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8 days ago
Axel 23
Axel 23 5 hours ago
George won don’t @ me
Francisco Castillo
Francisco Castillo 5 hours ago
thank you for your ted talk george
Karishma Vyas
Karishma Vyas 5 hours ago
Magdy 5 hours ago
Comment God?
Comment God? 5 hours ago
8:03 *When you try to hard*
Troy Jackson
Troy Jackson 5 hours ago
Mikes pov on this is an L Edit: Love the dude, but nah this ain't it
Stroller-Joe 5 hours ago
I'm with George on this one.
Shane Matthews
Shane Matthews 5 hours ago
Mike is talking utter bollocks everyone in the real world no George is 100% right on this one fair play for putting know it all Mike in his place 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Matthew Perkins
Matthew Perkins 5 hours ago
Sommer better not
Junaid 5 hours ago
Mike is being the Donald Trump of US-first. TRENDY WORDS ! And nothing to back up his “data” talk
Keenu Khang
Keenu Khang 5 hours ago
Thank you puerto rico for taking the paul brothers with you and hopefully mike too 🙏 bless you all!
Tristan Winchester
Tristan Winchester 5 hours ago
I hope Logan reads these comments.
Isabel Peterson
Isabel Peterson 6 hours ago
Jesus Christ is our lord and savior! Repent for your sins! God loves you unconditionally! John 3:16 Jesus is king
Luca Fabretti
Luca Fabretti 6 hours ago
i understand what he's saying and it must be really hard but he doesn't help himself.
Spank The Commander
Mike always talm about sex bruh
Survivor central
Survivor central 6 hours ago
Awe you "broke up" again
The Agamer
The Agamer 6 hours ago
This just shows how much us virgins have it better
Cody Johnson
Cody Johnson 6 hours ago
Lol Mike being the one against this is funny. Im getting boomer vs new generation vibes from their argument
Joshua Kuehne
Joshua Kuehne 6 hours ago
Not to discredit what either said about relationships, but most viewers gotta take what they say with a grain of salt. Like anyone on here lives a working class life, their view is distorted.
julesdwill 6 hours ago
She's a 10 he's a 3 that has delusions of grandeur lol
Chris Lang
Chris Lang 6 hours ago
Until next week when they get back together
Ur Welcome
Ur Welcome 6 hours ago
Mike is a Volcel lmao
Man Like Marley
Man Like Marley 6 hours ago
Mike kinda turned an intelligent debate to his own personal relationship issues props to George for bringing it back to what the debate was truly abt tbh
Stefan 6 hours ago
the best bitcoin explanation out there, i literally gonna use this if someone asks me, brilliant.
Angel Floress
Angel Floress 6 hours ago
Maybe this man knew better than to settle down with someone who has the IQ of the number of std's she got from 'acting'
Gonzalo G.
Gonzalo G. 6 hours ago
Pornstars aren't the most mentally stable people, so i think this break up is good for mike.
Joey Cy
Joey Cy 6 hours ago
George needs his own podcast! Like for real
Tanweer Riyadh
Tanweer Riyadh 6 hours ago
Al say you one thing, these are the personalities of every person in this video (I LOVE ALL OF THEM, just the personality is what I hate(except George)): Mike: Thinks smart, cuz he uses a shit ton of vocab and is an author of a New York best seller. BUT, IRL he is full'o sh*t, senseless, deluded, and idk how to explain the discrediting nature of this dude. George: He is the man, A family person, real person, f**king respectful just like every one of us who says 'mike is deluded by the fame'. Logan: Just a joke, he just agrees with everything mike says and backs off when George states something genuine. AGAIN, I LOVE ALL OF THEM. Its just mike who bothers me when he states stupid vocab and makes me hit the google and google comes out to say the same thing mike didnt want to say.
Armane Devam
Armane Devam 6 hours ago
i have a epic games acc worthe of 350 dolars
M 6 hours ago
This is the FUNNIEST FKN VIDEO I’ve ever seen 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
The Art of TK
The Art of TK 6 hours ago
george be simpin
Viotix 6 hours ago
Prob dont wanna settle down cuz lana makes him her bitch
Ryan 6 hours ago
Why does George say he is a "Christian" when he continuously sins everyday.
Robin g
Robin g 6 hours ago
Cause we're human sadly
Josep Lombardelli
Josep Lombardelli 6 hours ago
Since when do "Street Fights" start in the "Lunchroom"?
Reee Teee
Reee Teee 6 hours ago
This man going to be 65+, no children and living in an old folks home with no clout. He missed an excellent opportunity to open a new chapter in life. Life catches up..
Tautvydas Abartis
Tautvydas Abartis 6 hours ago
Ohh you like fies well how about 16 of them
Zach Riffe
Zach Riffe 6 hours ago
George is living in a simp fairy tale love mindset and hasnt discovered female nature and the red pill. A man should be completely be happy on his own without needing a woman. I don't think mike is hurt at all. A man should never fall in love with a woman, because if we understand their nature we know that they see that as a weakness and everything spirals down hill after that. If anyone wants to say i'm wrong, go google or youtube 'Red Pill Female nature' and educate yourself, especially if you're a male.
im Jerry
im Jerry 6 hours ago
After 2 days playing League of legends 0:40
Nicholas Elting
Nicholas Elting 6 hours ago
Absolute fraud, had credibility in the burger game but a complete fraud now. Don't ever compare Mikes burger ratings to Portnoys pizza ratings ever again. They aren't even on the same planet when it comes to credibility now. Total fucking fraud
L3TTUCE 6 hours ago
These guys will struggle with relationships for so long. They over think it WAY to much.
Derik Renaud
Derik Renaud 6 hours ago
This didn't age well 🤣
Brad Parker
Brad Parker 6 hours ago
George with the Morgan wallen shoutout
Toppbtw 6 hours ago
Corinna’s of would revenue around 300 mill
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman 6 hours ago
coco didnt age well
Mr Dankwater
Mr Dankwater 6 hours ago
This 36 year old guy seems very stupid. Lana should’ve deserved better.
I E 6 hours ago
Lmaooo I can’t be the only one that read the title and said “again... 🙄🙄”
John Bransfield
John Bransfield 6 hours ago
nothing against Mike and Logan but they don't know anything when it comes to a relationship at least George has been with the same woman for a while and he understands what it means to make sacrifices for himself and his partner and he understands when it means that sometimes your partner needs to be selfish for sure but I agree with George more than I agree with Mike and Logan it's clear as day that Mike and Logan do not know how to be in a relationship one day you guys will get there Mike might be a grandfather before he does it but he'll get there still love the show guys keep up the good work
captain vieques
captain vieques 6 hours ago
When all you have is money and friends who are your friends because of your fame and money, you really have nothing...
LAMH 6 hours ago
Go to africa, and help people instead.
Walter Horihawa
Walter Horihawa 7 hours ago
Mike need to shut the fuck up and let GEORGE speak!
Ewart Smith
Ewart Smith 7 hours ago
Why did I just see the “Do You Mind That Your Girlfriend...” clips before this was trending 😂
Jxkrrr 7 hours ago
These comments just prove how shallow y'all are. Judging everyone for what they put on the internet🤦🏻‍♂️
Louis-Philippe Boisvert
It hard to keep watching the show that i used to really like when Mike is just so cringe. I dont know whats up with him but damn shut the fuck up.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 7 hours ago
Boiii older than my uncle and doesn’t want to settle down?
G Granell
G Granell 7 hours ago
I love George, doesn't bend to media's control over society
God Zilla
God Zilla 7 hours ago
Logan Paul Jake Paul Lana rhoades’ boyfriend Dude in a sunset yellow hoodie
Peter Wilson
Peter Wilson 7 hours ago
So basically don’t date pornstars lol
Tarkyn Mullally
Tarkyn Mullally 7 hours ago
Replace mike please
Isaiah Reyes
Isaiah Reyes 7 hours ago
4 days later they gonna get back together
I T 7 hours ago
Thought he wanted to live that life until he got burned by it, like all of’em nowadays.
Kaleb Jensen
Kaleb Jensen 7 hours ago
Fights every week here tf 🤣
Oscar Ortiz
Oscar Ortiz 7 hours ago
I bet you shit fucked him up bad that sucks
Ryan Jorgensen
Ryan Jorgensen 7 hours ago
47th comment two years later lol
Sinan Deris
Sinan Deris 7 hours ago
I love George. But he tries to hard to be funny. You're funny anyways just chill por favor George of the Jungle.
OffBrandBret 7 hours ago
I love that he posts such short clips. more podcasts should do this
Wangden 7 hours ago
George ur the man
Makram Productions
Makram Productions 7 hours ago
I side with george
GAMER DELIGHT 7 hours ago
Mike is an egotistical person. We can’t keep saying nothing is wrong with that because in some instances like when it gets out of hand it’s not ok and there can be something done about it.
Hank Hill
Hank Hill 7 hours ago
Shake Shack sucks. Way overpriced for a meh burger.
O S 7 hours ago
Mike has been hanging with those day traders to much lol
GAMER DELIGHT 7 hours ago
I agree with George here I’m jus saying.
Alex Citrano
Alex Citrano 7 hours ago
“I can make it up to you... and I did 😏” 😂😂
Charles Kinne
Charles Kinne 7 hours ago
If everyone tells them not to make an OF they will make one
BigT4sty 7 hours ago
mike stop cutting george off
bzba z
bzba z 7 hours ago
Mike stop acting tough, you was a addict.. not a kingpin bro
landon orsak
landon orsak 7 hours ago
So proud that George has the balls to speak honestly the way he does. In times like this people get canceled for believing what he believes and that doesn’t stop him. Way to go George
Will 7 hours ago
George hit the nail on the head with this one. Stay true to yourself brother! We appreciate you for it
frank White
frank White 7 hours ago
don't sleep on floyd he a beast. 💪🏽💰
beckybee1973able 7 hours ago
Move to Hawaii instead
William lillicrapp
William lillicrapp 7 hours ago
It was inevitable.. even from the outside it clearly wasn’t working and they were wasting time 😬