14,800 IQ VISION TRICK to catch lurking impostors... (mods) 

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Disguised Toast and friends are back with more modded Among Us. This time featuring both Sheriffs and Jesters.
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Edited by: otriggad
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Feb 20, 2021




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Draken Kartikay Kaul
Ah this video restored my faith in toast. Recent videos were getting a bit consistently dull for me for following same patterns.
Johnny Boy
Johnny Boy 9 hours ago
I know it's easier for me as a viewer to piece things together... but how could he not figure out at the end that 5up wasn't scared because he was imp?
You’re Welcome
You’re Welcome 14 hours ago
Well you know, Sykkuno did study cowboy talk for his AU roleplay a while back.. so he would know about "woah nelly" 🤣
You’re Welcome
You’re Welcome 14 hours ago
Burner2 Burner2
The craven cannon desirably box because double opportunely hug versus a delicate police. grotesque, melted child
Austin Hunt
Austin Hunt Day ago
When I troll in meetings I make Lionel rage quit and I don’t think I should be proud of it
Loclyn LaBorde
*Toast:* _Is it Talia?.._ *Me:* We _have_ to find a Lazarus Pit-- _fast!_
Lea Nortier
Lea Nortier Day ago
Toast singing Justin Bieber made my day😂👌🌼
THEØRY 2 days ago
jack sounded like shaggy when imperstinating the horse
FM Atlas.
FM Atlas. 2 days ago
‘’This is where the fun begins’’ quote by anakin.
Jay Toronto
Jay Toronto 4 days ago
if that was anyone else from the OTV & Friends Group in that 50/50 v 5p toast would've gotten voted out
Trinh, Victor
Trinh, Victor 5 days ago
Post game credit in the last game wooooo!
Eric Hernandez
Eric Hernandez 5 days ago
What does a jester do
Tuskylol 5 days ago
The key point of 5up being sus is when hafu passed him and when she found Steve body I knew it was him then
Nate Dawg
Nate Dawg 5 days ago
Okay, I LOVE the Pokemon Colosseum music we got this game, one of my old favorites
Astral Syn
Astral Syn 5 days ago
My friends said I'm an oddball for liking being sussed. I'm glad Toast understands, it's more fun + I get to live longer usually.
John 6 days ago
How the hell did he see Ash on the bottom!
Devon Langston
Devon Langston 6 days ago
Let's be honest, this game is dead.
TheWorldsPerson 6 days ago
happy birthday ash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bamaguy 56
Bamaguy 56 6 days ago
16:30 Toast is confirmed to be a Skywalker.
CJ2 6 days ago
i never seen 5up trying so hard to win. Toast is crazy
Erik Neuschwendtner
The charming stove oceanographically suspend because operation rahilly hook apropos a redundant saturday. cooperative, conscious fired
Thandeka 7 days ago
Talia just straight up made a decision and she did so good
Mr Marc
Mr Marc 7 days ago
What song is that at the beginning?
airon1423 7 days ago
Props to the editor using awesome Pokemon music :D
Jayden U
Jayden U 7 days ago
Omg, toast are you lonely??? 😭. It's ok though, I know a gal 😉😉
SJ Aquino
SJ Aquino 7 days ago
John Apple
John Apple 7 days ago
That. Was a very good game
CharlieGreen 7 days ago
Mfw when Toast is innocent and gets hard sussed: >:c Toast’s face when he’s innocent and gets hard sussed: >:)
r probably
r probably 7 days ago
Gorest Fump
Gorest Fump 7 days ago
When toast is innocent, he just laughs at the imposters accusations
Nathu 7 days ago
can someone make a montage of toast singing
7 Black Swans
7 Black Swans 7 days ago
I didn't even see Ash lurking in the corner until Toast said he saw her there. I had to go back to see for myself. 1:34
Simply_ doge
Simply_ doge 7 days ago
Not toast singing something justin beaver made..
Chris T
Chris T 7 days ago
I can't believe I shit myself while watching Toast again :(
Wessel Van Der Laan
1:32 you dutch?
Landen Garland
Landen Garland 7 days ago
was it ashs bday?
Daniel Tsiu
Daniel Tsiu 7 days ago
I think in that last one 5-up gave too much information. Toast was still stuck between 5-up and Tali. Him giving too much information actually cost him the game since Tali saw Toast through cams
Teknomaro ,
Teknomaro , 7 days ago
what's the name of the fast foward music at 10:39 ?
gamer boy
gamer boy 7 days ago
YEESSS toast singing lonely by jb 😃🥶🤣
clash of magic
clash of magic 7 days ago
That Egg
That Egg 7 days ago
Toast: “impostor games are hard” Subtitles: “positive gain on hard”
Anne Elise Morrigan
DK and Steve dead at the start? Least annoying video ever!
rannierunsfast 7 days ago
Geenelly is such a buzzkill
Ocean 180
Ocean 180 7 days ago
Janet’s aww ok at 18:48 was so like pure and filled with disapointment
Kysia Ferrer
Kysia Ferrer 7 days ago
Poor Talia 😂
ZangFrom YT
ZangFrom YT 8 days ago
7:40 Toast too good
Quoc Thien Bui
Quoc Thien Bui 8 days ago
can we appreciate the editor who did colour changing sub for Ash XDDDD
ES 8 days ago
Best Crewmate in Among Us - TOAST Best Imposter in Among Us - 5UP PROVE ME WRONG
Zeroo 8 days ago
The only reason toast didn't lose the 50-50 is because 5up was the other suspect lmao
John Anglin
John Anglin 8 days ago
The ending was so good like i was so clueless between 5up and Talia but then it was so clear that it was 5up bcs he accused Toast. Wow
Diamond 8 days ago
Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Talia: I'm sweajejaiehf jefafea I'm shaking so much
War Trauma
War Trauma 8 days ago
So yeah I got unsubscribed from toast because US-first f****** up the system I want to watch some good a** content
Jaime Torres
Jaime Torres 8 days ago
Loved the part where he sang Lonely by Bieber
Nathan S
Nathan S 8 days ago
Ahhhh nice, love the Pokemon Colosseum music! Always a good song as the background
Jessica DePriest
Jessica DePriest 8 days ago
It’s funny that nobody ever susses toast
reid weasley
reid weasley 8 days ago
can someone tell me who D R A C O is??
faithfae 8 days ago
That was train
princess darkness
Toast is so cute
Dominic Rivera
Dominic Rivera 8 days ago
toast is like dr.doofenschmirtz, if he was smart
Mahmood Awad
Mahmood Awad 8 days ago
Denise Pearson
Denise Pearson 8 days ago
anyone else glad to hear jack 😌
King Leonidas
King Leonidas 8 days ago
16:28 Toast became Anakin Skywalker for a moment
kil0 _
kil0 _ 8 days ago
Audrey Kwan
Audrey Kwan 8 days ago
no one: toast: "I like being sussed"
Eamon Glover
Eamon Glover 8 days ago
The only tip I have dont be last 4 with toast he will make you burn calories
Sabrina Ampuero
Sabrina Ampuero 8 days ago
pls editor use the banjoo kazzoie music
Nidhi Mahesh
Nidhi Mahesh 8 days ago
Random thought, I just noticed how toast has such clear nice skin :o
SoundOfSaber - Gaming
Toast should be Jimmy Woo, change my mind
Trattt 8 days ago
I'd like to know the music that's being put in the video aaaa
Beau Braun
Beau Braun 8 days ago
Talia came out of nowhere at the end... I fully thought she voted toast then all of a sudden “toast couldn’t have gotten this kill” lmao
Zedrick Nacion
Zedrick Nacion 8 days ago
20hrs late for some reason... aight
Ecricox 8 days ago
toast singing 🥺
B A 8 days ago
I've never heard Toast sound more desperate than in that last round
Kweh 8 days ago
8:10 did i just hear cipher peon battle theme?
Rev Rev
Rev Rev 8 days ago
Thank you toast, and thank you toast's editor
Zathul 8 days ago
Did I hear two seconds of the Cipher Peon theme at the beginning during that speed up? Or am I tripping?
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P. A. Y. E.
P. A. Y. E. 8 days ago
Second gameplay... lot and alot of accent here.. 😂
Lyndia Zheng
Lyndia Zheng 8 days ago
im rly proud of myself whenever i think like toast in his videos and i saw ash and this is like the second time im almost on toast level after like a year of watching him and im so freaking proud of my self rn like wow
b̲r̲e̲a̲d̲ 8 days ago
*Horse Strat never fails.*
Shivam Agrawal
Shivam Agrawal 8 days ago
Lost interest mid way like after 10000 iq videos..how're u guys keepin up with the interest so long
Frozen Sound
Frozen Sound 8 days ago
8:08 Pokemon Colloseum time ~ 🎶
Mu'izz Siddique
Mu'izz Siddique 8 days ago
Dude, compilation episode of all the time you used high IQ noises and screaming to vote people out.
SinkableRuby 8 days ago
day 2 of asking toast to play town of salem bc all his among us mods are based off it
alloutking 8 days ago
I prefer when Toast is crew.
DavidNight19 8 days ago
Wow so many brits in the second lobby lol
Nerd Rin
Nerd Rin 8 days ago
bruh 2 uploads in one day yes please...
corro202 8 days ago
Awesome content.
FREE FIRE, COD-M 8 days ago
The intro is getting op everyday ❤️
Rita says
Rita says 8 days ago
fuslie do be looking like a shaved cat
Csquared08 8 days ago
Yo, I'm all about that Pokemon Colosseum music!
Javan Sykes
Javan Sykes 8 days ago
what if someone made a "rape alarm" mod, basically, everyone can call the button once anywhere on the map, and they accuse someone of being imposter, if they are right, the imposter is kicked from the ship, if their wrong, the accuser is kicked from the ship
GAMEFULL 8 days ago
I am waiting everyone for my channel 😍😁🙏
hi im Ripper
hi im Ripper 8 days ago
That sacond loby wasn’t fun to watch
TheGarlov 8 days ago
Best bread!
Celina 8 days ago
Hi Toast :)
Riker Grace
Riker Grace 8 days ago
Welcome back Jack
Maciek Panas
Maciek Panas 8 days ago
the only time you dont want people to think ur jester is when you actually are jester
Saud Aj
Saud Aj 8 days ago
Toast holy fuck, you made the only one sus of you, become your ally. G fucking G this is one of the best matches i ever saw in history. Also Damn 5up became really good at this game >
*"This is where the fun begins..."* - Anakin Sky walker and DisguisedToast
Raging Cherry
Raging Cherry 8 days ago
I would enjoy to see you try the alien vs predator mod that would be super funny