$100 VACATION vs. $10,000 VACATION! 

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Pierson and I went on a dream vacation to Hawaii and spent $10,000 while our guy friends made the most of their $100 on a not so luxurious vacation back at home. We both had a blast and honestly stoked with how both of our trips turned out! What was your favorite part?!

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*I PRANKED EVERYONE..gone wrong?!*
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Apr 4, 2021




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Kelsa Xiong
Kelsa Xiong 4 hours ago
The boy got ugly Hotel
Richard Bienvenu
Richard Bienvenu 5 hours ago
Jaylen Jennings
Jaylen Jennings 5 hours ago
Can I come plzzzzzzsszzz🥺
Milana Marie
Milana Marie 7 hours ago
owa owa
Rhianna Harris-Jacques
The fact that she said Oh My Lanta just killed me
kaeleb benjamin Tan yee
go here in the philippines!!! $10,000 = P500,000
Julian 10 hours ago
Funny the boys are always low class 😂🤣😂
Emma Bradford
Emma Bradford 14 hours ago
My sister just went to Hawaii! 😊
Jaime Hanson
Jaime Hanson 14 hours ago
Julia Dubois
Julia Dubois 15 hours ago
That looked so fun when Lexi and Pierson went in the side by side
Fatmah M
Fatmah M 18 hours ago
i like when she say subscribe if you want to
MiriMagic 19 hours ago
I feel bad for Lexi she always gives stuff to her friends but I don’t no what they did In return except friendship
Goku and Vegeta
Great video. I love your videos. Shout out to the Sidemen. I love their videos.
Repoio xd
Repoio xd Day ago
she called me poor in more than 10 different languages xD
Hi lexi
Mazar Gineste
I wish I could go there someday
Jacob Garcia
Jacob Garcia Day ago
why the girls
Paul Mayers
Paul Mayers Day ago
I really love your makeup from @LEAH
instinct21 Day ago
I loved how ben still kinda enjoyed it and still tried to be wild 😂😂
U men 2
U men 2 Day ago
Why didn’t Ben go to the dollar store
Izabel Fourman
Why was the gas 22$
Juliana Bentley
42_Priti Salve
This is the content i want😍😍 omg I thought I was watching legit a movie😍❤️ the hard work you put into videos is insane 😩 love you Lexi❤️
Jan Luis Nathaniel Dela Cruz
Who is the another boy
Who was looking after Benji?
Keri Burton
Keri Burton Day ago
Me and my best friend are technically Twins 👯‍♀️
Keri Burton
Keri Burton Day ago
😂 😆 to bad U didn’t
hissa menaifi
your so kind 💖(❁´◡`❁)
Hxney_bee Day ago
Perison :or we go to a expensive steak house Me:Eating a steak
Rory Wiggin
Rory Wiggin Day ago
Soo cool 🏝🏔
kylie and clouie
kylie and clouie 2 days ago
Wow lexi that is so cool we are friends
Wrathia Bellarmina
I loved when it when they said iea owa
Wrathia Bellarmina
Okay to u to
Kid Songs
Kid Songs 2 days ago
Morgz did it first
jiles Nobles
jiles Nobles 2 days ago
yalls vew is sick
Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller 2 days ago
Did you like you're vacation?
Joshua Agbonaye
Joshua Agbonaye 2 days ago
savanah gable
savanah gable 2 days ago
I rewatched the boys go into their motel like 10 and was dying
savanah gable
savanah gable 2 days ago
The girls are having such a good time while the boys are crying because of their motel, I started dying when they trapped Ben with the cockroach 🪳 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hailey Sophie
Hailey Sophie 2 days ago
You are my favorite yt tbh
Mycel Geraldez
Mycel Geraldez 2 days ago
LMAO that look like a necklace is from the Philippines and it's called a LUMBANG HAHAHAAH
Robyn M
Robyn M 2 days ago
I love how she doesn’t tell you to subscribe!
jy fyi
jy fyi 2 days ago
i would have just stayed home
Michelle Watson
Michelle Watson 2 days ago
Shut up.
SiahnXx 2 days ago
Evaron Masih
Evaron Masih 3 days ago
I feel so bad for the boy’s
Safari Squad
Safari Squad 3 days ago
I am such a big fan of you it would be really nice if you said hi Lexi 🥰😍😘😗🥰🥰😘😘🥰😘🥰😍😘😗😗🥰🥰😘😗😗😗
Annelise Lance
Annelise Lance 3 days ago
What I’m 6 and I can do a backflip
Rose Starlight 1
Rose Starlight 1 3 days ago
Dudeeeeee I could of sworn I saw you at the airport, I was also in Hawaii the same time and the hotel looks pretty similar!
Jessica Lohman-Fuller
Shut up to face
Lolwa Mohammed A A Alhajjaji
The girls is lucky
Kaylee Vargo
Kaylee Vargo 3 days ago
OMG are you guys on Oahu???!!!! Thats where I am right now
anika ibraaheem
anika ibraaheem 3 days ago
Xander Beacham
Xander Beacham 3 days ago
No fricken way Ben's gas was nat 22$!!
Olivia Parker
Olivia Parker 3 days ago
Soooooo cooool
Ruby Davis
Ruby Davis 3 days ago
✨socks on the beach yass queen✨
Dawson Brown
Dawson Brown 3 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks the camera guy suffers the most?
Cheryl Ho
Cheryl Ho 3 days ago
Lexi your lip sick is over your lips
IamMATTAF 3 days ago
Me .Can I get an owa owa Lexi .owa owa
Kihanya Kangethe
Kihanya Kangethe 3 days ago
I like the way she says subscribe if you want to she not forcing any body
Divyanshi 3 days ago
Nobody literally no body Ben : Let's go dig a hole !
Olivia Swift
Olivia Swift 3 days ago
Show me I want to go to Hawaii as well
Jovil Aaron
Jovil Aaron 3 days ago
Why is Lexi R always being left out
Marg Duffy
Marg Duffy 3 days ago
Please give me a shawt out
Addison Tarka21
Addison Tarka21 3 days ago
congrats on 2 million on insta
Ava Sophie Gaming
Can I get a owa owa hahha
XxxEmma RobloxxX
XxxEmma RobloxxX 4 days ago
Oh my god are you gonna get I didn't get $1And you guys said you gonna get $100$100 you gonna get $100What is 0 $0
Knyazhevskaya Family
Yo, u Pierson are like best friends
Charlotte Cardoza
keeley smith
keeley smith 4 days ago
all the comments: I love how welcoming she is. my mind: OH MY GOD SHE WATCHES THE SIDEMEN THIS IS LIKE THE BEST THING EVER!
chloe wong
chloe wong 4 days ago
Haha I laughed so hard that the girls are so relaxed on their vacation but the boys are not
Scott Lathrop
Scott Lathrop 4 days ago
the hotel looks 100,000
Zoe Barrera
Zoe Barrera 4 days ago
Fatehs23 4 days ago
What’s up with these drone shot sheesh 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mattie Anthony
Mattie Anthony 4 days ago
ella willis
ella willis 4 days ago
yall the bestttt
ES - 02SS 892627 Homestead PS
I love Pierson’s and lexi’s hotel of course 😂😂
Fallon Nicolaas
Fallon Nicolaas 4 days ago
I,AM so glad Lexi hensler wasnt in that penthouse were the you now was
Mommy-Daughter Dayz
“Kinda booshey cuz we’re on the third floor” So exciting.
Adventures of Arianna.
When you say subscribe if you want to it makes me want to subscribe and I did
Summer-Bleu x
Summer-Bleu x 4 days ago
Amazin !!!
Taya Tamer
Taya Tamer 4 days ago
Autumn Burwell
Autumn Burwell 4 days ago
beautiful trip WOW nice views the boys.........ummmmmm well
iCookie_Cali 4 days ago
The fact that nobody notices that the boys 100$ room is from the umbrella academy ☺️
sumita pahuja
sumita pahuja 4 days ago
Lexi is soooooooooooo lucky
Lily Contrary
Lily Contrary 4 days ago
Jeremy always comments on everyone’s video 🥺 he cares about everyone
Katherine Hutchinson
Lexis hotel is nicer then my whole house. :(
191_Engineer Mudra
•Teliquila• 5 days ago
Lexi and Pierson are having the day of their lives
Kayla Nickels
Kayla Nickels 5 days ago
Zosia Samosia
Zosia Samosia 5 days ago
litterly no one: ben walking on the beach with his shoes on
rachel edose
rachel edose 5 days ago
Is that a hotel or a house cause its sooooo big and amazing😀
none of yo buisness BUB!
thats the bed sheets faiting color it happens when u wash it alot
dark gamer
dark gamer 5 days ago
Wait that is not a hotel that's a freaking penthouse 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Omg this was hilarious you are so sweet Lexi love you 😊😊
Anna Warner
Anna Warner 5 days ago
I would LOVE for a shoutout
S Parrish
S Parrish 5 days ago
Which hotel and island is that?
RANDOM _ 5 days ago
while the girl gang are in a jurasic park vacation, the others are pushing a car because they ran out of gas
Hadley Ferguson
Hadley Ferguson 5 days ago
omg at hawii its so fricking amazing i been there before
tik tok Queen
tik tok Queen 5 days ago