10 Fortnite RUMORS Finally Busted 

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10 Fortnite RUMORS Finally Busted
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Feb 22, 2021




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Comments 100   
Inferno Gamer
Inferno Gamer 4 minutes ago
Is quicksilver coming to the game because someone tweeted that he is in season 5
Skyz 17 minutes ago
Tye mandalorian Picaxe would be his beskar staff
Champion Cows
Champion Cows 27 minutes ago
theory: mandolarian pick axe will come towards the end of the season like the meteor one in season 3
The Sword Of Mcoc
The Sword Of Mcoc 32 minutes ago
Scott Cawtha And Freddy Faazbaer - T5G
Ceasar Ponce
Ceasar Ponce 36 minutes ago
tommybad boy 360
tommybad boy 360 36 minutes ago
Lois am 80000 v bucks in the item shop
Fred the llama
Fred the llama 51 minute ago
Hey is me
its_youngdirt 52 minutes ago
Can I get the emote never gonna in fortnite I'm new my I did you code and liked and subbed my name on there is Daddywest6614 please and don't have mic.
Im a boy
Im a boy 54 minutes ago
bruh u dont even know Grogus name!!
SpartanTom 177
JoshuaMatthew Dineley
The golden Midas is the real Midas if you look on the Midas skin his hands are gold and he was slowly turning to gold and now he is and mrs Midas could be next...
kittykattissin 46
New update get on ot please
Ažbe Luršak
Ažbe Luršak Hour ago
1:19 thats not how you say cawthon but ik
Diamond Master
Diamond Master 2 hours ago
Achy made that banana 🍌 joke
Blake Watkins
Blake Watkins 2 hours ago
there should be a new midas boss and when you kill him he should drop 5000 gold and nothing else
Glitch Kills
Glitch Kills 2 hours ago
Can you talk about dragon ball rumor and Goku skin
Worried670 Salt
Worried670 Salt 2 hours ago
10 bucks the next hunter is Alien
Wisdom Triper
Wisdom Triper 3 hours ago
i think the xL is gonna be BASE Kyle because the npc is in br
ZADEN COOPER 3 hours ago
Ok info use the quik snak emote and on the map there is the chapter two map but a different version of the map that we have never seen before could it be the chapter two season 6 map ?
HotKeygaming 3 hours ago
Can you Destroy the Zero point by building a giant box and Then Exploting it with bombs or dynamite or etc?
Ernesto Chingale
Ernesto Chingale 3 hours ago
check out this youtuber ppgrizly .p
max horne
max horne 3 hours ago
What is your email address because I found a ghost bunker
Gabeations 4 hours ago
Im looking at all those fnaf thumbnails and thinking dang thats cringe
dragon master
dragon master 4 hours ago
wait Doesn't dr strange have a necklace and one of them is a necklace and they said two epic is good buddys with marval is there gonna be a dr strange/marvel colab as a pre-promotion for dr strange the multiverse madness? what do you guys think tell me in the comment section plz. did i just find somthing i wasn’t supose to? 😮😮
Alexander Gibson
Alexander Gibson 4 hours ago
Is anyone else waiting for Top5Gaming to post more storyline videos?
Dave Henshaw
Dave Henshaw 4 hours ago
my sons name is reekoing he really wants the boxy skin
Indalecio Mirelez
Indalecio Mirelez 4 hours ago
ADD me on epic JoeMatrix55
Christochat 5 hours ago
Red and blue jelly beans look like they are hinting neo getting in
sans the skeleton
sans the skeleton 5 hours ago
Christochat 5 hours ago
Sorry, did you just say fahzbear and cahwthon? It's cahwthon and fazbear
Infinite Jr
Infinite Jr 5 hours ago
I have a theory of y they vaulted the yeet pistol... they didn’t it is like the maytrix everything is glitching that’s why they didn’t bring back a shout gun or something else
Rain X Gaming
Rain X Gaming 5 hours ago
Pause it on 0:00
TBS Kraze
TBS Kraze 6 hours ago
Imagine getting five night of Freddy
Cody Raggett
Cody Raggett 6 hours ago
Yes fortnite good pc vs ps4 x box sucks
SosaGaming 6 hours ago
The tokens were for the street fighter
Bilbo Baggins
Bilbo Baggins 6 hours ago
What is the name of the skin at 2:50
Lori Cadenhead
Lori Cadenhead 7 hours ago
The xl skin could be a titan from titan fall
Tvift 7 hours ago
it can be true but you now the princes fishtick didnt com so ho now.
Brandon Couts
Brandon Couts 7 hours ago
Top five gaming you know how you make those videos where it’s like fortnight season six theories well I’ve gotten something that you could maybe put in a Videos so I was thinking maybe Kevin the cube in the big van because were Kevin the cube Spond on the line England is lined up with the vault and has been really that’s been holding something in there so I think it’s been holding Kevin the cube and yeah that’s what I’m thinking and you know how you were saying chaos agent wants something in there well maybe that’s what he’s trying to get to and he needs it for his next plan
Cardz Fortnite
Cardz Fortnite 7 hours ago
T5g your the best US-first team EVER. LIKE 👍🏻 please
TitanGaming 7 hours ago
Don’t trust people who think a mythic vault comes out lol
boipi's minecraft
boipi's minecraft 8 hours ago
what is the female midas is the one that was on the phone with agent jones at the begining of the season
Xyz Vibes
Xyz Vibes 8 hours ago
Doesn't anyone realized jonesy doesn't have his tie on his arm anymore he has it back on his neck and in the tourmanator trailer his tie was on his arm
HarryAUX 8 hours ago
imagine if this rifty thingy item came into the game and like the event were we picked a weapon to be unevaluated back into the game, what if we could pick a new hunter to come through the rift just like the vaulted weapons did
Venkata Aditya Vardhan Patnana
We need Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern before Wanda and all
PristineRelic 54
PristineRelic 54 8 hours ago
I like to he Pelly meme
David Chef Gamer
David Chef Gamer 8 hours ago
me clutch teaamate die me fight entire team but i win ( not flexing im just proud beacaue im a bot )
yaboy jay
yaboy jay 9 hours ago
I thought the coins were for new street fighters skins????
Martin of course
Martin of course 9 hours ago
Me and the fnaf gang: please please don’t say fnaf is not coming
TheSpencer channel
TheSpencer channel 10 hours ago
Hey lois i turned myself into a character from the multi-player shooter game Fortnite
President KitCat
President KitCat 10 hours ago
Darts vader will return 😆
daiiparkin 10 hours ago
T5G:Claims that people are clickbaiting about a midas boss Me:you did that in one of your recent videos-_-
liongamer rellgames rules
i still think tokens mean witcher
Tt Ninja
Tt Ninja 11 hours ago
Boba Fett
Boba Fett 11 hours ago
Hey Louis I'm in fortnite hehehehe
Ducky Productions !
Ducky Productions ! 11 hours ago
It’s Scott if he collabed it would be with something to do with fnaf like a fan game or a fan book
tanya gallardo
tanya gallardo 12 hours ago
Why peter his from a adult show
Jean Holloway
Jean Holloway 7 hours ago
How are they supposed to know🤦‍♀️
Pedro gaming Channel
Falling bananas ahhhhhhh
Just a Yt channel
Just a Yt channel 12 hours ago
Just a Yt channel
Just a Yt channel 12 hours ago
Why did peely raid get me
Zabor Robot
Zabor Robot 13 hours ago
Is something new In Fortnite cuz I cent play Fortnite for a 2 WEEKS
zNxght_vision 13 hours ago
Theory: kondor brought back midas as a shadow beacuse kondor would grant any wish for revenge and midas wanted revenge so he came as a shadow to me midas rex won't make sense since theres a loop
vvARLoRd 187
vvARLoRd 187 13 hours ago
DC season 6 or 7
Lit panda In space
Lit panda In space 14 hours ago
Mans said fahz bear
Afizul Amaliee
Afizul Amaliee 14 hours ago
Ngl I want a Minecraft skin for fortnite🤣
Teletubby 14 hours ago
The way he pronounced some things! I laughed
Mahran Hashmi Ali-Qureshi
Maybe Jonhny Cage from Mortal Kombat
Ravishankar H
Ravishankar H 15 hours ago
dang. MINECRAFT in fortnite would be preety ugly. I love the blocky game more than the shooter game.
Freddy Fazbear
Freddy Fazbear 15 hours ago
Top5gaming:so there has been a lot of clickbait Also top5gaming:proceeds to show videos of leaks and leak channels videos Me: 𝕟 𝕖 𝕘 𝕒 𝕥 𝕚 𝕧 𝕖
Freddy Fazbear
Freddy Fazbear 15 hours ago
Man This guy must hate trimix,bc whenever he does a vid about clickbait trimix is mentioned
TCvids 15 hours ago
I wish the Thanos game mode came back
CHEETAHBETA 15 hours ago
Hi Sam and Tommy. I have a theory that might come true or just an easter egg. In the season trailer john jones said something about mave. "You know, just a SHAPESHIFTING barbarian warrior." I don't know but i have a feeling that mystique didn't left with marvel and its mave in disguise. I mean why he said a shape shifting barbarian warrior? maybe you can look into it?
Aubrin Ayau
Aubrin Ayau 15 hours ago
Bro also ign posts the trailers to so it’s not just epic
Kerr Sapp
Kerr Sapp 15 hours ago
The e tokens were for the street fighter dude
Michelle Reilly
Michelle Reilly 16 hours ago
Imagine Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy running up to you with shotguns. Plus, how would Foxy hold guns?
Reis roka The beast King
Bruh the pic for the vid PETER GRIFFON
Roblox Skits
Roblox Skits 16 hours ago
3:17 get it
G Salama
G Salama 16 hours ago
Bruh, imagine Freddy fazbear cranking 90s
Bruno Vasquez
Bruno Vasquez 16 hours ago
yo t5g they added the deasert eagle back to the game
IQBanz 16 hours ago
The season 6 trailers are not fake there fan made well some are fake
William Zurzola
William Zurzola 16 hours ago
Gabe Wilson
Gabe Wilson 17 hours ago
Also I subscribed just so I can unsubscribe:)
Erupt Ant
Erupt Ant 17 hours ago
You stole Lachlan’s video
Stoney maze
Stoney maze 17 hours ago
I want mandos sniper as a back bling
Sin_Flx YT
Sin_Flx YT 17 hours ago
Maybe female Midas is going to be in the next battle pass
Ray_ McColgan
Ray_ McColgan 17 hours ago
We want fnaf we want fnaf we want fnaf
the roblox girl xoxo
is there a someone in family guy that has f for there first and second name no so its fnaf
The Darkness
The Darkness 18 hours ago
Were talking about Scott so it might be happening
TTV SIZO 18 hours ago
FANAF yes. I have been a fan for 4 years
Toby Stum
Toby Stum 18 hours ago
How many more days in to Sweden 6
Toby Stum
Toby Stum 18 hours ago
I think seensen 6 will be zombie
Matt Bot
Matt Bot 18 hours ago
Imagine if Fortnite had a secret channel where they actually give out secret trailers and skins but make the thumbnail clearly fake that would be cool
hyzer801 18 hours ago
I would hate epic if they did a collab with TF2
Celia German
Celia German 18 hours ago
I used your code in fortnite! Whaatboy in fortnite!
Ehehehehe ey lois look im in FORTNITE
Rudy 18 hours ago
Mr PikaPlayz
Mr PikaPlayz 19 hours ago
Has anyone ever noticed how the bunker next to catty corner looks like the bunker from save the world
HeroHackParty 19 hours ago
How is this an actual thumbnail I found it in the memes channel in a discord server I'm in you have got to be kidding me
Townes Anttila
Townes Anttila 19 hours ago
No for fnf
Emmanuel Sanchez
Emmanuel Sanchez 19 hours ago
I thought fnaf was coming until I realized it wasn’t
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