12 year old Husky dog never been groomed before! 

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Holly is a 12 year old Husky that had her first ever grooming experience with us. We were a little nervous on how she would handle the process.

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Apr 26, 2021




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Somnus Waltz
Somnus Waltz 51 minute ago
too bad the awful music ruined the otherwise adorable video
iKnow BetterThanU
iKnow BetterThanU 6 hours ago
so pretty and easy going looking dog.
FendergodGaming 6 hours ago
You gotta wear a mask while washing a dog?
anorourke 9 hours ago
Grass Geese
Grass Geese 9 hours ago
Good girl, Holly!
Roedor 10 hours ago
"although she is losing some hair" - *a cloud of hair rises*
Chicken Nuggie
Chicken Nuggie 10 hours ago
I love that since she never groomed before, she wasn't emitting a war cry, but she was more like "Holy shit I'm swimming, but I'm not swimming? :D"
nekochen 10 hours ago
Her tail is droopy between her legs, isn't that a sign that she's scared?
William Grand
William Grand 11 hours ago
The head wraps crack me up every time lmfao!
Seres Róbert / woodoo
she looks like a lovely chubby grandma
Another Elvis
Another Elvis 17 hours ago
Well trained and well fed.
Okipiatenep 18 hours ago
unlike 12 year old kids on discord
Akira Velicka
Akira Velicka 19 hours ago
just wait until callmecarson find her
Beat91Sms 19 hours ago
hard to laugh at your jokes sense you talk like a robot
Hammad Rehman
Hammad Rehman 21 hour ago
Can u please show us the reaction of the owners , would live to see that
Hathspider Day ago
Man the dog has a better life than me. Even had its poo hole trimmed.
Old Man
Old Man Day ago
I thought Holly was overweight at first but she is just very, very fluffy.
Aturfhee Day ago
Look at that small bear
Seppuku Day ago
1:09 Babushka dog
Ab Aguilar
Ab Aguilar Day ago
and 5 days later she died
Skr1pt〽 23 hours ago
Haha funi
Snodge Kat
Snodge Kat Day ago
What a good girl,!!
Hamon frog
Hamon frog Day ago
i want to be a groomer to get along with dogs lol
ahstar98 Day ago
sounding surprised, almost as if not everyone is rich and able to afford a grooming
Chris Day ago
How much did that cost?
Joe Dong
Joe Dong Day ago
“Normal husky screaming”
Jack Day ago
Lio Murdest
Lio Murdest Day ago
That little purple "hat" is so fluffling adorable.
Greg Mohr
Greg Mohr 2 days ago
i use to wash my dog with liquid VANISH clothes wash it made my dog squeekie clean and fluffly
vegastjg 2 days ago
Why would the owners go 12 years without getting their dog professionally groomed?
stephan2796 2 days ago
So fluffy!
Leila K
Leila K 2 days ago
She doesn’t even look 12!
James Quiring
James Quiring 2 days ago
Just trying to clip my husky’s nails she screams bloody murder
Marcelo Pinheiro
Marcelo Pinheiro 2 days ago
She didn't even sing the song of her people...
thousand points of light
you just know.
Rising Tide
Rising Tide 2 days ago
my dog hates water....incl rain water. How do you get dogs to stand still lol
Paul TheLaika
Paul TheLaika 2 days ago
“Holly has not started singing yet“ made my day xD
Smeeth 2 days ago
Are you wearing ear muffs? Or just big headphones?
Weekend Fisherman
cool, now try a cat
Duffman 2 days ago
U should show before/after!
waaaaantube 2 days ago
As calm and big as she is, I believe she has some Malamute in her.
N_tro 2 days ago
I would say Holly definitely deserved this.
Deborah Boyce
Deborah Boyce 2 days ago
She is beautiful...great job you did amazing
Cherrycordial 2 days ago
Oh I love Holly
Linus Karlsson
Linus Karlsson 2 days ago
I would like to see before/after photos
Envy's Art
Envy's Art 2 days ago
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a husky be obedient for that long xD
reema 2 days ago
good girl!
K U Z A 2 days ago
That fur is never been groomed? bro that fur is better than my skin lmao
Best Timeline
Best Timeline 2 days ago
Im 36 and I never knew what a dog grooming entailed until this moment.
That’s a very husky, husky
Sloan 2 days ago
What a beautiful dog!
Dante Chua
Dante Chua 3 days ago
this dog is going same size than the alaskan
Adrian C
Adrian C 3 days ago
Madam you are amazing at what you do
Teresa Lasecka
Teresa Lasecka 3 days ago
Oh wow Much better now
Roxanne Valdivia
Roxanne Valdivia 3 days ago
Ohh i foind you on US-first without meaning too. Wow I'm so cool 😎
Wulf Mangetsu
Wulf Mangetsu 3 days ago
Holly loses 30 wigs of hair while the blow drying She is losing *some hair*
Christopher Carr
Christopher Carr 3 days ago
I have a 4-year-old Anatolian 80% X Great Pyr 20% female, also named Holly. :-) Care to fly to Portland to test your skills on my Holly? I dare ya! ;-) My Holly is the runt of her litter and only about 80 pounds -- whereas her mother is 140 pounds and dad 180. So it shouldn't take too long .... in theory. tehehe My Holly has an amazingly flexible spine, like a cat. Super athletic and extremely quick, more like a Kangal than a Great Pyr. And she frickin' _despises_ spraying water. So should be fun times. ;-)
Lars Petersson
Lars Petersson 3 days ago
"her sanitary areas".... Come on america why do you have to do that.
John Smith
John Smith 3 days ago
Husky lookin husky
Uncreative name
Uncreative name 3 days ago
Edp when he sees the title: *I'll change that*
Eva Flowers
Eva Flowers 3 days ago
What a beautiful dog.
Tracy Lynn
Tracy Lynn 3 days ago
What a beautiful girl.
Plain Jane
Plain Jane 3 days ago
Holly probably reflects the maturity and calmness of her owner(s). What a great dog and what a difference a grooming can make!
Brian Pawlak
Brian Pawlak 3 days ago
Beautiful work.
Quiet Storm
Quiet Storm 3 days ago
You know they passed this law tht men couldn’t sleep with animals anymore in Germany...might want to rethink what you’re putting on my page.
Tony From Syracuse
wow you did a fantastic job! how pretty she looked!
Viperion 3 days ago
This is what i needed.
sayajooj 3 days ago
Average teenager who doesnt use discord ^
horisontial 3 days ago
That's one beautiful husky doggie!
covidsucks 3 days ago
Poor baby is so overweight. That is hard on the joints.
blacksmith34 3 days ago
Mamma looks amazing!
Kevin D
Kevin D 3 days ago
This woman is a damn magician at grooming!!! super knowledgable
xNightRushz 3 days ago
jo jo
jo jo 3 days ago
cant image that all that shampoo is good for a dog
Fourgore0 3 days ago
ive installed those dog washing stations and they aint cheap lol bout 10k
Mathias 3 days ago
that looks like a dog that rarely gets walked.
Drak Manger
Drak Manger 3 days ago
What a fluffy ending :D
Constance 3 days ago
lol she narrates like NileRed
Chris Morse
Chris Morse 3 days ago
Why are you wearing a mask
cantthinkofausername lol
2:25 top ten scariest jump scares of all time
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith 3 days ago
Dear lord I can NOT have a dog that sheds like that.
BlindGuardian050 4 days ago
never been groomed =/= never been professionally groomed, trash video trash clickbait.
Hello There
Hello There 4 days ago
I wish there was a pet grooming service in our area. Our two dogs are constantly shredding and it's a pain mopping the floors
NeoTSZ 4 days ago
This girl sounds like NileRed if he was a girl who didn’t do chemistry, but grooming instead.
Hvy Duty
Hvy Duty 4 days ago
that is super................!
Yules 4 days ago
What's groom?
Fwibos 4 days ago
That little purple scarf killed it. D'AWW
Primedragoon 4 days ago
Aloe is bad... Seriously.
ejayerik 4 days ago
$600 dollars later.....neglect is a costly beast. Lol
ProbablyShelb 4 days ago
$150 and we groom her at home! Just first professional groom, not neglect :)
NoUserNameFound 666
Omg ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hunter Zolomon
Hunter Zolomon 4 days ago
Not ever a squeak? I refuse to believe that's a husky
Karen 4 days ago
0:05 and so have a lot of other dogs???
Slacker Man
Slacker Man 4 days ago
Holly was a champ! She looked so majestic afterwards.
123455thatguy 4 days ago
So the titles just a blatant lie then. Difference between never being groomed and never being professionally groomed.
Ribbon 4 days ago
Oh my god she's so foomfy
tayem altikriti
tayem altikriti 4 days ago
Wow shes lucky she has not been groomed by a discord admin *funny joke*
Eddy brown
Eddy brown 4 days ago
WHEN.......................................... DID I ASK
I Am Eye
I Am Eye 4 days ago
This is the second video i see from you, but i love the simplicity. Can notice the passion for the job, and the love for the dogs. Great.
spingel88 4 days ago
What a sweet baby.
Canadian CanuckleHead
She seemed more calm and confused rather than terrified. “I mean, I dunno what the hoomans are doing, but I’m not in imminent danger, so it’s cool.”
M Wild
M Wild 3 days ago
She seemed to enjoy it to be honest.
Enea Tashi
Enea Tashi 4 days ago
With that cloth on her head, was looking like a grandma that has seen some shit so a grooming session is nothing.