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Cool amazon products that have gone viral on tiktok with millions of likes and views. Links to everything below! ☟
12 Amazon products that have gone INSANELY Viral on TikTok
the 12 most viral amazon products on tiktok

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♡ L I N K S ♡
*if any links aren't working please let me know in the comments and I will fix!
⇒ workout top amzn.to/3wmvCnJ
⇒ exfoliating peeling foot mask amzn.to/31GPq7u
⇒ foot cleaner amzn.to/3fxzkF9
⇒ towel scrunchie amzn.to/3wj1Al1
⇒ jeans button amzn.to/2QQQuTU
⇒ 4 in 1 travel product case amzn.to/3uj6w7o
⇒ soap sheets amzn.to/3dnI5iu
⇒ lazer keyboard amzn.to/3wisJV3
⇒ sandwich cutter uncrustable style amzn.to/3wkfSSq
⇒ crunch cup cereal cup amzn.to/2R3N4xv
⇒ spatula tongs amzn.to/3doMLVu
⇒ USB lighter amzn.to/2PO0tsT
⇒ Cloud towels amzn.to/3fyTX3M

* You can find ALL the products shown in this video here: www.amazon.com/shop/vasseurbeauty?listId=Y2KOHDID2CH9&ref=idea_share_inf

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Apr 2, 2021




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Comments 100   
Howerton Family
Howerton Family 2 hours ago
The scrunchie is my favorite!!!
Della Hall
Della Hall 9 hours ago
Everything was absolutely amazing, I will now have to have 4 of everything for daughter, son, and daughter in law oh 5 my grandson will love a few of these things. Thank you so much, your family is amazing .
Deedee04 Day ago
I think ryan enjoys the skits more than we do 😂😂
Marcia Stansberry
Your hubby is adorable!
Lily rhythm
Lily rhythm Day ago
Lol his foot is going clubbing lol
Anna chirtea
Anna chirtea Day ago
Links arnt working to connect to amazon.
Treasure Forever
Wow did that foot thing hurt though 😅
Treasure Forever
I don’t know why but when you recommend a product I like know that it’s good. But whenever I see other you tubers doing videos purely based on a ton of products it actually bothers me and I’m like oh my god get out of here with all of your Amazon links🤦🏽‍♀️
K. C.
K. C. 2 days ago
These are my favorite videos. Really cool stuff in this one.
Gabbi Rucci
Gabbi Rucci 4 days ago
Poor little Capri clapping and cheering grabbing for the foot peel sock 😂 girl you have no idea don’t get that excited 🤣
Cesia Saravia
Cesia Saravia 4 days ago
Omg Ryan he really cracks me up. Can you do a comic video of just Ryan lol
Linda L
Linda L 4 days ago
As soon as you said take it one step further I KNEW you were going to say put them on your arms to catch the drips!! What a major annoyance.
A H 4 days ago
Love you guys; you two crack me up. 😂
Adri Diaz
Adri Diaz 5 days ago
I need the real video of Ryan’s foot after that mask thing jajaja
Aishwarya Gupta
Aishwarya Gupta 5 days ago
Ryan's scripts are perfect ❤️
Loved the video! 😁👌🏻What brand is your skillet? I love how thick it is. Thank you. 💕💐
Kristin Lanz
Kristin Lanz 6 days ago
I love all of these products!! Can’t wait to purchase a few! 😄 thank you Brittany!
Kim Marie
Kim Marie 7 days ago
Mind blown with the towel scrunchie 🤯
DC 7 days ago
i liked this video once you said you didnt tell your husband what the foot soak was gonna do😂
Cindy Maravilla
Cindy Maravilla 9 days ago
I'll have to buy the traveling one very 👍
GrottoRabbit 10 days ago
@DaveAndSissy on TikTok are great too
Rosie D
Rosie D 10 days ago
Your husband is funny!! Foos going clubbing! 😂😂😂😂 my favorite has to be the usb lighter. Going to Amazon! Xx
Heather Hernandez
Heather Hernandez 10 days ago
I need those towel scrunchies
Rosalee Knight
Rosalee Knight 10 days ago
Ha, you started a thing in Amazon in the "frequently bought together, " area.
Jasmine Nicole
Jasmine Nicole 10 days ago
You remind me of Lori from shark tank lol
Emory F.
Emory F. 10 days ago
How to waste your money 101
NH NH 10 days ago
Thx for sharing. Love how your husband is a great sport. That's 💘 love
Cat Blue
Cat Blue 11 days ago
Ordered a few things. Thanks for the links!
Jaz Thomas
Jaz Thomas 12 days ago
I would buy your towels Brittany!!
T G 12 days ago
Tbh Ryan’s feet have fungus. That’s why they look so bad. Prob from his gym days.
Rosemary Doran
Rosemary Doran 12 days ago
The USB lighter is so smart! No running out of fluid in the disposable candle lighters! Also the foot mask looks way cool as well.
KittenAtPlay 12 days ago
This was pretty entertaining
Denise Curry
Denise Curry 13 days ago
I think that the towel and lighter is the best. Thanks for sharing
ritabartasiute 13 days ago
Microfiber is made out of plastics. 700 years after we all will be dead, those towels will still be in the landfill. I know. I know. Party pooper here.
Christina Felker
Christina Felker 13 days ago
Really like the lighter!!! Thanks Brittany for all your insights. Love your channel. ❤️
M A 13 days ago
So many cool products that I wouldn't have thought to look for! Thank you! ☺
Shannon Joy Sharp
Shannon Joy Sharp 14 days ago
You domestic goddess! I did not know what those towels scrunchie thinks before and I am so excited because there is nothing more disgusting and irritating then water running down my arms. I had asthma as a kid and it used to really burn and now it just Irritates me! I am ordering these right now! God bless you and your beautiful family XOXO
Judy Flynn
Judy Flynn 14 days ago
A love child😂🤣😂
Tamara Griffin
Tamara Griffin 14 days ago
It's funny cause that button for your pants actually came out in the 90's!! I use to own a couple back then 😊
Cisli Mejia
Cisli Mejia 14 days ago
Not even done with the video and I already love it so much!! So many cool products, great video!!!
Leanna Steele
Leanna Steele 14 days ago
You could try to use your leftover crust from making uncrustables and turn them into homemade croutons for salads!! Then you wouldn’t have any waste ☺️
BillyBee 14 days ago
You find the coolest stuff. Your videos never disappoint!
Ann Merseal
Ann Merseal 14 days ago
Johnnie Dillinger
Johnnie Dillinger 15 days ago
OMG this was so entertaining !! LOL Great video Brittnay
Heather S
Heather S 15 days ago
That foot scrubber would tickle my foot so bad. 😂
skayc 15 days ago
Would you share link to towels please
adrian ratlief
adrian ratlief 15 days ago
Your husband is hilarious lol
Harleigh Stringer
Harleigh Stringer 15 days ago
ive been doing so well not spending money on amazon, idk why im here rn.
Deb Seyler
Deb Seyler 15 days ago
I love your vlogs. Your personality is awesome. You seemed to REALLY enjoy doing this one! I was laughing the entire time - you were just so happy!
Darian Blocker
Darian Blocker 15 days ago
Hey Brittany! Do you know if the bath towels come in an oversized option? We normally buy the bath "sheet" size for our towels but definitely interested in this material!
Terina Keresoma
Terina Keresoma 15 days ago
Oh my gosh, best video ever!! Totally love all of the items! Lol @ Ryan though, too funny!!
CaveIt Crafting by Karina
Wow these are all awesome gadgets my favorite is the laser keyboard 👍🏻
D N 16 days ago
I need a towel made of the make up eraser material. Is that what cloud towel is?
Lisa B.
Lisa B. 16 days ago
The spatula tongs are a must have for air fryers. Easier to flip your food and no risk of scratching the air fryer non-stick finish.
Paola H
Paola H 16 days ago
So refreshing to watch videos like this one when everywhere else all they talk about is how there is a pandemic going on and people have no $!
music amyy
music amyy 16 days ago
Brittany!! Just wanted to say how much I love your channel ! Your tips and tricks are awesome. You are killing it ! Keep up the great work but definitely take a break when you are burned out 💖 lots of love !
Lisa Marie Michaelis
😂 I've used the foot socks they are awesome!! But that travel container yes !!! And that keyboard 💚
Sommer Coburn
Sommer Coburn 16 days ago
Brittany, What’s your sign? You have the cutest personality and I like how you describe things. The laser keyboard and tongs are on my list.
Theresa Pittman
Theresa Pittman 16 days ago
There are ceramic tips over the wire ends (USB lighter). When you use it to light 50 candles those ceramic tips start slipping off, so you try to push them down with your fingers and you shock yourself if you forget to turn the bottom switch off. I use mine to scrape wax droplets off my countertops, now. They slip off constantly!
Lisa Stevens
Lisa Stevens 16 days ago
I want that soap, etc. dispenser! Also, you could give the crust of the bread to the birds. Or squirrels. 😃
joe williams-nelson
There needs to be a two thumbs up options. So great!
zoua yang
zoua yang 16 days ago
Thank you for showing the laser keyboard I saw it in a movie a long time ago and I was so interested that I really wanted one too.
Monica _H19
Monica _H19 16 days ago
This is totally not related to this video but I've checked about 30 of your videos and I can't find the one where you talked about your finger holder on your phone! I love it and want one please help!
Ray of Sunshine
Ray of Sunshine 16 days ago
Ryan 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Shirley Adkins
Shirley Adkins 16 days ago
Luv it
Sophie G
Sophie G 16 days ago
Hahaha the foot thing at the end ! You and your husband are so cuteeee
Meray Osman
Meray Osman 16 days ago
I want moooreee
Jessi 16 days ago
Amazing video!!!! 😀 ok bye I’m going to Amazon now..👋👋👋
Jaymie Chamberlin
Jaymie Chamberlin 16 days ago
Your amazing .. don’t do tic too but now I will because u are there 🥰🦋🌈. You help me so much !!!! I’ve been so very sick for the last 10 yrs ... I’m so excited, I’m going to be 50 this Month and so excited for my future 50’s 🤪😇🥳 I was given a chance to live and my brain is letting a little out at a time so u are sooooo teaching me life again and share about you w everyone 😋. I’m in my home so much and get so excited if Yu post something new 😍 plus I’m a fello San Diegan 😘🌸
Donna Pittman
Donna Pittman 16 days ago
Love the sandwich sealer/crust remover. Gotta have that lighter! The rubber tongs:) And the Towels.. Geez I guess I really love em all Hahha. Thanks Brittany, love your channel.
Evette Walker
Evette Walker 16 days ago
Still laughing 😂
beverly. Disney Granny
Thank you
19nush 17 days ago
Why didn't u actually show the peeling of Ryan's foot ?? Instead of a peice of cloth?
Lynn Hughes
Lynn Hughes 17 days ago
Wow that foot peeling pad looks scary. Ryan did a great job as usual. Love you guys 💖💖👍👏
SunnyD113 17 days ago
I am equally intrigued by and terrified by the foot masks!
Helena P
Helena P 17 days ago
Love this 🌹✨
Eli 17 days ago
Whose wife is this ! 😳
Janelle Hamill
Janelle Hamill 17 days ago
All great 👍🏻 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 thanks for sharing
Stephanie Jackson
Stephanie Jackson 17 days ago
You crack the hell up with the foot stuff you used on Ryan! 😂
spbv1961 17 days ago
I loved the lizer keebord
Milana Chulpayev
Milana Chulpayev 17 days ago
Did you stop doing instastories?
Tina Sweeney
Tina Sweeney 17 days ago
Love this! I'm so glad that I found you! No more Amazon mistakes...definitely buying a crunch cup, and uncrustable tools. I don't think its wasteful, I'm gonna use the crusts as bird food. Tell Ryan great job too! Lol
bree villarruel
bree villarruel 17 days ago
I’ve been curious about the lighters... can you still light up some ganga in a pipe? LOL serious question. Has anyone tried it?
Blush Crown
Blush Crown 17 days ago
*It’s like a car wash for your feet* 🤣🤣🤣 *Love your videos!*
Sameil D.
Sameil D. 17 days ago
I just ordered 6 of them...
Auburn Huhmann
Auburn Huhmann 17 days ago
I love the idea of the towel scrunchies as wrist drip-guards! That's one of my biggest pet peeves!
Petra .M
Petra .M 17 days ago
Loved it❤
Ruth Leon
Ruth Leon 17 days ago
I love this videos can any one knows what fhone case is the one she use I know she said it on a video but I don't remember and been looking for the case please if any one knows that will really nice thank you🙏🙏
ielline 17 days ago
I need that tong flipper thingy I'm so bad at flipping anything
Leslie Torres
Leslie Torres 17 days ago
I just purchased the workout top. It looks so comfy.
Pieces of JT
Pieces of JT 17 days ago
Love all of this!!!
Kristinaaj92 17 days ago
Loving your Amazon videos! We now have Amazon in Sweden! Can u do a new favorite from Amazon video?
Shyan Funny
Shyan Funny 17 days ago
Brittany I see you inventing something great‼️❤️. Ryan is hysterical 😭 and very handsome Lucky Brittany ‼️
Jacqueline Sudding
Jacqueline Sudding 17 days ago
sinead arshad
sinead arshad 17 days ago
The foot car wash is the most tickly thing I've ever used in my life idk how you even put your foot into it 😂😂 I had such high hopes and then my partner ended up using it all the time because I couldn't put my foot anywhere near it 😂😂
lina&kids 17 days ago
I bought the cloud towels and I actually don’t like them! Am I the only one? The reason is because they don’t absorb water completely. It’s like drying yourself with a fluffy blanket... it leaves water droplets that turn cold and it’s uncomfortable. Maybe I’m weird like that. I only use them for my hair... but I also notice that my hair is wetter than if I was to use one of my regular towels.
MAMA MARIAH 17 days ago
Where did you get your daughter’s onesie from the foot mask part of the video...?
julie trudgeon
julie trudgeon 17 days ago
My fav is the lighter.
Diane Kiko
Diane Kiko 17 days ago
Was that really his skin he peeled off? I’m thinking not but, hey, maybe I’m just that gullible
Every Disability Creates New Abilities!
Girl my favorite is the travel dispenser that's super cool!!.. Been a fan of you for quite sometime and absolutely love your videos!!.🙌
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