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NBA Highlights. NBA Top 10 Plays of the Night, NBA's Best Plays, \u0026 NBA's Best Clutch Plays For All NBA Teams: Atlanta Hawks,
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Phil Idor
Phil Idor 20 hours ago
Nah KD is better
Ebitu Theodore
Ebitu Theodore 20 hours ago
Gianni's is Nigerian not greek
Syndr train
Syndr train 21 hour ago
boy have u ever watched a NBA game kd is weak on defense and not better than Bron
Aaron Grayson
Aaron Grayson 21 hour ago
Umm the warriors already beat them
ᴠ ᴏ ɴ ʙ ᴀ ᴄ ᴜ ʟ ᴀ ɴ ʟ ᴀ ɴ
When will be this coming back
Dwaine Schlembach
Dwaine Schlembach 21 hour ago
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Brett Troeger
Brett Troeger 21 hour ago
lebron got so cringe between then and now
bigdaddycros 22 hours ago
Is this all black league?
Hector D Gonzalez Ruiz
We Puerto Rican ain't scare 🔥🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷
John Martin Cantorne
Rubio's underrated. One of the last dying breed of pure PGs
King Maafala
King Maafala 22 hours ago
Nigga acting hard in front of cameras 😂😂😂 Draymon you went crying to KD 😂😂
Sooo.. Did the shout count? 😁
허걱 22 hours ago
He did focus on game even when all the crowds were applauding him.
Mr. JoE
Mr. JoE 23 hours ago
Somehow james harden got a free throw watching this.
Gene Palalon
Gene Palalon 23 hours ago
everyone was struggling but lebron is shooting a normal form..🦾😅😂😂
Jeff Paborada
Jeff Paborada 23 hours ago
Ūñçłë Đřëw
Ūñçłë Đřëw 23 hours ago
Kyrie didnt even travel lol he took an extra dribble
Gyu Bear
Gyu Bear 23 hours ago
Vladimir Arsic
Vladimir Arsic 23 hours ago
Срби се играју кошарке у Америци.. 🙃
spek spak
spek spak 23 hours ago
He didn't stop, he choked
Sly Shogun
Sly Shogun 23 hours ago
Hien Nguy Thi Anh
Hien Nguy Thi Anh 23 hours ago
I didn’t realise it was 1 year ago until I saw Kobe
Thomas Day ago
Joel is a clown
Keith Doran
Keith Doran Day ago
Man this guy has to be top 5 most likeable athletes of all time
Ferdimar Peralta
Not a good brother and a good cousins as well 😁
Apech Deng
Apech Deng Day ago
Clive we need more parodies bruh😂😂
Morte Star
Morte Star Day ago
He was like "fuck outta here bro im off today" lmaoo
AlwynFranz Rapisora
Why does the 3pt line becomes red
Ben Silfen
Ben Silfen Day ago
Who are the people that disliked this?
Jayson Joseph
Giannis is just tall but vcarter prime g8annis is a crybaby like lebron
Arsene Di Nzau Mbudi
Bruh stephs momma is maddddddd finnnneee
Grammar Police -
You don't know the difference between talking and trash talking. Same with the Zion and ANTETOKOUNMPO
Dupz Rhapp
Dupz Rhapp Day ago
I tot it was the homecoart of GSW 😂😂 Lmfao..
Dupz Rhapp
Dupz Rhapp Day ago
This games makes durant realize that he want to team up with curry 😂
@2:23 is what ya'll came to see
King Aladvin
King Aladvin Day ago
I think that currys going to win
Kevlar Mafia
Kevlar Mafia Day ago
steph has his mothers eyes, and seth has his fathers eyes. Interesting
kendall lol
kendall lol Day ago
words cannot describe how much i love this man
Izzy D361
Izzy D361 Day ago
Man pulled a dashie thought I was watching him lol 0:34
shamus248 Day ago
anyone notice he said "they brought us 2 championships, those two"
Prodigy Qb
Prodigy Qb Day ago
Lebron will only be shooting jump shots when his team be getting the lead the whole game. When y’all seen Lebron consistently take over a game with his jumper? Not layups and dunks
Joey Lopez
Joey Lopez Day ago
Kellar Foster
Glad he’s ok, one scary injury
Kellar Foster
Those are the type of injuries u fear to ever step on the court again. Much respect to heyward
SunSetLiving Day ago
A Highlight and a Parody? My favorite Combination
Hunned Proof Productions
LeBron ain’t clutch. Never has. Never will. Oh, let the game be tied tho. He’ll fool you all thinkin he clutch when he shoots a buzzer beater with the game tied. 😂 😂
Knathan Knathan
Bro why is Trae fighting a bonafide scrub? He’s not even on your level
Concierge305 Day ago
stupid commentary why does avoiding fight news
Adrian Jacinto
Joel Embiid: I’m the most unstoppable player in the league Giannis: you just got blocked boy
St3vi3G 1985
St3vi3G 1985 Day ago
Making it look easy . Bron went absolutely bananas wacko supercalifragilisticexpialidocious crazy .......wow he didn't just do Steph like that. Bron just took his light saber that the got from hon solo and sliced the warriors in half
FerdGamerz Day ago
z-xD i can't stop laughing
anna ho
anna ho Day ago
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lil Will
lil Will Day ago
This fake he didn’t say that
luv josh
luv josh Day ago
it's a parody
Curry is more talented than LeBron, Bron is just taller and Curry has the skill with footwork, Curry is the game changer
Donovan Gittens
Wizzel Wesbook
Rey Joson
Rey Joson Day ago
VC doesn't have to prove anything, we all know he's way better than the prime Giannis lol
S Ss
S Ss Day ago
Good man
ElectricNim Pedals
I hope he surpasses MJs ring as well in the future.
Kane Spangler
Ain’t Luka Slovenian?
Kane Spangler
Y’all laugh but Blake still smashed after the game 🤣
The Mighty Tobirama Senju
Maybe he can't make a shot because he's playing against his future team
crynos inso
crynos inso Day ago
Biggest thing is that that is a protective instinct, so most likely, whether he wanted to do it or not, he would've. It's a tense moment, he trained in multiple ways and must be in a defensive and protective state because of how sport game can go sometimes.
El Papu Rulas
Karen "smart decision melo"
Χριστόδουλος Βασιλείου
Name of the Song in 0. 40?????
Tyra Divino
Tyra Divino Day ago
That Fan Gets! What He Deserves For Disrespecting A Warrior! 💯🖕
Insane Arcadesmen
I wish more NBA players acted like this
Geo Leo
Geo Leo Day ago
Bro that last AoT ep exposed so much. You can't TRUST nobody in that anime ahhahahah.
Sahara Gorme
Sahara Gorme Day ago
He used to be so good and jump so hight now no he cant not trying to be rude to the goat.
Mathew Michaels
one of the most overrated players in the history of this game. Dude is average, should be coming off the bench.
Lrnz 420
Lrnz 420 Day ago
Is this your king?