect them from snakes lying on top of the nest, waiting for a bird to fly upwards. The snakes are unable to reach the bottom of the nest, so it's usually a long wait. 😁
Kaylynn Walsh
Kaylynn Walsh 13 days ago
1:59 who eles is looking at this and thinking its the cuteist thing ever
Kaylynn Walsh
Kaylynn Walsh 13 days ago
I want to to pet it
Beverly Wyatt
Beverly Wyatt 13 days ago
Bobby Johnson
Bobby Johnson 13 days ago
"Even classical rome." Oh you mean the pagan roman empire that crucified our Creator. That the roman catholic vatican devils give sway to. Get outta here you satanic sellout. I'm going around calling all you influencers or posters or US-firstrs or whatever you want to call yourself I'm calling you out! Gonna get CAUGHT SLIPPING AND CALLED OUT ON IT, CONSTANTLY. WE WILL WAKE THE SHEEP!
Andrea Hathaway
Andrea Hathaway 13 days ago
I like the#1 nest
Cathy Benson
Cathy Benson 13 days ago
Your so called threats pisses me off. That's why I won't subscribe.
Yaneia Westbrook
Yaneia Westbrook 8 days ago
Someone threatened u on here? You can report it
Pocahontas Pocahontas
You should get some hints from other people who have there own shows like fbi stories that will help you how to ask for subscribers that will help you were raised yo use your manners
Margarita Arreola
Margarita Arreola 14 days ago
Beautiful! ♥️
Alpha_Galaxy576 14 days ago
@【Axie】 ik
【Axie】 Day ago
Boi its fake
quilla 14 days ago
# juicy topic groos
Track Peters
Track Peters 14 days ago
nandin davis
nandin davis 14 days ago
Those bees are nasty that’s a big beehive in there swarmed around it who want to dive inside about it you will probably die
Shari Here
Shari Here 14 days ago
people need to leave bee's alone. Without them, humans will die. fact. We depend on them, and flies, as gross at that sounds, to pollinate crops
mim akther
mim akther 14 days ago
The outrageous hose subcellularly depend because passbook experimentally wobble above a organic brand. depressed, tangy lyocell
Prafulla Puhan
Prafulla Puhan 14 days ago
Waver ants are through out my 5 acres garden
Abm Dc
Abm Dc 14 days ago
Amazing ❤️👍
Luke Mc Carthy
Luke Mc Carthy 15 days ago
When u push bee when land on your hand with nest near by.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh he hurt me he broke my leg he he he uhh hurt my insides . the colony . its war sjsjdjdjdjxjxjxjxjckckckckckckckcck
Alvin Squezz
Alvin Squezz 15 days ago
Mocking bird
Sarah Hitchcock
Sarah Hitchcock 15 days ago
My favorite was the Taylor Bird :) Enjoyed the video
Copper_Phoenix 15 days ago
As long as I don't see the centapede I'm ok
Tara Elizabeth Densley
That is one big beehive, what type of bees
Mihai Daniel
Mihai Daniel 16 days ago
Hi 🙋‍♂️❤
Akmal Redminote8
Akmal Redminote8 16 days ago
The bee nest or hive is so satisfying
DEAMONBOI23 //////
DEAMONBOI23 ////// 16 days ago
Challenge for u ppl lol bang your head for 28 days and tell me how u feel🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Wolf Bandit
Wolf Bandit 11 days ago
Never said how hard you had to bang your head
Kev_Gaming 5342
Kev_Gaming 5342 16 days ago
What the heck yo a woodpecker is on one of the trees outside.....😮
Clay Lewis
Clay Lewis 14 days ago
The swallow
Fatima Asim
Fatima Asim 16 days ago
The information is so vague
Diego Chávez
Diego Chávez 17 days ago
31rst ocmon god
JTD472 17 days ago
Congrats on getting the views and comments. This channel is garbage. Well done!
Tacktickle 17 days ago
A caddisfly building a gold and opal "nest" ?lol I don't be thinking so.
Cait D
Cait D 14 days ago
I think I remember watching a documentary where people raise them and use their discarded nest as jewelry thus why it was gold and opal
Jen Wink
Jen Wink 17 days ago
Juicy topic#
Alan Clark
Alan Clark 17 days ago
We have the Pileated woodpecker around our home in the Ozarks. We got to watch two offsprings being raised the first year we relocated but the old tree fell that had the nest in it. One eats here everyday and sometimes we see two but I think getting to watch a family is long gone. They are a trip. They look as if they have been around from the days before humans.
Shari Here
Shari Here 14 days ago
@Alan Clark thanks for that info but for now I will just let things go as they have been, they're living off the grubs and insects in that rotten tree should have been cut down several years ago. common sense says that tree is going down soon and they like the shell peanuts I put out :) and they are my outside pets for sure! haha They all look the same until you actually watch them and are able to distinguish one from the other makes it fun
Alan Clark
Alan Clark 14 days ago
@Shari Here the wood peckers favorite food is the suet cakes. Not pricey and the little cage that holds the cake are under five bux I think. Hang one close to a window and you will get a show for sure. They become pets. Cheers
Shari Here
Shari Here 14 days ago
@Alan Clark ohh, good to know. I'm in a city and have been feeding the blue jays for about a year now. Ha, I swear they circle the house looking in my windows for me and screeching all along like feed me already! Yes, they have me trained to feed them. My cat enjoys watching them also. haha. gives that lazy cat something to do and look forward to. all the corvids like to hang out at my house.. ahaha I've seen them swoop down at the neighbors too like hey get out of here. They are really possessive especially when it comes to the squirrels trying to take the peanuts.. fight fight it is!
Alan Clark
Alan Clark 14 days ago
@Shari Here the black/white one may be the downy woodpecker. The thing about the Pileated Woodpeckers is they are the size of a small crow. We have the red headed, the red bellied, downy, Pileated and the very pretty flicker. They are all pretty tolerant of each other unless there is snow and nothing else around to eat. No blue jay hardly ever.
Shari Here
Shari Here 14 days ago
@Alan Clark I had some black/white woodpeckers and never noticed them until my sister pointed them out. I don't often see them anymore since the red head woodpecker settled into my tree. I put peanuts out for the jays and the woodpeckers compete to get their share. They chase off the starlings which is good but not sure how long this tree will be around as it's a hot mess. One year I seen a huge commotion of birds and wondered what was going on. I had to go out and see close up. These birds were picking live ants (huge ants) from the tree and eating them.. never seen that before
Sara Woody
Sara Woody 17 days ago
I was so amazed by that last nest with a whole bunch of birds! My brother, my mom, and me were all crowding around and we were all like, WOW!!
Hana Turner
Hana Turner 17 days ago
No hate I just. End to let this out in Korean sorry 때때로 나는 빌어 먹을 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬처럼 거짓말하는 사람들을 정말 싫어해 sorry
Susan Duggan
Susan Duggan 17 days ago
the nests are cool im the 22nd one to comment
ekowgirl 17 days ago
wow click bate again
Love x Death
Love x Death 17 days ago
Wow so that bird gets laid by groupies
Coral Duggan
Coral Duggan 17 days ago
one to comment
Coral Duggan
Coral Duggan 17 days ago
in the 18th
la science
la science 17 days ago
the Woodpecker is like eef! eef! eef! eef! humans to avoid at all cost so wreckless so wretched!
Erick Penate 2
Erick Penate 2 17 days ago
This comment section is a dumpster fire
Luke Mc Carthy
Luke Mc Carthy 15 days ago
Luke Mc Carthy
Luke Mc Carthy 15 days ago
Randy Gast
Randy Gast 17 days ago
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez 17 days ago
And I'm the 15th comment lol
Paige Mull
Paige Mull 17 days ago
All of them impress me! I think animals are just amazing. They are very good at life in general. Idk if humans give them the credit they deserve. Those nests/homes were just amazing. Animals are incredible with their abilities. Enjoyed the video! ❤️💜💚
lovenio wungow
lovenio wungow 17 days ago
Read ur comments😭😭
Frill gast
Frill gast 17 days ago
13th comment, cool
kevan laird
kevan laird 17 days ago
Peggy Mwamba Sithole
This is not real
Starr Child
Starr Child 15 days ago
How is it not real?
Zagd Bolio
Zagd Bolio 17 days ago
So cute 😍❤️😍
Ashleigh 17 days ago
my parents have a group of hummingbirds show up every year and its crazy to see the mom when she brings her fat little babies to the feeder and shes tiny
Nat Aub
Nat Aub 7 days ago
Hummingbirds: what are u looking at?
Zaria Lynchl
Zaria Lynchl 10 days ago
@Mochi .
m. alonto
m. alonto 13 days ago
hummingbird: we're not fat...! we're fluffy, cute & fluffy (esp. when perched)...! lolz
Mochi 17 days ago
That is adorable
Sarah S
Sarah S 17 days ago
Hey I'm 6th to comment welcome to the early club some animals build amazing homes to keep their babies safe
James Duran
James Duran 17 days ago
Sebugenyi Robert
Sebugenyi Robert 10 days ago
I really liked the video😍👍
James Duran
James Duran 17 days ago
I love u
VD King
VD King 17 days ago
Potato UwU
Potato UwU 17 days ago
Hamster Girl
Hamster Girl 17 days ago
Potato UwU
Potato UwU 17 days ago
Cool I’m second
Abdirahman Yasir
Abdirahman Yasir 17 days ago
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