12 Types of Students when the Teacher is GONE 

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Things take an odd turn when the teacher isn’t around in class... What’s next for the students in Titan Academy? Who will be the new teacher?
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May 2, 2021




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JianHao Tan
JianHao Tan 13 days ago
Stay tuned for next week’s episode. I promise you will see at least 2 new tea.. I mean characters 😏🤭🤐
Hector Sanchez
Hector Sanchez 6 days ago
Christianlie Uy
Christianlie Uy 10 days ago
Priyanka 939
Priyanka 939 11 days ago
Hello jianhao tan I'm from India tamilnadu cheenai
Celesté Dianmorpé
Ooohhhhhhh teeaaaa👀✨✨
Diya Khamar
Diya Khamar 13 days ago
Farhana Ferdaus
Farhana Ferdaus 31 minute ago
ooooooooof when our teacher is not here another teacher comes to class and does not let us have fun She/He gives us work
Cubyfair Gaming
Kai follows Jianhao's Order quickly... Than sunny asking him... Funny thing the Bully's Bully is Jianhao and Nicole as Older Siblings
Saki451 Hour ago
This man still hasn't given up on making types of videos lmfao
Jian hao
LifeWithAlexis 4 hours ago
I have an idea, maybe she went to pursue her dreams as an actress in California
LifeWithAlexis 4 hours ago
b-but what happened to Miss Sherly? 😭😭😭
y3riluv redvelvet
y3riluv redvelvet 5 hours ago
Denise needs to become the new teacher
Ninja CodM
Ninja CodM 6 hours ago
No one- Literally no one- Dan - telepornating
Evanna Sepin
Evanna Sepin 12 hours ago
'first my daddy, now Miss Sherly' xD
Ramakrishna Perakam
Ramakrishna Perakam 15 hours ago
Kim Hour
Kim Hour 16 hours ago
Arnesh Pal
Arnesh Pal Day ago
Arnesh Pal
Arnesh Pal Day ago
RamTheGreat 20
Does Anyone Think Denise's Face Has Changed? I Think Its Kinda Different?
Gaming Namsu
Gaming Namsu Day ago
Mr muthu raja
Aisyah Raimey
Which ship is better? Denise with JianHao Denise with Cleverly Denise with Vincent Denise with Terry ???
Alexis Matthew B. Dela Paz
Hey guys, what would y’all do if zombies were real? 🔫🔫🔫🔫
Paras Rashid
Paras Rashid Day ago
Wow JiamHao hearting his own comments lol
shakur dubad
shakur dubad Day ago
OofFflare Day ago
so no one talking about crystal and kai
Sarrah Hussain
There is something wrong about cleverly's diallogue. You mean - It's never too early to start studying.......
roytho1981 Day ago
Why is
Roblox Skill
Roblox Skill Day ago
ThEm huu
Roxana Sandoval
R.I.P Debby.
Kat Day ago
I am number 1 😭😭✌😜😂
Alina Toma
Alina Toma Day ago
Is just studying with B00-B5
{Just_ Cezzii}
Cleverly was so cute when he said blue ahaha
{Just_ Cezzii}
I still cant get over how cute crystabel and timmy's friendship is😍
I Have The World's Smallest Dick But
13:04 that laugh
Mohammed Zaid
Mohammed Zaid 2 days ago
Ms sherly maybe left the school that's what happend in the next video
Cheerio Apple
Cheerio Apple 2 days ago
"Telepornatiting"-Mr Dan 10:18 i mean he is not wrong
The movie. It's me
Rebecca zamol
Rebecca zamol 2 days ago
I Love you
Sunnycloud 2 days ago
15:19 he sang so nicely
Jess x kakashi
Jess x kakashi 2 days ago
liz suddenly the hair colour is orange and then change to purple
Prince John
Prince John 2 days ago
5:06 How did they do that ?😮
Darlene 2 days ago
10:09 Thats more like *"HEY SISTERS%
madem Lenie
madem Lenie 2 days ago
Unus Malas
Unus Malas 2 days ago
Ern Tzer Wong
Ern Tzer Wong 2 days ago
Even zombies hate homework
Le Ethan
Le Ethan 2 days ago
EmonThe EpicGamer
change your channel name to type of student
Ashi Quotes
Ashi Quotes 3 days ago
Ads here : 6:32
James 3 days ago
Cleverly finally meets his match😂
SuperSpeedyProatBeys Yes
Wait Denise is a left handed????
Suvashree Chanda
Suvashree Chanda 3 days ago
I still miss
chris afton
chris afton 3 days ago
"so tiff there is you and ben and there is debbie okay? " Jianhaotan: debbie should be mine :/ lmao
Aniqwhatsup _cool
Blue eulb
cường trần
cường trần 3 days ago
I can't miss
Tanvi Princess
Tanvi Princess 3 days ago
okay but Jianhao is looking hella handsome!!
♡strawberry milkshake♡
WHY IS crystal SO CUtE
King Neoage
King Neoage 3 days ago
Zombie don’t like smart student. *be like cleverly*
Christopher Marlowe Panzo
"Nobodies taking over titan academy...." Meanwhile... *Some random rich people takes over titan academy*
Glensylvia Bea
Glensylvia Bea 3 days ago
Is that class n4ti or t1t5 you are in
The Roblox Transport Filmer
Wtf Denise is literally left handed
gar garr
gar garr 3 days ago
I miss her
Ananya gopal
Ananya gopal 3 days ago
I really thought that my phone is running out of battery but it was in the video
Dana Joyce Espiritu
When Dan is taking over subsitute. dan:Show time, Time to go watch show time.
DA FEISH 3 days ago
Jian and Vincent caught in 4K
Jimmy Ha
Jimmy Ha 3 days ago
Denise new teacher
sachenka erazo
sachenka erazo 3 days ago
xD feel bad for sunny when chole is not around he gets bullied bye kai anyway ima make a ship name for kai and chole kacho thats the best that I can do-
Zuha’s Lifestyle!
Why does Kevin keep on coming in class N4t1
Epic Person
Epic Person 3 days ago
It's a whole communist revolution when a teacher leaves
rais ahmed
rais ahmed 3 days ago
Hao u should do the girl next to clevery for a dollar a question does anybody agree?
NarniaGuest._. 1
NarniaGuest._. 1 3 days ago
I miss Denise
Matthew 3 days ago
bro ur content has been the same for as long as i can remember.. mind changing it a bit?
Read my ABOUT section PLEASE
I'm always the one who eats and sleeps. 😅
Technical Gaming PvP
this is after the next ep cronologically
abhivijay baghel
abhivijay baghel 3 days ago
i think zar is now my favourite charachter
dat one wierd kid
What happened to Maple story M?
Uh 🤣
9:24 me in a glitching server
This is literally my class when the teacher leaves the room
Dinesh Goswami
Dinesh Goswami 4 days ago
I love you all guys of Jianhao tan
Alya Adawiyah
Alya Adawiyah 4 days ago
When my teacher didn't come to my class, the whole class was like a market or animal zoo. If I was angry because the class is really noises, I would ask my friend where is my knive or my paper board 😁
Ridhima_vibez 4 days ago
Denise = Cleverly Cleverly = Denise 🌻🌻🌻
Arthur Satria
Arthur Satria 4 days ago
15:58 Eenie Meenie Miney Moe
MysticSylth 4 days ago
see sp
see sp 4 days ago
Me... I miss miss sherly
Alamdar Hubeali
Alamdar Hubeali 4 days ago
JianHoa you should make more videos in week
Alamdar Hubeali
Alamdar Hubeali 4 days ago
I just saw the next video of your miss Sherly she is not leaving the Titan academy
Kandyxpotato 4 days ago
The p.e teacher litterally looks like a boomer 😆
Jason Buna
Jason Buna 4 days ago
12:37 swag baby!!!!!!
Eraash Wajeeh ud din
outro song plz
Ozaki 4 days ago
What if all 3 teachers come back, Mr Muthu Raja, Madam Soot Beng and Miss Sherly lel
GamingWithZyra 4 days ago
I think vincent and Denise are not the same type I think someone Smarter
Yeet Kid
Yeet Kid 4 days ago
Is the so-called ' substitute teacher' Denise???
Jisha Jaison
Jisha Jaison 4 days ago
Cheerio Apple
Cheerio Apple 4 days ago
Imagine someone who gives u a good advice then they just left
Itzdafoxy u-u
Itzdafoxy u-u 4 days ago
Me downloaded state of survival and went in: Me: OH HELL NAH- Edit: wait Walking dead- Meh fren’s nickname ish called walkin ded
ꨄ SoftieLocksie ꨄ
4:26 Finally someone who cares debbie
Aishwarya 6158
Aishwarya 6158 4 days ago
omg i need more grace chloe and jian hao duo moments
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 4 days ago
lol one on my class when the teacher was gone we did a “sword fight” using rulers we were only 9 😂
tommyogurt 4 days ago
"Nobodys taking over titan academy" rainer reverse foreshadowing
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 4 days ago
Am the sleeper