12 Moments You Wouldn’t Believe If Not Filmed 

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Sometimes there are things so bizarre or mind boggling in fighting that if someone told you they happened, you simply wouldn’t believe them. Today we have 12 moments just like that, these moments are so shocking that you’ll have to double take to make sure that they actually happened. Luckily enough these moments were filmed so we can all prove they actually happened. Let’s look at 12 moments you wouldn’t believe if not filmed.
If These Moments Were Not Filmed, No One Would Believe It!
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Apr 26, 2021




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BRUTAL TV 10 days ago
We hope you guys enjoy this video. Thanks for the support guys!! Let us know what videos we should make next!!
Rodrigo Díaz
You should change the name of this channel to Brutal Clickbait TV😂
Pub x Stompa
Pub x Stompa 3 days ago
Don’t know what’s worse, the obvious clickbait thumbnail or the fact that you don’t know who the fuck Don Frye is! 🤦‍♂️
David Shuff
David Shuff 3 days ago
You would’ve gotten a whole lot more likes if you would’ve put the girl in the thumbnail in the video somewhere. She is absolutely the only reason I clicked.
Ramón Martínez
Ramón Martínez 4 days ago
Don't worry, we are good... No more please 😐
Derrick Nichols
Derrick Nichols 4 days ago
What was brutal, was not showing the female in the thumbnail
Lionell Temple
Lionell Temple 2 hours ago
The karate one was funny but paid more attention to the one that fell over @ 7:53 I had to rewind to laugh and laughed.
wtimezone 2 hours ago
All of the commentators comments are all wrong. Please do your research before putting out videos.
Ry Morgan
Ry Morgan 7 hours ago
That was a misleading thumbnail and you can’t even read someone’s name properly.
Ry Morgan
Ry Morgan 7 hours ago
Don Frye.
Big Willie
Big Willie 8 hours ago
Click-bait central.
When Bad Meets.Admin
imagine having a virgin butt being stucked by a 5 inch thick finger with spandex
Justice 4 Juicy
Justice 4 Juicy 17 hours ago
That wrestler who gave himself a brown finger broke the other guy in lol, ouch!!
moeman17able 21 hour ago
I wouldn't call yourselves Brutal when the last video which is usually icing on a cake was a slip up.
Patung James
Patung James 23 hours ago
Sport is sport.respect your opponent
Bruce Scott Yogaro
"Checking the oil"😂😂😂
Krishna Garg
Krishna Garg Day ago
Admit it you just come because of thumbnail
dtikvxc dgjbv
Two karatists in the last section did not break 🤣
Charles Cates
Better put some respect on Don Frye's name next time I come around.
Adam _
Adam _ Day ago
Don fire had me rolling
Milo Janis
Milo Janis Day ago
This video has more commercials than any TV show. I'm outta here, and suggest you leave too.
darkdragon99 Day ago
Anyone know who that is in the thumbnail?
LOL, The last video of the karate wood chop, did anyone else see the guy on the other side of mat fall off....that should have been the whole video...lmao
J F Day ago
It’s Don Frye not Fire…respect to the legend!
J F Day ago
“Checking the oil”….ummm…gayyyy!!??
Where’s the chick on the thumbnail??!!!
DudeDad Day ago
Checking the oil 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Michael Sudak
Don FRYE! Not Fire! Come on, 3 seconds of research instead of disrespecting an MMA legend.
James 2 days ago
The thumb nail girl is jiu jitsu world champ. Her name is in the comments. She has plenty of her matches on you tube and you will get to see what you were attracted here to see I promise you!
Abimael ochoa
Abimael ochoa 2 days ago
The last video you missed that one guy falling in the background 😂😂😂
Sgt. Lane
Sgt. Lane 2 days ago
Don Frye was a beast in his prime!
D Wallzzz
D Wallzzz 2 days ago
These were lame.
william white
william white 2 days ago
5:00 .... It's Frye not Fire
odnalro40 2 days ago
That sucked
Smiley J
Smiley J 2 days ago
Don Fyre is a way cooler name than his actual name of Don Frye.
Hlm Haneefa
Hlm Haneefa 2 days ago
Boy, Male ,Man ,Men, Gentlemen is handsome so handsome and beautiful and so beautiful and good and so good and perfect and so perfect
merdascx 2 days ago
His name is pronounced Don (fry) not (fire)
Something Clever
Something Clever 2 days ago
How was the last one not about the guy in the background who fell off the fn stage?! 😂😂
Dr.Mabuse 2 days ago
Click bait=blocked from recommendation + thumbs down
Takingout thetrash
Don "the predator" frye... not "the fire don frye"... wtf?
norman graves
norman graves 2 days ago
thanks for nothing . clicked to see what the thumbnail showed. a female whos gi was open.. fuq you
Stepho Lyons
Stepho Lyons 2 days ago
We called it a dirt road , and it wasn't nearly as bad as sticking a whole hand in an ass. Infact tg i never had to use that move.
Mark Patton
Mark Patton 2 days ago
Don Frye.....not fire, noob
MetalsForBrunch 2 days ago
dislikes from the people who want came here for the thumb nail.
Jesus is king
Jesus is king 2 days ago
Bruh a kick to the groin no matter what gender is a bad choice. Unless it’s life or death. Then anything goes
YTSN 2 days ago
"Don Fyre"
Patrick Franco
Patrick Franco 2 days ago
7:50 The real fail was the guy in the back who broke the planks and fell into the crowd. 🤣🤣🤣
Jane Dawson
Jane Dawson 2 days ago
Dumbest video ever.
C yril
C yril 2 days ago
Cesare Hip then Hop then Hip
Checking the oil ✍️ Thats how you fight
antdean1906 2 days ago
Clickbait! 👎
easy rider
easy rider 3 days ago
That Danny williams fight was an absolute classic remember watching that👍
Gonzo Balls
Gonzo Balls 3 days ago
8:05 What is why you are here unfortunately it's unknown_girl_bjj.jpg
Hate to be that guy, BUT you're pronouncing Don Fryes name wrong. 5:00 You keep saying fire, but its pronounced fry.
Harjinder Saini
Harjinder Saini 3 days ago
I come for the thumbnail but left with...🤔
Don Ren
Don Ren 3 days ago
"checking the oil" hahahaha whaaat
GOTANS CON 3 days ago
His name is don fry not don fire lol 🤭
Brandon Settlemire
He was calling Don Frye Don Fire.
Mojo_Quid 3 days ago
If a mofo put his finger in my asshole in a wrestling match, congratulations, we're fighting for real now, it just graduated to a death match😤
matt284fun 3 days ago
Don “fire” 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ it’s Don Frye!
g23 3 days ago
Dam click bait we should be able to take our view
Beefy Ronin
Beefy Ronin 3 days ago
How are you gonna pronounce a Japanese fighters name right bit then mispronounced Don Frye.....like fry and say fire lol that fight was fire but its not his last name.
chris Emerson
chris Emerson 3 days ago
I think on that last one, the dude in the background was probably a little more embarrassed. Not only did his boards not break but he fell off the stage as well.
Anrods 3 days ago
Richard Dean
Richard Dean 4 days ago
CLICKBAIT ALERT !!!!!!!!!!!!! the thumbnail is an attractive women with her tits half out , who we never see ..............
Chris Mine
Chris Mine 4 days ago
Yet nothing about the guy falling out of the ring during the board breaking? Who cares a guy didnt break the stack over the guy in the background. Edit: guess we all noticed. Almost every comment is about that.
VERB65 4 days ago
I call Bullshit!!You click baited with a sexy girl. I will never click another Brutal TV clip again.
Pete j
Pete j 4 days ago
Stop talking we have eyes.
Matt Eckert
Matt Eckert 4 days ago
Click bait!!!!!
ReverendXero 4 days ago
Warren Simpson
Warren Simpson 4 days ago
Brutal ????? rubbish more like..
walter carillo
walter carillo 4 days ago
Got click bait.
toxman99 4 days ago
The board breaking guy didn't fail. He did a "Touch of Death" (Bloodsport) with his foot since he only broke the bottom board.
Edward Myers
Edward Myers 4 days ago
You go on and on about the guy not breaking the boards but you missed the guy behind him fall off the stage
Jon Dante
Jon Dante 4 days ago
Click bait
Marcus Allen
Marcus Allen 4 days ago
If I loss a boxing match to a guy with one arm, I'm retiring after the fight. No amount of knockouts or title belts could erase that loss.
Marcus Allen
Marcus Allen 18 hours ago
@moeman17able I did.
moeman17able 21 hour ago
Go and look that fight up. Total perseverance. Very incredible and rare to see.
Marcus Allen
Marcus Allen Day ago
@awesome guy Exactly. That man must've went sleepless for days after that.
awesome guy
awesome guy Day ago
And it’s not just decision, it’s a fucking tko!
Doug Williams
Doug Williams 4 days ago
hit to inner thigh hurts just as much (from personal experience)
jadekayak01 4 days ago
Methinks those guys at 5:30 werent best of friends
Dead Hours
Dead Hours 4 days ago
The dudes at 3:15 look like the same guy at different stages in life.
Boiar Muzhik
Boiar Muzhik 4 days ago
Don Frye ≠ Dawn Fire🔥
sıqɐuuɐɔ 4 days ago
The Duke of Skull
I am a traditional "Kung Fu" Sifu and don't really like MMA. BUT...these videos are interesting and I subscribed already. 👍 Good job !!
Brian Crow
Brian Crow 4 days ago
Are we entirely sure that Korean woman isn't biologically male? I mean... Fallon Fox pulled a couple fights before the story broke... And this is Korea...
MacMuskelAttack 4 days ago
His name is Don FRYE, godammit.
CAiiN13 4 days ago
Don Fire? You mean Frye?
Marvel WesT
Marvel WesT 4 days ago
07:11 am i the only one who noticed the back ground 🤣
charles ubochi
charles ubochi 4 days ago
The dude fingered his opponent? That's a really kinky move there
anthony clark
anthony clark 4 days ago
Doesnt even do enough research to know how to pronounce don Frye's name correctly. The guy is a legend and the video is trash
J Will
J Will 4 days ago
who the hell is Don Fire? 😂
Manuel Pintocoelho
Dislike. Click bait. Where's the girl with boobs????????????
Ty Whatley
Ty Whatley 5 days ago
That woman fighter could have a pair of nuts You never know these days
小明 5 days ago
Ed H
Ed H 5 days ago
Last clip where one man fails to break the boards is bo where near as funny as the guy in the background who falls off the stage lol
Sabrina Alvey
Sabrina Alvey 5 days ago
Some how everyone missed the guy that feel off stage in the last video with the Karate guys!!! Lmfao 🤣
Uwaiz Rizki
Uwaiz Rizki 5 days ago
But forgot the detail one at the back jump high to stump deck of wood but failed and fall on his back... Double failed i say..
bosshogindog 5 days ago
The worse thing about this video is you keep calling don frye.. Don fire! Lol
Grant Imahara
Grant Imahara 5 days ago
Lame... disappointed.
Micky Pineda
Micky Pineda 5 days ago
First clip kid is low key elbowing the hell out of him so I don't blame him for taking those shots.
Paul Longva
Paul Longva 5 days ago
Click bate = No way am I to subscribe to this crap.
FNHot 5 days ago
Jesus christ, his name is Don FRYE, not FIRE. That clip is classic, how do you not know Don Frye?! You want likes, and subscribes, SPELL CHECK.
Michael McElyea
Michael McElyea 5 days ago
Kickboxing is not MMA.
Santuko 5 days ago
Don ‘Fire’????
jacob birch
jacob birch 5 days ago
Oh gosh, my martial arts friend and I were watching UFC and this dude did a perfect front flip axe kick and landed it right on the dude's face and ong it was so fluent and perfect.
General Disorder
General Disorder 5 days ago
What did you call Don Frye?