$10,000 Charcuterie Board 

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We all love a good charcuterie board. Char coochie board. Shark cutie board. Whatever it's called. They're typically filled with delicious cured meats, cheeses, veggies, nuts, olives, dried fruits, bread, crackers and more. But we figured we'd do something crazy today. We've made five different boards, starting at a dollar and working our way up to ten thousand dollars. Once we worked our way up, the boards began to include nicer versions of all the typical elements listed above but also a variety of high end, unique ingredients you may have never seen before. Think Jamón Ibérico, caviar, foie gras, and all sorts of specialty ingredients from across the globe. But this was no joke. TEN. THOUSAND. DOLLARS. All on one massive charcuterie board.
We're also doing a few other special things with this video. First, every penny I make from this video will be donated to India to assist with the current crisis. I know it sounds crazy to spend this much on cheese and meats, but this translate directly to a large donation to a fantastic cause. If you can, toss the video a like and comment so we can send as much money as possible overseas. I will discuss on IG stories once I've submitted the first payment. On another note, I've brought in three random subscribers in this video to eat and enjoy the charcuterie board: Felix, Sej, and Judah. They we're all fantastic. I hope to bring in many more random subscribers very soon, so make sure to click that subscribe and notifications button to be next! I'm actually driving around Boston next week giving out free tins of caviar for our next vid, so look out for my goofy face in the black Tesla.
Some of the ingredients in this video came from a few amazing spots that I often source food from, so I'm leaving links to some of my favorite items below. This isn't a sponsored vid (in fact, I legally have to tell you if it is), but I'm leaving a few links below for your own curiosity and figured I'd pick my favorite items from this board:
Regalis Foods (www.regalisfoods.com/)
Honeycomb Frame: www.regalisfoods.com/products/honeycomb-full-frame-4lb-avg
Amazing Olives: www.regalisfoods.com/products/conventional-gordal-olives-pitted-168gr
Truffle Balsamic: www.regalisfoods.com/products/black-truffle-balsamic-18-yr-barrel-aged-250ml?variant=38130527797445
La Tienda (www.tienda.com)
Sliced Jamón: www.tienda.com/products/sliced-iberico-de-bellota-shoulder-cinco-jotas-jm-111.html
Chorizo Ibérico: www.tienda.com/products/iberico-de-bellota-chorizo-sausage-fermin-cz-95.html
Octopus: www.tienda.com/products/pulpo-octopus-conservas-de-cambados-se-90.html
iGourmet (igourmet.com)
All Items: bit.ly/2SihZXo
Truffle Pate: igourmet.com/products/black-truffle-pate-3-oz
Dried Oranges: igourmet.com/products/dehydrated-oranges
Instagram: nick.digiovanni
Tik Tok: www.tiktok.com/@nick.digiovanni
Twitter: chefnickdigi
Facebook: chefnickdigi
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May 1, 2021




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Nick DiGiovanni
Nick DiGiovanni 11 days ago
I love you all ♥️ thank you
Thobile Tai Mazibuko
Amazing video. Can only dream of one day tasting those treats😍
Paco JuanRico
Love u brohemoth
Old Rick astley
Old Rick astley 3 days ago
Love you too
MTB Joe 3 days ago
Such an interesting video
Crimson_ John
Crimson_ John 4 days ago
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki 30 minutes ago
Me not understanding a lot of the names of the food: I LIKE YOUR FUNNY WORDS MAGIC MAN!!!
Devante Jackson
Devante Jackson 49 minutes ago
Imagine if a cracker wasn't crispy
Devante Jackson
Devante Jackson 53 minutes ago
Dude just put cheese whiz on an oreo
ZioTanos 2 hours ago
26:50 SIMP
juul cat
juul cat 3 hours ago
That's a nice sharkcutie board right there. Mm mm cheesy.
JoeSchmoe 4 hours ago
Can you believe this is tax deductible for him
Fishing Geek
Fishing Geek 4 hours ago
Where can I get that octopus at
Novie's Food Art
Novie's Food Art 7 hours ago
Omg!! The first time I created charcuterie board I spend around $130 and it's aww to my pocket 😅💵 but this is epic!! 😂😂
vadiimages 7 hours ago
so glad they all wore their masks😅not like he wasn’t wearing it while making it or anything🤦🏼‍♂️just ditch the muzzles already
A. Mags.
A. Mags. 8 hours ago
He is like the Mr. Beast of food lol
Inertia Sucks
Inertia Sucks 8 hours ago
Didnt even know what this was till now
Yvonne Hunt
Yvonne Hunt 9 hours ago
Lauryn Hughes
Lauryn Hughes 9 hours ago
The actual prosciutto butt
WarmWetTower 10 hours ago
Hi Nick,if you didn’t know the wholes in ritz crackers are for easy cheese and if you don’t have easy cheese the pointy sides are for cutting others cheese
Bishesh Naik
Bishesh Naik 10 hours ago
Great contents in the board...just wondering who gets to eat it all after he records the video 😆
Tawana Creates
Tawana Creates 11 hours ago
Looks so good! May I have some 😂😂😂♥️
Joe Vasquez
Joe Vasquez 13 hours ago
We’re all looking for
RandomGingers 14 hours ago
I just had dinner and I'm already drooling again :(
Arata 15 hours ago
I, was here
TransGirlMagic 15 hours ago
Take a drink every time this man says rustic
Super locke
Super locke 16 hours ago
i have an idea for your next vid. 10K lunchable
Samantha Green
Samantha Green 17 hours ago
so is this last one was like a level up from josh's pRIcey pApA board
RamRamW'llis 18 hours ago
The 100$ charcuterie board is screaming charcuterie I have the meats!!
DjTHUNDERkatana 1903
We now see that Nick is a literal giant
Savannah Banana
Savannah Banana 19 hours ago
I tried to oreo easy cheese hack. It’s really bad lol
Chimken Burger
Chimken Burger 21 hour ago
Watch out nikocado avocado is coming
Vinay Kengal
Vinay Kengal 22 hours ago
My respect for Nick increased when he said he was donating the money to India. Love from INDIA💛
Navneet Joshi
Navneet Joshi 23 hours ago
I dont know Nick whether you already donated the money to that NGO which you showed us in the video. But if you haven't donated money yet, then i just wanna say something important. Living in India and looking at the things so closely i can just tell you that NGO is termed to be fraud and has been increasing the money goal since month. So i better suggest you to donate money directly to PM CARES fund. Which is managed by Government of India itself, and will directly invest your money for Covid control measures. Thank you! Just love your videos man.
Yung Mj
Yung Mj Day ago
Im mad that the French guy didn't eat the brie, but everything there looks amazing, I've been wanted to order off regalis for so long now, now I know some more options to choose from, this looks absolutely amazing!!
Mu Yueliang
Mu Yueliang Day ago
Can we get a video of him re-plating store bought charcuterie boards to look expensive?
Alex Frank
Alex Frank Day ago
wth that is the nicest 7 eleven I’ve ever seen
Leonardo Chicago
„Shark cutie board“ i really like that one😂🦈
Very Thick Nub
Why am I mad about him not using the beef jerky in the 1 dollar board
Jazmyn Day ago
I'm obsessed with Muscat grapes and those damn dreamberries I waste my money whenever I can 😭
Crome Day ago
SAGE 🥵🥵🥵
K C Day ago
Welp.. heading to 7/11 to recreate this
GhostPancake Day ago
You let the tig biddy girl go first cus well 😏
Jamie Mueller
Ur getting funnier and funnier every video ( I’m not kidding)
andres oyervides
I'm two charcuterie boards in debt.
Ali Ali
Ali Ali Day ago
As nice as all these things probably taste, he really isn't good at decorating hahaha
Jez Prada
Jez Prada Day ago
Prosciutto and Spanish Jamon are different, different curing and preparation 😉
nef Day ago
Wat in the Caucasian is easy cheese with oreos😦😦
Rahul Mishra
Rahul Mishra Day ago
a biggg thank you from india
Liyuan Day ago
youre the first youtuber who really seems like a genuinely nice person, i like the quality of your videos!
Mae Day ago
I'm broke af but totally appreciate this.
Elizabeth Downey
Who else wants him to make Capri Sun?
Zc Inc
Zc Inc Day ago
The Mr.Beast of the Culinary Universe
Saheim Aaron
Saheim Aaron Day ago
Me: I'm starving Mom: WATCH NICK NOW AND SHUT UP
Gilbert Bolivar
300$ “honey” you say 😏
Christopher Schacht
for the record, charcuterie only means meat based specialty. So it is THE center of the CHARCUTERIE board
Some guy on the internet
Cool video, Joshua Weiss- I mean Nick
Bryan Perez
Bryan Perez Day ago
Nice placing and the honey comb looks to good
Muhe Mehine
Muhe Mehine Day ago
did he just say '' charcoochie'' !1!1!!?!? :flushed:
J.H.S Joaquin
With how much this video costs you must pulling in raid shadow legends money💀
Huracán BS
Huracán BS Day ago
Is that a concept 2 scull in the back😂🤩
Paco JuanRico
Nick man this was absolutely wonderful! U blessed us up with so much knowledge and insight... Thank u for your efforts, your research, and overall attention to detail with this beautiful and very vibrant and loving presentation brudda... Thank you for being a most excellent example... My fave vid thus far... Ty ty ty n peace be with u
e_petrakis Day ago
22:28 sus
Stop It
Stop It Day ago
Idk about you but I’m chill with the 1 dollar
Matthew Cooke
Way way way to long and full of shit this video.. don’t do long vids if your not funny
rhysie Hour ago
lmao then don't watch it
Konrad Maciolek
Charcoochie got me XD..
29:12 😂 did the right guy smell with his mask on😂😂😂😂
It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo
A pro chef eating and LIKING spray cheese is so messed up...
Yousef ALAYOUB 2 days ago
From where did you get the olive
Kayla Olivia
Kayla Olivia 2 days ago
This man did not just say sharcoochie byeee ahahhahaha love this video tho
Savannah Carter
Savannah Carter 2 days ago
I love how he spent a ton on this video but he is still going to donate money.
aleah h
aleah h 2 days ago
I have never watched any of his videos before but have so much respect already for him for bringing awareness to what is going on in India! Hopefully for another video he could donate for Palestinians affected in Sheikh Jarrah!!
Rowan Dawson
Rowan Dawson 2 days ago
FYI: The holes in the crackers are so they don't rise when they're baked. You do the same to pie crusts and pastry crusts
Irina Donnelly
Irina Donnelly 2 days ago
Anybody else get triggered when he called pickled onions sweet onion balls
Irina Donnelly
Irina Donnelly 2 days ago
And the melon thats cantaloupe
72ryan 2 days ago
i like your luxury lunchables
Ariana Hill
Ariana Hill 2 days ago
What did you learn today? Cheese can pay off my student loans.
Omar Albalushi
Omar Albalushi 2 days ago
Every Arab maniooka honey😉😉
Devin Booker
Devin Booker 2 days ago
Does he just make all that then not eat it?? What do you do with all that food after the video??
Champion Tiso
Champion Tiso 2 days ago
"We're all wearing masks-" yes good "but we're also all vaccinated" wut... then what's the point of getting the vaccine if you still gotta wear a mask... unnecessary
tristin smith
tristin smith 2 days ago
This dude is the top gear of food, I come here to watch food I might never see, let alone eat.
krish patel
krish patel 2 days ago
shabingus ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
MGE_TyTy 2 days ago
My dad makes custom Charcurerie boards
Chris Perez
Chris Perez 2 days ago
Not enough explosions 🥲
Colton price
Colton price 2 days ago
Me sitting on my futon enjoying my hot pockets “Wow, I bet that tastes good”
⏚t e a⏚
⏚t e a⏚ 2 days ago
"Charcoochie" had me laughing my a$$ off ngl
pzath 2 days ago
How do you get invited onto a show and can't stay off your phone? Lol
sin._.47 2 days ago
this man spent 11111 on a vid he casually flexed on me in 11111 laguages
Sierra Curran
Sierra Curran 2 days ago
the plating hurts to watch
Kakali Sil
Kakali Sil 2 days ago
Nick really love u brother nice to see everyone is helping India ..... Jai Hind
Doggo 2 days ago
Well whenever my bread go’s bad I’ll just give it to the rich people because they sure like molds :)
[Insert Name]
[Insert Name] 2 days ago
I think the board started to feel nervous
Pamela Boyd
Pamela Boyd 2 days ago
I bought manuca honey for 10 pounds the other day
Ry TheRisingSun
Ry TheRisingSun 2 days ago
i saw a tiktok where u put the easy cheese threw the middle hole of the ritz cracker,and it’s supposed to go perfectly on the cracker 🤷‍♀️ i haven’t tried it but you might want to lol
origami Master
origami Master 2 days ago
i have been subbed since 25000 subsription
doesn't matter
doesn't matter 2 days ago
I am both shield and sword -sage, valorant
hassane LAHLOU
hassane LAHLOU 2 days ago
Karen Vejs Willert
We can not just go out and buy pre sliced prouscutio 1 second after putting pre sliced ham
Mary M
Mary M 2 days ago
Just commeting so you make more money for India ❤👏👏👏
treck 2 days ago
These people have no idea what their eating.
Clifford The red dog
Dope vid man
Carlo Pierolo
Carlo Pierolo 2 days ago
A man of culture, get italian things
Chewy Praline
Chewy Praline 2 days ago
Stop calling everything beautiful ahhhh cringey
Chewy Praline
Chewy Praline 2 days ago
You have hot boy hair, the hair alone makes me want you to whisper lies about commitment in my ear
The Guy
The Guy 3 days ago
when mr beast makes food