15 Abnormally Strange Cats That Actually Exist 

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The internet loves cats. And that other part of existence, you know, the actual world, that loves cats too. Why? Because they’re cats, I mean just look at their little faces. Always being playful, or destroying stuff, or just doing whatever they want. There’s a lot of different kinds of cats, too. Most of them change appearance by the colour of their fur, or their size, or even how much fur they have. But there are also some cats that are just weird. Weird to look at, weird acting, all round strange cats. From the cat with named after a bird to the cat who went viral due to looking completely insane, here’s our rundown of 15 Abnormally Strange Cats That Actually Exist!
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Mar 30, 2021




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Addijo Garza
Addijo Garza Hour ago
so cut cats😱😱😱🥰🥰🥰
Hannah Zimmerman
this is not real its compers come on guy
Chenlu Zhao
Chenlu Zhao 2 hours ago
i suscribed andlike this vido so thres no centipede
Cathy Weber
Cathy Weber 2 hours ago
how did he get that big
Cathy Weber
Cathy Weber 3 hours ago
is he really evil yes or no
Cathy Weber
Cathy Weber 3 hours ago
these are so cool
Doesn't upload
Doesn't upload 3 hours ago
the longest cat?! my cat is WAY longer!!!
Kilowag Magnusson
Kilowag Magnusson 3 hours ago
The three-headed cat is fake, as is the Peacock-cat.
Dawn Thomas
Dawn Thomas 4 hours ago
Sooooo cute
Lucy Lu13
Lucy Lu13 7 hours ago
I'm a cat person 😂
roblox_haven 8 hours ago
They are so cute
roblox_haven 9 hours ago
I have liked and subscribed I swear!
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Gloria Weaver
Gloria Weaver 9 hours ago
I don't care either. I love hem all
Gloria Weaver
Gloria Weaver 10 hours ago
The two faced cat, looks like conjoined twins.
Gloria Weaver
Gloria Weaver 10 hours ago
I wonder how the "insane looking" cat breathes well through its flattened face.
Gloria Weaver
Gloria Weaver 10 hours ago
The three headed cat. It must be conjoined triplets.
Gloria Weaver
Gloria Weaver 10 hours ago
I could totally see a cat being born with just its back legs. Sometimes birth deformities occur.
City Star
City Star 10 hours ago
I love the twin cats they look nice 😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😘😘😍🤗
Roblexfle .?.
Roblexfle .?. 10 hours ago
Idc i want all these cats.I don't care how they look!Also I never even got a cat.So ya
Pocahontas Branam
Pocahontas Branam 11 hours ago
2 faced cat was so cute, the other 2 faced cat named venus was also adorable- the crooked cat was cute, and so was duck
The Neverlanders
The Neverlanders 11 hours ago
If he has extra legs give the extra 2 to the one without them big brain
The Neverlanders
The Neverlanders 11 hours ago
Mom the weird ass cat is back again but this time he’s even more cute I love him
The Neverlanders
The Neverlanders 11 hours ago
This is just a joke don’t take it seriously I feel bad for all these amazingly weird cats 🐈
random random
random random 12 hours ago
my cats hates me when I came from pantalan when I came home they didn't miss me it's ok 😢😢😢 💔💔💔
CoolAlienmaster 13 hours ago
I will call the feathered cat a peacat
Andrew Holmes
Andrew Holmes 13 hours ago
#rare topic
Murpluto 17 hours ago
0:46 ok that's actually terrifying
Nova Lindasari
Nova Lindasari 18 hours ago
Sharon Dease
Sharon Dease 18 hours ago
Duck is adorable!!!
Kamylle Chio
Kamylle Chio 19 hours ago
Kamylle Chio
Kamylle Chio 19 hours ago
that cat just imagine duck's babys
apleeli 20 hours ago
Ruliyanti Tan
Ruliyanti Tan 20 hours ago
I have see a cat with a bob tail. Maybe even 2
Madison Tawney
Madison Tawney 23 hours ago
Madison Tawney
Madison Tawney 23 hours ago
beccas its pobal dangris
Christyan Moore
Apparently there is a cat in japan that looks like it has wings😳
Cats Rule!! Love ‘e-mail!!
Some are “Gain of function” cats! Is “MAUCI” or “MEOWCI” involved in cat gain of function experimentation as well that of pandemic disease ???
K.A.T Tiehes
K.A.T Tiehes Day ago
I have a black runk maincoon so hes kinda small compared to normal maincoons but hes adorable
Layla Poggenpoel
They all so cute a puuurrrrrrrrr-fect I love them so beautiful like if you agree
aria9850 aria9850
cats are cute in thar own way
crazyNedry Day ago
I cant help it, the first cat named Duck looks lie T-rex, im just sorry
Great video O’hara
Best video I ever watched
Maythan waldherr
1:50 (me shutters)
Jegan Banning
i love cats
natalie and monica
their so cute
Rebeca Woolwine
I love cots
Rebeca Woolwine
Sian Foster
Sian Foster Day ago
2:24 good photoshopping bro
Rebeca Woolwine
I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Rebeca Woolwine
Rebeca Woolwine
I love
Rebeca Woolwine
Io 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
zara kitchen
zara kitchen Day ago
My cat saved my baby sister from broken glass
Aiša Aletović
A cykolops Cat
Jason Holmgaard
Wilfred is cute
Amanda H.
Amanda H. Day ago
Tom Fly
Tom Fly Day ago
Looking at the thumbnail: those cats really don't exist
Aura English
Aura English Day ago
To many Photoshop.... is easy see is photoshit is star stupide people truth Photoshop is pathetic
Mayuri Mohanan
Fake poctures are also included.The peacock cat is really fake .Dont use such kind of trickss
edward titchener
why is so monty!!
GamerBunnyYT99 playz
Victoria Larson
Victoria Larson 2 days ago
so cooooooooooooooooooool
・LazySaraus・ 2 days ago
Honestly I wouldn't say strange I would say unique.
Avery Milburn
Avery Milburn 2 days ago
Natalya Quirion
Natalya Quirion 2 days ago
the pecak cat is called pecat
the random dude
the random dude 2 days ago
the random dude
the random dude 2 days ago
#cutecatsdisableitsy's are a superpower
the random dude
the random dude 2 days ago
#cutecats yo man WOO
the random dude
the random dude 2 days ago
#raretopic woohoo rare topics
the random dude
the random dude 2 days ago
Anastasia M. Prickett
These cats are amazing. Ducky, the calico with half a face black, and the twins are may favorite. How do you tell the twins apart? My twins have a different pattern on the face ever so slightly but you can't tell them apart front he back. I love their eyes. Sphinx are one of my faves too. They are just too cute.
ShadowCloud082 2 days ago
My grandmother once told me she had a half faced cat like Venus a long time ago, in her 20's. It was shocking to me because my grandma hates cats. She told me that her half faced cat was the only cat she would ever like.
Signy Fernandez
Signy Fernandez 2 days ago
I think it could fly! #Rare Topic
genesis paz garcia
i regret what i said but the are kinda cute
genesis paz garcia
they are soooo cute
rainbow water
rainbow water 2 days ago
I love cat's
Xx_MoonRune_xX 2 days ago
i Saw a Eyeless Cat Once and my friend where being rude to it the cat had no fur and no eyes But it was Still so Cute :3
Zina Gomez-Liss
Zina Gomez-Liss 2 days ago
I know the cat that lookslike a bird
peacat can be the name
Florence Stark
Florence Stark 2 days ago
We like duck
Ava henderson
Ava henderson 2 days ago
TBNR Frags
TBNR Frags 2 days ago
im so sad about them
TBNR Frags
TBNR Frags 2 days ago
poor cats
TBNR Frags
TBNR Frags 2 days ago
this peacock cat is so amazing
Adhishree Singh
Adhishree Singh 2 days ago
Eva Vocative
Eva Vocative 2 days ago
The janus cat is named Frank and Louie not Louis.
Bryan Nica
Bryan Nica 2 days ago
#RareTopic Peackacat
Helena Thomas
Helena Thomas 2 days ago
i hate how people are saying they are ugly they are just different in there own ways
Helena Thomas
Helena Thomas 3 days ago
i love it its adorable
Jessica Nicole Tomlin
LOL catcock
Taz DeLucenay
Taz DeLucenay 3 days ago
Monty is soooo cute 🥰
Michele Mcguire
Michele Mcguire 3 days ago
JetpackInfinite 3 days ago
ALayna Kerry
ALayna Kerry 3 days ago
Not true it was Photoshop a peacock cat is not exist anywhere that can’t fly it doesn’t have wings is it just me or tail feathers🐱🦚 does not exist Photoshop try it literally take a picture of a peacock take a picture of a cat Photoshop them together do you know what do you get a peacock cat
Maddy Petetsen
Maddy Petetsen 3 days ago
I don't want a centipede crawling on my face so I'm not going to subscriber I'm just going to click that like button I love those bobcats looking things
Just B
Just B 3 days ago
Wolf cat is missing from this video but great compilation
Cassieopia Holloway
Wilfred is my fav!!! Love that cat! Herman is pretty cute too!