15 Genius People Who Beat the System 

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We’ve all been in situations were nothing seems to go our way, and it appears as the system is working against us! But there are some people in this world who won’t take no for an answer! Yep, these larger than life characters have come up with all kinds of genius ways to bend the rules and beat the system! Where there’s a will there’s a way! Some call it breaking the law, and some people call it finding a loophole. Either way, you can’t blame them for trying! From a soccer fan who went to great lengths to sneak his way into the stadium, to a farmer who built a forbidden castle hidden behind bales of hay, these are the 15 Genius People Who Beat the System
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Mar 31, 2021




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Sampat Aheer
Sampat Aheer 20 hours ago
The photo from india is photoshoped because there is no such fish species which shown in this photo. I can be sure because i am from India. Please pin this comment.
Donna Noe
Donna Noe Day ago
Those fish look more like 🐍 snakes.
Duude29 Day ago
I believe those are snakes and not fish. Lol
Scottie Hollywood
The Swiss France. Confused? Us too.
Mogul DaMongrel
Mogul DaMongrel 2 days ago
4:45 wait you telling me I can't build my own mansion by my own hands on my land? What in the literal fuck.... Who do I havta shoot
BIG BOOM 2020 2 days ago
Ponzi is legendary, but MAX....Big Boss never got caught. G.O.A.T.. 🐐♑
Roshni Rai
Roshni Rai 2 days ago
#missing topic, photo shop! 😅
Micheal Draconis
Micheal Draconis 3 days ago
When the authorities show up shoot at them with the cannons
Timothy Henderson
Tiny house was cool
TesnKid 3 days ago
if i hire someone to murder someone it wasnt me, should be legal🧐
Charles Roberts
Charles Roberts 3 days ago
Missing topic
Vidéo lyrique officiel
4:41 everyone has a freedom he pay more than million pounds to build it 7:55 in albania 🇦🇱 What the hell fake prince Oh I disrespect you 11:41 you too fake Prime minister shit
Ace 300
Ace 300 4 days ago
That second picture of the fisherman super fake like cmon bro do your research before you just throw a fake pic in ya video
Victor Shankle
Victor Shankle 4 days ago
Beautiful do you need a live in anything lol
Cary Landy
Cary Landy 4 days ago
T K 4 days ago
So greedy with ads. horrible
April Spring
April Spring 4 days ago
Fishing for sneaks, I mean 🐍.
alberto jr lawenko
Emmanuel Kidero
Emmanuel Kidero 5 days ago
3:36 mans is having some serious suspicions 😂😂😂
Maryj 5 days ago
I love the Sign Maker - thank you Sign Maker Artist man.
eazi love
eazi love 5 days ago
These lil boys already British can you say sweeeeeet biscuits
Dan Peezy
Dan Peezy 5 days ago
So you don’t know anything about the snake fish in the #9? Then how or what did they beat the system
Eugene Pintor
Eugene Pintor 6 days ago
Wa koy nasabtan....pangit ng pagnarrate mo dude.
Sandra Lane
Sandra Lane 6 days ago
That guy that had to tear his castle, your Country is kind of a dick, I'm sorry that happened. Wow England!
Mike Russo
Mike Russo 6 days ago
The photoshop on the snake fish boat is far too obvious
Jamie Richards
Jamie Richards 6 days ago
I watched it it’s group 5th sense with auto writing bt how he discerned which ones to use is the hard par since cn only have so many mean mode random numbers
Robert Andrew Baptie
@16:18 he emigrated from Italy to the us in 103 do you mean 1903
Tony Suda
Tony Suda 6 days ago
I heard you like bad boys So i.. wrote in the comment section directly without using a hashtag
Hiram D. Malaret Sr.
The school kids..really impressive.
t_ n_rasberry
t_ n_rasberry 7 days ago
Just fyi: the inside of Luke's house doesn't match the outside in this video. I looked at the window designs and location of the windows to match the picture provided and it doesn't match.
marcie rudolph
marcie rudolph 7 days ago
Are there any women here? Who gets it?
Bernard Liu
Bernard Liu 7 days ago
Ingenious ways, not genius ways !
Rudy Birnbach
Rudy Birnbach 7 days ago
Not france
Rudy Birnbach
Rudy Birnbach 7 days ago
It's pronounced Swiss Frank
Brenda Coone
Brenda Coone 7 days ago
Fish....... that looks like snakes
Vincent Poon
Vincent Poon 8 days ago
#missingtopic = fake photo
jeremy nedrow
jeremy nedrow 8 days ago
I used to have Mcdonald's add mac sauce and lettuce to my double cheeseburger.It was just like a big mac minus the extra bread for the price of a double.I was broke in high school 😂.
Alex Corke
Alex Corke 4 days ago
I don’t get these secret menu’s, when you can literally ask for whatever you want on your burger anyway. You’ll still obviously have to pay for the ingredients (It just seems like click bait that some people believe and then put them in there own videos 😂)
jeremy nedrow
jeremy nedrow 4 days ago
@East Side i know they got greedier.
East Side
East Side 6 days ago
Same. I'd also ask for salad onions instead of the freeze dried lil crap onions. It sucked when they stopped it for free and started charging
Darrel Williams
Darrel Williams 8 days ago
Are these videos real? Video #6 can't be, front door is different, windows not the same and there's nowhere in the world you can fit all that furniture inside that little house...impossible. So you telling me he has living room, kitchen and loft up stairs with windows in ceiling...no way. The dimensions don't add up for all that furniture 😆 But at the end of the day, smart kid and he's going be rich contractor one day. Can you at least be truthful with all your videos.
MRSANN2010 8 days ago
No.14 those women are very handsome. I hope things change for them. I don't really care for sports, but i can imagine if they try to take it away it would anger me. Good luck lady boys❤
Ananamu 8 days ago
I liked how the boys got together and dared to wear skirts ( that sorta looked like kilts )....but I also applaud the tiny house builder ....all teens should do it
Jennifer Henderson
@Cora Butler how do you know that?
Cora Butler
Cora Butler 5 days ago
Great idea of teens doing something constructive with their time . but just to let everyone know that the pics of the inside of his tiny home are not the actual pics of HIS tiny home.
RAVEN Promotionz
RAVEN Promotionz 8 days ago
RAVEN Promotionz
RAVEN Promotionz 8 days ago
Route 66 Flyer
Route 66 Flyer 8 days ago
I remember Max Headroom like it was yesterday. I was already out of the Air Force when he was popular. Guess it makes me kind of old huh?
Amiin Kenan
Amiin Kenan 8 days ago
That picture of so called Indian fishermen is a photoshop
Lerato Thokoa
Lerato Thokoa 8 days ago
I don't think we got those Mc D loop holes in south africa I tried 🙄😭😭
Alex Corke
Alex Corke 4 days ago
Can’t you just pay for the extra ingredients you want on your burger, you would still have to pay for the extra ingredients anyway. I’m in NZ so maybe its different here?
Tania Burton
Tania Burton 8 days ago
Waaay to many ads.
Eddy Lwanga
Eddy Lwanga 8 days ago
All interesting
Anthony Vallad
Anthony Vallad 8 days ago
Clickbait. Again...
Dieter Oberholster
The Swiss Frans? Lol dude it's the Swiss frank. I wonder how much else you shit I'm listening to without knowing
Reality Check
Reality Check 8 days ago
Deron brown.he is a time traveler .am not guessin.
samantha rose
samantha rose 8 days ago
That looked like eels? Wtf
Tylan Bakardi
Tylan Bakardi 9 days ago
Those fish are garter snakes LOL
Leon Spicer
Leon Spicer 9 days ago
Just one thing Iran women are not beneath or above they are equal
Beverly Smith
Beverly Smith 9 days ago
Honestly thought they were snake that's what they look like.
Ellen Story
Ellen Story 9 days ago
How much jail time? If it was less than a year.....
Cindy Teruya
Cindy Teruya 9 days ago
Missing topics
Guess we’re not gonna talk about how Ponzi was a damn vampire? I mean, he looked good in those pictures to be around 1,800 years old.
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 9 days ago
I was thinking the same thing! Didn’t know you could catch a passenger ship the to US at that time either!
Kyler Altenhoff
Kyler Altenhoff 9 days ago
How tf can you film every possible outcome of the lottery?
Steven Morton
Steven Morton 9 days ago
#missing topic ... Auhh those arent fish. Them is snakes yo
Vanessa Flynn
Vanessa Flynn 9 days ago
I am a very old lady. The young men should b able to wear some shorts. The same length of the young ladies skirts. I am very glad to know that. We have some very Smart Young Leader's. Knowing that there are some Intelligent Future Leaders makes me feel very Happy. The Children r our Future and. They r going to have to take care of the old people one day. I am very proud of the preteen who love to Study. When i was growing up i read a whole lot of books. I love it when the Rich People r Punished. R go to Jail to the Fullest Extent. Of the Law for doing something illegal.
Bower Place
Bower Place 9 days ago
It proves a point , that if there is a way to scam , or cheat, or rob somebody of something,you can bet its being done from the east India areas. Not a racial slurred, BUT FACT!
D Kratos
D Kratos 9 days ago
In the 90s a local radio station changed their rules because I won their contest too much...the rules stated you could win once a month....so me being a smart Alec I made sure I won on the last day of the month and then again the following day then after that the rules said you could only win once every 30.days
Tony Suda
Tony Suda 6 days ago
Sugar rush...
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 9 days ago
That doesn’t make sense. Once a month would be 12 times per year, whereas every 30 days would mean 12.167 times per year. You could end up winning more times under the every thirty day rule if the contest went on for a long period of time.
COD Gamer
COD Gamer 9 days ago
15:55 that is South African money my bru
Rik Haanen
Rik Haanen 9 days ago
Sorry, Giethoorn @ 17:55 is Dutch not German not Suiss.
djanoh djeli
djanoh djeli 9 days ago
1:27 he definly won. All alone and isolated in his vip spot above. I can't belive it. He must have done something nasty
Meghan Shea
Meghan Shea 9 days ago
#missingtopic - chumming the water prior to starting to cast their poles
East Side
East Side 6 days ago
It's photoshopped. It's actually a gardner snake farm photoshopped into a boat
M45T3RBR05 9 days ago
Why is building your own castle illegal?
Highbrid Wear
Highbrid Wear 9 days ago
#Themissingtopic Tuna
Raven McKim
Raven McKim 9 days ago
I was impressed with the interior of the tiny house it seemed that not only did he make great use of the space but it was beautiful as well. Until I realized that was not the same house. I'm baffled. Why on earth bother? Footage not good enough? Stop everything! Something isn't true on the internet?! There must be a glitch in the matrix.
Ben Kosto
Ben Kosto 10 days ago
The image of the "fishermen" is fake af. And the "fish" were snakes. So wtf?
P4RRY G 7 days ago
😂😂 thinking the same..... blatant photoshop
Beaf Supreme
Beaf Supreme 8 days ago
You aren’t sleeping!! 100% cgi fakery. Same as every single image of “space” you’ve ever seen. EVERY SINGLE ONE
Yvette Brand
Yvette Brand 10 days ago
Fish?? I thought they were throwing snakes into the sea!😳 THATS what I’d be doing!!🙋🏻‍♀️✌🏼🇨🇦
Jeanne Fiddler
Jeanne Fiddler 2 days ago
Heck if I seen that many FISH that to me looked like snakes, I would be the one opening the back of the boat so those SNAKES would be off the boat I was on. That boat is way too small to have all those fish snakes and me on the same boat
PETER KIMOTHO 4 days ago
@Tshegofatso Phatlha you and opened%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
Juanita Wheat
Juanita Wheat 4 days ago
Yikes snakes eels in the middle of a sea...question is why so many and what species are they?
Yvette Brand
Yvette Brand 5 days ago
@Armen Z. uck!!😖
Motorcikey 5 days ago
I’m callin bs on that pic, they’re too big compared to the ones being pulled up
bagsofcans77 10 days ago
Missing topic. They are fishing like you. Except you use click bait.....
Cheputle Titlan
Cheputle Titlan 10 days ago
A black swimmer lol I guess hes trying to invade white people sport of swimming the same way they are trying to invade Track running.
sgt capes
sgt capes 10 days ago
The 😎father's the REAL MVP for getting the best table, having a great time with his family n signing a plate just for em'👀🤣
Charles Smith
Charles Smith 10 days ago
He’s going to walk away with a wet that and pull it up on your pants right you still have to wait
BLAYNE CROW 10 days ago
BLAYNE CROW 10 days ago
Mad Mod Video Games
7:05 it's called a kilt.
FANKAN TV 10 days ago
Diamonique Chanel Valentina
#Missing Topic..... That boat of fish looks like a boat of snakes to me!! 😂
Jonny Page
Jonny Page 10 days ago
#missingtopic it's not rocket science what are they up to what's normal they used to do this with tuna etc etc and other kinds of fish well they're schooling they're able to simply just throw bait on a hook drop their line down a couple fathoms lift it up and toss it into the boat and onto the next one me my father and a couple of my buddies were out fishing one time and we came across the school of perch yellow belly perch are some of the most best tasting freshwater fish in the world some people call them sirloin of the streams we came across entire school then one time in a feeding frenzy we set our lines up with three sets of hooks spaced out we had more than enough bait for the day and all we did was drop our lines down 20 ft and most the time we were reeling in to fish at a time that's right we were catching two fish at a time reeling them up throwing them in a bucket and then dropping our lines back down before we knew it we had somewhere around 300 fish to fillet by the end of that night and it only took us a fewhours#missing topic
Beaf Supreme
Beaf Supreme 10 days ago
The giant fish picture is easy to explain, as are most things we see in the mainstream. It’s cgi. Wake up people. You’re sleeping
Alexis Mcgerrigle
Alexis Mcgerrigle 10 days ago
#missing topic
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez 10 days ago
The missing topic Indian fishermen most likely electrocuted the water so the eel had to jump out.
Neah Krayou
Neah Krayou 11 days ago
What's the possible rationale for banding women from soccer games in Iran?
Ashlee Benedict
Ashlee Benedict 8 days ago
Islamic bigotry
Somchit Leang
Somchit Leang 11 days ago
Stupid how some countries doesn't let woman do certain things. And a sporting even as well, despicable.
BIGNEWS TV 11 days ago
How about considering the iLOVEyou virus that occured on May 5, 2000 that caused a total damage up to $ 8 .7 billion worldwie and penetrated even d Pentagon.. and an estimated $ 15 billion to remove such.. 😁😁😁
Derek Radix
Derek Radix 11 days ago
Recorded Dr. Who on channel 11 in Chicago that night, I think the title had 'Rock' in it, some lighthouse, the next morning ... WTF, and that spanking bit too, totally bizarre, I agree it's number 1 hack
Alan Bryant
Alan Bryant 11 days ago
I have respect for Eric the eel. Competing in the Olympics. He knew who he was going against. He could have said no I'm going home. But he kept going. I have respect for the man.
Andy Indica
Andy Indica 10 days ago
He didn’t give up, I respect anyone who dosnt give up no matter the odds. True warrior Eric the eel.
Marti Burger
Marti Burger 11 days ago
The prime Minister dad was best.
Demodukken_DK 11 days ago
So much Lies in these vids :// . See the kid 13 yo building his own house :) look at the photos of the inside of the house . ??
Demodukken_DK 11 days ago
But ty for great content bro
KPOP KPOP 11 days ago
The lottery winning mumbers trick is so obvious. The 6 balls with the numbers are electronic devices. Someone just input the numbers remotely via wireless connection.
Getsum 11 days ago
Snakes on boat pic is fake, taken from tuna fishermen technique. Like most things on internet...especially our fraud of a president that was NOT elected.
Doug Ruth
Doug Ruth 11 days ago
The castle Builder
Nate Borden
Nate Borden 11 days ago
Missing topic more like debate the click bait
Bradley Hughes
Bradley Hughes 11 days ago
When I worked at McDonald’s I come up with my own sandwich. Since the smaller meat or as it’s actually called 10:1 got dry too fast and their quarter pound or 4:1 has to be cooked when it’s ordered I made a half pound Big Mac with tomatoes cause I like tomatoes. Ironically monster Mac is what I called it. There’s also another one a friend of mine made that combined a Big Mac and mcchicken and was called the mcgangbang.
The Devils Workshop
I'm ordering one lol chicken is in the middle or top ?
Ashlie C.
Ashlie C. 6 days ago
We had the mcgangbang here in Holt Michigan too. Where did you guys have it?
Kelly Leak
Kelly Leak 11 days ago
Iran Talk about a sexually oppressed country.
Wannabe Travelers
Wannabe Travelers 11 days ago
Only Legends know of the Mcgangbang on McDonald’s secret menu. Mcdouble in a mcchicken.
Bradley Hughes
Bradley Hughes 11 days ago
Thought I had something special that I called the monster Mac. Didn’t know it was already a thing but mine was just a 1/2 lb Big Mac with tomatoes.
Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker 12 days ago
#missing topic...Photoshopped
Unknown -_-
Unknown -_- 12 days ago
The person who hacked the thing is really creepy