1,200hp Corvette vs. 600hp ’27 Dodge. Twin Turbo LS Done Two Very Different Ways! // This vs. That 

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No prep drag racing changes all the rules around. Sure, you still need a sh*t ton of power. But when both cars run a Twin Turbo LS, it really boils down who can put down the power better. But is traction alone enough to make up for a 400hp difference?

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Feb 22, 2021




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Comments 100   
Titanium Mechanism
Titanium Mechanism 10 days ago
I was holding onto my couch when I saw Corey taking the hand off the steering wheel. That dudes got some balls.
Jeff Holmström
Jeff Holmström 21 hour ago
simp soy?
Lane Darren
Lane Darren 7 days ago
@Crosby Khalil Checking it out now. Seems good so far :)
Crosby Khalil
Crosby Khalil 7 days ago
Dont know if anyone gives a shit but I just hacked my girlfriends Instagram password using InstaPortal. Find it on google enjoy!
Chris Parsons
Chris Parsons 9 days ago
I was just about to say the same! Anybody else going no hands down a dragstrip? I think not.
Issac Daniels
Issac Daniels 9 days ago
That’s why you always need traction on every surface
ROACH 9 hours ago
Love how when they're talking about the rat rod the corvette guy is way in the back stink eyeing.
Spumatic Carz
Spumatic Carz 21 hour ago
Rufino Torres
Rufino Torres 21 hour ago
Instantly recognized that Lunch Money car from Fastest Car. Good shit
amari sullivan
amari sullivan 23 hours ago
Anyone else here from fastest car?
PNDA BUR Day ago
Good example of built vs bought
Jeremy Wallen
Lunch money is from worlds fastest car
Michael Grossman
Godamn both these rides are sketchy. One has no roll bars and is squirrelly as hell. Other has to take hand of the wheel to shift.
Michael Grossman
Lunch money needs paddle shifters.
Mike Angelastro
Are you guys hiring? 🇺🇸
William Barnes
1000hp don't matter if it can't get it to the ground, nothing but smoke from the box.
Andres Rodriguez
The Corvette needs a driver .
Thomas Krul
Thomas Krul 2 days ago
love the shout out to ODI bmx, those mushroom grips were SO cushy
Diego Vos
Diego Vos 2 days ago
Oh shit thats corey from fastest car (Netflix serie)
dee pharrow
dee pharrow 2 days ago
Lost all respect for the dude talk8ng about his traction confrol. Lower the tire lressure or something . he needs a gtr
NeroKoso 2 days ago
10:58 just some casual driving without having any hands on the wheel... Okay. :D
Emmanuel Ibarra
Emmanuel Ibarra 2 days ago
Lunchmoney made to netflix fastest car
Sand King
Sand King 2 days ago
No cage in the vette 🙃🙃
VinnyMartello 2 days ago
You get a little bored after seeing project after project after project being LS swapped. I’d like to see something new and interesting.
Tj256 3 days ago
Great video, but ditch the masks.
Rumeeezyy 3 days ago
Hert and Vin in the intro hahaha
Alex Curtis
Alex Curtis 3 days ago
I still remember Corey and lunch money on the show FASTEST CAR EP1
Jerry Knight
Jerry Knight 3 days ago
That's classic
ztrxel 3 days ago
yall telling me that dodge is from the future
Lynn McKenney
Lynn McKenney 3 days ago
You guys should *REALLY* get that 1,000+hp bisimoto oddysey out there to do some epic roll races.
Uploader2010able 3 days ago
What a unusable junk this RWD is, it is laughable.
Michael Locklear
Michael Locklear 3 days ago
Nelson engine in the old school badass
Jaime Hernandez
Jaime Hernandez 4 days ago
Y’all should give @Cleetus McFarland a try with his choice of car or truck for a This vs. That video!!!!! Would be really exciting to watch! 🤷🏽‍♂️😃
IShastaMcNastyI 4 days ago
The traction control wasn't kicking in he says....smh
The Reckless goat
He got beat by somebody that can’t even walk 😂
Agustin Trujillo
Agustin Trujillo 4 days ago
Hoonicorn vs Bugatti 🥸 race of gods
Lubi Efendi
Lubi Efendi 4 days ago
Next drag race hoonicorn vs ariel atom v8 plis
01001101 01010111
That grip is crazy. 10:59 Casual no hands on the wheel shift. Absolute mad man. Forget paddle shifters when you can just take your hand off the wheel entirely.
Powershift 4 days ago
Let THIS VS THAT never end!!!! BEST damn US-first series EVER. Both of those cars are wicked.
Monica M
Monica M 4 days ago
1927 all day errday. Vette too heavy. Called it :) and LOVE the donuts. This was an EZ pick.
Valentin Martinez
Whats with that 8x8 hemtt vehicle in the background?
Rıza Eren
Rıza Eren 4 days ago
Crayzz :D
DevouringKing 5 days ago
Tim Tailor (Tool Time) showed me the first Hot Rod. Now i See first Time a Hot Rod in a Drag Race. Beautyful
Alex Trabal
Alex Trabal 5 days ago
Cool Corvette. Is it even faster than a stock Corvette? LMAO. Did these guys think about tires? HAHA
Tater VFX
Tater VFX 5 days ago
If built vs bought was a person 😂🥴
JAyBASS91 5 days ago
Please get the beater bomb in here
gamer kid
gamer kid 5 days ago
Bring honincorn mustang
Joes videos
Joes videos 5 days ago
Thought the hotrod looked familiar
Ryder Marcinkoski
Can you guys race the hoonicorn against tanner foxes GTR
kurt gotti
kurt gotti 5 days ago
I love watching Corey win.
The 3hrd Option
The 3hrd Option 5 days ago
Come on guys you're sitting outside in the open air on camera with each other you see everyday take off those stupid masks don't encourage people to wear those things those shame muzzles
Lil Mole
Lil Mole 5 days ago
We need brad on here or like one of the street outlaws
Evan Griffith
Evan Griffith 5 days ago
The pale cornet selectively dislike because llama progressively suit beyond a material reindeer. few fierce, needy south africa
BoostAddict 5 days ago
Corvette guy spent too much money on aftermarket body panels instead of suspension or tires lol.
mesaros shawn
mesaros shawn 5 days ago
bottom line is the vette isn't running 1200 hp the vette is the same weight - can't hook it's embarrassing
euros_tc 5 days ago
Chris Branch
Chris Branch 5 days ago
Too much 🐎 horse power can be a bad thing
Logan Stanciu
Logan Stanciu 5 days ago
Homie is a straight up g taking his hand off the wheel to shift legit just screamed out loud mad respect dude got some cojones
Brian Myers
Brian Myers 5 days ago
Corvette has too little tire for that much horsepower.
Aklijaman Jainag
Aklijaman Jainag 5 days ago
The nappy loan occasionally vanish because foam covalently rush excluding a confused jeff. spiky, keen recess
Spinning isnt winning ^__^
Ethan Johnson
Ethan Johnson 5 days ago
Difference between a car built from scratch and a guy that just bought a bunch of high end parts for his car. One leads to more experience.
zbatchDOC 6 days ago
Yo does homeboy take his hands off the wheel to change gears??
Tyrone Kavanagh
Tyrone Kavanagh 6 days ago
evokur 6 days ago
negativebob1 6 days ago
Dustin Williams in the previews racing his GTR can't wait
Gadsden .1776
Gadsden .1776 6 days ago
They did my man Hert wrong, Red rocket sparky!
Wesley Bowles
Wesley Bowles 6 days ago
Spinnin ain’t winnin craig
John 6 days ago
Spinnin ain't winnin! Learn how to tune your car for different surfaces. There is more to racing then power.
JE ProdigalSon
JE ProdigalSon 6 days ago
take off those stupid masks smh
Project 1UZ Drift Car Build
This was the Best This vs That Yet! That LunchMoney is Amazing!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Gabriel Kupersmith
that intro sound was the perfect compliment to my hangover
Ryan Berg
Ryan Berg 6 days ago
The hand controls in launch money are kind of like the hand controls in my car. You push forward for break but instead of pull a lever you turn a knob for gas.
MAD MIKE 6 days ago
These are one things in youtube the best...Just awesome video series, keep it coming and big thanks for sharing with us these...
Donovan Geza
Donovan Geza 6 days ago
I miss the good old days with the hoonicorn
brad D
brad D 6 days ago
That Vette needs a cage ASAP, before the driver kills himself
Steve Rivera
Steve Rivera 6 days ago
Seen lunch money at a car show in seal beach
Jbray DA9
Jbray DA9 6 days ago
Corvette owner was salty.
Paul Moore
Paul Moore 6 days ago
No comment other than no hoonicorn
Burim Istogu
Burim Istogu 6 days ago
More Dardan cars please!
Kieran Morris
Kieran Morris 6 days ago
Dardan is the fucking man. dudes a great tuner
ANYTHING 23 7 days ago
So twin turbo Ls vs twin turbo ls? I bet the twin turbo ls is gonna win!
Bomzhara 7 days ago
At first I thought it was Cleetus Macfarland's Ruby
Ju K.
Ju K. 7 days ago
This vs baddaddybradys please i know yall could make it happen
anonymous user
anonymous user 7 days ago
3:55 love that , the most rememberable lines of The greatest motoring show ever by Jeremy Clarkson, remembering him and the olden days shed tears to my eyes.
Austin’s Autism
Where’s the rowdyssey v hoonicorn
pob000 7 days ago
Goes to show all that hp doesn't mean squat when you can't drive
TRINIDAD G 7 days ago
So when is brad gonna run
Kefoo 7 days ago
-- *_NICE!_*
CYRAX KKCB2MO 7 days ago
Arvin Karimaghaei
Jerrmy Clarkson screaming power on the boost knob sent me to the moon hahaha 🤣
Brushy Strokes
Brushy Strokes 7 days ago
1200 - 600 = 400
CommonBroadcast 7 days ago
None of those masks work lol. Check the CDC
Daberqp 7 days ago
Try polish tsunami duble engine opel Calibra 2200km. I Hope hoonigan win butt
Nacho Man
Nacho Man 7 days ago
Why doesn't money convert to RHD?? for better shifting.
POWER 7 days ago
maximus vonce
maximus vonce 7 days ago
Hey where in Huntington beach does guy with RatRod live. I have an all motor fuel injected 438windsor 68 Mustang i will run him with. He makes more power with Twins, but my car is a launch monster.
maximus vonce
maximus vonce 7 days ago
Vette has $200k in it easy
maximus vonce
maximus vonce 7 days ago
Spinning aint winning
maximus vonce
maximus vonce 7 days ago
Glide on street is horrible. Needs th400
maximus vonce
maximus vonce 7 days ago
That rat rod making 800wheel on 8psi. That guy is fos
maximus vonce
maximus vonce 7 days ago
388 cubic inch motor with twin turbos is easily 800plus wheel, depending on boost.
maximus vonce
maximus vonce 7 days ago
Twin Turbo 383 stroker only makes 600hp😆😆😆😆😆😆. Only some super dumbfck newbie would believe that. Easily making 800plus wheel..You must be joking. Now 383 all motor maybe 500hp, but way north of 600hp with twins.
James Glover
James Glover 7 days ago
We need garrett to come on
Oscar Gamez
Oscar Gamez 7 days ago
Lunch money needs to race ken block mustang